Mom and I at the Swap Club


After a titanic fall that almost knocked my overfilled balls clean off me, I applied the force of superman to hold her against me. My cock was forced into red-zone proximity to the cervix. The tiny slit in that cockhead swelled to the size of a bottle cap, allowing a torrent of baby-making semen to pour forth. Her unprotected womb was slowly filled to the point where it was as swollen as the balls that had held back all of that potent seed. We had shared a mutual orgasm. It was mom's sixth of that initial love session. We both were exhausted. I looked inside the college-dorm sized fridge on the floor and found a juice for mom and a soda for me. After we finished those drinks, mom laid back down, putting a thin pillow under her still pert behind.

Me: "What's with the pillow, mom?"

Mom: [She smiled at me, pulling me down for a kiss.] "Honey, I realize this is quite a turnabout from our initial moments in here when I wanted you out. I'm sitting this way to keep your precious seed deep inside of me. There is a chance, a slight chance that you might get me pregnant." [Simply hearing that there was the mere chance of that got me hard; my cock made a very audible SLAP(!) against my rippling abs. Curious about what this was all about, I asked to see inside my mom, something I had longed to do anyway. She opened the entry way to that place of my dreams; sure enough, I saw a huge puddle of my white froth, that baby-making sperm.]

Mom: "Thinking about your lying, cheating father, I then look at you, my loving, strapping son. Given my age, I realize that I would be a fool to turn down what might be my last chance at having that second child that I always dreamed about."

That was the nicest thought I had heard in a long time. I pushed mom aside and lay down with her. I brought her to her side, quickly catching the huge gob of seed that was hanging at the edge, about to escape. With a thrust of my hips, I pushed that seed back into mom's fertile depths. We laid there together for one hour, not moving, with my huge cock plugging the hole, keeping my fertile seed deep inside of her. We then 'called it a day' and slept that way. My cock never went down that entire night.

In the middle of the night, I awoke. All of the appliances illuminated the room enough for me to realize...I was next to my own gorgeous mother! Her perfect breasts were against my chest, the nipples erect even in her sleep. Her silky thighs and shapely legs were warm and soft, against my legs. Her smooth sexy feet were intertwined with my own. Just as I was about to nod off again, I felt her vaginal walls close in with a strange feeling. Not so much a powerful grip as before so much as suction. I felt like I was being pulled into my mom's fertile depths. It was silly, perhaps a result of being in a dream like a phase of sleep. I couldn't know, whether related to this phenomenon or not, that at that very moment, mom conceived.

Well, I am happy to report that everything sorted itself out in the end. Miss Crump was indeed pregnant and dutifully gave birth. Mom remembered that she had begged me to do anything to get 'the goods' on dad, so she did not protest. She even let me visit Miss Crump during her brief hospital stay. Miss Crump's doddering old fool husband was handing out cigars proudly but was too old, or lazy, to visit her. I had a 'free shot'. As she convalesced in her private room, she was thrilled for a visitor, especially me of course. She was so happy when I asked if I could breastfeed to 'test them out before the baby'. She said she was going to use formulae strictly so I could have 'all I could drink'. Believe me, I did. She lovingly stroked my hair as I suckled. It was such a loving moment that I kissed her for five minutes. As I turned to leave, she shocked me to my roots.

Miss Crump: "Am I going to turn into an old lady in your eyes, something to discard now that I brought your child into this world?"

Me: "Of course not." [I took her hand and kissed it.]

Miss Crump: "I want you to prove it; I know it's only been a short time, but I want your love inside of me one last time. Please love this old woman one final time."

Talk about being thunderstruck. This woman who I 'serviced' primarily to get info from now wanted me to pump her full of my potent seed one final time. This after just having given birth while being in a hospital room (i.e. no locks) but, her plaintive stare...I just couldn't say no.

I very carefully pivoted her perpendicular to that hospital bed, lowered the aluminum railing, and proceeded to carefully service her. I begged her to use her hands and other things lest I have to saw away at her sensitive womanhood. She keyholed me to iron-hardness and beyond. I finally pulled away, supercharged. With not even one full stroke, I held my cock like a caulk gun, installed it carefully into her vaginal opening, and pumped a ton of virile semen, almost 100% pure sperm, into her pussy. We kissed tenderly, then I rotated her back into position just as the nurse arrived with our baby. I saw that lucky tyke (a boy) put to breast. As he suckled contentedly, I kissed her good bye. I would visit her and my boy occasionally but for appearances, I could not stay too often.

About the swap club, mom and I could not in good conscience say that we had a bad time and deserved a refund. On the other hand, we were content with each other and didn't need to swap. So, believe it or not, we gave the transferable membership to Miss Crump! She thanked us profusely, and did indeed use it, taking her doddering old fool along too...

Mom's detective agency had a field day getting info on her cheatin' heart hubby. At the discovery process before the divorce trial, his legal team threw in the towel. He would retain what was his before the marriage (i.e. nothing) and mom would retain hers and get the community property. What that boiled down to was that there was a new company president (you got ahead of me again...okay, it was me.) Since mom did not want my amorous attentions 24/7 (I WAS insatiable, after all.), she allowed me to have two clerical staffers. One was the ever loyal Miss Crump, who punctuated the morning and the evening with a brief love session with her boss. Every Friday she would return to her clueless old coot, her pussy filled to overflowing with my potent sperm. Yes, it did lead to her having one final baby to join the other child, to her joy and the misplaced pride of her codger hubby.

The other clerical staffer? Yes, it was Kitten. To be sure, I didn't tell mom about her. I loved my mother, and I mean that physically, and often. However, at work, I also wanted someone to love. Kitten might have been capricious, a true vixen. However, she DID have those fantastic legs, so I put her desk in my office, right across from me. Her husband would be relieved to know that I looked at her and didn't touch. Staring at those fantastic silky smooth legs of hers just stoked my fires for mom, later. I only 'broke down' once. Kitten's husband seemed to be another wimp dick that was afraid of having a family. She wanted one badly. She knew that I was obsessive about her short skirts and daring stylish shoes. One day she wore these see-thru sole plastic shoes. I have no idea why, but seeing her casually with the bottom of her shoes towards me, allowing me to see her gorgeous feet from the bottom of the shoes...well, that just set me off. I demanded that she sit on my cock. It was a certain harassment suit, except she had planned to turn me on during this peak of her cycle. I ended up pumping her full of my seed some three times that day. One time, Miss Crump had entered without knocking. She watched, at first in horror. She then shocked me and Kitten by calmly walking up to us. She pushed my head away and kissed Kitten as firmly as I had ever seen anyone kiss. It was damn hot. She then went to Kitten's ear and whispered for her to have my baby.

Well, that concluded the cast of characters, except for the resulting births who we could consider 'extras'. One final 'featured extra' was mom's old man. After the divorce, all he could afford was a tiny apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. That's right, he took over my lease as I swapped out and moved into his palatial home with mom. I was nice enough to give him my Mustang, the one with the bad connecting rod. And, I was nice enough to give him a job with his (now mine) company. Mom insisted that I hire a new man to take my old job. So, the only job that mom deigned right for her ex-husband was the utility job. That was to drive a 20 year old Ford F150 pickup, taking the portable 'bathrooms' from job site to job site. It was quite a rewarding job, but someone had to do it.

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