tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModified Ch. 04

Modified Ch. 04


*Thank you for all the support shown to my first story. If your discovering this today for the first time, please try the first three chapters as they will set up the premise and introduce the characters. Also I need to apologise for the delay between chapters. I got some feedback on the 3rd and 4th Chapters which needed more work, and then life got busy. Hope you enjoy*



The first thing Jack did was to discard the previous evenings clothes into the laundry, then launch a long hot shower for himself. While under the hot spray his mind turned to the last couple of days. He'd had fun and energetic sex with 4 beautiful women, each of whom might have seemed beyond his reach not that long ago. If he'd interpreted the signs correctly, he'd satisfied them all in a way that he felt good about. He'd long felt that the giving of pleasure was much more important that taking it, so he tried where possible to be a generous lover, no wham bam thank you ma'am. Yet all of the women seemed determined to pleasure him as well, and while it couldn't be his looks, or indeed his newly enhanced cock (though that did seem to generate plenty of attention), he was now sure he could detect each individual's arousal prior to any overt sexual overtures from him. Yet in each case he was aware of being attracted to them, so was he emitting some signal to the woman that was turning them on, literally?

He pondered as to whether he might be able to control this, and decided to experiment prior to travelling to America. He finished his shower,and was amazed at how perky he felt, given he'd spent the last two evenings engaged in long sessions of passion. He dressed casually for the day, and headed for Starbucks where he'd arranged to meet Debbie and Laura. He'd paid attention whilst in hospital and knew their beverages, and had them waiting when they walked in. He waved and they both smiled and walked towards him where he greeted them with a hug.

Determined to make sure they enjoyed the days retail therapy for what it was, Jack had decided at the outset to make sure he suppressed any lustful thoughts for them, at least as well as he could. "I want you both to be clear about today, it's all my treat, and I want you to have a wardrobe you can relax and enjoy yourselves in when we go to Florida."

Laura spoke first "This is new for me and Debbie. I want you to know we don't see you as some sort of sugar daddy, we're not going to take advantage of you."

Jack smiled "I think the only person we're taking advantage of is Scarlett, and I kind of like that idea" which raised a chuckle from both women.

Debbie took a long suck on her iced beverage "So...we were wondering if we could get some new lingerie as part of this outing?"

The innuendo was obvious but charming just the same, and Jack merely nodded his assent. "I'd always assumed as much. You'll need to go to a proper lingerie store to get great fitting swimwear. As much as I might enjoy seeing your breasts struggling to get free from a bikini top, I never want you to feel anything other than fabulous when wearing them."

A few more minutes for chatting, and their itinerary was set. First stop was a rather nice and well to do lingerie store. In they wandered and Jack let the women browse to their hearts content. The store was quiet, with no other customers around. A slightly older woman walked up to Jack and started to make polite conversation. Then the key moment "Would I be correct in thinking that sir would be paying for the young ladies purchases? "Jack started to blush as she continued "Please be assured of our complete discretion. But if you would like we can close the store to allow you to browse and choose uninterrupted." A few moments to ponder, then Jack asked that they close the store, with the woman giving her two assistants instructions to attend to this.

"My name is Carlotta, and it will be my pleasure to ensure that you get everything that you require today. Audrey and Ashleigh will ensure that the young ladies are properly measured and can try on as many items as you wish. They will also model anything that sir wishes to select, perhaps as a surprise for the young ladies." At this point Jack's mind was blown, but as he had often done in the last week, with a substantial cash sum sitting in his bank account (a pre-signing gesture of goodwill Scarlett had called it), he reminded himself that you only live once.

The assistants took Debbie and Laura away to get measured in what he presumed would be a changing room, while Carlotta provided tea, biscuits and small talk. "My friends are to pick anything they wish" Jack reiterated. "We're looking for day to day wear, as well as some special items. Also if they want anything for fitness wear that's perfectly fine. I have no need to see their selections unless they wish to show me today." The older woman merely nodded. Perhaps his requests were not that unusual. "I would like to pick a couple of surprises for them, so it would be most useful to see these modelled as you suggested."

