tagIncest/TabooMom and I United

Mom and I United


I awoke Saturday morning to the sensation of Mom's lips running along the length of my cock, her hand holding my shaft up as she kissed and licked from my balls upward along my shaft. Judging from the amount of saliva already coating my cock, she'd been doing it a while. She said, "Morning sleepy head," when she saw my eyes open.

I could barely grunt, "Morning, Mom," in response.

Mom's hand spread the wetness around, as she began to stroke the shaft. Her lips kissed the tip and they spread around it as she slowly took me inside her hot mouth. Her wet tongue pressed against the frenulum as it passed by on its way to the back of her mouth. Stopping before it could enter her throat, she rose back up, working her hand across the fresh supply of spit, mixing a handjob with the blowjob.

"Turn around," I managed to say, "I want to eat you, too."

Mom turned her body and straddled my face with her thighs, then settled her pussy onto my lips. My tongue went to work, splitting her labia in search of the sweetness of her flavor. She had apparently done some cleanup before waking me, as I didn't taste any residue of my cum from the night before. I wouldn't have minded tasting half a dozen guys inside her, if it meant I could show her my love in that moment.

"Mmmmmm," Mom moaned, the deeper my tongue reached into her snatch, even before I approached her clit for the first time. When I did stroke across it with just the tip of my tongue, she moaned even louder.

I slipped my right index finger inside her, while my left hand blindly reached along our bodies to ensnare her breast, circling around the nipple. Inside, I bent my finger slightly to drag across her gspot. My back arched as the vibrations of her answering moan reverberated throughout me. I put my tongue and lips into overdrive, sliding and nipping around her labia as I gradually added a second finger, slipping them in and out against resistance from her muscles squeezing upon them. Then I attacked her clit, nipple and gspot all at the same time and she came apart and pulled her mouth off of me to scream, somehow still stroking my cock.

"Fuuuuuuccccckkk! Oh, gawd, baby! Make me cum! Unnngh! Yesssss! Baby!" Her abdomen started undulating against my forearm as I clamped thumb and index finger against her hard nipple, pulling it away from her body. A gush of her fluids washed over my face as she cried, "Yes, pull it! Pinch it! Oh, fuck, honey!" and shuddered from head to toe.

She shook and screamed for a minute as I continued my assault. She tried to end it by lifting her pussy from my face but I cried out, "Not done with you, yet!" and pressed my thumb against her clit, rubbing it in concert with the fingers still inside her, letting my hand move with her jerking body. She made enough space between us that I could reach my left hand to her opposite breast, to pinch her nipple there, too.

"Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmiggooooddddd! Derek! Baby! Oh fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!" she screamed, her hand on my cock squeezing me tight. It was probably the only thing that kept me from cumming myself, just from the joy of making Mom cum this hard.

She collapsed atop my face again and I withdrew my fingers from inside her, replacing them with my tongue, gently lapping up her juices. Her clit was pressed against my chin, her last shakes continuing to stimulate it, with no effort from me.

She gradually stilled. Her tight grasp of my cock turned back into stroking as she recovered. She muttered, "Your turn, baby," before engulfing my cock in her mouth, rising and falling just three times before swallowing my shaft into her throat. Her hands let go of my cock, bracing them on the mattress so she could practically do push-ups onto my shaft, milking me with every swallow. Her breaths between strokes blew from her nose onto my balls.

"That feels so good, Mom!" I encouraged. I clenched my fists beside me, trying to delay my orgasm, but soon gave in, pulsing yet another splendid orgasm deep into her throat as I screamed, "FuuuuucccccckkkkKKKKK!!!" It was almost painfully intense, after the activities of the previous day, of the whole week. Almost too much. Instead, I didn't want to stop cumming, once I had started.

Mom retreated enough to breathe, while my cock sprayed the inside of her mouth, soon filling it. Finally, my spasms ceased and the arch that had formed in my back fell down to the bed.

Mom maintained a tight seal with her lips as she lifted her face up, not losing a single drop of my cum. I watched her swallow all of it as she turned to lay against my left side, her head resting on my shoulder. "Mmmm, not very submissive at all," she muttered, making me chuckle.

