Mixed Tag Team Wrestling Match

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Tag Team Wrestling - couple vs. two sisters.
3.4k words
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Mixed tag team championship match -- Family league

The arena is packed and there has already been several exiting matches. The Family League always draws a big crowd to their events and tonight is no different. The final match of the evening is a Mixed Tag Team Championchip match between a married couple and a team of two sisters.

The Champions: Monica & Dale

Monica is 42, brunette with her hair in a ponytail. She has B-cup tits and a nice, sexy ass. She wears a black two-piece bikini.

Dale is 45, short blond hair and a nice, toned and trained body. His cock is 5.9 inches. He wears black speedos, that highlights his manhood.

Monika and Dale are married and have been champions for 6 months. They beat another couple to win the titles. They have 88 wins and 14 losses so far in the family league. They love a good, hard fought match and both are really good wrestlers. They work great together in the ring and they can escape most holds and counter them.

Challengers: The Twisted Sisters - Melody & Lucky

Melody is a 29 year old blonde with long hair past her shoulders, D-cup tits and a big, round ass. She wears a very sexy baby blue bikini.

Lucky is 31, brunette with her hair tied op in a ponytail, C-cup tits and a nice, round ass. She wears orange bikini, that really shows her sexy curves.

The girls are sisters and look stunning. They earned their spot in tonights match by beating a father/son team. Together they have been in the family league as a tag team for 4 years and have won 44 matches and lost 7. They fight with a lot of sexual moves and love to dominate their opponents. They have no problem performing illegal moves to win a match.

We are ready for the 3rd and final round.

The first round my wife and I won by stimulating and duping Lucky heavily and then making a 10-count pin.

We got her in to our corner of the ring, where I locked her arms and spread her legs. My wife removed her top and caressed her breasts from the outside while I jammed a hand into her orange panties and fingered her to a shuddering orgasm.

After that, it was easy to throw her hard into the canvas with four suplex and perform a school-girl pin. I pull my cock out of my speedos and put it right on her face to humiliate her. Lucky was really pissed, when she realized, they had lost the first round.

In the second round, our female opponents managed to isolate my wife in their corner. They used a lot of dirty tricks and were cruel to her. Especially during the double-teaming periods, they stunned her with nasty moves. Heavy knee lifts to her crotch, clotheslines, breast stomping, face sitting, and several atomic drops drained Monica completely. She was totally groggy after a whole bunch of illegal sexual stimulation combined with all the hard double-teaming. The challengers ended the round, when Melody jammed 4 fingers into my wife's ass and really violated it, while Lucky was holding her locked in a Mexican Ceiling Hold. After that move, Melody put Monica in a sleeper hold. My wife had nothing left and she was easily counted out.

3rd round

Melody and I start the last and deciding round. My wife is lying on the apron and will not be able to enter the match anymore. Melody and I circle, do a classic lockup, and I manage to push her into the ropes.

She lets go, when the judge asks her to, but when I let go too, she slams her hands onto my ears. My head sings.

Melody laughs and crashes an elbow into the back of my neck - I fall to my knees.

She grabs my hair and puts my head and throat onto the top rope - the air rushes out of me as soon as she puts pressure on my throat.

She continues to hit and kick me, which is illegal. I receive a lot of punches, knees and kicks to my body and head. She sends me running into the ropes, and when I rebound, she hits me in the face with a dropkick. I am flat on my back in the middle of the ring.

Melody knows I'm almost out, when she lifts me to my feet, rams her hand into my speedos and roughly pulls my cock and sack out. Then she hammers a knee into them twice.

I go down like a sack of potatoes and Melody removes my speedo completely. She throws them into the audience. Now I am naked in the ring and in a lot of pain.

Melody walks calmly and seductively, wiggling her ass, back to her corner and tags Lucky, who enters the ring, smiling like a cat.

Lucky grabs me, and when she gets me halfway up, she bends me over and delivers a big Knee Lift to my chest. All air rushes out of my lungs and I'm flat on my back in the center of the ring again.

