tagIncest/TabooMistaken Identity Ch. 02

Mistaken Identity Ch. 02


You asked for it you got it. The sequel. Thanks to David for once again editing my tale of perversion.

I was awoken the next day by the violent sound of my dad knocking on the door. “Wakey, wakey Stevie!… Are you up?”

I answered with an incoherent grumble, to which he replied “Okay” and I heard his footsteps move away. At first I was pissed off about being awakened so early, but then I suddenly remembered how I had fucked Jacqui the night before and a big smile grew on my face. I was then struck by a fear that I would have to face severe consequences for semi-raping my stepmother.

I quickly deduced that my stepmother hadn’t snitched on me yet because my dad seemed quite chirpy when he woke me up but I was seriously worried that I was living on borrowed time. My only hope was that Jacqui felt too ashamed or humiliated to ever tell anyone. All fears aside, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I recalled the brutal face-fucking I had given her, as well as the sweet feeling of her wet snatch clinging to my young cock. Oh, and the look on her face when I took off the blindfold.

I quickly got dressed and entered the hallway. Cautiously I opened the door into the lounge/kitchen area. Rebecca, my chubby little stepsister, looked up from her breakfast and I couldn’t help but notice the ample breasts that were developing by perving at the cleavage her partly unbuttoned school shirt revealed. Then I saw Jacqui fiddling around in the kitchen. Staring, she greeted me in a flat voice “Oh…Good morning Stephen.”

“Hi,” I said, slightly intimidated by the knowledge that she could have me arrested, but as I replied I realized that she could do what ever she wanted to me but she would still have MY cum in her stomach and up her cunt. A perverted sense of pride dwelled inside me and I regarded her as a fine conquest.

“How did you sleep?” she inquired, barely concealing a scowl.

“Really good thanks. How about you?”

Suddenly my Dad came in. “He’s awake!” he joked melodramatically. “Now listen I had another fainting spell last night, It was actually in the kitchen. So Jacqui will be driving Rebecca to school and dropping you off.”


“Yeah, it’s a good thing Jacqui had trouble sleeping last night and came out and found me here or I might have been lying here all night.”

I ate breakfast, waited for Rebecca and Jacqui to get ready and then we left. I sat in the front, Rebecca in the back. I didn’t talk for the whole trip to Rebecca’s catholic school. When we reached the school I sat and stared out the window at all the teenage schoolgirls’ legs and blossoming tits as Jacqui said her goodbyes.

There was an awkward silence between Jacqui and I as we drove away. I began wondering why Jacqui was wearing a skirt. This puzzled me for two reasons: first, I had never seen her wear a skirt before in the whole time I had known her, which was a shame because she actually had beautiful creamy thighs (as I had discovered the night before) and secondly, I’m no psychologist, but you would think after my violation of her the previous night she would want to cover her body up as much as possible, or at least not show any more flesh than usual.

Anyway, so we drove away from the school in silence as I worried that she might take the opportunity to confront me about the previous night. We drove down a few blocks of side streets, which bewildered me slightly, and then Jacqui pulled up next to a small deserted park. I looked down, staring at the floor, and let out a heavy sigh as I prepared myself for an intense confrontation.

“Firstly,” she said as she stared at the side of my head, “I want you to know that I’m not going to tell anyone what you did to me last night.”

I smiled with relief and turned to face her. “Oh, thanks Jacqui! I swear I’ll never do anything like that again! Not to you or anybody!”

She smiled and undid her seat belt. “Well, there’s no need for such drastic measures.”

Before I could ask her what she meant she had reached over and unclipped my seat belt. Using both hands she daintily undid my fly as I sat agog. Without even looking up at me she pulled out my flaccid cock and stuffed it in her mouth, along with my hairy sack. I lightly put my hand on her hair as I felt her talented tongue work wonders on my cock and balls. In a matter of seconds my cock had grown to it’s full grandeur. So she was suddenly deep-throating me. Noisily she began bobbing her head up and down, poking the back of her throat with my young dick with each down stroke. I felt I was about to come from the intense stimulation and in immense pleasure I cried, “Oh…Oh Jacqui, Yeah!”

