tagIncest/TabooMom and Son go Shopping

Mom and Son go Shopping


"Wake up honey, it's almost noon."

Mark could hear knocking on his door and his mothers voice. He woke up with his usual morning wood trying to free itself from his briefs.

"Give me a few minutes mom." Mark replied.

Shelly knew that he would go right back to bed, so she opened the unlocked door and walked in his bedroom. The sheets only covered her son from the waist down, exposing her sons athletic body.

"Wake up honey, I want to take you shopping for some new clothes, you start work soon and need new pants and dress shirts."

Mark was surprised when his mother walked in, he was just about to take care of his throbbing cock. He couldn't believe what she was wearing either, she had on only a long shirt that went down to her thighs. He imagined what she had on under it. At only 39 years old with a banging body, his mom was a definite "MILF."

"Oh mom, I don't know about going shopping today, I had a long night last night."

"Don't be such a baby, it will be fun shopping with your mommy!" Shelly said as she sat down on Mark's bed.

Shelly moved her hand up and down Mark's rock hard stomach. "Come on, let's go! I'm offering to buy you new clothes!"

The way Shelly was sitting, Mark could see her pink panties she was wearing under the long shirt. His cock twitched.

"Okay, Okay, give me 10 minutes mom." Mark Said.

"Yay, I can't wait to go shopping with my baby boy." Shelly said excitedly.

As Shelly was leaving her sons room, she decided to pick up his dirty clothes on the way out to do some laundry.

Mark looked in disbelief as his mom bent down to pick up his clothes, she must not have noticed that her amazing ass was now completely visible to him. She had on pink Brazilian undies, and her tight ass looked amazing in them.

As soon as Shelly left the room, Mark pulled out his thick 8 1/2 inch tool and stroked it furiously. Imagining his mothers amazing body the entire time, it didn't take him long to finish.

Shelly was in her room trying to decide on what to wear. She looked in the mirror at her naked body and liked what she saw, at age 39, she was in the best shape of her life. She decided on an outfit and went downstairs to make breakfast.

Shortly after, Mark came downstairs and was once again shocked at what his mother was wearing. She had on a very low cut tank top that showed off her amazing tits.

"I made us some breakfast." Shelly said as she placed the plates on the table and sat down.

Mark was trying to eat his food, but his eyes and mind just kept wandering to his moms amazing breasts.

Shelly could clearly see her son checking out her breasts, and was really enjoying the attention. She knew it was wrong to tease her son, but she loved knowing that she could still turn on a 21 year old.

They finished their breakfast and made their way to the mall.

Mark had another throbbing erection from looking at his mother's tits, so he quickly moved his erection straight up under the elastic part of his briefs as he exited the car.

Shelly noticed her son making some adjustments in his pants and wondered to herself if she had given him an erection. She giggled to herself.

They made their way to a men's clothing store which had nice dress pants and shirts.

Mark pretty much just followed his moms lead as she made her way around the store.

"How about these honey?" Shelly said, holding up a pair of dress pants.

"Those are nice mom." Mark said, not really caring what he bought, he just wanted to go back home, as he hated the mall.

"Okay, I'll buy these then, what size are you?" Shelly asked.

Mark really had no idea what size he was now, it had been awhile since he got new clothes.

"I'm not really sure mom." Mark said.

Shelly figured that her son would have no idea, she bought all of his clothes for him and it'd been awhile since he got new ones. And with his new athletic build, he was certainly a different size.

"Well then, I guess you are going to have to try on some different sizes." Shelly told him.

Mark really didn't feel like trying on clothes, but had to agree at this point.

"Okay, fine." Mark said disappointingly.

Shelly handed her son three different sizes to try on and led him to the changing room.

Mark entered the changing room and took off his jeans, his throbbing cock was still trying to make its way out of his small briefs. He tried on one of the sizes and felt that it fit pretty well.

"Okay mom, this size fits, I think we should buy them." Mark yelled to his mom.

"Nonsense, I know you just want to get out of here fast, let me come in and make sure." Shelly replied.

Mark knew there was no point in arguing with his mother, so he opened up the door and let her in.

Shelly looked her son over and inched closer to him, she placed her hands on the front of his pants and pulled them up. She watched as the slid back down.

"Nope, these are too big for you, try on the smaller size". Shelly picked up the pants and handed them to her son.

Mark was waiting for his mother to leave the room, but instead she sat down on the bench and waited for him to try the next pair on.

"Hey mom, you think you could wait outside?" Mark asked nervously.

"What's the big deal, you have underwear on, right? Let's get on with this." Shelly replied.

Mark knew there was no way out of the situation, he embarrassingly unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles.

Shelly couldn't believe what she saw, she could clearly see the outline of her son's massive cock stuffed in his tiny briefs.

To be Continued....

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