Next thing I see, is Lucky standing right over me, looking down. We get eye-contact, just before she lets herself fall ass first down on my chest in a classic butt drop.

Elegantly she turns around and puts my head up between her thighs. She tightens her legs in a reverse scissor. I can only look up at her beautiful ass, while she has full access to my cock.

Her hand grabs my semierect cock -- I know instantly, that she will start with a hand job, but I have no chance to protect myself. My hands can only reach her ass and I try to massage her buttocks.

She ignores my attempt to distract her and breathes on my cock, while she fondles my balls gently.

"Do you like this, baby...? I'll make sure you're behaving nice for the rest of the match. You can give my sexy ass a massage, if you like, but I am going to work on your cock and balls now."

I can feel her breath on my cock and soon I can also feel her tongue playing on my forehead.

My body reacts and I want more. I lift my back and cock up towards her and she smiles.

"Yes baby, that's nice. Show me you're all mine tonight."

Her mouth slowly slides down my cock - it feels insanely delicious.

She takes me all the way in, and her mouth and tongue is all over my stiff cock.

Her soft hands fondle my balls gently at first and then she grabs them hard, before she goes back to a gentle massage. I is very confusing but still arousing for me.

"I have a lot of nice moves, lover boy. You like them? Are you ready to submit your cum to me.?"

Suddenly and without warning she tightens her scissor. She locks it very hard for a minute and then she releases it, sits behind me, and pulls me up in a sitting position. I am very confused and a bit groggy.

She is very gently and lovingly, while putting her arms around me. She even kisses me on my forehead, but as soon as she has the Sleeper hold locked in on me, she tightens her grip very hard and cuts of my air supply.

Now she talks dominantly to me:

"Listen up baby. I want you to relax and enjoy my touch. I can make this nice and sexy, but I can also be the one, who delivers a lot of pain to your whole body. Your behavior will decide.?"

"If you do as I want, I'll take good care of you tonight, sweetie."

I try to wiggle free but she's having none of that.

"Sit still or I'll hurt you bad. I will pop your balls and destroy them! You want that, you bastard.?"

After a few minutes, she lays me down on my back, kisses my forehead and my cock, before she stands. She raises her arms into the air. She is very confident, as she slowly walks back to her corner, where she tags Melody with a high five.

"Continue giving him a good, sexual workover and tag me back in - I'll finish this round and the match with the bastard. I still owe him for fingering me in round 1."

Melody eagerly jumps over the top rope, walks to me, and sits down on her knees between my legs. She drags me ass first up on her thigh to get easier access to my cock with her tits. Again, she has cheated, and lubed baby oil between her D-cups. When she pulls my cock into her wonderful tits, they slide nicely up and down right away. My now oiled cock is glistering, and her big tits feel so good. My cock is rock hard again in a minute.

Melody tit-fucks me slowly and nice for several minutes, until my cock is throbbing, extremely hard and ready to explode. I moan loudly now and is completely under her spell.

Suddenly, she squeezes both my nipples hard and gives me a few hard slaps on my chin. The pain in on my nipples is enormous and my head is singing.

She grabs my ear very rough, hauls me up into a sitting position and talks direct into my face:

"Oh no Daleboy, you don't get it that easy, honey. We are not finished punishing you. You acted very rough on my sister in the first round and now you're getting payback. You are having a hard time, yes. We have a lot more coming to you and your wife is not going to help you.

Melody raises me up and throws me face first into their corner.

A big elbow swing from Lucky spins me around and I fall on my ass in their corner.

Melody steps out of her panties and is now completely naked. She turns and walks seductively backwards "into" me. She wiggles her ass and pulls my head all the way in between her cheeks. When my head is all up and inside her ass, she bends down, take hold of my cock and massages it again. My nose is tickling her ass and my mouth is on her pussy, but I can't lick is. I simply have no air.

