tagBDSMMistresses Anne and Kait

Mistresses Anne and Kait



Mistress Anne and her pet Autumn had been at the party for an hour. Anne was wearing a leather bustier that served to exaggerate the already impressive smallness of her waist and large, attentiveness of her breasts. She was wearing a very short cotton skirt that did nothing to hide her long, flaccid cock. There was no reason for her to hide it; she had enough self-control to keep it in its current state, and she wanted the subs to be ever-aware of what they were being denied.

Autumn was naked, as a pet should be, and as all the pets at the party were, apart from the collar around her neck and the device on her penis. She had hoped to be unlocked for the party, but Mistress Anne reminded her that the unlocking date was still a few days away. Mistress even showed her the note, written by Autumn's own hand, with the date exuberantly underlined and circled. It seemed like the date was always a few days away and had been for... weeks? months? Every time she tried to think, about that or anything else, the thoughts quickly collapsed into the sweetness of pleasures remembered and anticipated and the bitterness of her current state. She was not made for thinking; Mistress had shown her that.

Mistress Anne was bored. This was, after all, a night for the pets. They were degraded, exhibited, and shared. They got to be led around on leashes and made to fuck themselves until they came with frenzied screams or pathetic, dribbling whimpers. They got to taste new and exciting cocks, pussies, and assholes. Then, if they were good, they were given the chance to play with each other, which was always an amusing display of futility.

She had scanned the crowd. It was, as always, a mixture a familiar faces and new ones. She had taken a few minutes to catch up with those she knew as Autumn kneeled silently at her side. She had briefly greeted the first-timers. Some were quite clearly skilled and experienced, only new to that specific party. Others were quite clearly new to training entirely. Their pets were, for all their enthusiasm, ill-behaved, and their own bearing cautious and uncertain.

There was one new face Mistress Anne had not greeted. The woman was hard to place: she was probably an unaccompanied domme, but there was a real chance that she was a sub who had been left to watch the festivities alone. Every attempt that Mistress Anne made to read her failed: neither her clothes, her posture, nor anything else told Anne anything about her. Mistress Anne had long prided herself in being a able to smell the desire to submit or the will to dominate at a thousand yards, and that woman gave her nothing.

Finally, Anne decided to greet the mysterious stranger.


When Mistress Anne walked away from the conversation, she could remember almost nothing from it. The woman's name was Kait (spelled with an "I", which was important), she had enjoyed their chat, and that they had agreed to meet for dinner the following evening. Anne later discovered a card that she had apparently slipped into her own top with a reminder as to the time and place they had chosen.

Anne and Kait's dinner date was pleasant. Since they were in public and there were no pets in attendance, they were in their normie-wear. However, Mistress Kait had gotten them a very private table, so they were able to openly discuss the intricacies of training. It was rare for Mistress Anne to meet someone as knowledgeable as herself, so time spent with someone she regarded as her peer was always appreciated.

Mistress Kait also had an amazing voice. It wasn't melodious, it was actually quite monotone. But between her cadence and the way she modulated her volume, her voice was extremely musical. Between the sound of Mistress Cait's voice and the wisdom of her words, Anne found herself doing far more nodding than speaking.

Many times, Mistress Cait had to remind Anne that they had just been speaking about something that Mistress Anne asked about. Kait laughed this off with a warm, cruelty-free chuckle, and even Anne had giggled at her strange, sudden forgetfulness.

The evening ended without incident, with Anne agreeing to visit Kait the following weekend.


It was the first time Mistress Anne met Mistress Kait's pets. There were two of them, one small and thin, the other tall and curvy. The tall and curvy one was locked in chastity, the other was free and sported a small, pathetic erection.

Anne and Kait spoke for what seemed like a very long time, with Kait's two pets kneeling silently, one on each side of their Mistress. When she placed a hand upon them, they would lean into her caress and mew softly. When she reached for her crop, they would silently position themselves to receive her benediction.

When it was nearly time for Anne to leave, Kait asked if she would like to take part in their little game. When Anne conditionally agreed, Kait positioned the larger pet in front of Mistress Anne and the smaller pet behind the larger.

"Here's the game: this is Beth (she slapped the larger pet's ass); you will fuck her face. Thus is Emma (she slapped the smaller woman's ass), she will fuck Beth's ass. If you cum first, Beth wins. If Beth cums first, Emma wins. And if Emma cums first, no one wins. You are, of course, exempt from the rewards and punishments, so enjoy it as a deserved treat."

