tagIncest/TabooMom & Son Discuss Masturbation Ch. 03

Mom & Son Discuss Masturbation Ch. 03


Chapter 03

Part Seven: Tits for cock.

The next morning, Jason awakened with the memory of his mother ogling his exposed cock. With the memory of him cumming in front of her while she watched him ejaculate to shoot cum all over his chest and stomach, he was sexually aroused. Already horny but instead of masturbating himself, which was his normal, early morning routine, brazenly Jason went downstairs for a cup of coffee and some breakfast while wearing his pajama bottoms without underwear. With his cock already stiffening by the thought of his mother staring at his pajama clad bulge, he felt so free. He felt so wicked. He felt so horny.

Daring himself to do so, unless he was hoping for sex, he didn't know why he went downstairs so revealingly dressed like that but he did. Something he never does, always afraid his mother would see his erection bobbing, swinging, and swaying or that his cock may pop out of his pee hole, he always wore underwear beneath his pajamas. Instead of being embarrassed by the thought of his cock popping out of his pajama bottom, he was sexually aroused while hoping that it would make a surprised appearance. Today, waking up horny after flashing his mother his cock and already sexually aroused with the thought of flashing his mother his cock again, he didn't care if his mother noticed his erection. He wanted his mother to notice his erection. If nothing else by her sexy stares ogling his cock last night while standing in his bedroom watching him masturbating and cumming, she'd give him more fodder for his masturbation of himself later.

Curious if she'd look at what he was deliberately showing, he was curious if she'd say anything about last night. With her already seeing his cock, with her already seeing him masturbate, and with her already watching him cum, he didn't care if his cock made a surprise appearance from out his pee hole to say hi and give his mother the one eyed stare. If his cock did fall out of his pajama bottoms, would she look? Would she stare? Would she be as sexually aroused then as he is now? With her walking in his room when he had his eyes closed and while he was wearing his headphones, he wondered how long she was standing there before he noticed her. It all happened so fast when he opened this eyes to reach for a tissue and she was already standing there in his room.

The sexual excitement of his mother seeing his cock, watching him masturbate, and staring as he ejaculated clouded his memory. Unable to remember, he couldn't remember if she was already in his room or if she had opened his door just as he turned to face her. Hoping to give her a longer look at his cock this morning, he needed to know if she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He needed to know if she wanted to have sex with him as much as he wanted to have sex with her.

Already gone way beyond crossing the incestuous line, if nothing else, he wanted his mother to see his prick again. Maybe if she saw his cock again, this time she'd want to touch his cock. Maybe if she saw his cock again, she'd reach out her motherly hand to wrap her fingers around his stiff prick to stroke him. Even if she didn't touch and stroke his penis, never expecting that she would, he'd imagine that she did when masturbating himself later. In the way that he wanted to feel her tits and finger her nipples, never really expecting that he would, he hoped that she was horny enough to want to suck his big prick. Even if he didn't feel her big tits and finger her erect nipples, he'd imagined that she sucked his cock later when alone in his room masturbating.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, he saw his mother sitting at the kitchen table in her red, low cut, sheer nightgown. Perhaps evidence of what was to happen, his mother was drinking her coffee without the modesty of wearing her bathrobe. With his moving, swaying cock at her eye level, he walked across the kitchen in front of her. With his partial, pajama clad, erection clearly visible, as soon as Mary saw her son, her eyes went from his face to the moving and dancing bulge in his pajama bottoms.

With him nervous about not wearing underwear, as soon as he saw what she was wearing or more correctly what she wasn't wearing, her bathrobe, he was glad that he wasn't wearing underwear. Flashing him her big breasts this morning nearly as much as he flashed her his stiff cock last night, subtly exchanging voyeuristic views of tits for cock, Mary sat at the kitchen table with most of her cleavage on display. As if they already had sex last night, in essence they did, albeit not together, they masturbated themselves in separate rooms while thinking of having sex with one another. Unashamed and unembarrassed, with one just as bad as the other, immodestly immoral, Mary sat in the kitchen without the modesty of a bathrobe while Jason paraded himself in front of her with his cock bouncing and swaying.

