tagMatureMom and the Bully Pt. 03

Mom and the Bully Pt. 03


It's been three weeks since David made it clear to you, that he WILL end up fucking your mom. You dreaded the weekends now. As David was always at your house. Your mom began changing her appearance and wore more revealing clothes, whenever she knew David was coming over.

She even started picking him up and dropping him off at his house. At first it was to "know where he lived. Then it was "to meet his parents". She'd always come back after dropping him off, looking worn out and disheveled.

You played it off as her giving him a tight very close hug that she always gives him. Which she always did whenever he came over.

One weekend in particular, you mom drove David home. Cause he "forgot something". You didn't see them until later that night. When they finally returned, she looked tired and content. David wore this big ol' grin on his face. At one point that evening, he boasted to you, that your mom straddled him in the front seat as they made out.

They parked the park in the parking lot of the school. Your mom reaches over and straddles him, looking into his hazel brown eyes.

"The game is next week right?" she paused after kissing him passionately.

All he could do was nod as she dove in to kiss him again.

"I-I've been thinking," she stammered out, "it's not fair for you to get only blowjobs, handjobs and seeing me naked."

She sucked on his earlobe, running her tongue along his ear canal. He had in the meantime hiked up her skirt and was squeezing two handfuls of her big soft ass.

"I'm willing to try something...sexual," she paused, "I mean more sexual with you."

He stopped groping her ass and was taken aback by what she said next.

"IF you score three touchdown in next week's game," she leaned over to his ear, "I'll let you...I'll let you fuck my ass."

"That's the only thing we'd do sex wise," she stated.

Then kissed him some more. Breaking their kiss to to continue.

"Untill I'm ready to lose my virginity to you that is." she chuckled.

He smirked at her before they got into the backseat and really got into their make out session. The car fogged up as they tore off their clothes and made out with her straddling him. His cock touching her pussy as they kissed.

It's the big game and everyone is excited. Your mom came dragging you along to watch David play. She cheered as he tackled an opponent, jumped up and down as he made a touchdown. Booed as the other team scored a touchdown. David ultimately kept his word and scored three touchdowns. Your mom's eyes went big. David eyed her in the crowd and pointed at her. She blushed and got up to leave. You followed behind her confused.

You get to the car and get in the front passenger seat. Just as your mom was about to leave, David walks up to the car and she puts it in park.

They start chitchatting about the game and she gushes with awe at how great he was. He whispered something in her ear and she nods hesitatingly. She bites her lower lip and turns to face you.

"David is coming over to our place tonight," she said, "its already the weekend and his parents are out of town, he also lost his house key."

You instinctively get into the backseat with a sigh. David gets into the front seat next to your mom and she drives the three of you home.

Your mom ordered pizza for dinner. She continued talking with David even after the pizza was gone. Around 11pm, you felt yourself getting tired and tell your mom you're going to your room. You could have sworn you saw David smirk at your mom as you said that.

As you walk up the stairs to your room, you heard him say rather quietly, "so about your promise-" only to get shushed by your mom.

"Shhhh not so loud!" she urgently whispered, "what if HE heard you?"

You got curious and head to your room. Making sure you pretended to close your door. But really it was the main bathroom.

There was a considerable silence in the living room. David finally spoke.

"Anyways about your promise...can we still do it?" you heard David say.

You hear your mom sigh.

"(Siiigh)...I suppose...we can...I'm not sure how it'll feel though. I mean will it even fit back there?" came your moms reply.

"I'll be EXTRA careful with you...can we do it now?" David said excitedly.

"Wait until later on David...when HE is fully asleep. Don't want him hearing...us and me screaming." your mom said nervously.

"Wait? Wait for what? I hope she's not going to do anything with him." You think to yourself.

Then there was nothing but the sounds of giggling and laughing. You guess they started watching something funny on TV. You close your door silently and fell asleep, as soon as your head hit your pillow.

After you fell asleep, your mom and bully were in the middle of making out downstairs. She began taking off their clothes, pressing her nude body against his muscular body. He started kissing her neck, pushing her playfully on to the couch. Then started to kiss down her body. Sucking and biting her pink areolas. Feeling her squirm under him. He kissed her sensitive navel button, running his tongue over it. She gasps out loud. He then gets between her legs and she relaxes. She never had him go down on her before. This was something new. Her sex glistening her vulva and clitoris. She felt his breath there and shivered.

