tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 10

Mistress Barbara Ch. 10


Friday, just before 2pm in the afternoon immediately prior to the last show for the week, Kate asked at reception for me. Cat showed her into my office and left to get ready for the 2-30pm show.

"I'll get everything ready so that you can spend time with Kate." She offered.

I indicated the guest chair opposite my desk and Kate sat, nervously lifting her dress and opening her legs to display her freshly shaven vagina in the position I had taught her. There was a new confidence in her bearing. She smiled shyly and apologised for arriving early. I told her that I couldn't be more pleased to see her and invited her to see our show. I reassured her that I would pick a table at the rear of the room and ordered her a nice pot of tea to drink during the show. I asked her if she had worn my gift dress yet and she patted her bag and told me that she had it with her.

"You do intend wearing it today, do you?" I looked up and smiled. Without being asked she changed into it, folding her far more conservative dress neatly and placing it in her bag before slipping into the toga. I was pleased to see that she wore no underwear at all. I admired her perky breasts, noting her nipples were prominent and hard as she slipped the toga over her head and straightened it. I rang for tea to be delivered to the auditorium.

"Follow me, darling. Leave your things in my office." I asked.

I led her to the door of the auditorium. It was locked but Kent was there to open it. I seated her just as the tea trolley arrived. I rushed to the dressing room and put on my first costume as Cat helped me get ready. I had only a minute to go before I walked out to start the show.

I showed to Kate as well, as we paraded the current range, so as not to exclude her. By the time I exhibited the last costume, she was indistinguishable from the other buyers. She accidentally touched my clitoris while examining the chains attached to my ring, provoking an immediate mild orgasm. She apologised, blushing profusely.

"That's quite alright my love." I brushed her face tenderly. "No need for embarrassment here." I smiled and moved on.

I put on my sexiest toga after the show and helped take orders, as Kate watched in awe of my boldness. When the last customer left Cat said she would go home to prepare dinner, taking the BMW while I tidied up and brought the men home later. It was getting near time to put the roast on for dinner. Kate offered to help as I tidied the dressing room and auditorium. We only had three employees that were allowed in the private auditorium, all sworn to secrecy because of the erotic decorations.

We went back to my office and tidied up the sales figures for the week noting that Franz's order alone, exceeded today's effort with fifteen buyers present at today's show. I chatted to Kate as I did my work, noting with satisfaction that she had become more used to the submissive position. Because of the brevity of my skirt I was subconsciously returning the respect shown by Kate. In my case I just enjoyed letting the air from the overhead fan caress and cool my naked genitals as I sat with my legs open. I hoped that the overhead fan would have a similar effect on Kate while I did my work.

A familiar knock on the door signalled Des's impatience to go home. I glanced at Kate with a look that kept her in position and gave my approval for him to enter. Kate tensed visibly as Ken and Des entered the room and sat. They greeted her, without undue attention to her exposed genitals as they asked if the latest sales figures were to my satisfaction. I nodded.

"Well Kate! Lets head off home?"

She jumped to her feet, pleased to be released from the embarrassment of displaying her growing arousal to the two men. She straightened her toga and subconsciously attempted to hold the sides together.

I couldn't resist introducing a blushing Kate to Darlene and Melissa on the way to the car, when we passed by their shop. I asked Darlene to make an appointment with her father, to assess Kate for genital piercing, whenever suited him on Saturday. We led Kate, still red in the face but more excited, to the car.

She sat in the back seat, gasping as her bare bottom touched the seat but smiling bravely as she deliberately opened her legs the required twelve inches between the inner knees. As we went through the private gates I whipped off my toga and looked at her while she obediently complied with convention and nervously packed her toga into her bag.

I realised that it was a leap of faith for her, in a new and unknown environment, to be naked in the open air.

"See, that wasn't so hard was it my sweet?" I praised her. "You'll be ready for a swim before dinner when we get there."

She crouched forward and shook her head, obviously uncomfortable but determined not to let me down. She scampered out of the car straight into the cooling waters of the lake. She swam like a fish and played in the water until I joined her.

"Who owns that huge home across the lake? She pointed.

"Kent had it built as his home, but we all share the amenities on the ground floor."

Her eyes widened even further as I told her that there were seventeen occupants at times, when all three families met there socially or for games.

"That is amazing!" she gasped admiring the stately building.

"Not as amazing as you are, Kate. I know you're uncomfortable about being naked." I said. "I won't embarrass you unnecessarily but, believe me, you will get used to it by the time you go home."

Kate shifted uncomfortably and nodded eagerly.

"I really am proud of you, Kate." I added sincerely.

