tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMiss Sanders Sex-Ed Class - Final

Miss Sanders Sex-Ed Class - Final


Crawling out of her soft, warm bed, Monica Sanders let out a long yawn, stretching her arms high up causing her firm breasts to rise with under her silk nightie. Picking up her glasses off the nightstand and letting out another yawn before getting up and heading to her dresser getting clothes out and underclothes. Picking a white sweater to go over her undershirt and bra and a pair of black khaki pants over her white cotton panties. Sliding her nightie off and heading to her bathroom to get ready, she hung the nightie on the doorknob and went to pee and get herself ready for the Friday ahead of her.

She got to the school twenty minutes before the classes started and went over her schedule for the last day of her sex-ed classes before grading the last remaining quizzes from yesterday over male and female anatomy. She thought back to yesterday's events and felt her pussy grow with heat and anticipation of today's events. She knew she would be getting naked in front of her class and almost couldn't wait. This was the first year she ever done anything like this, hell, she thought, this is the first year she ever had students bold enough to ask about her.

Yesterday involved Ben getting up in front of the class and shedding his clothes as he stood naked with his six inch hard cock standing up, as she kept a firm hold on it. She lightly stroked it and when she reached his hips, she would rub the tip of her fingernails against his balls. He was nervous, but excited at the same time with a goofy smile sometimes and almost never blinking, just staring out in front of him. Some of the girls were shifting around in their seats a lot, keeping their legs crossed or rubbing their thighs together in slow, hard motions.

Some of the males were a little turned on at first, but grew excited watching her rub her hand slowly up and down Ben's cock. Most likely thinking of their own cocks getting the same attention. She went on to discuss the Male anatomy, reproductive system, and differences between a female body and a male body. She remembered one part, where she talked about a male's urethra and rubbed her forefinger over his little peehole and he let out a weird noise, groan of some sort. She felt so turned on at holding his young, hard cock, but also, how innocent he was and reacted towards his student modeling. Monica had him turn around to show the backside of a male, and she went on to discuss how different the buttocks and backs were compared to a female, keeping her hand on his dick rubbing it softly and slowly and guiding him by his dick to turn around.

Rubbing it more and more, she knew she couldn't send him back to his desk in the condition he was. She held a little tighter and picked up speed stroking his young cock. Her pussy getting wetter and hotter, her nipples hard against her button up dress shirt. She wanted so badly to bend over her desk and let him slide his inexperienced cock deep inside her and teach him and show her students how to fuck and suck. The girls moving more and more, rubbing their thighs faster and some even going as far to rub their tiny breasts over their shirts. Monica kept stroking him and she felt his body stiffen up and he gave her a quick glance, reaching out fast, she held her bare palm in front of his dick. Letting him shoot his cum into her hand, he did a pretty good load considering he is only eighteen, the youngest out of the class.

Monica felt the warm, white cum against her palm and it's driving her over the edge of lust and ecstasy. Ben felt dizzy and she guided him back to the edge of her desk to lean on and with his sperm still in her hand. Getting back up to the front of the class, she asked if anyone wanted to see the sperm and touch it, most the girls raised their hands as suspected, the guys were already familiar with it, anyways. She went up to the front of each girl's desk and held her hand out letting them feel it and look at it. Kelly looked up innocently at her and back down to her hand, putting her finger in it and stirring it around against her teacher's soft, gooey palm. Pulling away she noticed some left on her finger and shyly put her finger in her mouth.

After seeing that everyone had a chance to see it. She went back to her desk and took some tissues from a box on her desk to clean her hand off. It was a shame, she thought, letting all that young cum go to waste like that. She told Ben to get on her desk and keep his legs open and allowed anyone who wanted to see up close the male anatomy can do so for the next few minutes. She noticed a couple of the girls were brave enough to touch and hold his cock and balls, while the others were scooting closely to his, once again, hard cock. A lot of the boys kept at their desks, she laughed inside at their pride and humility they hold in front of their peers. After her hand was cleaned and another minute went by, Miss Sanders told everyone to go back to their desks and she took a stack of quizzes and passed them out once everyone was seated.

