tagIncest/TabooMistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity


I was spending the night at my dad and stepmother Jacqui’s house. Every one had gone to bed including me and I started to masturbate, silently so my little stepsister Sally in the next bedroom would not hear me as I fantasized about receiving a blowjob from my double-D cup stepmother. Feeling parched and wanting more lubrication from spit, I put on my pants and snuck out to the kitchen where I poured myself a glass of water. Just as I was leaving my dad came in wearing boxers.

“Oh, hi Stephen.” He said, surprised to see me.

“Hey,” I said quietly and quickly left, anxious that he not to see my boner.

Just as I closed the door I heard a thud from the kitchen. I quickly reopened the door and saw my Dad lying crumpled on the kitchen floor. He was unconscious but still breathing. There was a plastic jar of Nutella next to him that he was obviously holding when he collapsed. Dad and Jacqui had told me earlier that he had fainted two days ago from some temporary illness he had contracted and I quickly ran up to their room to tell Jacqui what had happened. I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Jacqui replied in an unusually sultry voice. I opened the door.

“Oh. MY GOD!” I thought to myself as I suddenly froze. There she was, completely naked, wearing nothing but a black blindfold. She was lying on the bed with her arms stretched over her head, her wrists securely tied to the bedposts and her legs spread wide, her ankles tied to the corners of the bed with black nylon stockings.

“Uhh…” I mumbled, trying to remember why I had come here in the first place.

“Oh, don’t speak honey! Remember only I get to speak.” She then slipped back into her seductive voice, “Now come over here and let me taste that delicious cock.” I was too stunned to move and when she sensed my hesitation she grew restless. “Well, come on Gary!”

Suddenly I realized just how golden an opportunity this was. I walked over to the side of the bed, and putting my hand on her left cheek, I knelt down and kissed her passionately. I then took my mouth away and started fondling her enormous breasts. They were so fucking incredible! I leant over and started sucking one of her erect nipples as she began moaning.

“Oooh…that’s nice. But I thought we were gonna save that for later.” I removed my lips. “That’s it.” she continued “Now stick your cock in my mouth.”

I stood up and undid my fly, releasing my rock solid member. She was lying there with her mouth wide open and I slipped half the length of my dick between her red lips and into its wet warmth. She immediately closed her lips around my cock and I felt her wet tongue begin massaging it. “Mmm…” She moaned in pleasure, the words coming out somewhat garbled, what with my dick filling most of her mouth. Then she pulled her head back releasing my cock, much to my disappointment.

“Where’s the Nutella…I thought you were going to put Nutella on your cock.”

Suddenly realizing why my Dad had been holding a jar of Nutella, I dashed out the room, not bothering to put my pants back on, grabbed the jar next to my Dad’s still breathing body and charged back in, eager to get my cock back in her mouth! Jacqui giggled at “Gary’s” absent-mindedness and ‘his’ rush for the condiment.

I moved back to her side, and opening the jar, I scooped up a huge glob of the chocolate goo with two fingers and put them in her mouth. She immediately began sucking my fingers and I felt her cleaning them with her tongue. After literally two seconds I removed them. They were completely clean and coated in her saliva!

“Mmmm…tastes good,” she purred while smacking her lips, “But it’s even more yummy when it’s on your cock.”

I needed no further encouragement as I hurriedly plunged my dick into the jar, guiding it with my right hand while my left began slathering my cock with the soft brown gunk. I packed the stuff around my large tool until it was dripping chocolate. When I was done my dick looked almost like a long fresh turd. Then I rubbed my cock across her closed lips, smearing them with rich chocolate. She quickly flicked her tongue out and slowly slithered it along the length of my shaft, pausing occasionally to swallow the Nutella she had collected in her mouth. After cleaning the shaft of my erection she tilted her head back and wrapped her chocolate smeared lips around its swollen head, sucking it clean whilst deftly flicking my piss-hole with the tip of her tongue. When she finally pulled her head back and released the end of my throbbing cock it slapped sharply up against my belly.

“Now,” she said breathily, “let me suck your balls.”

I smiled to myself and lowered my hairy ball sack into her open mouth. She sucked it in like a vacuum cleaner, stretching my sack until my testicles were deep in her mouth. I could feel her learned tongue massaging my sack in her warm, moist mouth, as my dick rested against the end of her nose. Suddenly she stopped sucking my balls and began sporadically blowing hard on them whilst keeping her lips sealed around them. This felt incredible and I nearly cried out from the intense pleasure, but suddenly stopped myself fearing that she would realize, upon hearing my voice, that I was not really her husband. She now began rapidly alternating between a strong suck and a gusty blow. I was about to cum purely from her expert treatment of my balls, preparing myself for a silent orgasm, when she literally spat my wet sack right out of her mouth with a sudden forceful blow.

“Ooooh…” she cooed, breathing heavily as I stepped back, admiring her enormous heaving tits. “I think I swallowed a few of your pubes, honey,” she whispered, giggling like a school girl, and I couldn’t help but let out a snigger.

“Now stick it in my pussy,” she demanded, but I just had to cum in her mouth! The thought of my hot step mum swallowing loads of my cum was irresistible. So, I got up on the bed and knelt over her huge soft breasts, one leg on either side of her. I could feel her milky mounds cushion my ass, her hard nipples poking against each cheek. I grabbed her blindfolded head with both hands and raised it close to my pulsating dick.