At that moment my family all joined us.

"Dinner's ready shortly." Cat called out from the kitchen.

By the time we got out of the water Kate made no further attempt to cover up. She sat outside with us, eating dinner and conversing as if she was fully clothed. She even agreed to a group photo and Des used the same camera that I used at Angel Falls. He still hadn't developed the film that I used with Cat, posing under the falls.

"You'll get on well with Lance." Kate offered. "He loves photography. I've seen the ones you did in Australia and Lance said they were very professional, making the best use of the light on the subjects ---- whatever that means. I thought they were good too."

We all talked for the next hour or so, answering her questions and asking her opinions on a variety of subjects. We all got to know each other so much better as the sun went down, covering issues from political beliefs through to personal sexual preferences.

She was loosening up considerably, as she realised that sex was only a small part of what our three families were really about. Our belief that sexual inhibition stifles personal development being the major hurdle to overcome. Kate certainly related to that. In her case, she readily admitted it.

Once we moved indoors she sat opposite us, intimately exposed to our view. She seemed to be more at ease with body parts that had shamed her previously.

Darlene rang.

"Dad can see Kate at anytime in the morning, Barbara. Might pay to ring him before you go over just to make sure. Kate may like to meet everybody at Kent's tomorrow morning, just to discuss the issues about piercing and confirm the benefits. We'll all be there around 7am for a morning swim." She concluded. Might see you there?"

Kate overheard the discussion and became nervous again. We moved into the playroom, already having discussed sleeping arrangements for the night. Ken immediately asked Kate to mount him in the female superior position and Cat asked if she had ever tried double penetration. She agreed to try, it, knowing that this may be her last opportunity for at least two weeks or more. She looked at me for approval.

"Fine with me, darling."

Kate surpassed my expectations, allowing the boys to lubricate and make love to her with little reservation. She said that Lance had discussed issues of group sex with her after we left on Wednesday, encouraging her to explore and enjoy her sexuality as much as she could. Kate had a far healthier attitude to sexual experimentation than she did to exhibitionism. We had a terrific time together, culminating in all of us sleeping together for the night.

Kate helped Cat to prepare breakfast and afterward we all went over to Kent's place for a morning swim in the heated pool. Kate went to get her toga but after we explained the privacy we enjoyed over this end of the lake she reluctantly left it behind. She was nervous about meeting so many people, naked as she was, but I told her that we were all friends as well as lovers. I reminded her that Lance would be proud of her once she got over this and accepted our lifestyle fully.

I told her more about Melissa's family on the way over, including the way Des and I first met them all. We arrived before Melissa and we walked up to the pool area. I introduced Kate to the rest of Kent's family and she was in the pool by the time Melissa arrived.

Although all the girls were present, only Cameron came over the lake with them. The boys were working on a building project in town and had wanted to start early. They knew that they would meet Lance and Kate on Sunday morning. In a way I was glad. Kate would come to realize that her nudity wasn't a sufficient motive to attract the young men's interest, above their other plans.

Melissa helped me explain the procedure for a genital placement along with Darlene. We assured Kate that it was practically painless when compared to nipple rings. We told her that the best part was becoming more sexually aware and the satisfaction of the increase in libido that resulted. I didn't push Kate when we moved into the gymnasium but I noticed that she picked certain equipment to use that enabled her to keep her pubic area hidden from view. She spent a long time on the cycle exercise machine then the rowing machine.

Her biggest fear would be exposing herself on the piercing table to a fully dressed older man, in such a vulnerable position. Worse still, if she wasn't sexually excited, Harold would have to induce this state with his fingers. I asked Darlene how she overcame this problem with her own father. Darlene smiled and told me that her dad was very experienced at this and had his ways.

Finally, the time arrived and we dropped the girls off at their shops on the way. Cat and I went into the studio, leaving a nervous Kate to look through the photos. I pointed out the ones that featured myself, and then Cat. Darlene featured in a later page, recognisable by her unique nipple studs. Harold had taken a full body photo of her, from toes to chin.

Harold gently urged Kate onto the table, encouraging her to look in the mirror as he examined her. Cat held her hand while I stood back, smiling encouragingly at Kate whenever our eyes met. Harold talked to her while he examined her, telling her how lucky she was to be blessed with such a generous clitoris and asking her to relax and allow her perfectly natural urges to prevail. He said that he needed to see her aroused state. He asked if she needed help in such a professional way that she complied without any further discomfort.

Harold spent time outside the room while he picked a suitable ring to adorn her clit, giving her a chance to decide whether to complete the job. She was impressed with the ring that Harold selected and agreed to complete the placement after only a few moment's indecision. This demonstrated her growing trust in all of us.