Carlotta excused herself and went into the changing area, returning a few minutes later. "It appears the young ladies wish to seek your opinion on their selections thus far."

Music started to play, when Laura's head peeked round the entrance to the changing area. Jack's smile encouraged her out where she appeared wearing a dark blue bikini, with high cut briefs showing a lot of skin. She smiled, placed her hands on her hips and walked towards him. "Do you like?" His smile confirmed that he did, and for the first time that day, so did his cock with a twitch of appreciation. She turned and with an exaggerated wiggle walked back to the changing area where she was passed by Debbie, and the two exchanged a high five.

Debbie was wearing a dazzling white two piece, with a thong brief accompanied with a very low cut top with some additional support for her large breasts. "Never managed to get anything to fit me as well as this Jack, I feel wonderful in it."

Jack briefly pondered if her large bust meant difficulty in getting nice things to fit well but as she paused for a response "You look utterly fabulous" he replied. She gave a shriek of excitement and they hugged. Off she went and he turned to Carlotta "make them happy like that and I will be delighted".

The next 30minutes was a back and forth as both women showed off their choices in swimwear and some very nice lingerie. Jack called them out at this point with both in short silk kimonos as they changed. "Are you having fun? I'd like you to carry on, and make sure you have plenty to take on our trip with you. You can surprise me with whatever else you choose."

Debbie turned to her partner in crime as they returned to continue "this is so much better than Pretty Woman" she exclaimed.

Jack turned to Carlotta. "I would like to pick out a few surprises now. Perhaps one of your assistants might help show me what they look like on before deciding?" The older woman summoned Audrey, a tall woman with an olive Mediterranean complexion and wonderful curves. She smiled and confirmed that she would be happy to do so. Jack detected the sweet smell of arousal once again, and while he was not focussed on any individual, an hour trying on bikinis and lingerie would be enough to turn on most people. He discussed his ideas with Carlotta, who went around the store picking out items and returning with sizes for Audrey as well as the two nurses. A few minutes later and she appeared in the first, a set of hold up stockings, panties and a corset in matching teal. She looked spectacular and for the first time that day, Jack let his lust run unhindered.

As she walked back and forwards in the set, Jack could smell the sweet aroma of arousal from her, to the point where a tiny damp patch appeared on the panties. "Do you like this" Jack asked the young assistant.

"Oh yes" she immediately replied. "You cannot work here for Miss Carlotta and not appreciate fine lingerie, but this makes me feel incredible."

Jack turned to the older woman. "Would it be inappropriate to make a gift to the lovely young ladies for their help today?" Carlotta was sure it would be fine, so when Jack asked Audrey if she would like to keep this set, she gasped and hugged him tightly, her impressive breasts crushed against his chest, his cock swelling measurably as she did so. With a little more privacy, Jack would have been tempted to do more, but he turned to Carlotta, ordered the sets in teal and white for both women and confirmed the set that Audrey was wearing was hers to keep. Sensing the sexual tension, Carlotta ushered Audrey back to the changing area.

Ashleigh appeared momentarily and then was invited to model a selection of swimwear, which she happily did. Jack made some selections, then quietly asked Carlotta to let her pick whatever she wanted to a similar value to show his appreciation for her help. The older woman whispered this into her ear, and she turned to Jack, smiled demurely and mouthed thank you to him.

Jack arranged with Carlotta to deliver the surprise packages to his home, and the rest were carefully wrapped and lovingly boxed up to be taken away. Jack suggested that they get these delivered to their flat so they could pack at their leisure, and this was enthusiastically agreed. By now almost 3 hours had passed, and Jack had spent a substantial 4 figure sum on lingerie and swimwear, with nothing for himself, but he'd loved the experience. Debbie and Laura were glowing with excitement and appeared to have had a wonderful time. Carlotta quietly enquiried about his own travel requirements, and indicated she had an excellent tailor who made house calls that could help with some smarter items. Jack asked her to set that up and provided his contact details.

