tagInterracial LoveMistress Bhatti of Nepean

Mistress Bhatti of Nepean


"Mr. Duchene, I read the stuff you post online, you like Muslim female domination, and you have a thing for Indian girls, well, I'm here to make your life sweet hell, now, get on your knees," Mistress Fatima Bhatti said haughtily, and the Indian Muslim dominatrix smirked at the big and tall young black man who stood before her. He'd just come into the house, backpack on, a bewildered expression on his handsome face.

Mohammed Duchene seemed to be a bit surprised, and most definitely, the brother was quite tongue-tied. Clucking her tongue impatiently, Mistress Bhatti awaited her sub's response. He had been living with her for some time now, and she figured that it was high time he was initiated into the most sacred of clubs. The club of young men (and occasional young women ) whom Mistress Bhatti deemed worthy of serving her.

"Um, I don't know what to say," Mohammed Duchene replied, and Mistress Bhatti grinned maliciously. From the moment she met the Haitian Muslim convert renting a room from her at her townhouse in Nepean, Ontario, the South Asian Muslim landlady and amateur dominatrix knew he'd be an easy mark. Mistress Bhatti had been in this game for quite some time, and knew a thing or two about human nature, and the male of the species...

"Do as I say, Mr. Duchene, you know you want to," Mistress Bhatti said, and she smiled with satisfaction as the burly young Haitian did as he was told. Mohammed Duchene knelt before her, and she looked him up and down. Like a lot of women the world over, Mistress Bhatti found black men quite appealing, but only if they were obedient to her, of course. At the age of fifty one, Mistress Bhatti enjoyed dominating men of all shades, and considered herself too old to change...

"Yes ma'am," Mohammed Duchene replied, and Mistress Bhatti grinned, then took off her sandals. Rubbing her big toe against the Haitian Muslim brother's lips, she nodded emphatically. Mohammed hesitated briefly, then began sucking Mistress Bhatti's toes. Leaning back on her living room couch, Mistress Bhatti smiled happily. This sub was quite promising...

Mistress Bhatti had taken a lot of young men from various backgrounds as tenants/subs over the years. First, she listed the rules of the house. No smoking. No drinking. No parties. No alcohol. No pork. Also, she liked to isolate them from their friends and family by firmly stating that overnight guests weren't allowed. Those who saw through her mental domination game ran like hell. Those who didn't, like Mohammed Duchene here, became her subs...

Mistress Bhatti slid a hand into her pants, right through her panties, and began masturbating. The Indian Muslim dominatrix thought of her last sub, a young Turkish Muslim dude named Mehmet Sezer. Tall, alabaster-skinned, brown-haired and blue-eyed, Mehmet was handsome, and proved to be a lot of fun. A criminal justice student at La Cite Collegiale, Mehmet was looking for a place to stay for the summer of 2016. That's how he ended up in the clutches of Mistress Bhatti...

"You like this, don't you?" Mistress Bhatti said, watching as Mohammed Duchene took his sweet time as he polished her toes with his tongue. Afterwards, she told him to drop his trousers, and admired his dick. The Haitian Muslim brother was well-endowed, and she took his dick in her hands and stroked it. Mistress Bhatti smiled at the thought of the fun they were going to have together...

"Yes ma'am I do," Mohammed replied, and Mistress Bhatti grinned, pleased by the Haitian Muslim dude's reply. Early in life, Fatima Bhatti discovered the truth about herself. That she wasn't like the other obedient and self-effacing, traditional Muslim ladies from the Kashmir province of India. Nope, Fatima Bhatti was bossy, controlling, manipulative, and, to put the icing on the cake, the lady is also cheerfully sociopathic. Muslim men everywhere beware...

"We are going to have a good time together, Mr. Duchene, life is much better for everyone when women are in charge and men obey, even in Muslim households," Mistress Bhatti said firmly. Mohammed Duchene nodded, and watched as the curvy, dark-haired, bronze-skinned and bossy Indian Muslim MILF began to disrobe, slipping out of her traditional long dress. Clearly he was in for a treat...

