tagNovels and NovellasMom & Son Sex on Valentine's Day Ch. 01

Mom & Son Sex on Valentine's Day Ch. 01


Resplendent with candles, soft music, and wine, Kathryn was just out of her bath. After having relaxed herself while luxuriating herself in her bathtub, her way of spending Valentine's Day alone, she looked forward to pleasuring herself with her friends, Vinnie Vibrator and Domenic Dildo. Between the music and the bathroom exhaust fan blocking her hearing, Kathryn turned off her radio to listen to a loud noise she thought she heard. Sounding like the front door slamming shut, still unable to hear anything, she turned off her bathroom exhaust fan to listen. Now with everything so stilly quiet, she thought she heard something. Sounding like a door, she thought she was alone until she heard a door slam shut. Hoping it was her son and not a burglar, she blurted her thoughts out loud.

"Who was that? What the Hell was that?" Naked and alone, she was afraid. "Oh, my God, is there someone here?"

Just about to emerge from the shower naked as she always does when she's home alone, she was glad she had the forethought to bring her bathrobe with her in the bathroom this time. Normally she's not in the habit of wearing her bathrobe. Too heated up when she gets out of her hot shower, she prefers wearing just a towel. Most times when alone, wrapping herself in a thick, oversized, cotton towel, normally she doesn't wear her bathrobe when she's getting ready for bed.

Calling it an early night, with no one there to celebrate Valentine's Day with, she figured she celebrate the holiday of love alone with her masturbating toys. Not as inhibited and modest as most mothers are, comfortable in her own skin, she's comfortable walking around the house and around her son wearing a sheer, sexy nightgown or a towel, or even naked when alone. Yet, not wanting to give Tommy the wrong impression of her, if her son was home to have made that loud noise, she didn't want to give him a free show of her naked body.

Bad enough she walks around him in her nearly see-through nightgown, not wanting to push the envelope by crossing the incest line, how would that look, a mother walking around naked in front of her son? Even though the thought of her son seeing her naked physically sickened her, oddly enough, sometimes but not all the time, thinking about her son seeing her naked sexually excited her too. The thought of Tommy seeing her naked sexually excited her more when she was horny and home alone masturbating over the thoughts of having sex with her son. Being that she hasn't had sex in a long while, since her husband left her for her younger sister, Maureen, and with her beginning to go through menopause, she's been so very horny lately.

Never thinking of having sex with her son before, but now that Tommy was home with her again, he was constantly on her mind, and the sexual excitement of seeing him naked or him seeing her naked sexually aroused her. Continuing her inappropriate sexual thoughts about her son, with her already horny in readiness to masturbate in her bedroom over the incestuous thoughts of having sex with him, she wondered what he'd say if ever he saw her naked. Only never taking a step across the incestuous line other than in her private thoughts and sexual fantasies while pleasuring herself, she didn't have the guts to strip naked in front of him.

In the way that she's freely flashed her naked body to men in the past, to the postman, to the UPS and FedEx drivers, and to the pizza delivery man, when her son was away at school and she was home alone, she could never be naked in front of her son. Awkwardly uncomfortable, having never stripped naked in front of Tommy before, oddly enough, her hormonal horniness made her think about stripping naked in front of him now. Only, now, an unanswered question that she asked herself again and again, especially whenever having such inappropriate thoughts, what kind of mother walks around naked in front of her son? More importantly, what would he think of her after seeing her naked? Would he still respect her?

Whenever just thinking about her son, especially with her standing there naked while listening for noises, she fantasized about flashing him, that is, if he was even home. Creating a flashing scenario in her mind, being that he was supposed to be out on a Valentine's Day date with Jennifer, his hot, sexy girlfriend, having the face of a model and the body of a dancer, she could pretend that she didn't know he was home. Admittedly, with him having so very girlfriends and obviously getting plenty of sex, she was jealous of his girlfriends. Adding to her eternal horniness, she imagined herself walking downstairs to the kitchen naked. Playing her incestuous teasing game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, just the thought of walking downstairs naked and having her son catch her without her clothes made her want to masturbate herself.