As if he was the bull and she was a sexy, female bullfighter, a matador enraging his cock by waving a red sexy nightgown in his face, she was showing her son more of her 36C cup breasts than he's ever seen before. Normally modestly moral, careful what her son may see of her, she always wears a robe over her nightgown but not today. Today, in the way that he came downstairs in pajama bottoms without underwear, she sat at the kitchen table in her sheer, sexy nightgown without a robe. Undoubtedly she suspected that he was a breast man in the way he always stared at her big tits. Obviously, in the way that she was displaying her breasts now, she wanted to expose her breasts to him. Incestuously, in the way that her son exposed his cock to her, she wanted him to see as much of her as she saw of him. Tits for cock and balls, no doubt, after the sexy show of him masturbating and cumming that he gave her last night, exposing her big breasts to him this morning apparently only seemed fair to her.

As if needing a closer and more focused look, Jason rubbed his eyes while staring at all that his mother was showing and all that he was seeing of his mother. If he looked close enough at her abundant, exposed cleavage and at the impressions her breasts made in her nightgown, and he did, he could clearly make out the bulbously round shape of her breasts. If he stared long and hard enough, and he did, he could see her areolas and nipples through the sheer, thin material of her nightgown. Only, as soon as he saw the outline of her breast and the darker coloration of her areolas and nipples, his cock hardened enough to tent his pajama bottom. In the way that she was giving him a real show of her tits, he was giving her a real show of his cock. While pretending that he didn't know that his cock was exposed, he only hoped that his cock would popped from out of his pajama bottoms.

With him standing there with his hot coffee in hand and his hot erection in his pajama bottoms, his mother stared at the impression his cock made in his pajama bottoms as much as he stared at the huge impressions her breasts made in her sheer nightgown. With him staring all that she was showing of her breasts, she was staring at all that he was showing of his cock. With him sexually excited to share glimpses of what he shouldn't see of his mother and what she shouldn't see of her son, he was already sexually aroused with incestuous, sexual desire for her. With him sexually excited that his mother was looking to see what she could see of him and with him looking to see what he could see of her, ready to cross that forbidden bridge, they were nearing the point of no return.

Initially, with the memory of his mother seeing him cumming fresh in his mind, as much as he was sexually excited, he was still somewhat embarrassed from last night. What if he misread her and she was more embarrassed than she was sexually excited. What if she didn't sexually want him in the way that he sexually wanted her? What if it was just an innocent accident that she opened his bedroom door at the most inopportune time of him masturbating and cumming? Then again, what if she was standing outside of his bedroom door listening while waiting for the perfect moment to open his bedroom door to catch him cumming? Perhaps he wasn't as quiet masturbating himself as he thought he was and perhaps she wasn't as innocent as he thought.

Yet, as much as he was embarrassed, he was sexually aroused. Again while thinking nasty, incestuous thoughts, he still wanted to put his coffee cup down, reach his hand inside his pajama bottom, pull out his cock, and masturbate himself in front of his mother. He wondered if she'd watch him masturbating this morning in the way that she watched him masturbating last night. While stroking his cock, he wanted to reach down inside of her oh so, low cut nightgown top to feel her breasts and finger her nipples, before removing her breasts from her nightgown. Wishing he could cum on her tits and/or all over her face, he wondered what she'd say if he exposed his cock to her while stroking his cock. He wondered what she'd do if he ejaculated his cum all over her. Yet, feeling uncomfortably awkward as much as he felt sexually excited, he was ready to bolt from the kitchen after grabbing his coffee to return to the privacy of his room.

Nonetheless, a titillating and erotic view, an understatement, he was enjoying seeing so much of the top of his mother's meaty breasts and her long, line of cleavage. Apparently, now that she was sitting there so innocently immoral without the modesty of her bathrobe, he didn't mind having his breakfast in the kitchen while ogling all that he could see of her big boobs. Moreover, with her looking and enjoying the show of his pajama clad cock too, obviously she didn't mind showing her son all that he so wanted to see of her. If only he knew that his mother sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her, he'd make his move. If only he knew that his mother had other plans for him other than just serving him breakfast, wouldn't he be surprised.