“What are you do…ummph…” Before she could finish her question I had slammed my cock into her mouth, the head of my dick thumping against the back of her throat. Simultaneously her nose rammed into my pubic region. Unsurprisingly she began gagging and I could feel her head quiver slightly. I retracted my cock until only an inch or so remained inside her. She opened her mouth wide and tried to pull her head back to get my heavily veined battering ram out of her mouth but I held her head tightly and once again forced her to deep throat my hard cock. But this time I held my shaft inside her warm, wet mouth, nestling her nose in my pubes and rubbing the tip of my cock on the back of her throat.

At first she moaned softly, but after twenty seconds of grinding her nose into my pelvis she began a muffled guttural cry sending vibrations through my shaft and the twitching of her tongue against the bottom of my cock resulted in indescribable pleasure. Again I withdrew the majority of my cock then began fucking her face hard and fast. In and out it went, in and out like a piston. Her gagged squealing heightened my pleasure. With each inward stroke my sack slapped her chin and her nose poked my pelvis. It didn’t take long before I felt the cum brewing and I quickly thrust my cock into her throat deeper than ever before and spewed load after load of my hot semen into her throat. She was forced to swallow the most cum I have ever ejaculated in my life. I wanted so much to scream with a mixture of the intense relief and overwhelming joy I was feeling, but was forced to clench my teeth for fear of her realizing that she had just been forced to deep-throat her young stepson who was now pumping his virile cum into her stomach. I heard her spluttering as she was forced to swallow as my vicious cock shot vast quantities of jism down her throat and I reveled in the knowledge that my stepmother’s stomach was full of my cum.

She had swallowed every drop of my cum and I left my limp cock in her mouth until she sucked it clean. With a glorious sense of satisfaction I pulled my dick from her red lips.

“Well, Gary, that was…um different.” She said quietly. “Although I do feel slightly…well…violated, I must admit I think I could really get to like this kinky rough sex.”

I lifted myself off her tits and moved my mouth down to her neatly trimmed cunt. I roughly slid my tongue along the length of her wet slit, which forced a quick moan from her. Slowly I drove my index and middle fingers all the way into her sticky slit. She let out a heavy sigh as I pushed my fingers deep inside her. I began twiddling my fingers rapidly, pushing against the walls of her tight cunt, while at the same time using my thumb to rub her clit with great vigor. Jacqui cried in bliss, her legs shaking uncontrollably, so much so that her thighs occasionally slapped against my shoulders. I then realized that I been leaving my left hand motionless.

I put my left hand on her surprisingly soft, smooth leg, and squeezed firmly as I caressed her shaking flesh and gave her a quiet “Shhh” sound, whilst still working my fingers in and out of her dripping snatch. This hushed her incoherent cries which she replaced with much more guttural moans. Even with the blindfold on I could see her face held immense anguish as struggled to hold in the roaring screams that were burning in her lungs. My dick had long since hardened once more and, although this was my first real sexual experience, I knew my stepmother was nearing climax. So, without further adieu, I pulled my soaking fingers from her twitching pussy, positioned the head of my dick against her pink lips and drove my cock all the way inside her with one sharp thrust! The scream she had been holding in was forced out by the ram of my cock Like a piston I forced my dick in and out of my stepmother’s pussy. As her mouth spat out alternating combinations of “Yes!”, “Oh!”, “God!”, and incoherent words of passion as her pummeled cunt discharged a torrent of cum. Groping her huge, bouncing mounds and occasionally gagging her screams of passion with an intense kiss, I felt my balls swelling with semen, and with a thrust of my hips, I plunged my dick deep into the realms of my stepmother’s cunt and, completely surrendering myself to ultimate sexual bliss, I screamed “Oh Jacquiiiiarrr…” as I deposited my huge load of semen deep inside my stepmother with involuntary spasms of my hips.

I collapsed onto her, cushioned by those marvelous breasts and for a while we both just lay there panting heavily. I could see the mixture of exhaustion and confusion on Jacqui’s face and she even tried to speak, trying to figure just who it was who had just fucked her mature pussy like never before, but all she could utter were incoherent syllables. She soon resigned herself to merely catching her breath, our sweaty bodies pressed together, a mass of heaving flesh. My cock slowly softened, but I left it within her to bath in the warm juices of her cunt which still spasmed at irregular intervals..

Eventually our breathing slowed and Jacqui spoke meekly, “That’s not you, is it Gary.” It was a statement, not a question. She whispered timidly right next to my ear, “Stephen?” She had to know it wasn’t my dad, he was a good deal fatter than my skinny frame, and of course my orgasmic scream couldn’t have helped. It was only when she repeated my name that I realized I hadn’t yet answered.

“Yeah.” I muttered, suddenly disheartened after my period of insane joy. “It’s um…It’s me, Steve.” I got off her, slipping my dripping cock out of her snatch and standing next to the bed as I undid her blindfold. She quickly swung her head around to face me.

She stared at me with disgust and disbelief for a moment then, to shocked to yell, she uttered in a quiet voice, “Get out.”

I put my pants on and went back to my room where I slept like a baby.

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