"God, I think I'm going to be shooting blanks by tonight," I said. "Don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining, just concerned that I might hit a wall today and be unable to cum any more."

"It didn't seem like you had any trouble with me after we got home last night," Mom said, beginning to lightly stroke the underside of my cock, which felt nice, but wasn't immediately producing results.

"That was my seventh orgasm of the day, after ten, I think, the three days prior. Way above my average. I did feel like it took me a long time and it wasn't just the fact that we were making love to each other slowly," I said. "Does Dad still have Viagra in the medicine cabinet?"

"He does in the generic sildenafil, but rarely uses it," Mom answered. "His only erectile issue is wanting to get a second or third erection more quickly after an orgasm, but we've found that, except for enhancing his sensitivity a bit, which can actually make his first orgasm happen sooner, taking sildenafil doesn't speed up his next orgasm very much, since the systems that produce an ejaculation have their own recovery cycle. Viagra only shortens the recovery time for the erection itself. If he takes it at all today, that will be why."

"That sounds like added stamina," I said. "Isn't that a good thing?"

"In moderation, baby," Mom answered. "Ever heard the phrase 'too much of a good thing?' Lasting 20 minutes instead of 10 is good. Lasting an hour of frenetic fucking, because you're physically incapable of ejaculating any sooner but are desperately trying to get there, is quite another. It's not like we're talking about a time-limited activity like two or three hours at the club. We'll be playing at Jilly's almost all afternoon and evening. If you tried to fuck non-stop for the four or five hours between lunch and dinner just because taking Viagra would let you be hard that whole time, you'd be exhausted before dinner. The word for today is 'pacing'. If you're soft for half an hour and then fuck for half an hour before cumming, that would be better than fucking for the whole hour. If you're going to use it at all, I would recommend you wait until dinner."

"Keep the focus on play, not strain, then?" I asked.

"Exactly. Cuddle your partners, spend more time kissing. Give more oral than you receive, since we women have a shorter recovery between orgasms or even none at all. You might still hit 30 orgasms total for the week before you head back to campus, especially if you have the time for some more love making tomorrow morning. After one more before breakfast today, of course."

My cock was responding to the combination of the conversation and the casual stroking that Mom had continued while talking. As she noticed it stiffening, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and became a little more vigorous. "I want to ride this, stud," she warmly breathed into my ear.

I was rock solid in another minute and Mom swung her left leg over me, straddling my stomach. My hands rose to caress her breasts as she reached between her legs, lined my cock up with her entrance and backed onto me.

A chill ran through me as I once more entered taboo territory. I prayed I would never stop appreciating the fact that this was my mother who wanted to fuck me, was fucking me. Although Dad had stopped opposing us, the rest of society still would. Even though I had committed incest with Jessica too, it still didn't have the same emotional impact. I didn't get the sense that it meant as much to Tommy, either.

"I love you Mom," I said, as she reached bottom.

"I love you, Derek," she replied, adoration mixing with lust in her gaze. She rose slowly then dropped down onto me, driving my ass into the mattress, where it rebounded, driving my cock further into her. Mom controlled the rhythm throughout our fuck. She managed to orgasm atop me three times, aided by my manipulation of her nipples and her own stroking of her clit.

Shortly after her third orgasm, I felt my orgasm racing towards me and managed to utter, "I'm close, Mom!"

"Cum for me, Derek! Fill me up!" she cried out, her hand flying across her clit to get herself there, again.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, cummmminngggg!" I screamed, shooting several streams into my mother, just as I felt her sheath clamp around me, her own orgasm topping the three before it.

She collapsed forward, my hands on her chest the only thing keeping her from falling all the way to my own chest. I shoved my hips into her several more times as I finished shooting into her, producing gasps from her throat.

"Mmmmmm, that was good," Mom muttered, as I lowered her the rest of the way to kiss her and hold her close to me. My cock softened, but stayed inside her for a couple of minutes as we made out with each other, then slipped out as I felt our mingled cum drip across my balls.

"Shower together?" I asked. "After breakfast, I need you to drop me off at Angie's house, rather than drive myself. I need to ask for her parent's blessing of the engagement and all that. Angie needs to drive her car to Jilly's, since her parents expect her back home by midnight and I'll come home with you guys, rather than bringing my car along too."


