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Mission For God


Friday 1:30 PM

Savannah 2 Miles. The sky was blue and the sun was bright as he drove past houses and vacant lots with white sugar sand. It looked hot outside the air conditioned car.

A mild shock coursed through his nervous system. "Soon, it will be real," thought Steve to himself. "Savannah in August is sure to be the vacation from, no, make that into, Hell. $150 per day bed and breakfast on the beach. What a waste of money. What was there to see? Civil War sites and antebellum mansions? Not to mention the hypnotherapy thrown in. She's such a bitch," continued Steve to himself as he glanced at Cynthia still sleeping during the long, boring drive.

At 32, Cynthia stayed fit and slim by religiously working out. Her dirty blonde hair and model's features attracted Steve to her but her practice of fundamental religion grated him after the honeymoon period of the marriage passed.

"I'll wake her one mile out. If only Jenny hadn't called when she did," continued Steve with his stomach tightening up, "then this would not be happening. Therapy must be a female thing for solving problems. Though, this worthless trip is better than divorce number two and more child support payments."

"Cindy," Steve called softly, "Savannah in 1 mile. Wake up." Cindy blinked in the bright sun and stretched the muscles which had started to cramp in the car.

"Savannah, how exciting," Cynthia exclaimed. "I've always wanted to visit elegant Savannah in old Georgia. We'll have a good time. Thank you, Jesus, for the safe trip."

"Amen," said Steve concealing his micro-winch. "An exciting time?" Steve thought to himself. "Those five babes before nearly getting caught with Jenny were exciting times. Women are just naturally attracted to lawmen; it comes with the job. Well, let's make the best of it."

"Hon, would you read me the directions again, please?" asked Steve.

Friday 2:05 PM

The smell of saltwater assured they were in the right location, south of town. "It should be coming up soon on the right, hon," said Cynthia. "The number is 3150." Cynthia cautiously scrutinized each beach house.

"What's the name of this place?" asked Steve.

"Captain James Stanley Bed & Breakfast Inn," she replied. "I think it's the pink sign."

"A good weather eye has you," Steve mimicked in pirate talk. "Is this supposed to be a pirate's house? If it's haunted, I'm not going in."

Cynthia flashed a perturbed look. "Why don't you ask them inside?"

As Steve left the parked car, he pressed the key fob to open the trunk. Like any law enforcement professional, he walked deliberately to the back of the car and easily unloaded the luggage bags. The beige shorts with long billed sport fish splashed about on loose white shirt signaled that he was in a vacation mind.

Soon, Cynthia imaged, they would be reclining on a beach towel on a busy beach and she could observe the other women on the beach from behind her extra dark sunglasses. The other women would be admiring Steve's muscular body and fine face. Their jealous looks compensated for Steve's many rough edges.

Shutting the empty trunk, Steve said, "Take those two and lead the way. I'll get these." Steve hoisted the 120 lbs. of luggage. As Cynthia bent down to lift the two makeup bags, her blonde hair fell and her loose fitting beige top gave view to her perfect cleavage covered by a beige bra. After Steve once remarked that hiking boots and white short shorts turned him on, she took every opportunity to don the apparel, no matter how hot or impractical.

Like sudden cramps after a bad meal, Cynthia stopped in her tracks. "For some reason," she began, "I don't like the looks of this. Something is wrong. I got a bad..."

Steve smiled at her. "I thought you checked this place out?" he retorted. "The prepaid room is non-refundable, so if you've got something concrete... Otherwise, nothing appears wrong to me." He grabbed her above the elbow and led her up the pathway.

Cynthia issued another audible prayer, "Lord, put a hedge around us..." Steve hurried her along the path. "Lord," Cynthia continued, "that you be glorified..."

"Welcome to the Captain James Stanley Bed & Breakfast. My name is Franzie Gelthaus," offered a short, stout woman in her late 40's with a slight German accent. "Did you find us easily?"

"Yes, your directions were clear. I'm Cynthia Renfro and this is my husband Steve Renfro," she said.

"Won't you follow me and I'll introduce you to my husband, Adolph Gelthaus. He likes to meet our guests before he assigns their room," she turned and motioned for them to follow her down a windowed hallway. Cynthia and Steve looked at all the furnishing and then at one another and followed. Her initial fears subsided.

