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I've been incredibly lucky in that my wife is a willing participant in my slightly odd hobby, which is showing off her sometimes very intimate photo's to people on the net, and sometimes even one or two very good friends.

Photography's been a hobby for me for a very long time. I got my first camera when I was in my teens, and have pretty much walked around with it glued to my face ever since. Obviously, at a young age, I was never able to go into nude photography, but it was on my mind a lot.

When I met my wife, I still thought about it, but never directly asked if she'd pose nude, in case she thought me some kind of deviant. So for us, the taking nude photo's thing happened almost by accident.

As I said, I almost always have a camera handy, so she wasn't too surprised when I'd haul it out and take a photo or two wherever or whenever, and she got quite used to being my model while clothed. She even got to like it because I'm a fair photographer and the photo's were usually pretty decent.

Well, to cut a very long story short, we were away on holiday one year and were relaxing after a long day at the beach. She'd had a glass of wine or two, as had I, so we were both pretty chilled out.

She said something about going inside to change out of her bikini, and as usual, I picked up the camera and snapped off a shot or two of her looking gorgeous. This was when digital cameras first came on the market (anyone remember the good old Epson PhotoPC500?) and I thought what the hell, no-one's going to see these at the lab, so instead of putting it down when she went indoors, I just got up and followed her inside with it.

She took off her top and threw it into the hamper, not realising I was still taking pictures of her as she stood there topless. I got a couple more as she collected a towel and shampoo and other shower stuff, and even one as she stripped off the bikini bottoms before getting into the shower.

At that point, she obviously snapped out of her little daydream, but instead of being angry as I fully expected her to be, she laughed and asked if her big butt looked good on 'film'. Yes, I was surprised, and freely admit I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a few minutes. She invited me into the shower with her and we had a rather interesting little experience in there that evening, the subject, perhaps, of a future story.

Anyway, after we'd recovered and got out the shower, she brought up the subject of the photo's and asked to see what they looked like. I downloaded them onto the laptop, and showed off my handiwork. They turned out rather well, and she liked what she saw enough to admit they were good and she wouldn't mind too much if I took more in future.

For quite a while afterwards, we used the nude photography as a sort of foreplay. She'd come up with a theme, I'd shoot while she did a strip tease, and afterwards we'd screw like horny teenagers for hours. For us, it was a fantastic way to connect. We rediscovered that we were a perfect match for each other. I'm a voyeur and she's very much a closet exhibitionist that needs a little nudge to come out of the closet to show off every so often.

For quite a while we were content with this, but as so often happens, things changed and we discovered the internet and the world of usenet and bulletin boards. More accurately, I discovered them. I stumbled across a very unique usenet group while searching for the regular porn.

It was a group dedicated to amateur photo's. Needless to say, I was soon a regular on that particular board and it wasn't long before I'd uploaded just one photo of my darling wife. The comments and feedback I got from that single photo did something to me. I realised I enjoyed showing off her naked body to total strangers just as much as I enjoyed photographing her nude for our personal album. For the longest time I thought I was a sick freak until I realised there were plenty more like me out there.

On one occasion, she came into the room while I was viewing the latest posts in the group. She sat down next to me and asked what I was looking at. I told her all about the group and how it worked, with husbands from all over the world sending in photo's of their wives for others to see. That's when she asked if I'd done that.

Thinking she'd be really pissed about it, but not wanting to lie, I confessed that I had, and I told her about the dozen or so I'd submitted over the last couple of weeks. She was quiet for a minute and I was thinking she was getting ready to unleash a barrage of unhappiness. Instead, she surprised us both by asking, in a small and somewhat embarrassed voice, how many people had seen them and what did they think?

In answer, I showed her two of the most complimentary and well written responses to my first post. She was shocked, embarrassed but also curiously aroused by it all. At that stage we knew our private photo sessions would be different from then on.

I was thinking the next time we tried, she'd be more reserved or maybe even totally against it. The response I got was definitely not what I was expecting.

She suggested I get the camera and we take a few quick snaps. For the group.

I did as she asked and got the camera out, and then waited patiently as she went to change. I was expecting something like the naughty nurse outfit, or the secretary outfit she'd assembled for our next shoot, so was totally caught off guard when she came in wearing a very sheer bra and g-string set she usually only wore under the other outfits.

She told me to take the damned pictures before she lost her nerve, and then immediately turned coyly away from me so all I could see was her gorgeous thong clad ass. I snapped a shot or two and then she moved again, this time showing off her lovely boobs, held snugly by the sheer bra. Her nipples were clearly visible through the white lace, and were definitely aroused. I could see them poking against the material as I took a closeup of her chest.

Once again, she surprised me by taking off the bra so her beautiful boobs were exposed to my gaze and camera. She usually took a lot longer to do this, frequently making the unveiling of her tits take a good 15 minutes of delicious teasing!

I took a few photo's of her standing, and then lying down, topless, pulling gently on the already perky nipples.

By this time, her breathing was ragged and uneven, her legs were scissoring, giving me occasional glimpses of the sheer crotch of her panties, which was already quite damp.

She didn't object at all when I asked her to pull them off.

She reached down, pulled them off and cast them aside. Her legs immediately opened and I could see how wet she actually was now that her shaved pussy was uncovered and her thighs were so widely spread.

I shut up and went back to photographing her as she, now oblivious to the camera, quickly masturbated to an incredibly intense orgasm. It took less than two minutes for her to bring herself to climax, alternately rubbing her swollen clit and vaginal lips and inserting first two, then three, fingers into her wetness.

After that orgasm, her breathing evened out and she gradually relaxed again, still lying there, legs open and gently rubbing herself while I took a few final photo's of her smiling at me, totally exposed.

She asked if the group would like to see those photo's. Nodding dumbly, I indicated that yes, they'd definitely like to. And then she surprised me once more by saying I should post them now.

And that was the start of a long and enjoyable hobby that lasts to this day. We still take photo's, but now we also share them with a very select group of friends we know in 'real life', who also enjoy this hobby, and with some people we've met here as well. The ones we've gotten to know and trust get to see the really explicit and unmasked photos, and get to make suggestions for our next shoots, even.

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