Farewells were said and off they went to get to work on the host of other items. Tee shirts, dresses, shorts, shoes (lots of shoes) and bags. Jack had realised at this point that he'd need new suitcases too, so they picked out some new hard shell cases as well. After a quick bite to eat, Jack handed each woman a prepaid Visa card. "I'm all shopped out, but both of you seem to have plenty of energy, so go have fun and pick up whatever else you need." They turned over the cards that showed each had a further £250, but at that point Jack had no will to spend time at make up counters or the like. Both woman were a little overwhelmed at the generosity, but he assured them he just wanted them to have a good time. When they made noises about seeing him later that day, he politely excused himself. The last thing he wanted was for them to see that days activities as needing some sort of sexual favours in return, so they accepted with good grace and promised to see him soon.

Jack was in a taxi returning home with some of his own purchases, the others to follow, when his phone rang. "Mr Wilcox sir, this is Audrey from earlier today." Jack said hello and his cock did too, remembering the beautiful young woman. "I have the remainder of your packages, and I'd like to deliver them personally. Will you be available in an hour sir?" He confirmed he would, while asking the driver to hustle him home.

No sooner than that call had finished when he received a text from 'Jools' as it said on his phone. He quickly called her and immediately asked if everything was okay with Natalie? Julia spent a few minutes assuaging his worries and making clear that whilst Natalie was (for now anyway) off the menu, Julia was very much available and had time to kill that evening. Jack asked her to come to his place at 8:00 and to bring as many toys as she wanted to. He made it clear that he would have company and wanted her to join them. Julia enthusiastically agreed, and the evening ahead started to take shape.

Jack arrived home and just had enough time to quickly change his shirt and tidy the place before his doorbell rang. He opened the door to a pile of boxes, beautifully tied with ribbons and exquisitely presented. Audrey popped her head around the pile of parcels "Special Delivery!"

Jack laughed and invited her inside as they grabbed a pile of the parcels and brought them indoors. "I need to thank you for all your help today, but I can't help wondering what you think of a man my age buying swimwear & lingerie for two young women."

Audrey paused briefly. "Our store is rather exclusive, and we see women being brought in to buy items routinely. We see people from the Middle East, from Russia and indeed China. They often ask us to model, and while that's part of our job, it can be incredibly creepy, but Carlotta keeps them in line." Jack imagined that she would indeed do that.

"But those men bring women to our store to decorate them with our products. It's always about what the men want. But today was very different, I've never seen anyone so relaxed and relatively disinterested in the choices being made on their behalf".

Jack interjected "they weren't buying those things for me, they were shopping for themselves."

Audrey nodded enthusiastically "we could tell that right away. The whole tone of this morning was great. It was hot and sexy for sure, but it was all focussed on your lady friends. When you asked us to model, and you asked me if I liked what I was wearing, I knew you were really interested in what I thought. It was terribly sexy." For a moment Audrey blushed, and jack paused. This young woman was opening up to him, and he could smell the sweet scent of arousal, even though he had consciously been focussed on not thinking of Audrey in an overtly sexual way.

After a pause that felt like an eternity, Jack answered "you ARE incredibly sexy, and looked amazing in the lingerie."

Audrey remained composed although her skin flushed her cheeks. "Thank you. Do you mind if I ask the nature of your, shall we say friendship, with the young ladies?" Jack nodded then gave a quick recap of the last few weeks, and how he'd grown friendly with the two nurses.

"The lingerie thing was a spur of the moment suggestion by Debbie, but I think that with her lovely figure, she sometimes finds it tricky to get good fitting clothes."

Audrey promised that she took very good care of them both, and for a moment Jack's brain floated the image of a naked Debbie being looked after by Audrey, and it was a ridiculous turn on. "I have to ask you. They're so comfortable around you now, are you fucking them?"

The directness of the question took Jack slightly by surprise, however he found himself admiring Audrey much more than for her charm and looks. "That's a direct question and it deserves a direct answer, so yes we're fucking. Nothing exclusive and it's all very new, but lots of fun."

Audrey smiled "Debbie said as much. You know how us girls like to share...so I was wondering if I could get a turn at pleasuring your super cock?" They both laughed at this, then Jack leaned closer and they kissed passionately tongues intertwined and darting around each other's mouths. Hands roamed across each other's bodies, stroking and squeezing, eliciting loans of pleasure.