Yesterday was a good day, she thought to herself, grading the last quiz. They all passed with hundreds, she looked at the stack of quizzes with a grin and naughty thoughts. Her pussy becoming wetter and on fire. Looking up at the clock, brushing her hair out of her face to behind her ears. Five minutes till the first bell rings, she looked out every now and again at her door and noticed a couple of her kids were loitering in the hallway talking and getting last minute last night details in with each other. A couple already came in, tired, but also excited for today's events and knowing she is going to get naked after lunch.

The final bell rang and all of her students came flooding in through the tiny doorway to their seats. Checking attendance, she noticed them with a anxiousness boiling about the afternoon events that may or may not take place.

"So, I am sure you all are waiting to hear back about the test results." She said to her students with a grin. They smiled and awaited for her answer about what she was going to be doing after lunch. "Well, it isn't the time for sex-ed, that is this afternoon." She said with a teasing voice, following groans and slumping students.

"Can't you just give us a hint?" Mike asked out loud.

"Sorry. You will all find out this afternoon during sex-ed."

The day went by slow and hard for the students, especially the males, Monica was feeling anxious, too. She wanted to be naked and stared at by her young, innocent students. Their eyes roaming over her body, staring at her developed breasts, her stomach and hips leading down to her pussy with a little bit of fanned out pubic hair growing above her plump pussy lips. Looking back up to the clock for what seemed to be the millionth time today, lunch was almost over and soon she would have a full class again and she will be teaching in the nude.

The bell finally rang and her students came pouring in fast, usually it takes the second bell before they come in, and slow on top of that. A few students were still coming back, but they made it before the second bell, Holden and Billy came in, with grins, and now class can now get started. Walking in front of her desk, Miss Sanders took her glasses off and leaned up against her desk looking at her eager students. "Ok, I am going to take a wild shot in the dark here and guess what is on your minds." She teases even more with prolonging the event to come, looking at both her female and male students wide eyes of anticipation. "You all did very well! All hundreds, surprisingly." She told them. An eruption of cheers came out and wide smiles ear to ear.

"A deal is a deal." She told them.

The guys at the edge of their seats and girls even excited, wanting this moment since she proposed the agreement with them about their good grades for her nudity. Door closed with a 'do not disturb' sign out as usual with her afternoon classes during sex-ed. Being asked by the other teachers who teach sex-ed to their classes about how she gets her class to get all hundreds in the three day course, she simply replies with a smile and she knows how to get her class to pay attention and do as they are instructed.

"Are you sure you want to see your teacher naked?" She asked with a grin, knowing full well what they want and their eagerness getting the better of them.

"Yes!" Almost the whole class chimed in.

Knowing there was no going back, not that she really wanted to, but she was wondering if any had their doubts. Nope. There is no dissuading them about this. Feeling her throbbing pussy, wetting her panties now, her stomach doing flips and smiling at her students. Setting her glasses on the table, she left her hair down for this taking place so she didn't have to undo it. She took a hold of the bottom part of her thin sweater and lifting up exposing her white undershirt and slipping it off over her head. Her breasts high and firm under the tight undershirt, they aren't all that big, though, just a B-cup. It was so quiet now in the classroom just over the first garment being taken off, she looked at her students with a sly look and reached for her undershirt.

She pulled it up slowly, revealing her bare stomach and stopped under her breasts and looked at the class. Monica felt the air hit her stomach and her nipples hardened even more from it, eyes all over the room burning in her bare flesh. Slipping it past her bra covered tits, she heard inaudible noises as the top of her body is exposed in all of its glory with the exception of her bra. Turning around and showing off her lean back with her curves and shapes, she slid her arms out of her bra straps and kept her breasts covered, sliding it completely around where the cups were showing to the class over her back and the strap rubbing against her stiff nipples. Her mind racing and pussy soaking wet and needing attention fast.

Couple of the guys were frozen from staring at the bare back of their teacher, some females looked on with admiration and lust, too. Couple of the guys rubbing their jean covered dicks already, while others were too amazed by the show in front of them their minds turned to jelly. Dry mouths and aroused students all waited for her next move.