She imagined him walking in the kitchen and catching her standing by the stove, by the sink, or by the refrigerator without her clothes. She wondered, if he did see her naked, would he look with sexual interest or would he turn away in embarrassment? If he did look, would he stare? Hoping that he would stare, she wondered if he'd want her as much as she wants him. Would he be as sexually excited seeing her naked body as she'd be sexually excited showing him her naked body or would he be ashamed in the way that she'd have to pretend to be?

Not making his presence known, being as quiet as a mouse, would he stand in the kitchen doorway and stare at her nakedness in the way that she imagined herself being brazen enough to stand in the kitchen while showing him her naked body? Now that she was thinking about exposing herself to her son, lost in the moment with her hormones and horniness controlling her inappropriate thoughts, she wondered if he'd leer at her or would he be just as embarrassed as she'd feign to be?

With her back turned to him while pretending that she didn't know he was standing behind her, she imagined him remaining there while lusting over her naked body and staring at her naked ass. Proud of her backside, she's always had a great ass and for a mature woman, she still has the ass of a much younger woman. Surprising her with his sexual aggressiveness while she stood at the kitchen sink, she imagined him walking over to her to lean and push up against her while reaching up to cup her tits and finger her nipples in his big hands. As if his hands were already feeling her breasts and his fingers were fingering her nipples, her nipples became erect beneath her bathrobe.

If he touched her in such an incestuous sexual way, if he made the first move by feeling her naked body, even though she made the first move by standing in the kitchen naked, would she resist him touching her or would she welcome his sexual advances? She didn't know. How could she know until something like that happened? Certainly, with him being her son, she could never make the first move.

She continued ruminating in the delight of her sexual fantasy. She imagined him rubbing his instantly hardening erection against her naked ass through his pants. Then when she offered no resistance to him touching her and feeling her naked body, she imagined him stripping off his clothes and taking her right there on the kitchen table. In the way that the explicit sexual scene heated her sexual desire when Jack Nicholson had sex with Jessica Lange on the kitchen table in remake of The Postman Always Rings Twice, she always imagined Tommy taking her and making love to her in the kitchen. That sex scene inspired her sexual fantasies of her having sex with her son and she'd love to reenact that part of the movie as if she was Jessica Lange and her son was Jack Nicholson.

Obviously for her to think about having sex with her son and for her to think about walking around naked in front of him, routinely feverish between her hot flashes and her never ending horniness, she was going through the start of menopause. Forgetting about her sexual fantasy for now and until later when she was alone in her room, horny and needing to masturbate herself, quickly, she put on her white, terrycloth robe and called out to her son. Trying not to panic, she didn't know what made that loud noise and, making her even more nervous, not knowing who was here. Instead, donning her robe, with her lustful desire not feeding her enough to make her recklessly daring by walking around the house naked, she wished she had the courage enough to walk through the house naked while pretending that she thought she was home alone. Instead of her son, what if there was a burglar or an intruder in her house. Giving up the ruse of her sexual fantasy in walking around naked under the pretense that she thought she was home alone, she called out to her son.

"Who's there? Tommy?" Hoping he was home, she waited to listen for his response and when he didn't answer, she called out again. "Tommy? Are you home?" With the house so stilly quiet, nervous now that the noise was made by someone else other than her son, she called out again. "Tommy, is that you? Answer me please?"

She waited to listen before calling out to him again and before picking up her phone to dial 911. Allowing her horniness to overcome her fear of an intruder, maybe some good looking police officer would come to rescue her while she accidentally on purpose flashed him her tits by allowing her bathrobe to inadvertently fall open. Maybe some hot burglar would want more from her than just her silverware. Maybe he'd want her to give him hot sex before he left with her jewelry. Catching the burglar in her house and pleading for him not to hurt her, she imagined falling to her knees to suck the burglar's cock before sucking the cop who responded to the burglary.

"God, I'm so horny," she said out loud for no one to hear. "Tommy?" She called out again louder this time before picking up the phone to dial 911.

"I'm in my room," he said behind his closed bedroom door.