* * * * *

Part Eight: "Sit. I want to talk to you about last night."

"Sit. I want to talk to you about last night. I'll make you breakfast," she said standing. "What would you like?"

What would you like? A loaded question of four simple, one syllable words, it was a question that only his mother would ask him. What would you like? Only thinking about what she wanted and what she'd like, those four, simple, one syllable words never came out of his ex-wife's mouth. It was always what she wanted and never what he would like. Leave to his mother to push his buttons of love, caring, appreciation, and understanding by asking him one simple question.

As soon as she asked him that seemingly innocent but sexually loaded question, what would you like, hopefully was the same thing that he so wanted and that she so wanted too. What would he like? He'd like to have sex with his mother but would she want to have sex with him? He'd like to strip her naked but would she be comfortable being naked in front of him as he was with his cock exposed in front of her last night? Yet, being that she's sitting before him practically topless, maybe she wouldn't mind being naked in front of him. Maybe if he made the first move, she'd follow. Yet afraid to ruin the good mother and son relationship they had, he didn't want her to feel that she wasn't safe being alone with him in her own house. Not wanting to pressure her for sex, he didn't want her thinking of him as a pervert and throwing him out of her house.

What would he like? He pondered her question in the way that she no doubt didn't mean for him to take it. He'd like for his mother to do lots of sexual things to his naked body. He imagined him making himself comfortable between her shapely thighs to finger her, lick her, and eat her pussy. His mother's cunt. He quivered at the thought of not only seeing his mother's cunt but also fingering, sniffing, and licking his mother's cunt.

I'd like to eat your pussy and then fuck your pussy before you suck my cock, he imagined honestly replying to her question. He wondered what she'd say if he said that. Only, not wanting to disrespect his mother, he didn't reply in that sexually salacious way. If only he had said that to her, perhaps she would have told him that she'd love for him to finger and lick her pussy long enough to give her an orgasm. If only he had said those incestuous words to her, perhaps she would have told him that she'd love to fuck him and suck his cock. Instead, no doubt, with him as sexually wicked as his dad, she'd ask him to leave her house.

"An egg, two sausages, and two pieces of toast with cherry jelly," he said while remembering that he couldn't remember when the last time his wife made him breakfast.

As if he was watching an X-rated movie, he was stunned with all that he saw when his eyes followed her across the kitchen. With her always wearing her robe, he never saw so much of his mother as he was seeing now. With the only light in the kitchen coming from the rising sun through the window over the sink, even in the dim, morning light, as if she was poised in front of a campfire, her nightgown was totally transparent. Then, when she opened the refrigerator door, seeing her in a whole new light, he could see right through her nightgown as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. As if she was lit up by a dozen Paparazzi camera flashes and as if she was totally naked, he had a clear view of his mother's naked body through her nearly transparent nightgown.

Obviously, in the way he was looking at her, staring at her, ogling her, and leering at her, no doubt, he wondered if his mother knew that she was flashing him her ass, her pussy, and her tits. As if she was wearing nothing at all, she appeared as if she was standing before him naked. Clearly he could see her sexy ass crack, her blonde, bushy pussy, and her big breasts with erect nipples that leaned forward with her as she reached inside the refrigerator to get the eggs, the butter, and the sausages. For an old broad, his mother had a hot body.

She must know how horny he was by the obvious erection he had when he came downstairs and saw her sitting at the kitchen table in her nightgown. She must know how sexually attracted he is to her in the way he's always staring at her tits. When she leaned in the fridge, moving things around, seemingly taking her sweet time, was she deliberately flashing him her tits, pussy, and ass? If only he knew that she knew he could see her as if she was standing there naked, he'd make a move on her. If only he knew that she was sexually teasing him by flashing him her nearly naked body, he take her in his arms and kiss her while touching and feeling her everywhere a son should never feel his mother. With her leaning in the fridge, he wished he was standing behind her with his erection planted between his mother's ass cheeks while reaching up to feel and fondle her big breasts while fingering her nipples. Definitely enjoying the view of her nearly naked body while thinking about doing his mother from behind doggie style, it was at a time like this that he wished he was her lover instead of her son.