Oh my god, she thought, I am actually doing this, she unhooked the clasp across her breasts and let the bra fall to the ground. One, two, three, she counted down silently in her mind. Turning around she showed her breasts to her class and their jaws dropped, couple let out hoots and cheers, others reached under their desks or rubbing their thighs at the wonderful sight. "Here are my breasts, a fully developed set of breasts." She told the class, feeling so turned on and almost as mindless as her students. A rush of euphoria hitting her every second she stood there with her breasts being exposed and on display.

Reaching down for her khakis, she undid the button and slid the zipper down slowly. Letting out a seductive smile at her students who all had their eyes glued on her. She started to shake a little from the feeling of nervousness and first time stripping in front of her group of young students. Sliding her khakis down, wriggling her hips getting them to slide down the rest of her legs and letting them fall to her feet. Panties now remain before she is completely naked for her class and all that remains is her dress shoes, following her stepping out of her khakis and sliding her undies off.

Some of the boys were frozen at the sight, girls were staring in awe and lust, as well. Still not believing their teacher is getting completely naked in front of them. Her tits looked great, they were medium sized with soft looking pink nipples and her stomach was soft and firm looking. Some of the boys in the class were rubbing a little faster, others had stopped from the shock of lust and admiration. The girls were all thinking that is what they wish their bodies will look like when they develop and mature, along with getting turned on at the beautiful sight.

Lifting her leg up and sliding her shoes off and slipping her foot out of the khakis following the other one. Now standing in front of her class in nothing but cotton underwear and ankle socks. Monica hooked her thumbs on each side of her underwear and pulled them from her, sliding her thumbs to the front, she saw the look of anticipation and anxiousness burning in her students' eyes. Pulling the front down a little bit with her thumbs she let go and they all heard the waistband snap back against her soft skin.

"You are all sure you want to see me naked now, right?" She asked again, teasing her classroom.

"Y-yes." A few students said loudly, some muttered, others groaned something incoherently. She blushed a little from all this attention and lust geared towards her. She looked at Kelly, Marie, Ben, Holden, and Hillary. All of her students eyes on her and either secretly pleasuring themselves, frozen from excitement, or just plain admiring her. She loved it all.

Turning around with a shake of her hips, she heard some noises and she slid her ands around her hips and dipped them in the back of her underwear, feeling her bare butt on her palms and soft cotton on the back of her hands. This drove most all the guys crazy and a few girls, too. Sliding them back up and placing her thumbs on the outside of the waistband Miss Sanders pulled the back of her underwear down and slid her hands to the sides of her hips, exposing her bare, soft, round butt to all of her students. Sliding her hands to the front now and pulling her underwear down to her thighs, she continued slowly sliding them down her legs bending over in front of all of her students keeping her legs slightly parted. Some of the middle rows of desks could see her pussy lips between her legs, and all let out little gasps and moans. The stroking and rubbing of thighs increasing now.

Sliding her undies off of her foot and letting them drop to the ground next to her pile of clothes. She kept her back facing her students, as they admired her completely bare backside. Her round tushy and slender, curvy back with her long incredible legs and cute little feet. Opening her legs up a little bit, Monica took a quick breath, feeling the air against her wet pussy giving her a cool sensation making her all the more turned on. Turning slowly, she finally faced her class for the very first time being completely nude with the exception of her socks. She saw every pair of eyes open wide and mouths drop even lower than when she showed her bare breasts.

"Well, was it worth the wait?" She asked them all with a knowing answer.

There was silence in the classroom, admiration and lust surrounded her and she felt a hundred times more turned on that she ever thought she would doing this.

"You are hot!" Billy broke the silence among the students. A quiet chatter of agreement went across the row of desks.

"Oh stop! You're just saying that because I'm your teacher." She said with a blushing face. Her arms naturally in front of her covering when she wasn't thinking about keeping them to her side.

Her black hair down, breasts firm and nipples stiff, stomach shining against the fluorescent ceiling lights with her smooth legs having a shine. Her pussy hair fine and soft looking, fanned out and kept neatly trimmed with the hint of her showing pussy lips between her legs. She felt warm and nervous all over her body and couldn't believe she actually did this and now standing naked in front of twenty-two students.