Anne quickly realized that Beth had an absurdly well-trained mouth. It would have been easy for Anne to cum in under a minute if she allowed herself. But she knew that it was poor form to give one's own pets an easy victory, even when it was well earned, and it was even worse to do so with someone else's.

Mistress Anne could tell that Emma's cock was driving Beth towards the most explosive orgasm her chastity device would allow. This drove Beth to work even harder to please Mistress Anne's cock, and the effect was euphoric. Emma, meanwhile, was only showing the earliest signs of having to restrain herself.

The game went on for several more excruciating, exhilarating minutes until Beth growled loudly, stiffened, and dribbled a few sad teaspoons of cum out of her chastity device. Kait announced that the game was over, inviting Anne and Emma to fill Beth up from each end.

"Don't worry about Beth", Kait said with a smile as Mistress Anne was leaving, "she will enjoy her punishment almost as much as she would have enjoyed her reward."

They made plans for Mistress Kait to visit Anne the following weekend, and then Anne returned home.


Mistress Anne was nervous and excited all week, something she had not felt in a long time. It would be Mistress Kait's first time in Anne's home and her first time experiencing Autumn. Anne was intent upon impressing her.

Mistress Kait was late to arrive and did so without her pets. Anne did not wish to be rude, so she did not comment on the lateness. She did, however, ask about the absence of her pets.

"It was time for them leave me", Kait said, "I taught them well, and it was time for them to move on to their new mistress and for me to find new pets."

"May I show you a trick?" Kait continued. Anne nodded blankly, enamored with her new friend. Kait reached out and wrapped her hands around Autumn's device. When she pulled her hands away, the device was in her hand, still locked, and Autumn's tiny cock was free and poking out from her body.

Autumn looked at Kait with an almost worshipful awe, while Anne looked at with impressed annoyance. For the next portion of the trick, Kait ran her hands up the inside of Anne's thighs. When she pulled them away, the device was attached to Anne's cock. Anne's fingers reached for her pocket and found it empty. She waited for the next part of the trick, but there wasn't one.

Anne stood stock still, half in shock and half in hope that if she played along the game would be over soon and she could return to her accustomed state. Mistress Kait began undressing her slowly, letting Anne soak in each indignity.

"Now", Kait purred in Anne's ear, "don't you feel better? Doesn't this feel natural? Look at Autumn..."

Anne turned towards Autumn. The same worshipful, lustful stare that had once only been directed at her was now directed at Mistress Kait.

"You know what she sees?" Mistress Kait asked coldly. Anne nodded.

"You see what she sees?" Anna did not wish to acknowledge this, but she nodded in recognition of it being an obvious fact.

"You know what she feels?" Anna nodded again.

"You want to feel what she feels?" Anna's body betrayed her, and she nodded.

Mistress Kait placed her hand tenderly on Autumn's head, "you know the rules; be true to them until I return."

Kait placed her hand upon Anne's cheek. It was a gentle but firm touch, guiding Anne's eyes to her own, "There are new rules that go with your new status. You know them; submit and obey."

With that, Mistress Kait walked out the door; her new pets not knowing when she would return.


Mistress Kait could have returned any time, but she waited two weeks to give her new pets the opportunity to prove themselves.

Autumn was initially euphoric at having her chastity device removed. It had been... she had no idea how long... since she'd had a proper orgasm. She could have done anything but for two truths embedded in the bedrock of her mind: "Good girls don't cum" and "Your pleasure belongs to your mistress. It is hers to take, hers to share, hers to deny". She was a good girl, and she would not defy her new mistress.

For Anne, the situation was different. For several days she looked frantically for her key... or a backup key... or a master key... or a lockpick... If she could JUST open the lock and get that hated device off, she could get dressed and take charge again. She just needed, she thought, to be able to fuck some sense back into her slut and kick Mistress Kait out of her life and everything would go back to normal. It took a week for this certainty to lapse into despair. She would NOT escape the device. She would NOT regain control over Autumn. She would NOT be able to cast Mistress Kait out of her life.

The days that followed that realization were difficult for Anne. It was, more than anything, the kindness of Autumn that got her through them. Autumn brushed her hair, caressed her skin, and embraced her, not as a pet but as a peer. For all of her despair, Anne felt loved, and that love made her feel something that approached peace.