Thank God it was him and not a burglar, she thought while disappointed that there wasn't a hot burglar forcing her to have mad sex with him or a good looking police officer at her front door for her to flash while responding to the crime. Yet, when he was supposed to be on a Valentine's Day date with Jennifer, why was he home? He's never home. Is he sick? Was he in an automobile accident? For him to be home at this early hour, something must have happened.

Horny now, especially more so that her son was home and in his room, she thought again about flashing him. Maybe she'd deliberately flash him while making it appear accidental, something to give her fodder to masturbate over later. Maybe if she flashed him, she'd finally stop thinking about flashing him. Curious to know, she wondered what he'd do if he saw her naked. Nah, what was she thinking? He's her 23-year-old son, her baby boy, how could she flash her own son? What kind of mother would show her son her naked body? A hormonally horny mother, she thought while answering her own unspoken question. Even taking in account her screwy hormones, there'd be something seriously wrong with her for her to flash her son. Nevertheless, it was sexually exciting to think about flashing Tommy.

Getting a hold of herself, it's just her hormones and her ever present horniness controlling her sexual thoughts. In the way that her son had a date for Valentine's Day, she wished she had a date for Valentine's Day too. Being that it's been a long time since a man asked her out, she wished some man had asked her out for a romantic Valentine's dinner. In the horny way she felt right now, she'd suck him off in the restaurant. In the horny way she felt right now, she'd skip the meal and suck out his brains in exchange of him fucking her.

Surprised that Tommy was still home and thinking perhaps that he hadn't left to go out yet, she thought he had a Valentine's Day date with his girlfriend, Jenny. Girlfriend her ass. Fuck buddy is probably more like it. Figuring that they were and jealous that they were, she wondered if they were having deep, penetrating, hot sex. No doubt they were, she remembered when she was his age, a real slut, she couldn't get enough cock. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, with her older and him younger, definitely, he's getting way more sex than she is. Something she never envisioned happening, the barren part of her sexual life, she couldn't remember the last time she had sex. Feeling awkward dating with her son living with her, she needs a man. In the way that her son obviously has one with his girlfriend Jenny, she wished she had a fuck buddy too.

Before she was married, with her sexual fun too short lived, her exciting escapes and erotic escapades didn't stop until they came to an abrupt halt when she became pregnant with Tommy. Glad that her boyfriend at the time, Robert, married her, even though the kid turned out to be his kid, back then with her having so very many lovers at the same time, even she wasn't sure if Tommy was his. With Robert not only knowing but also being part and party to her wild, sexual reputation, she wondered if he ever suspected that Tommy wasn't his son in the way that she thought Tommy may not be his baby.

* * * * *

So odd that he wasn't out with Jennifer and having sex, she needed to know why her son was still home on Valentine's Day night, the most romantic night of the year. Still thinking about flashing her son and having him see her naked, she walked to his room. For a brief moment, she thought about walking to his room and opening his door while she was naked.

'Surprise! Happy Valentine's Day,' she thought to herself.

Just a thought, she'd never do that of course but it was sexually exciting to think that she would. Yet, hoping he was naked instead while masturbating himself on his bed, she wouldn't mind him flashing her his cock while giving her something to masturbate over later. It's been a long time since she's seen a hard cock. In the way she felt now, she wondered what she'd do if she saw his cock. Would she stare or would she behave in the way that a mother should and look away?

With her recurrent sexual thoughts in mind, she knocked on her 23-year-old son's bedroom door. When he didn't answer, hoping he wasn't decent, perhaps masturbating while wearing headphones, and with his erect cock was on full display while he stroked himself in hand, she turned the knob, slowly opened his bedroom door, and entered his room. Disappointed that he was fully dressed, he was resting on his bed with his forearm arm over his forehead and his eyes closed. Oh, oh, she didn't even need her mother's intuition to know that there was something wrong. Maybe he's not feeling well or maybe he was in a fender bender.

"What's wrong Tommy?" She paused at his door staring at him in the way she'd stare at any good looking, physically fit man who was nearly half her age.