"I've been thinking of fucking you all day" breezed a husky Jack.

"I have too" replied Audrey.

A few moments later Jack stood and taking Audrey by the hand led her upstairs to his bedroom. Audrey took a step back, and started to unbutton her blouse. As she tugged it from her skirt and slipped from her shoulders, Jack could see she was wearing the lingerie set he had gifted her earlier on that day.

"Care to unwrap your present?"

Jack stepped closer "I've never actually tried to remove one of these before" Audrey turned round and said "just unhook it and enjoy".

Jack did so and soon discarded the corset freeing Audrey's magnificent bust. His hands slid forward cupping her breasts, fingers feeling her firm nipples, a tweak of each bringing appreciative moans. She turned now to face Jack, starting to unbutton his shirt while he admired her flawless complexion and complete absence of tan lines. Jack's trousers swiftly followed and all that remained was the very obvious bulge in his shorts. "My my, Debbie was not exaggerating". She knelt in front of him, then slid the shorts down, unleashing his erect cock, which she kissed on the tip, then along the length and underneath to his balls. She took one in her mouth and sucked, then the other, then licked under his length until she was placed to slip it into her mouth.

Jack was by no means an expert on receiving great blow jobs, however this had to rank up there with the very best. He was unsure if ejaculating early on was considered a faux pas or not, but as Audrey sucked his length into her throat, he didn't think he works last much longer. He tapped her head which only seems to encourage her to work harder while at the same time played with his balls. Within seconds he felt familiar surge, and pulling her head close, he pulsed deep into her.

She slowly slipped his cock out, carefully licking to ensure nothing was spilled. "Wow" he said.

"Indeed wow" she smiled back at him.

Jack lay her down on the bed, then quickly slipped the panties down her hips and off. He proceeded to kiss along her thighs, then her glistening outer lips. He cautiously licked outside, then probed with his tongue, while teasing her clitoris out to play. He slid one then a second finger inside her, while licking. the engorged clit at first gently then more firmly. He curled his fingers inside and stroked them in an out while trying various shapes with his tongue on her clit and lips. The loud moaning confirmed that it was having the desired effect, and Audrey was building towards a rather nice orgasm. By the time he got to T in the alphabet, Audrey's shaking thighs and calling on a deity made him pretty sure he'd helped her have a great orgasm.

He moved beside her and pulling her close they cuddled and kissed. It soon became apparent that Jack's cock was back in the game, so Audrey preempted anything Jack could do by rolling him onto his back, and sitting astride him "you can fuck me anyway you like after this but I have to ride this". Jack smiled, and Audrey grasped his cock to position it at the entrance to her pussy, and pressed against. She let loose a string of expletives in what Jack presumed was Italian, but gradually slid until his length was inside her. She waited a moment, all the while Jack stroking her thighs and remaining patient. "You will ruin me for other men, but Dio this is extraordinary." Gradually sliding up and down until she adjusted to his size, Audrey leaned forward, presenting her magnificent breasts to suck on, which she enjoyed. Jack started to match her movements so he thrust up to meet her. The movements became quicker and more confident, each becoming lost to the others passion. The thrusts became quicker and harder, until Audrey arched her back, moaned loudly as her orgasm rippled through her body, jack feeling his cock massaged and so he came for her. She collapsed onto him, both breathing heavily, holding the other tightly.

"That was very special Jack. So rare to meet a man who makes you feel sexy with his eyes, then follows that with beautiful passion". Jack murmured a thank you, and assured her that she was spectacularly beautiful. He glanced at the clock, realising he would be expecting Julia in less than an hour.

"Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm expecting company soon. It's another lady friend." Audrey seemed unflustered and was about to gather her things and leave. Jack held her hand "this has been the most wonderful surprise. I can't think how today could be any better now, but if you're feeling interested, I'd love you to stay. Julia is a very skilled lover of women and men, and I'd love to introduce you. Or I could ask her to come another time, and you could stay."

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