Mom and Dad: Under The Covers


What mostly happened is she got in the bed and let me do my thing on her in a not very romantic way, but that's more than a lot of guys get and I still liked it.

She was walking around the bedroom in her white tank-top and sweet lil rainbow-coloured panties. I got those panties for her, picked them out myself, they really high-waited, they showed a lot of that ass. Since our son was not around anymore, she would walk around the house more often in her skimpy sexy underwear; the curtains were always undone, so the neighbouring guys would sneak a peek at my fucking hot Asian wife -- being a big show-off, that was a major turn-on for me.

She was pacing around the bedroom with her sexy bare legs on display. I had my cellphone with me as she was talking.

"Shit, we gotta go have dinner at the Patterson's tomorrow. I hate it when that Peter check's me out. All those stupid comments, "ohh you been working out, I can tell." Like I'm gonna get on my knees and blow him just cause he says nice things to me, right Tony?"

"Oh right, hey baby, could you bend over and pick up that magazine right near the basket?"

"This one?" she replied as she bent down

As she bended over, I quickly took a snap of her ass with my phone and hid it from her.

She turned the lights off and went to bed, "I just gotta go to the bathroom for just a sec," I said as I got out of the bed.

"I'll be naked by then," she replied with a sigh.

I went into the bathroom, locked the door and sent the picture to my son with this message attached:

"sal, here is a snap of my hot ass wife!!! ill be a good pal and send some more later, maybe even vids too. later."

I got a reply two minutes later which said:

"Thanks much cuz, plz send more laters lolol"

I had just sent my son a picture of his mother wearing multi-coloured panties -- it felt fucking awesome. I went back to the bedroom, had five minutes of sex with my wife, and thought of ways I could hide a camcorder inside the house.

End -- Look out for Chapter 2! -- Dad up's the ante.

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