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Mixed Doubles, Remixed Pt. 01


A Bewitched series fan fiction for mature audiences and set in an alternate universe.

Synopsis: This is a retelling of the classic Bewitched Season 7 Episode 21(over all episode 221) story where Sam and Louise accidently trade places. In the original, the physical transfer takes place as the ladies are waking up and only witches like Sam and her mother can see the real Samantha for who she is. In a slightly different universe it only takes one key change to make for a different story. In this story we have two. First being that the transference occurs when Sam goes into REM sleep. The second being the maid Esmeralda the maid is the first to see that Louise acting like Sam. Of course there are other differences that a modern man would 'read between the lines' of the lives that characters created in the mid-sixties could not possibly display on prime time television of the time, but that is what makes it fun. Not to plagiarize, but I did make use of a few lines and set up the opening part from the originally aired episode to enhance the continuity, but the similarity will quickly drift from there. I hope you enjoy reading this story.


As Darrin approaches the bed he sees his beautiful wife poring over a thick book and thinks, not for the first time, how lucky a man he is. Already he felt his manhood reacting to his sweet wife already sitting in bed, but then he noticed the worried look on her face. As he sat he turned to get a good look at the title and asked "'Marital Unrest'? Why did you buy a book about that?'

Samantha replied without looking up "I didn't. Louise Tate loaned it to me." Darrin found himself more confused by her answer and couldn't help but ask "Why?" Sam lowered the heavy tome and discussed the situation with her husband. He asked all the right questions as to Sam's feelings on the issue without taking an accusatory air or being the slightest bit threatened and, not for the first time, the young witch was happy she had met this darling man. The conversation only lasted a few minutes before the couple kissed and went to sleep happy in their strong relationship.

Still Sam was worried about Louise and her marriage to Larry. Of course, this was one of a thousand books Sam's best friend had read in order to make her marriage better. Even if the feel of the book wasn't verging on desperate acceptance of a lack luster life to maintain an odious relationship, all Sam ever saw was Louise working like crazy to improve things while Larry lazily reaped the benefits without lifting a finger. It galled Sam to her core and all she could do was wish with all her heart that she could help her friend have a happy marriage. As slumber embraced the young woman, that wish was her last conscious thought before slipping into a deep sleep.

Louise Tate was a very light sleeper. She had gone to bed early tonight partly out of frustration with her husband. She knew he loved her like she loved him, but did he have to take it so utterly for granted? It wasn't just that he missed birthdays and anniversaries. He also missed all the cues for physical intimacy she threw his way, and those cues were very, very many. Sure they still had sex, but missionary position twice a week was like setting a single Hors d'oeuvre in front of a staving woman.

Louise was, of course, not a slutty woman by any means but she was a very sexual woman and her needs were far from met. She never complained about it and certainly wouldn't walk on out Larry for it, but her biggest secret was that for every book on relationships she read cover to cover, she had done the same for at least two books on improving sex. This naughty secret had started as yet another means of improving the relationship but soon she found that it did in fact help her deal with a nearly absent husband. Soon she had scores of books on the subject and quite the set of toys in a secret stash to practice her lessons to perfection while still being faithful to her husband.

Tonight, Larry was working late again so she had put their son to bed and hit the hay early. Tonight she found herself in one of her most frequently recurring dream that she was Samantha and was having what she was certain was a frequent event at the Steven's house, an all-night marathon of lovemaking. It wasn't that Louise was obsessive about Darrin or that she would consciously fantasize about him. It was that she envied Sam's relationship with him and so desperately wanted to be married to a man just like him. Even unconscious, the passion of the dream was making the needy woman hot as a blast furnace as she imagined breaking out her carefully honed and perfected skills on her dream lover to explosive effect.