At around 10:30 AM, I knocked at the door of the McDougall residence. Her mother Debra answered the door. "Hello, Derek, come on in. Or should I start calling you 'Son' already?"

"I'm okay with that, if you're okay with being called 'Mom' in return?" I half-asked. "I take it that you approve?"

"I do, indeed. Jake, Pat! Derek's here!" she yelled back into the house as she closed the door behind me. Turning back to me, she said, "Angie ran to the store for me, real quick. That will give you time to get Jake's blessing without her getting nervous about it."

"Hello, Derek," Jake said, coming out of what I knew was his office, while I saw Angie's sister Patricia coming down the stairs. After hugs, Jake guided me into his office.

Once seated, he blew my mind by saying, "I'm hoping you're already aware of this, but you should know that Angie was involved with your half-brother Tommy, along with your half-sister Jessica, before he moved away and she met you. Her mother doesn't know this, though. I don't want her to find out, but thought you deserved to know, if you didn't already. Debra's not as open-minded about things as I am. I'm pretty sure her sister Pat doesn't realize it, either, even though Angie was using her apartment for her... liaisons."

I said, "I'm aware of their relationship, sir. Angie came clean with me about it yesterday, when all of the paternity results were revealed, since they were the reason she kept quiet about it in the first place. After some initial upset at her hiding it, I realized I was going to forgive her sooner or later and chose sooner and went ahead with the proposal I already had planned. May I ask how you found out?"

"Only if it stays between us and perhaps Angie." I nodded my agreement and he said, "You know that I was adopted. I was the second of three children adopted by the McDougalls and there were usually two or three foster kids staying with us at any time or another as well. The manager of Patricia's apartment building is Wendy, the closest of my foster sisters to my age. She has access to the security footage in the building's hallways and started keeping an eye on Pat's apartment for me when Pat went on trips. As a result, I knew from Wendy as soon as Angie started using the apartment for hookups with guys from her college and knew she had started up with a guy and girl in her sophomore year. After Angie uncovered Tommy's connection to me and introduced him to us, I showed Wendy his picture and Jessica's and she recognized them both."

"So, when you met me, you weren't just keeping Tommy and Jessica's relationship a secret, you also knew about Angie being with them both and kept quiet?" I asked.

Jake answered, "Yes. Angie doesn't know that I know, either, which is fine with me. I'll leave it to you to guess how she would react to finding out, if you think she needs to know. I'm not sure how to bring up the next topic, though, so I'll start with an admission of my own. Wendy isn't just my source for the comings and goings at Pat's apartment, we were each other's first lover when we were both 19. My parents continued supporting her through college, even when she aged out of the foster care system and my relationship with her lasted through those years, in secret. While we aren't genetically related, we thought of what we did as incest because that's how our parents would have reacted to it. We kept a close eye on each other's reactions towards the other and the rest of the family after that. It has left me... sensitized, shall we say, to certain signals Wendy gave off and some awareness of my own."

I was frozen, even knowing what was likely coming next.

Jake continued, "Having regular reports of Angie's hookups has also made me aware of signals she puts off when she's recently had sex, when it was with someone new and the difference in those signals when I think she started having sex with Jessica, not just sharing Tommy. In particular, Angie looked nervous around her mother for a while, as if she were evaluating whether she was attracted to her, a lot like Wendy looked in the first week after we were together, towards our Dad and our older brother. That same nervousness around Debra was back on Wednesday morning, although it faded more quickly. If I had to guess, you and Angie had sex with your parents on Tuesday and the mix of incest and taking another female lover reawakened her concern about being attracted to her mother. I'll take the look on your face as all the confirmation I need, so you don't need to deny or confirm it or give me any of the juicy details. Given my own past, let's just say I'm accepting of the incest and I hope you're taking all necessary precautions to protect each other."

"Angie comes first for me, sir," was all I could manage to say, knowing even that was an admission that she wasn't my 'one and only'. I didn't give him further confirmation, verbally at least.

We chatted for a while longer. When I exited the office, Angie was back and Jake gave her a thumbs up. The rest of the visit was pretty standard for a newly engaged couple, I guess.