Then she cried out, as she felt his wet tongue in her. She placed her hand over her mouth to muffle her cries of passion. He pulled at her lips with his teeth gently. She started grinding her pussy against his face. Getting off on him pleasing her with his mouth, instead of his hand. Which she didn't mind, but she liked his tongue there too.

After a few minutes of him eating her out, her body tenses up.

"I'm about to cum!" she said huffing and puffing.

Her eyes went wide and she quickly covered her mouth to muffle her moans. Fearing that she would wake her son.

"Yeah fucking cum!" encouraged David.

She screamed into her hands as she came violently. Squirting all over his face. He pulled away and gently slapped her pussy, which caused a second geyser of her cum to shoot out of her. Landing on the red carpet.

She slouches against the couch afterwards, basking in her afterglow. She noticed him stand between her legs and press his erection against her spasming pussy. Slowly rubbing it against her opening.

"Not there David! My ass not my pussy! Wait til later hun!" she managed to say in a urgent whisper.

He obliges her and forces her mouth around his cock. She began sucking it, slowly tugging at his heavy meaty balls as her tongue coiled effortlessly around his thick shaft. He groaned loudly and started thrusting into her mouth.

She started gagging at this and then soon relaxed. She felt his cock push deep inside her throat. She held him there, making loud sloppy slurping sounds. Her eyes widened as she slowly pushes him back inch by inch. His cock covered in thick slimy saliva, that dribbled down her mouth and chin.

They laugh at this. Then she pushes him back onto the couch and kneels between his legs. Her breasts softly glazing over his thighs as they french kissed. She pressed her breasts against his cock afterwards.

"Fuck...my tits baby!" she said huskily to him.

She's getting used to swearing during their foreplay. It made her excited somehow.

"Pretend it's my pussy that you want so bad," she continued, "I want you to fuck them and shoot your cum on me!"

He held her by her arms as he thrusted against her breasts. Both indulging in their foreplay, both moaning with each thrust. Eventually she started to feel his cock tense up after half an hour later of fucking her breasts. She licked her lips lustfully, waiting for his spunk. Then he arced back and grunted loudly.

"Shit!" he bellowed out.

Thick roped of hot cum shoot out of his tip. It splashed against her chin and drizzled down her neck. Some shot on his stomach.

"Shhhh," she said smiling afterwards.

"Sorry," he replied, "felt fucking awesome!"

"I know it did," she said sensually to him, running her hand along his cheek.

She started cleaning every bit of cum off her body and his. Savoring his flavor like she always does. Soon after, it was all gone. She sighed leaning against him on the couch naked.

They stayed in that position, her leaning against his defined chest on the couch. When she finally got up, it was time to get her ass ready for him.

She had to keep her promise to him and told him to head upstairs to her room. They walked quietly by your room and continued to hers. She instructed him to wait on the bed. She then took a long satisfying shower and made sure her ass was clean. She shivered at the idea of allowing him to fuck her anus

"What were you thinking girl?" she scolded herself.

After she made the promise, she bought a bottle of anal lube. Buying it at the adult store in town. Making it easier for him to slide into her ass. Even though his size would still hurt her, she knew would get better in time. She sighed and exited her bathroom. She saw him laying on her bed, hands behind his head relaxing. Waiting for her to get ready.

He turns to look at her and smirks.

"Get over here." he said.

She walked over to him and stood over him. Her heart was thumping in her chest. He kissed her and like before, it seemed to melt her. He stood up and got behind her. She bent over her bed, spreading her legs open. She whimpered as she felt him apply the lube around her anus. Then gasped as she felt his cock press into it.

She winched with pain, feeling inch by inch of his huge cock pushing into her ass. She bit her pillow to keep her crying quiet and clenched at the sheets as he continued to push. Finally a few minutes later, he was fully in her ass.

She turned to look at him.

"Well what are you waiting for?" she said inhaling a sharp breath, "fuck me!"

He tried to pull back. It felt like her ass was not allowing him too. He pulled with both hands on each of her hips and got a few inches back. Then thrusted forwards. She cried out.