Realizing I was about to reach orgasm she suddenly pulled her head away and sat back in her seat, leaving my shaft ribbed with lipstick. I looked at her with disappointment and dismay. She laughed at my expression, then smiled and said, “Don’t worry I’m not done yet.” My stepmother then leaned over my lap, brushing her chin against my cock, pulled a lever and said, “Push back.”

I did as she asked and my seat slid all the way back. My busty stepmother then twisted a big knob on the side all the way so that my seat reclined to nearly a horizontal position. Jacqui looked up and grinned at me excitedly, saying, “Now then!”

Twisting herself around my stepmother then straddled my skinny frame and lowered herself so she lay flat on top of me. Her wet lips kissed me passionately and I could feel her enormous breasts squashed against my chest. Continuing to kiss me, she ran her fingers through my hair as I slowly slid my hands down to her nice round arse. Jacqui then rose to her knees and lifted up her skirt. My jaw dropped as I realized she wasn’t wearing any knickers! Before me was her muff. Still holding her skirt up with both hands she began sliding her dripping cunt lips up and down my dick as it lay flay against my abdomen. This made us both moan. Lifting her hips, she then daintily clasped my slippery young cock and pulled it so the tip of the head was between the lips of her wet snatch. My stepmother left it there briefly, both of us panting in anticipation as her cunt dribbled juices all over the head of my dick, which then slowly dripped all the way down my veiny shaft and onto my hairy scrotum. This made me breathe heavily and moan like crazy, as I felt her fluid running down my dick and her hungry cunt lips pulsing around the tip of my cock.

Without any warning, she suddenly pushed down on my cock, crying out as she slid down my entire length. I ran my hands up her thighs as she bounced spasmodically on my cock as best she could in the confines of the car. She then fell forward and propped herself up slightly with her arms, rubbing her tits across my chest as I squeezed her arse. We became a heaving mishmash of clothes and flesh fucking in time. I reached up and ripped open her blouse, forcing my face into her hanging cleavage. As I sloppily licked the valley between her Double-D tits I felt myself nearing ejaculation. Worrying I would climax well before my stepmother, I stuck my middle finger in front of her face and said, “Here, suck on this.” Too preoccupied impaling herself on my dick to ask questions, she noisily sucked on my finger, coating it with her drool. Feeling the urgency as my sack expanded with cum, I quickly spread her butt-cheeks apart with both hands and, with some difficulty, forced my finger all the way into her tight anus.

She screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain, “Oh god!!! What are you doing?!!!” This was all too much for me and I began spewing my load deep inside my stepmother’s vagina. As I ejaculated my huge load inside her I rapidly wiggled my finger inside her tight-tight anus. The culmination of my stiff dick vomiting gallons of hot cum inside her and my long squirming finger working hard in her anus caused Jacqui to climax. She screamed “Oh Fuck me, Stevie! FUCK MEEiiiarrrrhhhh!” as her sore cunt poured cum all over my cock, balls and pubes. Our fucking gradually slowed down as I felt her juices leak down my arse crack. My stepmother fell flat on top of me and for quite some time we remained tangled in a heaving, sweating embrace.

Then I felt something dripping onto my neck. I looked down to see Jacqui sobbing on top of me. “Hey. Wha’s wrong?” I asked.

She looked up at me with tear-soaked eyes and spluttered, “I can’t believe what I just did! I’m a dirty SLUT! I just committed adultery!”

She buried her head in my shoulder and I tried to think of something to say. Eventually I lifted up her head to face me and, looking into her teary eyes, I said, “ I don’t know if what we’ve done was right, but I do know that I didn’t start living until I fucked you last night.”

She smiled and said, “Oh, how can I resist you!” and passionately kissed me.

Eventually she looked up and said “You’re the best lover I’ve ever had. Mind you, I’ve only ever had sex with two men before, my first husband and your father, but wow! Neither of them ever stuck their finger up my bum.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” I said grabbing her left boob. Just then Jacqui felt something poke her in the abdomen.