Cynthia became absorbed by the collection of antiques, "Look. Don't you just love this place, Steve?" Cynthia asked. Steve bobbed his head and grunted.

Franzie poked her head into an office door and said, "Adolph? These are the Renfro's, Steve and Cynthia."

Adolph rose straight up. "Welcome," he said with a slightly more pronounced German accent. "I am Adolph Gelthaus at your service. I am so happy you are here," he said as he shook their hands and motioned for Steve and Cynthia to sit on the guest chairs before his precisely organized desk. "Did you have a pleasant journey?" asked Adolph as he retreated to his chair behind the desk. "Did you find us easily?"

"Yes, thank you," began Steve. "We'd like to check in."

"Yes. Please indulge me here slightly. We have many unique rooms and I'd like to get to know you a little so that I can select the precise room that fits you. Please sit back and relax," he said and uncapped a pen. "As you know, included with your lodging is a complementary hypnosis therapy session. As you can see by the certificates on the wall, I have worked improving people's lives for over thirty years. I believe I can help improve your lives in a major way with hypnotic suggestions. Please tell me what you'd like to change or accomplish in your lives."

"Do you mind if we check in first?" asked Steve impatiently. "I don't want to inconvenience Franzie and you."

"Steve, you promised me, remember?" Cynthia said sternly. "Sorry Mr. Gelthaus. We will do it your way. You can start with me and Steve can see what you are doing, okay?"

"Adolph, please. Not Mr. Gelthaus. You are our guests and our new friends. Very well, Cynthia. Please close your eyes and relax. Relax deeply. You, too, Steve. Close your eyes and relax. Relax deeply. Cynthia, feel your legs gaining weight and then becoming light. Now do this with the rest of your body; heavy and then light." Soon they were both induced into a hypnotic trance.

Adolph looked at the closet in the room and then back to his guests. He asked, "What is it that you would like to accomplish when you go home?"

"I'd like to lose weight and have a closer relationship with my husband," Cynthia responded.

"What weight would you like to be in one year?" asked Adolph.

"110," she answered.

"And what do you mean by a closer relationship with your husband?" he asked.

"I want to trust him again," she replied.

"Relax Cynthia. Deeper. Relax Deeper. You will ignore all but my voice," he cooed. "Relax Steve. Assume you are on a comfortable hammock on a sunny day and you are relaxed. Steve, what would you like to accomplish when you go home?"

"I'd like to lose some weight; get to 180 by next summer. I want to finish my master's degree in the next two years, stop drinking so much, start running again, and be faithful to Cynthia. That's all," said Steve.

"I have good news for you, Cynthia and Steve. We can achieve the results you both request. We will meet again in this room at 8:30 AM tomorrow morning. You will set your room alarm for 6:30 AM. You will arise refreshed and invigorated and arrive for breakfast at 7:30 AM. You will have breakfast before coming to see me," he gently commanded. "Now I have a test which I give to all my guests. I want to measure your affection for one another. Steve, please stand up. Cynthia, please stand up. Now, Steve and Cynthia, please hug and kiss as you normally do."

The couple embraced and kissed weakly. "I thought so," said Adolph. "I want a passionate embrace where every part of your body is electrified by your partner. Your kiss should be deep tongue penetrations. Come on!" Steve and Cynthia responded more briskly and passionately. "Good. That's what I want. Your union is the center of the world. Act like it is again like your first romantic encounter together. You will do this all the time from now on.

"Let me give you further instructions. After you check in and put your luggage away, you will make passionate love together. Then, you will dress and see a movie down the main road in the big shopping center. If you don't have a bathing suit, then buy one at the shopping center. You will have dinner at Jambalaya's at 8 PM and tell the server you are staying at the Captain Stanley inn. Then, return to your room.

"At 10 PM, you will meet at the pool dressed in bathing suits and sandals. 10 PM is group therapy and you will arrive with complete enthusiasm. Steve, if you have any ED medicine, take it at 9 PM. Cynthia and Steve, when I, and only I, say the phrase, "Ahoy Mates", you will close your eyes and go into a deep sleep, as you are now. You will not remember my instructions so far but you will follow the instructions exactly. Now, Cynthia and Steve, you will remember that we have a social gathering at 10 PM tonight by the pool and you want to be there, ready to swim and meet our other guests. Your room will be number 5. Tomorrow morning at 7 AM, we have a special cooking class for ladies only. Cynthia you will attend. Now, you will wake up refreshed when I count backwards from three to one. You will return to Franzie's office and pay her for your stay," Adolph concluded. "Three, two, and one. Please open your eyes and stand up."