That was when things came to a head as it were. The dream erupted into a fiery physical release of her built up desire that rocked the woman's world. Louise had become quite accustomed to her dreams waking her so, and thanks to her light sleeping habits she could usually remember every tantalizing detail but this was different. The orgasm left her confused and feeling like the whole world had dropped out from under her. She almost felt a physical jolt when she came too with a start. It was dark and she felt lost like never before. It was like she couldn't remember who she even was, but the man's voice next to her reassured her. He asked "Are you alright honey?" as he turned on the bedroom light. The startled woman looked deeply into the eyes of her knight in shining armor, her loving husband. The woman cooed "I'm wonderful now darling." She took her man into a passionate embrace as she rolled slowly on top of him. In a fluid motion she removed her nighty top letting her bountiful bosom free to be admired and played with and purred "In fact, I have just the way to show you!" She leaned into the captivated man and kissed him even harder. As he added his own passion to the mix, she freed one hand to rip off her delicate panties and another to free his manhood from his pajamas.

As she rose again to tease his stiff staff with her glistening love mounds, she rubbed her damp pussy tantalizingly over his throbbing shaft while slowly rolling her hips for several long maddening minutes to leave him defenseless to her every desire. Tonight her husband would know he was the luckiest man on the planet because he had *her*!

Her plan was working better than she ever imagined and she was as lost in the pleasure as he was. This was far more fun and fulfilling that the hours of practice or even the books had described. As she lowered herself on her man he moaned "God Sam, you're a tigress tonight!" He devoutly worshiped her heaving breasts as Louise looked down on a very happy Darrin Stevens without a single thought as to why she was with him or why he had called her Sam. To her is was perfectly natural because to her mind and to every other mortal on the planet, she was the one and only Samantha Stevens, he was her husband, and she was only just getting started in what they would be doing all night long. The happy wife began to slowly pick up the pace of her pistoning motion and the entrancing gyration of her hips as she cooed "by the time I'm through we are both going to slip into a coma and we're only stopping to get the kids to daycare and for you to call in sick... for a few days!"

The real Samantha Stevens had quite a different night. She slept so soundly she nearly missed her husband getting ready for work. In fact, it was the surprise of an unexpected man's voice saying "OK, sleepyhead, time to get up" that raised her from her slumber. A startled Sam looked up into Larry's face and almost had a heart attack. Sam bolted upright in bed and declared "Larry! What are you doing here?"

Larry didn't miss a beat as he looked down on her as if she were an idiot and replied "Because I live here?" Sam wanted to argue, but she was finally coming fully around and she noticed for the first time it was she who was in the Tate's bedroom. In a very condescending tone he did his Tarzan impersonation "Me... your husband... Larry. You... my wife... Louise." Sam really did not appreciate the sarcasm but Larry followed the comment with his most boyish smile and said "Remember?"

At this point she could see both the intolerable condescending statements Larry subjected Louise too and his charming sense of humor. It was a combination that was a recipe for disaster that would keep her friend unhappy while submitting to him thinking it was all her fault; at least subconsciously if not consciously. No wonder she was the greater New York area's leading authority on every marriage counseling and couple building book ever published! Still that was an issue for another time. She needed to get to the heart of this issue and quickly. Sam replied "I *know* you Larry... But me? *Louise*?"

The little debate continued for some minutes. Larry blamed Sam's apparent dismissal of her identity on bad dreams caused by too much brandy before bed. Sam quickly realized this was getting her nowhere fast. With a wave of her hand, she froze Larry in place. With similar mystic ease she dressed and popped in on her true home.

Sam appeared on the upstairs hallway of her own home where she could best observe without being observed. She could hear Darrin on the phone with the office "That's right, I have walking pneumonia and the doctor told me not to come in as it is highly contagious. I know it's inconvenient but I do have at least two weeks before my next pitch for Soder Cola's new campaign and we can't afford to have everyone sick in the office." Sam moved stealthily to the other side of the stairs where she could see her real husband nod his head as he listened but suddenly he interrupted the person "No, no, I didn't mean I needed the *whole* two weeks off!"

Darrin stopped talking and smiled as Louise slinked sexily into Sam's view. The witch's mouth dropped in shock when Louise opened her unbuttoned shirt with one hand to expose a complete lack of under garments while stroking Darrin's chest with the other. Sam could read the seductress's lips as she whispered "Sure you do... Take a couple months. I haven't even started showing you what we can do... yet!"