Never thinking about her being a cougar, seemingly with her having sexual thoughts for her son, she was more than a cougar now. She was an incestuous cougar slut, if there was such a thing. With his sweatshirt and baseball cap strewn on the floor as if he had taken them off and thrown them down in frustration, she looked at his lean, muscled body in his tee shirt and jeans. He was so handsome. He was so hot. He was so sexy. And with eyes as blue as Paul Newman's, he was as blonde as Robert Redford in his day. Looking so much like his Dad when he was his age, she couldn't believe the resemblance. Allowing her imagination to take hold of her thoughts, she imagined she was looking at Robert nearly twenty-five years ago.

Unable to control herself and hoping Tommy was looking and he was, her way of being subtle, she squatted to pick up his baseball cap and sweatshirt. When she squatted like that, she knew she'd be showing what she so wanted him to see. A move of accidental albeit deliberate exhibitionism that she's practiced in front of her full length mirror for the UPS and/or FedEx man, her bathrobe parted from the waist down. With both sides of her robe sliding from her shapely thighs, she knew her blonde, trimmed pussy was totally exposed to him.

She couldn't believe she just flashed her son her cunt. Feeling so wicked in flashing her son her pussy, if he was looking and he was, she knew she was giving him a good look of her patch of trimmed, blonde fur. So wicked in her intentions, she was showing her son his mother's cunt. Sounding so much more inappropriate using the word cunt instead of pussy, it's oddly funny have some words carry more of a heaviness to their meaning.

If she had any doubts before about his family tree, she had no doubts now. Seeing him there like that laying upon his bed made her realize that Robert really was his father. In the way that Tommy looked now, he looked too much like his father not to be his son. Back then, she remembered always partying and always getting so drunk. If she wasn't sucking someone's cock, she was getting laid, even sometimes without her partner practicing safe sex.

God, when she thought about her inappropriate sexual behavior, so young and so naïve, she was so stupid back then. With her being so sexually promiscuous back then, she wondered if her son was the same, a whore like his mother was when she was his age. By him looking over when she purposely exposed her pussy to him, she wondered if he wanted her as much as she wanted him. It would be funny if he's been lusting over her in the way that she's been lusting over him. Maybe with her being such an exhibitionist, her son is the ultimate voyeur. A game she'd enjoy playing with him, she imagined sexually teasing him while he sexually tease her.

Back when she was his age, it was the high flying '80's with the economy at full bore. There was money to be made everywhere. If she wasn't drunk, she was high on drugs. If she wasn't naked and on her back, then she was topless and on her knees. When she wasn't sucking, she was fucking. Invited to so many parties because she was so hot, so sexy, and so ready to suck and fuck, she knew so very many men.

Unable to remember them all to count them all, she's had too many men in her past. She's had so very many cocks in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy, that she could have made a pile of money if she was a professional prostitute or call girl. Yet, instead she gave her body away for free. Compared to the way she is now, a domesticated, single mother living a boring life when her adult son returned home to the nest after graduating college, deep down inside, unbeknownst to Tommy, if only in her sexy thoughts, she was still such a whore.

Deep down inside, if there was a way to suck and fuck her son without having all of the guilt and experiencing all of the remorse, she would. Sometimes thinking that her sexual thoughts for her son were normal, she didn't think that she was a bad mother for harboring those incestuous thoughts and for having those sexual thoughts now that she was in his bedroom naked but for her bathrobe. If anything, she was just hormonally horny is all. If anything, she needed to get laid. If anything, she missed the attention that men paid her, especially all the attention they paid her on Valentine's Day. Her room was filled with Valentine's Day cards, flowers, and candy. Now with her facing her reality of being alone without a man in her life, with a couple of hairs that she found and plucked from her chin, she was just beginning to go through the change of life already. Too much too soon, she wondered if all the drugs and alcohol she did exacerbated her menopause.

"Nothing," he said. "There's nothing wrong. I'm okay. I just want to be alone."

Not like him to want to be alone when he was so happy and so full of life, she knew there was something seriously wrong. She looked at him and made a sour face while walking closer to him lying there on his bed. With him home on Valentine's Day night instead of him making love to his girlfriend, it was obvious that there was something dreadfully wrong.

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