She wiggles with her ass but holds me tight in there, so I can't get any air.

"That's it baby. That is how we play that violin -- you are all mine now. Having trouble protecting your cock.?"

Melody almost sings, while she tugs gently on my now rock-hard cock.

After a couple of minutes Lucky notices, that I am very weak and easy to handle, and she wants more action with me: "Tag me in sis, and I'll take him out and make us new champions."

Melody slowly removes her ass from my face, grabs my ear and hauls me to my feet again. I can't stand on my own, my legs are very wobbly.

Melody supports my arms, as she gently drags me out of their corner and towards the center of the ring. I stagger after her lead.

"Come on now, Dale, move it. We're not done yet. I promised Lucky, she could have one more round with you."

She slams her knee up into my balls, and the intense pain makes me sit down on my knees. She gives me three hard kicks in my chest, and I sway back and forth on all of them. Melody holds my ear, while she tags Lucky, who enters the ring slowly and seductively. She takes her time entering the ring, displaying her sexy ass to the crowd.

Melody holds me in place, while Lucky kneels next to me. She places herself very tight up against me on the side.

She drags my arm over her shoulder. It almost looks as if I am hugging her. My other arm just dangles limp down the other side. I am not thinking clear and my defenses are down. Otherwise, i would have used that arm to do something.

Lucky grabs my semi-erect cock with her right hand and rubs it gently. With her left-hand she grabs my buttocks.

"You are a big wimp, Dale. I can't believe, you won the first fall. You really fingered me good; I will give you that."

"But this is my revenge, sweetie. The two of us will take one more dance together. I intend to completely dominate you and scramble your mind. Both you and your cock will be dominated completely out of the match. This will be your best sexual experience ever. Are you ready for another nasty, stimulating and very sexual round with me, champ.?"

Lucky continues to massage my ass-checks, but her hand moves closer and closer towards my anus. She also works on my stiff cock with long, soft strokes. Once in a while, she changes hold and massages my balls instead. At the same time, she nuzzles my ear and whispers little sentences. It almost seems like she's testing, what tactic works best on me. The sweet one or the dominant one.?

"Yes baby, please give me your sperm now. Just relax and enjoy the ride."

"I'm going to be the next champion and I feel, that your cock is good and ready to explode."

"Cum now, sucker, or I will hurt you bad. I can tag Melody back in and let her have a go with your balls. She is a master in hurting men's balls. You want that, baby.?"

I moan: "no, please not. Not my balls."

Lucky bites my ear lightly.

"Allright baby. Here is what we will do: First you must submit your semen, then I will allow you to lick me to orgasm. Do you want that, baby? You didn't even lick me earlier when you had the chance. I will give my pussy to you hard and without mercy and you will like it."

I'm still groggy and don't resist her, other than trying to keep my mind clear and my thoughts away from the very sexy lady in orange bikini bottoms fondling and caressing me.

Lucky is still controlling the hardness of my cock with her stroking. At the same time, she massages my anus with two fingers. Small circular movements and light pressure on my opening. I am really trying to get out, but she has me in a good and bound position and it feels so nice.

"Such a nice butt, baby. Show me you want me inside your delicious ass. Relax and show me you're mine. Open to your new mistress."

Lucky smile and kisses my neck as she stop working on my cock. She just holds onto it, nice and tightly. Her focus is on my ass, which soon relaxes under her expert massage. I can almost feel my muscle opening for her, and she immediately sticks two fingers in and all the way up. They slide smoothly all the way to the bottom, and I shiver slightly.

"Yes honey. That's it. I have you right where I want. Your ass and cock are completely under my spell now. You will be enchanted and forced to give up soon. You have no chance. Relax and enjoy the last few minutes, because it's going to be spectacular and you are in the best position."

She massages far up my ass and quickly finds the prostate, which she stimulates. I start rocking back and forth and it looks like I'm about to fuck her hand.

"Yes baby. Fuck me. Give it to me. Give me everything you've got, honey" she growls sweetly into my ear.