Louise started kissing his neck as Darrin spoke back into the phone. "Yes, I know, I do have 3 full months of sick leave coming to and I can work half time from home as well to extend that if needed, but that is asking too much..." Louise stuck her tongue in his hear and tenderly cupped his balls as he tried to continue the conversation with a breathless voice "It isn't? Take as long as I need??? Call back in a Month???" Louise gave him a sultry peck on the lips as Darrin smiled broadly. As soon as she started to move down his cheek to his neck he replied to the phone "Yes *sir* Mr. McMann! I deeply appreciate this. Thank you.... Thank you so much!"

Louise took the phone from his hand and smiled seductively as she placed it back on the receiver. The wild vixen purred "So, lover, ready for round two?" Darrin was obviously a little uncomfortable at "Sam's" behavior, but he certainly wasn't complaining. He held her close and said "Now sweetheart, we've been at this since 11 last night." Louise wrapped her arms around his neck and lightly brushed his lips with hers as she replied "Not quite, lover. We stopped at 6 to get the kids to day care, which Esmeralda has already taken care of. It's now 7:30 and we have until 5 before are little darlings return. I don't plan on wasting a minute of it. Do you?" Darrin pulled the vixen in tight and replied "Oh hell no!" before he pulled her in for a fiery kiss.

Sam... The *real* Sam, was in shock. It was obvious that Louise and Darrin had a far different morning than she did. She didn't know whether to be angry, hurt, depressed, disappointed, or strangely to feel like a busybody. Of course it was obvious that Louise was using Darrin to make her feel successful in her relationship, and of course they didn't know they were cheating on their spouses. Still, this hurt and she had no idea how to handle it. It was then that a hand touched her shoulder.

Samantha stifled a gasp as she turned to see her maid, Esmeralda standing behind her. As usual, the woman's nervous energy had her practically jumping out of her skin. Esmeralda started babbling in hushed tones "Sorry Mrs. Stevens. I'm so sorry. I had no idea what was happening when I got here and it was obvious that Mrs. Tate has spent the night with Mr. Stevens. I had no idea what was going on but he kept calling her Sam and acting like it was all natural."

Sam waved her hand to freeze the adulterous couple in mid sexual abandon before she replied back, "It's OK Esmeralda. I don't know what happened, but it seems all mortals think she is me and, well, I'm her."

The sorcerous maid looked shocked and replied "Oh my! You mean while they were doing.... That... Mister Tate was busy ravishing..." The frightened maid quickly put her hand to her mouth as he eyes went wide.

Sam smiled and replied "No, nothing like that. I seriously think the only thing that man would ravish is a good T-bone steak!" Both women chuckled for a second and were grateful for the release of tension but soon reality crept back into the conversation as Sam continued "I don't know what happened to start this but it is pretty obvious they both had a lot to get out.

Esmeralda quipped "Rabbits have a lot to get out. They're practically possessed!" The maid looked her employer in the eyes and asked "Do you think it was your Mother's doing? Or maybe Uncle Arthur?"

Sam shook her head "No, I'm sure no one in my family would take it this far. This kind of stuff would be hard for the kids to deal with and they would never hurt them. Darrin yes, but never the kids. I think it might have something to do a conversation Darrin and I had right before bed. Louise loaned me a fairly gloomy relationship book and I was worried about her. It must have something to do with that. I remember dreaming about Louise, worrying about her, and desperately trying to help her fix her marriage"

Esmeralda looked like she was about to shriek when she blurted out "Oh my! I think I did this myself once. I switched places with an unhappy old man and I was stuck that way for weeks. I had to actually right some of the issues holding him back before we switched back. Of course, he made a mess of my life during that time, but I had no problem getting it all worked out. It looks like that is what is happening there. Louise is happy. You just need to get things fixed with her husband and you'll all be set back."

Sam looked angrily at her friend and growled "You know, I may understand why my husband is screwing around with my best friend. He thinks it's me and she is trying out all the stuff Larry doesn't want to do. I understand that I can't even interrupt them because Darrin will feel like a heel if he ever finds out. That doesn't mean I like this or approve of... That. Besides, how long can this keep up without the kids noticing?"