“Ooh what’s that?” she said looking down, and quickly realizing it was my cock. “Deary me! You’re quite the little stallion aren’t you Stephen?” My stepmother then moved over to her own seat and undoing her blouse said, “Before I take you home I want you to pump my boobs.”

“You bet!” I said eagerly as I began to undress. By the time I was ready she had put her seat in its full reclining position.

I looked over at her and she eyed me seductively purring, “Now come on over here and fuck my big Double-D boobs!” Jacqui never swore and it showed. She sounded like a kid saying Fuck for the first time, with a sense of defiance and yet with a hint of fear of getting caught.

I straddled her abdomen and rubbed my hairy sack across her flesh as she helped me undo her lacy white bra. Without the restraint her huge fat tits both moved in the direction of each armpit. I grabbed a breast in each hand and rubbed them together, squeezing them tightly and watching the pounds of flesh bulge out. This made her moan like crazy as I wrestled with her fleshy mountains in a vain attempt to get at least half of each breast in my grasp. The tighter I squeezed the fat masses, the more flesh bulged out between my fingers and the louder Jacqui screamed in that beautiful mixture of pleasure and pain. Eventually I loosened my grip watching the expression on my stepmother’s face subside, only to squeeze again. This time I squeezed with all my strength, causing her tits to bulge so much that I thought they would burst, sending her erect nipples flying into the windscreen. “AAAAAAHHHHLETGOLETGO!” She cried and I quickly did, leaving her to heave her bright red chest as she gasped for air. “Wow.” she said simply between breaths.

Moving down I began licking and sucking her nipples, enjoying her flavour as she moaned in ecstasy. Then I decided to try something I’d seen two lesbians do in a porn movie. I pinched her nipples, pulled on them a bit so her breasts were slightly elongated, then with both hands I shook them with small vigorous movements, watching in awe as ripples pulsed down her enormous breasts. This sent Jacqui in to raptures, and growing impatient, she began moaning, “Fuck them Stephen! Hurry up and fuck my boobs with your beautiful young cock!”

I stopped. “Okay Jacqui. I’ll fuck your tits, but there’s one thing you have to do for me first.”

“What? What? Anything!” she exclaimed with great impatience.

The lower part of my body was still encrusted with Jacqui’s vaginal juices and I wanted to see just how kinky my god-fearing stepmother was willing to get. I moved into the 69 position and rested my balls on her chin and replied, “Lick your cum out of my crack.”

“What?!” she asked surprised.

“C’mon Jacqui.” I said encouragingly as I lowered my ass to her mouth. And sure enough I felt her wet tongue hesitantly pass her lips and touch my pussy juice coated arse-crack. She began licking up and down my crack. And then I felt her use her hands to spread my cheeks and do a more thorough job. I couldn’t believe it! My supposed prude of a stepmother was obediently licking up and down my arse crack and enjoying it! The slut was really getting into it and, thrilled with her efforts, I began to rub her wet cunt vigorously as I said, “That’s it you dirty old slut! Lick my butt-crack! Lick you stepson’s arse! That’s it bitch, do it for Jesus!”

I then felt her purse her lips around my anus and poke it with her tongue. She caught me off guard when I felt her slip her little wet tongue in my anus and taste the inside. My slutty stepmother then reached her soft right hand around my leg and began pumping it.

“Oh Jesus Christ, Jacqui! That’s the spirit!” I cried, but fearing I would cum without fucking her tits I eventually pulled away.

