tagBDSMMistress Jamie Return: She Does

Mistress Jamie Return: She Does


Mistress Jamie has been keeping watch over me. She read my story and has responded. This is her message to me.


"I can't believe the new levels of boring these conferences have reached." You think to yourself as you take a vacant stool at the bar. "What can I get ya?" asks a female voice. "Damn! She is mighty fine," you think as your eyes wander up into icy blue eyes,

"So are you going to stare at my breasts all day or are you going to order?" with a voice as hard as steel.

You blush a bit at being caught, and order beer, all the while hoping she doesn't notice the bulge growing in your jeans. As she turns to retrieve a glass, you notice her reflection locked on yours. "Shit! She saw me staring at her ass! Well, what does she expect wearing those cutoffs! Half her cheeks are visible!"

Dick tease passes through your mind as you spin around in your chair to lean your left elbow on the bar. You become aware of just how crowded the bar is, noticing a table of colleagues flagging you over.

"Can't I even get a...." You nearly drop your drink as you rise to join them. You noticed a blonde-haired woman staring a hole in you, and she looks pissed! "Mistress Jamie" thoughts race through your brain, finally you will get to enjoy the damn conference! "When? Why didn't she tell me she was coming? And suddenly you realize as you stop within a few feet—"She saw me! She saw the exchange with bartender. But she is hot! Come on now."

Finally you muster up the courage to talk to me. With uncertainty, you walk up to my table. "Hi, how are you?" you ask sheepishly.

"Well, ask me that in an hour because I and that bartender you were looking up and down should be finished fucking." I reply with a wink and a smile.

"WTF? You are with her now? But I thought you were straight?" you manage to choke out.

"I, straight?" I laugh, "as a matter of fact as soon as she has finished her shift I will be straight on top of your pretty face."

"But Jamie I thought you were my Mistress?" you ask with genuine puzzlement. You wonder if I cared so much for my pet how could I just find another so easily—and a woman at that! "It isn't fair!" you think.

How many times you had suggested we try another woman for adventure. But you never understood that I am a single pet owner. Your thoughts are brought back into sharp focus as you notice the sudden rigidity of my body, you know I am angry, and this time you know the things you did to deserve them...and apparently Mistress Jamie knows only too well.

"Let me understand you. You sit there questioning my sexuality, my choice of pets, after your arrogant-ass behavior towards me?" I have done all I could do not to smack you across the face, because I didn't want to draw a crowd and secondly, you would enjoy being able to passively control me.

Staring you straight in the eyes, I get directly to the point, "Are you asking to return to me?" My level tone providing no clue on what my reaction will be to what you have wanted to say for the past year, but you could never deny Mistress when she asked you directly.

You shakily reply, "Yes, I was wrong and want the opportunity to make up for my mistakes. I want you to forgive me and take me back." Just brief seconds, the silence seemed to go on for hours.

But my reply was stopped by the sudden appearance of the bartender, who, much to your jealous anger, slides in to a place that used to be yours, right next to Mistress and gently kissed me on the cheek asking if I was ready to go.

"How could I ever think this bitch was attractive?" you grumble under breath--but in reality, you and I know why your libido took a 180—not only has she refused to acknowledge your existence but, she had replaced you with Mistress.

"Kat meet Gomez. Gomez, Kat." Turning towards Kat I explain that you used to be my pet before her and that you had decided to leave the relationship at which point Kat finally acknowledges you with an "asshole!" and your quick reply "bitch!" neither of which sets well with me.

"Both of apologize and play nice." Which a little to my surprise you both comply without forethought. Just this simple act of compliance, no resistance, no hesitation, rekindles the pride I once had in having you. And with that comes the realization that I need to discover if I am willing to risk letting you back in to my dominion again.

Taking Kat's hand, I explained, "Kat, Gomez and I are going to try and work through some unfinished business. I want you to understand that Gomez was my first pet and if he does prove worthy of Mistress he will have a place at my side."

With that she jumped up and said, rather too loudly, "No, absolutely, no! It is him or me Mistress!" Which you smirked inside knowing Kat just made a fatal mistake, no one gives commands or ultimatums to Mistress.

You could see the fire in my eyes as I rose up with a "Pardon me for a moment," and pulled a rather nervous looking bartender behind a screen.

After a few minutes I returned, looking far calmer. You wanted to ask so badly what occurred but you knew far better that Kat how much disrespect I am willing to tolerate. "Okay, get your jacket and come with me," was all I needed to say.

Once inside Mistress's chamber the lost time seemed to vanish. Instinctively, you move to your corner and begin underdressing for inspection. Making certain to neatly fold your clothing, not wanting to incur another spanking akin to the one and only time you had forgotten Mistress deserves the respect of cleanliness.

Upon my return, you intake sharply at the sight of your Mistress, the judo training had made her body firmer and the sight of her in fill Dom mode instantly caused balls to tighten as your cock harden in appreciation. Now dressed in a deep blue corset and matching silk panties, with black garter belt and stockings you enjoyed the juxtaposition of the innocence of the silk against the thigh black leather boots and flail. The addition of a satin and leather mask and black gloves added a new seductiveness to Mistress.

"Now, let's see if you are worthy to be with Mistress again. Come, stand in front of me for inspection."

As you begin walking over Mistress strikes the floor hard with her flail. "Have you earned the privilege of walking to me? On the floor you pathetic cunt and crawl."