Esmeralda smiled proudly as she announced "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, Mrs. Stevens. When I got here the kids were upset and confused so I put a quick spell on them to think it was all natural so there are no worries there. You can go forward and fix Mrs. Tate's marriage in full confidence that things are handled here."

Sam whispered back, "Sorry Esmeralda, but the only things I see being handled here are Louise's... Well, Louise! Besides, no offense intended, but if you used a spell in a pinch on my children, I can't help but worry. What was the spell you used?"

Esmeralda thought for a minute before she waved her hands declaring

"Griffin's feather and lizard's eye

Confusion's gone, no need to cry

It's the Tate's vision we embrace

Utter truth nothing can erase"

Both Esmeralda and Sam seemed dazed and confused as the maid finished the spell. Esmeralda's head was spinning as she muttered "Wait... that shoulda been you, not... we." Esmeralda's thoughts cleared first and she went white as she looked at Sam and exclaimed "Mrs. Tate!"

Sam shook her head as the cobwebs cleared and she answered "What... Yes, I am Louise Tate. Do... Do I... Know you?" Unbeknownst to the frightened housekeeper, she had put a spell on Samantha and herself. In fact, this spell added on to the current condition making all mortals AND witches perceive the real Sam as Louise and the real Louise as Sam. With her self-knowledge of being a witch washed away, her spells to freeze Larry, Louise, and Darrin faded away as well. Much to the new Louise Tate's embarrassment, the sounds of passionate ecstasy wafted from below and both women on the stairs whispered 'Oh my!"

Esmeralda quickly froze the enchanted witch and sent her 'home'. Now the maid could relax. All was as it should be. A quick stealth spell later and she could get on with her work without interrupting her employers. She had to smile as she thought how sweet that they were so in love. It was such a happy home and she loved working here.

The former Samantha Stevens had a far different recovery than the woman she replaced. Her head pounded with the new information being pumped into her head. Where the new Samantha, and the world in general, were basing everything they knew about Samantha Stevens on opinions of her mortal replacement, the old Sam's brain was being force fed the very real knowledge of the old Louis. Still, if nothing else, this Mrs. Tate was a trooper. The blonde housewife pasted on her best 'all is well' smile and made breakfast for her husband and son. During those few minutes, Esmeralda's spell took fully ahold of the woman. Sam had known a lot about Louise Tate before the spell, like that she was a former beauty pageant winner with even more grace than her even her very great looks and no one knew their way around New York social circle than her short of being born into old money. Her beauty caught Larry's eye and her social savvy clinched the deal. Still, the spell stated that it was the Tate's vision that she now embraced including not just the old Louise but Larry too. She knew that she loved Larry and her son Jonathan with her whole heart. She knew she felt that the marriage had problems, but she was totally committed to it. She would climb any mountain and beat any opponent to make it work till death do they part. She also knew all Louise's naughty secrets but she also knew exactly what Larry thought of her.

Larry did love Louise but after putting so much of himself into work all he wanted to do when he got home was relax with his family. He knew she was a great mom and devoted wife and he loved her ability to hold her own with him both in his joking and his quibbling. That being said he also thought she was a pain in the neck at times with her constant drive to change things at home. He couldn't understand why shouldn't just go with the flow and enjoy the way things are. The old Louise would have been discouraged and even hurt by some of these revelations of her husband's innermost thoughts on her, but this woman was not the old Louise. This new knowledge was an epiphany to her and one she could build on. If her husband needed a full time partner at home he could have utter trust and faith in to make there castle a loving home and a fertile ground to raise their beautiful son to be an outstanding man, she was 100% behind it! If he needed someone he could count on to make the social events go off without a hitch, she was the right woman for the job. In fact that was really a benefit of her new understanding. She would make this home a place of rest, love, and comfort for her family and enjoy every second of it. It was at this moment that there was no longer a new or old Louise any more than there was a new or old Samantha. The was only the blonde, utterly devoted wife, loving mother, and savvy business wife Louise Tate and the redheaded vivacious, highly sexual, open minded, inventive, caring mother, and madly in love Samantha Stevens. Sure, Sam was 8 years older than the woman she replaced, but her drive and experience more than made it up to her devoted husband.

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