When Mistress Kate returned, she found a happy Autumn, still very much a good girl and a disconsolate, but outwardly obedient, Anne. As Anne was not yet accustomed to the device, she could not be anything but a good girl.

Mistress Kate placed collar around Anne's neck and put a leash on each of them. She then led them through the house, inspecting it as she went. She found it to be immaculately clean, as a decent sub will understand that they may be made to eat off anything in the house and will clean accordingly. Autumn and, to a lesser degree, Anne had done so.

Next, Mistress Kait took them to the backyard to exercise and play. Anne was hesitant, as her neighbors would be able to see them from their 2nd story windows, and they had certainly never seen HER put on such a degrading display. However, between Mistress Kait's stare, her voice, and Autumn's joyful exuberance, Anne soon got into the spirit and enthusiastically went through her paces.

When they came back inside, Mistress Kait made them drop to their hands and knees and crawl behind her from room to room. When they got to the kitchen, Mistress Kait put food for them on the floor and made them eat. Autumn had more practice eating this way, so she spent several minutes sitting upright on her heels with her hands behind her back while Anna awkwardly finished her food.

With that, Mistress Kait led them into the sitting room. When the had sat at attention for long enough for their stomachs to settle, she told them they would play a game.

She pulled a keychain out of her chest pocket. "Do you recognize these, Anna? They are the key to your device and to your home. If you win this game, I will give you both and leave. If you lose, I will never give you either. I think you know the game."

Anna's heart sank. She knew there was no chance for her to win, but she also had the faintest glimmer of hope that she might. Her spirit invested all the strength and perseverance it had left in that hope.

Mistress Kait positioned them, Anne on her hands and knees before Mistress Kait, and Autumn on her knees behind Anna. Mistress took out her long, limp cock and the game began. Anne did her best to please Mistress Kait, but the mistress was far more adept at refusing pleasure than Anne was at giving it.

Anne jolted when Autumn's lubed cock entered her ass. It had been a long time since she had been the one getting fucked, and the smallness of Autumn's cock made the experience bearable.

A few minutes later, Mistress Kait was not even yet fully erect when Anne felt Autumn unleash many weeks worth of cum into her ass. She buckled and collapsed in tears, knowing what it meant, as the last sinews of resistance in her mind snapped.

When Anne's tears had nearly stopped, Mistress Kait caressed her face gently. "Anna, my poor little slut. I know you are sad to have lost our game, but allow me to give you a consolation I am sure you will learn to like more."

Mistress Kait removed Anne's chastity and pressed her face to the ground with her foot. In a calm but resolute voice she said "Fuck her".

Autumn slammed her cock into Anne's (still slick with lube and cum) ass. Anna's vision went dark as she heard a woman screaming in pleasure and begging to be fucked harder, faster, and deeper. When she realized the voice was her own, she started to cum. She could feel her cum shooting onto her breasts and her face as the ecstasy of her orgasm pushed her higher than she had ever been and held her there longer than she had ever experienced.

When Anna's mind returned, she was on the cold floor, sticky with her own cum and leaking Autumn's, with her cock back in chastity. She tottered in half-delirium until her thoughts settled, when she snapped to attention and returned to the appointed pose.

"What do you say?" Mistress Kait asked.

"Thank you Mistress", Anne replied. She did not need prompting to continue, "Thank you for giving me this pleasure. Thank you for giving me this place at your feet. It is far better than I deserve." She meant it.


Mistress Kait sent them to their room. She told them they were to share the room and bed, but reminded them that Good Girls Don't Cum.

They lay in bed together for a long time that evening, Anna exhausted but at peace, and Autumn giddy with excitement. Autumn pawed at and cuddled with Anna's body until Anna wearily asked her what she was doing.

"I'm just so happy!" Autumn said, "It was always my pleasure to serve you and submit to you. But I wanted to love you. You were so beautiful and kind and clever, and I wanted to love you and for you to love me! But how could you, when I was so far beneath you? I was a worm before, and you cared for me... you cared about me. But how could you ever love a worm?"

"But now", Autumn continued, "we have Mistress, and we are both worms at her perfect feet. Now I get to serve her and obey her, AND I get to love you and have you love me!"

Anne knew that Autumn meant it with her whole heart and that she would always mean it. Anne meant it, too.

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