I know the end is near but haven't completely given up yet. One last try.

I move forward but Lucky pulls hard upwards with the hand, she has in my anus, so I topple over and land on my forehead. I'm now on all fours, face down with my ass in the air.

"Okay honey, if that's the way we do it, that's fine with me. I like that you're trying, but you're all mine tonight."

She resumes her massage of my prostate but also does a reach around handjob on me. I moan out loud as my bikini clad opponent sends a confident smile to her partner.

"I have him. I got him now. He's finished. He is giving up now. The belts are ours. Are you ready to see him throw the cream, partner?"

Melody cheers: "Yes, give him the big tour. His ass is all yours and you are milking him big time. He'll be done soon. Give him the grand tour of stimulation and make him shot his load all over himself."

Lucky knows the end is near and she wants to make sure, that my resistance is completely gone. She twists her fingers inside me, and her nails scratch the inside of my ass. It really hurts and I scream out loud. The pain inside my ass is horrible.

A minute later she is satisfied with the pain she inflicted and resumes the lovely prostate massage and purrs softly into my ear:

"We can do this all night, baby. I'm not taking my fingers out of your ass until you've dumped your entire load on the mat. You decide, how long we must continue this cuddling, sweetie. I have plenty of time, and I think I'm enjoying this as much as you are. You will be my bitch tonight for the whole arena to see and I love it."

Lucky let's go of my cock and I am delighted that she dropped her reach around. I was having a hard time resisting her touch. I moan and relax, but my relief is short. She grabs my cock again right after, but this time she reaches in between my legs. She pulls it backwards out through my legs, gaining easy access to my balls.

"Look what we have here, baby. Nice, sexy balls, swollen and ready to play with. I'm going to spice things up a bit now. Let me give your lovely balls a wet tongue to deal with. Maybe that will drive you over the edge? Are you ready for my special treatment, baby?"

"Please don't. No. Please"

I try but Lucky is having none of it. No mercy, she feels victory is near and she continues her sexy dominance with fingers in my ass, gentle hand job on my cock and a wet tongue, dancing on my balls.

I am very close and can't control myself anymore.

Lucky continues and gets into a nice, steady rhythm, and she is really giving me a big workover now. All my senses are aroused, and she is relentless in working me over.

After a few minutes and multiple series of long, loving strokes on my cock, I spray large jets of sperm onto the mattress.

"Yes. Yes. Yes."

Lucky guides me all the way through my big orgasm until she is certain, that I am completely drained, and every drop Is out. I am totally spent and finished.

"That's a very nice amount of sperm, Dale. That is how it's supposed to be done. You have been defeated. Damn, you came big time and now it's my turn. That's fair, don't you agree, lover."

She slaps my spent cock a few times while saying that.

Lucky slowly wiggles her fingers out of my ass and rolls me over, onto my back. Then she places her sexy ass on my head and pulls her orange bikini bottoms to the side.

"Lick me, baby. Lick me to my well-deserved orgasm. I am the new champion and I deserve it."

The referee counts me out, but I keep licking and licking until Lucky finally shudders and ejaculates all her juices down onto my face. She tastes salty and delicious and out of respect I swallow every drop.

She slowly stands up and looks down at me with a satisfied look on her face.

"Listen, sweetie, I'm always ready for a rematch. Tag or single, doesn't matter. Your cock and ass will remember me, and they are mine from now on."

Melody jumps into the ring, hugs her sister, and places her foot on my flat cock: "We are the champions now and how about we start our title defenses with a rematch? Would you like that, Dale? I would love to have another go at Monica's ass and your balls."

They laugh, hug again, and the referee raises their hands and gives them their championship belts.

Winners and new tag team champions: The Twisted Sisters - Melody & Lucky

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AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago

And where the fuck would the ref be during all of this?

AnonymousAnonymous7 months ago

Perfect.. Unbelievably Perfect Story. Thank you!

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