Miss Sanders' charcoal black hair making the rest of her body look lighter than it really it causing a sexy contrast. After a minute of the students soaking it all in, they began to give compliments and admiration towards her naked body. Moving on with class, Monica scooted back some to lean against her desk, causing her to shift a bit from feeling the cold edge against her rump.

"Ok, let us review of what all you have learned the past two days in this class." She went on asking random questions about female and male anatomy, reproduction, sex, and differences and similarities.

A minute of this went on before one of the guys finally asked what the whole class was wanting to ask and know. That question students always wonder when they have a hot teacher, especially a young one.

"How often do you have sex?" Shane asked after she finished answering a question from the first day for Kelly about what a blowjob was.

"Umm, I. . .," she was thrown off a little by the question and boldness of it. "Well. It has been a while, teachers don't have much of a personal life after we finish grading papers, projects, and scheduling the classes for the week on weekends." She just acknowledged the fact she told her class she has almost a next to nothing sex life, let alone a personal life at that.

"Do you like it?" Marie asked with a hint of curiosity, looking at her face and natural breasts as she was answered.

"Well, of course." She answered with honesty.

In fact, she loves it, but ever since she started teaching she has had no time to meet any new guys or potential boyfriends. Sometimes the occasional guy friend of hers would come over to visit and it might end with a friendly fuck, but nothing relationship wise, though. Maybe one day, she thought to herself looking at her students who still had their eyes glued to her bare body. The guys looked at her pussy with extreme lust while the girls admired her full and natural breasts, most likely wishing that their breasts will be this beautiful when they are her age.

Hopping on her desk, Miss Sanders thought she would give her students a little bit of a view. Sitting on the cold desk Monica opened her legs and sat in front of her students as all of their eyes went straight between her legs to see her wet pussy lips. This caused a wave of pleasure to come over her, it feels so unreal, she thought.

The whole class now have a complete view of her pussy and became even more aroused. The guys kept stroking slowly and all the girls feeling their panties become wet and their thighs rubbing hard up and down in slow motions. Some even dipping their hands between their legs and rubbing over their pants. What came next would cause a open gate of pleasure and arousal.

"Are there anymore questions?" She asked, raising her right leg on the desk and resting her foot at the edge. Her wet pussy lips slightly opening and showing off the inner pink lips, glistening from being sopping wet and under the lights.

"Could you show us a fully developed mature vagina?" Billy asked her with shyness, afraid she might say no and put an end to this for asking her to do something like that.

"You all are just really wanting to learn, huh?" She asked them with a teasing, low voice. Brushing her hair back behind her ears and raising her other leg up and showing her whole pussy to the class sitting at the edge of her desk.

They all looked with lust at her pussy, wet and even wetter inner lips peeking out of her plush folds. She reached down with her hand and used two fingers to open them up completely to show off her whole pussy. Most all looked at her open pussy hole and how sopping wet and shiny it was and the others saw her clit peeking out. It was so wet and pink, most the guys lost it and stroked even more now and the girls opened their legs and rubbed their pussies or their thighs still.

"Given the circumstances of today. If you feel the need to masturbate, go on ahead and do so. Just keep in mind our little agreement about this subject's rules." She gave permission for the class to openly masturbate in front of her. She knew what kind of condition they would be in when they leave for the day and didn't want any of them taking chances and her whole sex-ed syllabus is ruined for future years with her teaching career, as well.

With that said, most the guys whipped their dicks out and began stroking full lengths with lust while looking straight at her open pussy. Some girls undid their jeans and slipped their hands into their panties and rubbed their little to no hair covered pussies, running their finger up and down between their lips, getting all the more wetter. Looking at some of the guys stroking their cocks, Monica was overwhelmed with lust and pleasure to the point she stopped holding her pussy lips open and started rubbing her own pussy. Using her forefinger to rub her clit all around she rocked slowly back and forth on her desk feeling her pussy juices run down to between her cheeks and the desk, causing her butt to become wet and slide a little faster on the wooden desk. All of her students kept their eyes on her rubbing and within moments of her touching herself, she slid her finger inside of her pussy hole and watched her finger fuck herself on the desk in front of her class.

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