Moving around I positioned my cock on her chest. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, she pushed her tits up and engulfed my dick. Pulling back, I began fucking her mounds but this hurt us both as I had pumped her tits raw. Without speaking she released her breasts and I pushed my cock all the way into her gaping mouth. Working her tongue fast she quickly coated my cock with her drool and as I pulled out a few strands of spit linked her lips to the helmet of my proud Lower Admiral. Moving down I reached my hand to her soaking cunt and coated it with her vaginal juices. I then smeared these juices down the valley between her tits and across her breasts. Resting my dick between her tits we exchanged smiles as her huge buns enveloped my sausage. We both moaned uncontrollably as I fucked her big hooters. Her breasts are so large that it was a rarity when my Lower Admiral would peek his proud helmet out the top of her silky fat jugs. It wasn’t long before I felt I was about to cum so, pulling out, I pointed my dick into her face and began jacking off hard with my right hand. She squeezed my arse as tight as tightly as possible and opened her mouth, but I quickly told her to close it. Just as I was about to cum I rested the tip of my dick against her nostril. I watched my stepmother cringe in anguish as I shot my first load of cum right up her nose. She began spluttering uncontrollably as I continued to splash my cum all over the pretty canvas of her face and into the dark frame of her hair. I then pulled back and squeezing her tits around my cock I pumped the remaining cum out of my scrotum and in between her fleshy mounds. Extremely exhausted I collapsed on my wasted stepmother, feeling the poke of her sore nipples and the wet sticky mixture of our love-fluids on my chest.

Eventually I moved over to my seat and she gazed at my renewed erection with her cum-drenched face. “Deary Me! You’re quite the young stud aren’t you!” she said. My step mum then began shoveling the cum on her face and tits into her hungry mouth. After she had finished her chest and face looked a bit sticky, but she still had some in her hair. Looking into the rear-view mirror she ran her slender finger through her hair, mixing in my cum until it looked like she had used hair gel. Smiling back at me she leant over and obediently started licking the mixture of cum that had stuck to my chest. As she lapped up the milk on my chest like a cat she kept her eyes fixed into my gaze. My stepmother then playfully licked my nipples as she looked up with an expression of complete subservience.

She then got on her hands and knees with her arse facing the steering wheel. My pious stepmother then purred, “Do me like dog.” And who was I to refuse a bitch in heat. I got behind her, the low roof of the car meant I had to rest on her back, as I blindly positioned my cock head into her dripping twat and, grabbing her shoulders, slammed into her. She grunted with every thrust and complimented my hammering by pushing back into me as I slammed in and retracting as I withdraw most of my veiny cock. Suddenly she started calling out “Stop. Stop! Stephen Stop.” So I gradually slowed to a halt.

“What is it?!” I said slightly frustrated.

“That girl’s watching us!”

I looked out the window to my left and sure enough, in the park stood some girl, probably in her early-teens, staring with a gob smacked expression.

“We’re gonna have to stop.” Jacqui whined. So I sadly pulled my juice-coated boner out of my stepmother’s cunt. But, just as I was about to move over to my seat, I had another idea. I reached my hand back and found her puckered virgin anus with my fingers.

“What are you doing?!” she complained as I positioned my cock head at the entrance between her arse-cheeks. She wailed like a banshee as I slowly pushed my throbbing dick all the way into her incredibly tight tunnel. Once I was completely inside her I rested. She began yelling, “Get it out!” as, in a futile effort to push me out, her arse muscles began massaging my rod. I could have soon cum, remaining completely still, letting her arse milk my cock, but I had other plans. I pulled back, resting my butt on the steering wheel and then began pounding the shit out of her arse! Each plunge was accentuated by the cry of my stepmother, synchronized with the slapping sound her butt-cheeks made. With my left arm I struggled to hug both her tits as she thrashed around wildly, while I reached down with my right and rubbed her dripping cunt furiously. Amazingly quickly her cries of protest became cries like, “OH YESSS! YESSS! SLAM IT IN THERE! OH PRAISE GOD, YEAHHH!” I soon drove in all the way as I flooded her inside chasm with gallons of my thick cum. This set her off and I felt her liquid pouring through my fingers as she cried, “Uh ua WAAAAUUUGHHHHHHHHHHH …oh GOD!”

After getting dressed Jacqui sat back down, making no attempt to hide the pain in her arse as she readjusted her seat. Driving back to my place I could tell her arse was killing her, and with every little bump she quickly gasped. When she parked in front of my place, she kissed me on the cheek, looked into my eyes and simply said, “Thank you.” I returned it, then we exchanged goodbyes and I left the car.

Well there you have it. Thanks to everyone who wrote me comments for my last story and I'd appreciate your views on this one.

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