Perhaps being that he flashed her his cock last night, if he thought that she was reciprocating by flashing him her nearly naked body this morning, he'd be right. After seeing his cock last night, enough to make her masturbate herself in the way that he was masturbated himself again last night, she was just as sexually aroused as he was. Only this was his mother and not some bar tramp. He didn't think of her sexually wanting him in the way that he sexually wanted her. Yet, if she wasn't his mother, he'd think that most definitely Mary was flashing him her nearly naked body by purposely taking her sweet time while leaning in the fridge.

In the way he thinks about having sex with her, if only he knew his mother thinks about having sex with him. In the way that he masturbates over her while thinking of seeing her naked and having sex with her, wouldn't he be surprised to know that she masturbates over him while thinking of seeing him naked and having sex with him. In the way that he was sexually excited with his mother not only saw his cock but also watched him ejaculating in front of her, wouldn't he love to know that she was as sexually excited seeing his cock and watching him ejaculate. As if she was an audience member in a private CFNM show, wouldn't he be surprised to know that she was sexually excited to see his little masturbation show too. Further, wouldn't he be surprised to know that she'd love for him to watch her masturbate too.

* * * * *

Part Nine: All about masturbation, talking about masturbation

As if she was a short order cook, his breakfast was ready quicker than he could make it for himself. What would have easily taken him twenty minutes to make, she had ready in five minutes. Seemingly eager to have this conversation about masturbation with her son, eager to listen, and to confess her incestuously sexual thoughts, she set the plate down in front of him before filling their cups with more coffee.

"I'm sorry about last night. I knocked but with you wearing your headphones. I guess you didn't hear me," she said looking into his eyes to watch his reaction to her apology.

Then, with her staring down at his breakfast sausages, she couldn't help herself from thinking of his cock. Only, his cock was much bigger than his breakfast sausages. If she had to compare his cock to a slab of meat, his prick was more that size of a big, Italian sausage. As evidence by the erection he was walking around with this morning, he had a real live kielbasa in his pajamas.

"That was embarrassing," he said.

Only he didn't look embarrassed. If he looked anything at all, he looked sexually excited. By his own confession when alone in his room and masturbating himself, he had long been festering the sexual fantasy of exposing his cock to his mother. As evidence by what he did after she left his room last night after her seeing his cock and watching him cum, obviously he masturbated over the thoughts of him masturbating in front of her. Now with her catching him masturbating and with her watching him cumming, with him already living out his sexual fantasy with his mother, it was her turn to live out her sexual fantasy with her son.

Embarrassed? Doubting that he was embarrassed exposing his cock to her, she wasn't embarrassed seeing his cock either. If he asked her, in the way that she was and in the way that he appeared too, sexually excited would be a better choice of words. For her to masturbate herself last night over the forbidden sight of seeing her son's big prick and watching him cum, if anything, she was just as incestuously, sexually wicked as he was. If anything, with her not having sex with anyone but her fingers, vibrator, and dildo, she wanted to have sex with him as she imagined he wanted to have sex with her. Obviously with him willing to talk about what happened last night, as sexually erotic as it was insightful, she probed him to talk more about their game of mutual voyeurism, exhibitionism, and masturbation.

"Why are you embarrassed?" She looked at him shaking her head while hoping to encourage him to talk more about his sexual feelings, hopefully sexually feelings for her. "You shouldn't be embarrassed. Besides, I've seen your penis before. It was no big deal for me to see your penis," she said lying. "I used to change your dirty diaper and give you baths," she said laughing a nervous, little laugh.

Feeling one another out with neither of them wanting to take the first step over the incestuous line even though theoretical they already had with them masturbating over one another, he appeared just as careful as she was in monitoring what he said or didn't say. They were walking uncharted ground here. As if walking on thin ice of a pond, one false step could be their fatal flaw exposed.

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