Guilt at being so presumptuous fills your body with the need to demonstrate your commitment to worship Mistress. You crawl on all fours like the worthless man you are to rest at the tip of Mistress's four inch-spiked heels.

Pleased at your genuine submission, I reach down and stroke your neck and head. "Good boy!" I praise you as I take a seat on the soft brown leather chair. "Rise and show me how well you have maintained your penis for Mistress."

Dutifully rising, you place your erect penis in my outstretched hand, only to receive a sudden slap on that sends tingles of pain and pleasure rocketing throughout your body.

"Do you know what happens to disobedient little bears?" not waiting for an answer Mistress continued. "First they have to acknowledge their offences, then they are punished, and only then can they be forgiven." You do want forgiven don't you Bear?" I ask cupping your face in my hands.

"Do you really think you deserve to cum in front of me, or at all?" I bite out, "After the time building trust and training you, you walked away." I hiss as my gloved hand lands across your impertinent face.

"Is it your right to disrespect Mistress? To abuse my trust?" Whack! The pain shoots through your body as my flail lands across your left butt cheek.

"Noooo Mistress. I am truly sorry for the things I said and did. I beg your forgiveness." "I love you Mistress," you choke out.

The sincerity in your voice as you drop to my feet for mercy brings me great pleasure. Reaching down and grasping your chin, staring into your eyes as they well up, I say, "Oh my poor baby, intimacy doesn't equal love," and kiss you hard upon you trembling lips.

Your body filled with the scent and taste of Mistress again reawakens desires that had been left abandon when you so foolishly tried to become a dominant.

Pushing you back with firm determination, your head still reeling from the pleasure of my tongue completely owning yours. You startle to full attention as what is about occur dawns on you! Your temerity and impertinence means Mistress intends to finally break your insolent stubborn streak for good.

"On all fours pussy boy, ass in the air." Mistress commands, pulling off gloves. As I move up behind you notice the size of my cock.

"Holy shit! That is bigger than I remember!" you think a bit scared. After taking your virginity, Mistress has remained the only one to ever take you from behind. Mistress is the only one that cares enough to teach you such intimate, primal pleasure.

My fingernails leaving slight red trails from your shoulders to the dip of your waistline. I lean upon your back and whisper, "Have you missed my cock in that little pussy ass, bear?"

Proud to show me your obedience you answer with a quick, "Yes Mistress!" silently hoping Mistress don't notice the drips of pre-cum glistening on your cock....Oh, but I do, for you know how Mistress derives great pleasure from your body and notices all your curves and turns.

Running my fingernails across your delicious firm ass. Slowly parting you ass checks, I begin lubing your beautiful, tight pussy hole. Almost purring, I place the tip of my cock as if to enter you, but I hesitate enjoying your slutty need to feel me in you as you push your ass upon me. Restaking my claim on your body, I grasp your hips and begin to slide in slowly pushing past your instinctual resistance. Your body rocked with sensations, the pleasure of my body against your ass, my 7 inch rubber cock filling you up quickly outweighs any pain.

Your soft moan lets me know I am stroking your joy spot, splicing through the steady rhythmic sounds of the dual-headed rubber cock.

As if further remarking my territory, I give your ass a firm slap, reminding you that you are here for my pleasure "don't you dare cum my little cunt." I rasp out as I begin to pump ferociously, deeper into my little slut-ass, the cock in me bringing me to orgasm. "Oh God Yes, ahhhhhh, YES ,YESSSSS" I gasp as I collapse upon your back.

You relax your hips a bit to make me more comfortable and to hopefully to ease your aching balls. You need to cum or you really fear you might lose control and disappoint Mistress. You can feel my warm juices as they have begun to slide down your upper thigh.

"You always were a good ride." I say, completing the final act of domination. Just as you are certain you can't hold on a moment longer, I pull out quickly leaving you with a sudden surge of emptiness and passionate need to cum.

"Roll over, Mistress wants to see that baby boy cock of yours." Even though you are larger than average it still gives me pleasure to remind you that your cock still isn't good enough to satisfy Mistress like a real man.

"Hmmm, so hard. Good boy. I am proud of your control my pet." My words filing you with sheer joy at being called my pet again quickly faded into the background as my fingers teased and slapped your cock. Gently cupping your hard balls I playfully ask if you want to cum now, to which you can only nod your head feverishly as you try to maintain control.

You know that waiting for Mistress's permission to cum is a heady sign of obedience and will help prove you are serious when offering yourself back to Mistress.

"Do you want to cum?" I ask, my tone assuring you I am in control of whether you finally get to cum for Mistress or continue the sweet, torturous game I like to play with you.

"Yes Mistress." You answer so sweetly.

Though I can clearly see you are on the edge, your total disrespect for the past year has warranted a little more discipline. As you lay on you back waiting to discover what Mistress will decide, I wander back in with restraints and proceed to tie your arms to the bedposts knowing what a dirty little cunt you are I can't have you touching yourself in case I feel like a bit of slut cock later.

"Against my better judgment I am willing to allow you to prove your desire and need for Mistress, this time my little bitch don't fuck it up."

With that, I leave trusting your willingness to be vulnerable again. My little slutty boy-toy left alone, still tied to the posts, still erect, but oddly deeply satisfied because you, a horny little sissy boy have won your Mistress back. Smiling, because you knew you were back where you belonged at Mistress's feet, to serve like the bitch you are.

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