In Angie's car on the way over to Jilly's, I said, "Your dad knows. He knows about you, Tommy and Jessica for sure and he guessed about you, me and my parents from signals you were giving off."

"What? How?" she squealed.

I explained about Wendy being his spy in Pat's apartment building and his past lover and how he had put the various pieces together. "I take him at his word that he'll stay quiet. I didn't confirm anything outright but he could read the expression on my face to know he guessed right. I think if he had told your mom, you'd know it. I don't need everyone else to panic, though, so can we keep this between us, for now? He's only guessed about my Mom and me, not any of the other incest."


Arriving at Jilly's, the living room there was transformed into a definite playroom. A bench, like the ones at Jilly's club but more along the lines of a large ottoman, was centered between two couches at opposite ends of the space, the floor spaces around and between them covered by gym mats which were themselves covered by numerous quilts. More quilts covered the couches. I briefly dropped to my knees on one of the mats and found it firm but yielding. End tables next to the couches had several tubes of lubricant, vibrators and dildos on them.

Everyone else was in Jilly's kitchen, eating a chicken and pasta salad and drinking wine. I put a marker around the stem of my wine glass and poured myself from a red blend. I went around and kissed all of the women hello, while Angie kissed both genders.

The meal wrapped up, we walked into the living room around one o'clock. Jilly said, "The mats are secured to the legs of the couches, the bench and each other, so don't worry about pushing against anything, they won't slide apart. This setup has enough room for a group of twenty, so we shouldn't be crowded at all. We aren't in any rush, either, since we're starting in the afternoon. Leisurely fucks are the order of the day. I don't expect any of us to fuck non-stop all day, though. We'll halt at 5 for dinner, then resume after it, for however long we want. Take whatever other breaks you need, in between. Most of all, have sexy fun."

She began to undress and we all followed suit, piling our clothes outside of the mat area. As I finished getting naked, Jilly came to me and said, "I want to start with you, Derek. Come fuck me."

She walked us over to the bench and knelt at one end of it, laying her upper body over its surface. I lowered myself behind her and caressed her back and buttocks as my cock finished getting hard for her. A quick check showed that her pussy was already wet and engorged with blood. As I prepared to enter Jilly, Mom lay down on the other end of the bench, scooting her pussy under Jilly's face, while hanging her head over the edge as Tommy approached her to have Mom suck his cock.

I slid inside Jilly, beginning an indulgent pace, trying to feel every millimeter of her insides as I pulled back and pushed forward. Jilly started to eat out Mom's pussy in front of her, as I watched Tommy's cock expanding Mom's throat as he was equally slow paced in fucking Mom's face, giving her plenty of time to breathe.

Off to my right, Dad was on his back, with Jessica sitting on his face and Angie riding his cock. I remember Angie having the first orgasm of the day and the two women switching places. Mom seemed to be next, but it was hard to tell for sure, with her already moaning around Tommy's cock almost every time she could breathe.

It was at least twenty minutes before I was feeling any urge to cum and started to increase my pace. Jilly slipped her left hand beneath her and started to frig her clit. Tommy started to chant that he was cumming mere seconds before I felt Jilly shudder in front of me. This pushed me over the edge and suddenly all four of us were in overlapping orgasms. 'That's twenty,' I thought, as I pulled out of Jilly and was replaced by Jessica, licking my cum from her mom's snatch. Angie sucked my cock clean as it went soft, before joining me in the kitchen to share a bottle of water.

Coming back to the living room, Tommy was fucking Mom on top of the bench, while Jilly was riding Dad in the same spot he occupied on the floor. Jessica was sitting on the couch on the other side of the bench, so Angie and I sat on the couch with her, with me in the middle.

I asked, "Jess, did you ever imagine, all those Saturday nights you spent over at our house with a sitter watching all three of us, that this is what our parents were doing here in your living room?"

Jessica shook her head and said, "Not a chance! Mom explained those nights as 'movie nights'. I would come home the next day to a house that always smelled of popcorn and melted butter. I never realized that Mom made a couple of batches in the morning just to mask the smell of sex."

"We were so innocent back then," I said.

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