After a cup of tea and a friendly chat with Heather in their private quarters, we left in the car two hours later. Kate was in a euphoric mood, constantly checking her new placement as if she couldn't believe that it was still there. She knew that Lance would be proud of her new look, down there. She was already experiencing heightened awareness of her sexuality, her nipples hard and prominent under the material of her new toga. Unbeknown to my family I had bought her a waist chain as a reward for her bravery once the placement was done.

I intended to give it to her as soon as we arrived home.

Without prompting, Kate removed her clothing as we passed through the gate, anxious to please me and knowing that Lance may well be there when we arrived home.

She appeared disappointed when she didn't see his car as we drove through the entrance to Rome but looked at her watch and resigned herself to waiting a little longer. When we walked in, Lance was sitting at the table with Des and Ken with photo albums all around them.

"Well! Look at you Kitty." He enthused as he rose to greet her. "I got away early and I've been here for over an hour, but seeing you looking like this has made it well worth the wait."

Kate's eyes shone as she pointed out her recent addition, kissing Lance and showing the men her new jewellery, lightly pirouetting before her proud husband. I brought out the gift wrapped waist chain and told her how beautiful she looked. I suggested that she open the package to see if she liked the contents. Her earlier self-consciousness evaporated as she eagerly opened it and put it on.

She promised me emphatically that she would always wear the chain.

"I've always loved that one that you wear, Barbara."

We left the couple inside while we prepared a Bar-B-Que lunch outside sure that they had a lot to talk about. We had given Kate permission to bring Lance's knowledge of our normal as well as sexual conventions around our home up to the point where repeating our preferences would be unnecessary. They were both staying the night with us.

Lance cornered me during one of my trips into the house and thanked me profusely for looking after Kate so well. He offered to contribute toward expenses. I shook my head at him and told him that we didn't expect, or need, a contribution but thanked him anyway. It was a nice thought and it showed his appreciation.

The Jet-Ski proved irresistible To Kate. Even though there were other craft out on the lake she rode behind me as passenger, hugging me tightly if another craft came uncomfortably within view. On these occasions she would shiver uncontrollably, either with fear or perhaps she was enjoying an orgasm. It was hard to tell which it was, but she was extremely excited upon our return to our private jetty. She was offered the opportunity to water-ski but made all kinds of unconvincing excuses, asking for a raincheck for now. I was so proud of her that I didn't force the issue. I knew that the Sunday meeting weighed heavily on her mind. She would be meeting three more younger men that were still total strangers to her, wearing no more than her new waist chain and clit ring. The thought still terrified her, although I had a quiet confidence that she would force herself to overcome her fears.

She wanted to please Lance and I had noticed that even though she had been nervous, her nudity had excited her sexually. Her nipples were always hard and her body far more flushed with blood whenever she displayed her body. I thought back to my first meeting with Ken and Cat. I realised that she had a deep seated desire to exhibit but upbringing and social conditioning had been the main inhibiting factor in her shyness. It was a pity that Lance had not been much more masterful in the early stages of her marriage. By the time the dinner was due to be prepared, Kate was a little red in the areas not normally exposed to the elements. She readily offered to help Cathy and remained inside the house, giving me the chance to get to know Lance.

He was totally overwhelmed by the changes to Kate and had spent three films in his camera while talking to Ken and Des about photographic technique. He also had other common interests that appealed to our two men. Des excused himself while he went to the studio to develop the shots in his camera. Lance was torn between going with him or staying with me at Rome. I took charge, suggesting that he give Ken and Des the films from his camera while he toured the lake with me on my Jet Ski.

"I've got so much to show you." I tempted him ambiguously with a welcoming smile as we walked to the Jet Ski.

Lance was nervous to hold on to me and initially sat further apart than normal, as if he was afraid of me noticing his semi erect penis. I encouraged him to enjoy the sensation of togetherness and soon sorted that problem out by reaching behind me with my free hand, as I relieved his tension. After that he was confident to press his penis against my bottom, hugging me as I opened up the throttle and sped around the lake.

Before long, his erection returned and I raised my bottom to accommodate his growing member. The heated throbbing of his penis excited me as it strained against the cheeks of my bottom. I had decided to seduce him even before he began to caress my nipples and nibbled at my neck. Noticing that there were no other craft at the far side of the Lake, where the small waterfall was, I pulled in to the beach and tied the Jet Ski to the same branch I had used once before. Lance already knew the area, having explored it with Kate.

"I take it that you are now aware of our rules about sex?" I said innocently. "Did Kate tell you?"

To Be Continued...

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