"That was refreshing," said Steve. "Did I take a nap?" When Adolph stood, Cynthia and Steve stood.

"Welcome, again. Please see Franzie to sign the guest register and we will see you at the pool party tonight," said Adolph.

Cynthia and Steve stood up and shook hands with Adolph.

The couple left the room, closing the door behind them. A tall man opened the closet door. "You still have it, my old friend. I can't wait until tonight. What will you do then?" he asked.

Adolph answered, "Henry, you will have to wait. I don't want to spoil a good story but I guarantee you, my old friend, that you will not be disappointed. I only wish you could enjoy this next part as much as Franzie and I do."

"I didn't understand that business about the restaurant," asked Henry.

"It's simple, really. We get free meals as long as we send business to them," replied Adolph.

"I see," answered Henry. "Who's cooking for you now? Is what's her name, still here?"

"I don't even try to remember their names any more. We have a girl named Penny. She's been here about three months," Adolph said as he rose from his chair. "She cooks the breakfasts, shops, and cleans the rooms. Pretty much anything we want. Would you like to meet her?" Adolph smiled.

"No," Henry replied. "I can't imagine you paying for that much assistance. Have you gone soft, my friend? You must be doing well."

"You'll meet her tonight. She'll also be part of the fun. You know Henry, Franzie and I have gotten older so I have someone doing the housekeeping and maintenance, too. Paying her too much? You know me, Henry," Adolph cast a broad smile. "I don't pay her at all." Adolph broke into a contrived laughter, which Henry joined.

Friday 9:45 PM

Franzie and Adolph began to meet their guests at the pool. It was a warm evening and Franzie and Adolph wore Hawaiian shirts, neutral shorts, and sandals. Penny tended the small bar wearing a turquoise bikini with a white sarong and sandals. Her pretty face was complimented by her long black hair. The bikini showed off her cute figure. A semi-circle of chairs, one for every guest, was arranged on the grass. The pool light and spot lights were on. The light cast some light on a gentle mound of beach sand with sea oats gently waving in the breeze and the wooden sidewalk which led out to the shore. The ocean was dark and fishing boat lights were visible at sea. The monotonous crashing of waves went on without notice by the party dwellers.

The hosts invited the guests to swim in the pool but everyone chose to nurse their libation until 10 PM. At the appointed hour all guests were there.

"Welcome my guests and my friends. Ahoy Mates!" and with that all of the guest's heads drooped and eyes shut. Some of the plastic glasses dropped to the patio. Adolph, Franzie, and Penny led the guests to chairs. Henry walked out to the patio with a video camera. His black Cuban shirt, black slacks, and black leather shoes looked out of place on Tybee Island.

"Ahoy Mates and welcome. Go into a deeper, relaxing state. I am going to give you a suggestion to improve your socialization skills and attraction to the opposite sex. It's nice and warm out here on Tybee Island. It's private with no one else around. You love this place. Here, there are no rules here and no shame. Here, we can let our inhibitions run free," and Adolph took a pause to sip a drink. "These are your instructions for the rest of your stay at the Captain James Stanley inn. Everyone here is a beautiful person. When you open your eyes, everyone you see at our inn will appear as they did in their early twenties. In other words, everyone is attractive and very sexy to you. You will desire everyone you see. You are very sexy to everyone else. You have permission to have as much sex as you want, with anyone you want, until the sun comes up. You are without shame, even when your clothes are removed. Does everyone understand?"

Adolph looked at all 16 guests to make sure they agreed and that they were still under his trance. "Good. Gentlemen, in a minute you will select a beautiful lady and take her back to her room and not your room. Please allow your wives and girlfriends to enjoy another partner tonight as you will. Ladies and Gentlemen, when you have finished making love, come back to poolside here and have a drink and a swim until the next hour. Ring the bell, Penny. When the bell rings gentlemen, you will select another lover and go to her room for fun. You will want to repeat this until your strength is exhausted or the sun rises. And, gentlemen, to be fair to the ladies, if a woman invites you to her bedroom, you will immediately accept and follow her where she leads, agreed?

"As a reminder, tomorrow morning at 7 AM we will have a cooking class in the kitchen area for ladies only. Please, gentlemen, sleep in and do not attend. All of you ladies will attend.