"Wow," Mohammed Duchene whispered, mesmerized by Mistress Bhatti's thick golden brown ass as she turned around, and showed him her goodies. Mistress Bhatti grinned as an excited Mohammed literally kissed her butt. The Haitian Muslim brother really took to female instruction. She suspected that he might have been raised by a domineering female figure, like so many Muslim lads these days. More fun for someone like her, to be sure...

"Kiss my thick Indian Muslim ass," Mistress Bhatti said, and she spread her thick golden brown ass cheeks wide open, and Mohammed Duchene did as he was told. She smiled with contentment as Mohammed wormed his tongue up her asshole, and polished it. Mistress Bhatti moaned deeply, rubbing her wet pussy and pinching her nipples as Mohammed ate her ass. It got so intense that she made the Haitian Muslim brother lie on the carpeted floor, and sat on his face, smothering him with her ass.

"I like the way your ass tastes, ma'am," Mohammed Duchene paused to say, and a smiling Mistress Bhatti shushed him, and he resumed eating her ass, sliding his tongue deep into her asshole. The Haitian Muslim brother ate Mistress Bhatti booty hole like he was born to do it, and the Indian Muslim dominatrix moaned softly, loving what he was doing to her.

"Hmm, you've been a good lad, Mohammed Duchene, now, get up, I might have a treat for you," Mistress Bhatti said, and she got up and gestured for her sub to do the same. A bit surprised, the burly Haitian Muslim brother did as he was told. Mistress Bhatti sent Mohammed Duchene to the shower, and when he came back, fresh and clean, a few minutes later, she was ready for him.

"Oh my," Mohammed Duchene said, and Mistress Bhatti smiled wickedly at him, stroking an object of a decidedly phallic nature. Her shiny ebony strap-on dildo. Mistress Bhatti drank in Mohammed's hesitation, pleased by his reaction. Gleefully she recalled bending another young Muslim man over, and having her way with him. Indeed, the Indian Muslim dominatrix's pussy got positively wet as she recalled what she did to Mehmet...

"Your ass belongs to me," Mistress Bhatti said to Mehmet, and she laughed after whipping the Turkish Muslim student, and leading him around her townhouse on all fours like a puppy. To really shine Mehmet on, Mistress Bhatti bent him over and spanked him before inserting a candle up his ass. And then she made him cook supper for her. Smiling at the memory, Mistress Bhatti fixed her eyes on Mohammed Duchene...

"Assume the position," Mistress Bhatti said, and Mohammed Duchene, the burly Haitian Muslim, complied hastily. He got on all fours and spread his ass cheeks for her. Smiling, Mistress Bhatti positioned herself behind Mohammed, and lubricated his ass with Aveeno cream. Without further ado, Mistress Bhatti gripped Mohammed Duchene's hips and leaned forward, pushing the dildo up his ass. The Haitian Muslim brother's screams were sweet music to her ears...

"Thank you Mistress Bhatti," Mohammed Duchene said, an hour later, after the sultry Indian Muslim dominatrix gave his ass the thorough strap-on fucking it so richly deserved. Smiling, Mistress Bhatti nodded beatifically, pleased to have added another tall, handsome, submissive Muslim male to her growing stable. Whoever thinks that Muslim women are soft and sweet clearly hasn't heard of Mistress Bhatti. Her brand of female domination would scare the most macho of Muslim men...

"You're welcome, my sub," Mistress Bhatti replied, watching with satisfaction as Mohammed Duchene bowed his head gently, then headed upstairs to his room. The Haitian Muslim student worked hard, adhered to the house rules, paid his rent on time and most importantly of all, he obeyed his mistress orders. Who says Muslim men can't be submissive to strong, dominant Muslim women? Mistress Bhatti smiled, pleased with herself. The Indian Muslim dominatrix is determined to introduce female domination to the Muslim community, one man at a time...

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