"For the rest of your stay here, you will wear only a bathing suit while at the inn, unless you are preparing to go off property. In the morning you will only remember that we had a pleasant cocktail party. There is a man in black clothes with a camcorder. He is filming a documentary and not you. You will generally ignore him, but if he speaks to you, you will comply. You will not speak to the man in black clothes. Does everybody understand and agree?"

Again Adolph checked for agreement in all 16 guests. Adolph motioned for Henry to come out and for Franzie and Penny to sit down among the guests. "Again, you will return to this relaxed state when I say 'Ahoy mates' and you will not remember these instructions for tonight. You will wake up refreshed and excited when I count to one. Ready? Three. Two. One. Awake!" Henry recorded the guests coming out of their trance, rising, and selecting their first partners for the evening.

Unsure why he felt this way, Steve nevertheless felt the thrill of anticipation of meeting a new woman; a clean slate. As he looked around he could not believe all of the beautiful women at the party. He had earlier noticed Barbara from room 8 before but now he was especially aware that, with her bikini top cut away to reveal as much cleavage as possible, she looked just gorgeous. She stood alone as if looking for someone. Steve walked up and said, "Hello, my name is Steve from room 5. You look just stunning tonight." Barbara blushed in the dim light. Steve continued, "I'm down here from near Cincinnati; how about you?"

Barbara replied with a genuine smile, "Hi, Steve, I'm Barbara from room 8. I'm here from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Not too far. This is certainly a beautiful bed and breakfast, isn't it?"

"It's beautiful but not as beautiful as you are tonight. I understand each room is decorated differently. Would you be kind enough to show me just beautiful room 8 is?" he asked. Henry and his camera recorded the whole conversation and then he followed Steve and Barbara through the door of room 8.

In the room, Steve cupped Barbara's face and began to kiss her. His tongue aggressively entered her mouth and she responded by swabbing his tongue with hers and by rubbing her hands along his bare chest. Steve moved one hand and cupped her breast, playing with the nipple through the bikini material. She smiled sweetly as she kissed. Then he moved is hand slowly down her abdomen and slipped inside her bikini bottom, past her close cropped bush, to find her labia. She was wet in anticipation. Barbara winced once but jutted her hips forward slightly to encourage the exploration. Steve's forefinger located the magic button and worked it back and forth; each movement seemed to inject a bolt of uncontrollable pleasure into Barbara's body. After stimulating her clit, Steve shifted his finger down to exploring the wet spot.

"Stop," Henry ordered the lovers. "Man, take your trunks off. Woman, remove your bikini," said Henry in a low, stern voice. Immediately the couple stopped and disrobed. "Woman, get on the bed on all fours and spread your knees," Henry continued. Barbara presented her ass and vagina in doggie position for Steve. "Man, stick it in her ass," Henry said. The man did not move. "Man, stick it in her ass," Henry repeated louder. Again, the man did not move. "What the fuck's wrong with you? Fuck her in the ass," Henry screamed. Still, neither lover moved. "What's wrong?" Henry asked in a calmer voice but there was no response. "Well, fuck her pussy then," Henry commanded. Steve stepped forward and glided his penis up and down her labia until he found the love opening. Steve commenced thrusting in and out of Barbara. "You're the asshole, you know that, don't you?" cried the furious Henry. Steve gave no response or acknowledgement. Henry picked up his camera and stormed out of the room.

Three women remained at poolside because they were not selected. Cynthia was a natural conversation starter and the three women began to talk among themselves. Cynthia's modest but stylish golden bikini displayed her lean figure and accentuated her shoulder length blonde hair. Her hips and butt were curvy and her breasts were full but not fat. Adolph always played the same game in his head; he imaged a bikini contest among the female guests and he always tried to reward the winner by bedding her. Cynthia was the winner tonight and Adolph thought she needed her award badly.

As he walked toward Cynthia, the woman from room 12 rose from her chair and confronted Adolph. "Adolph, I'm Rose, remember?" the woman began. She was forty-something, with neck long highlighted brunet hair, and a red bikini; a bikini better suited for someone half her age. "Adolph, I like the way you command over the guests here. You are so handsome that you've turned me on just by watching you. Men with authority are my turn on. Let's go back to my room and you can order me around. I might do everything you say. Remember what you said?"

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