Those sounds woke you up. You checked your clock, it read 3:30 in the morning. You fell back asleep.

"Ahhhhh-ahhhhhh-ahhhhh," the sounds came again.

It sounded like someone was in pain or crying. It came from your mom's room.

You opened your door and crept up the hallway to your mom's room. The sounds were more clear.

"AHHHHH-AHHHHH-AHHHHHH-OH!" your mom cried out.

That definitely sounded like your mom was in pain. You knock on her door.

David and your mom freeze. Both huffing and puffing. David looked at her annoyed.

"Tell him to go back to bed!" he hissed.

Your mom tried to focus on words, but was still in a bit of pain. She heard you call out.

"Mom you okay in there?" you said through her door.

David continued pushing in and out of her ass.

"Ummmm-everything is fine sweetie," she said, "uh-uh-uh just my s-stomach hurting bad...OH! Ah! Shouldn't have eaten that pizza tonight. J-just g-go back to bed...okay? Do that for me sweetie."

She then focused all her attention back to David and his big cock sliding in and out of her ass. It started to hurt less and became easier for him to pull out.

You wiggle the doorknob, only to find out it was locked. Why?

"Mom why is-" you try to say.

David got irritated again and was about to pull out of her completely. She didn't want that and didn't want you ruining their intercourse.


David stopped thrusting and looked at her.

"You keep fucking me!" she said in an angry whisper, "I'm starting to get used to it-FUCK ME!"

You never heard your mom swear before. But know that when she raised her voice, it meant law. You instinctively go back to your room. Not more than five minutes later, those sounds came back. It was mixed with her bed squeaking steadily.

David pushed her fully on her bed and started thrusting heavily. Her whole bed squeaking steadily.



She couldn't hold back anymore and came.


What the hell was going on in her room? The sounds kept going until 4:30am. Then nothing. You tried to get back to sleep, but found it impossible.

The next morning, you didn't see your mom until late afternoon. You noticed that she was walking funny and took forever to sit down. David saw this and chuckled. She gave him a dirty look that meant to him "don't you dare!"

You tried to ask what was going on last night, only for her to shoot you a glare that read "don't you dare bring it up!" You stare at your hands, trying to come up with something to say.

"Summer is coming up soon," said David mostly to your mom.

"Yeah?...and your point?" she said irritably.

"Do you want me to fix that pool for you?" he said.

David pictured her in a thong bikini and blowing him under the water.

Her face beamed up instantly as he said that.

"That's right," she remembered, "you wanted to help us with the pool."

"I'll start as soon as summer begins." David told her.

"Be prepared to wear your swimsuit." he continued.

You saw your mom blush at this.

"For you... I'd wear something VERY special." she said to him.

They both chuckled at their own private little joke.

Your mom tried to get up from the table struggling. David helped her up and lead her to her room.

David lays her on her back. She looks at him flushed. She knew he wanted something.

"Does it still hurt?" he asked her.

She flicks his forehead, then runs her hand along his cheek affectionately.

"What do you think dummy!" she chuckled, "the pain will pass."

He gets up to leave. She held his hand. He turns around.

"Stay here," she whispered smiling.

He goes to her door and locks it. Then walks back over to her and gets on the bed beside her. She snuggles up to him. Running her left arm up and down his torso. Then slowly goes down towards his zipper. She pulls out his flaccid 5 inch long cock and slowly strokes it.

"Thank you...for last night." She said to him.

"For what?" he replied getting out of his pants.

She went back to stroking him and playing with his balls.

"For being my first...in anal sex. For taking my backdoor cherry." they chuckle again.

"That'll be our thing until I'm ready." She kisses him.

He smirks as she kisses her way slowly down his chest. Bending over his waist and places his cock on her mouth.

"To think," she said popping it out of her mouth, "this monster was in my ass last night...bareback."

"Thank God you showered after we were done." she placed his cock back in her mouth.

She continued to suck him and cup his meaty full balls. Squeezing them as she worked his cock. Thirty minutes later, she felt him tense up and her cheeks ballooned up. She squealed and took her mouth off his cock. Spitting some of his thick cum into her hand. Swallowing what was in her mouth before sucking what was in her hand next.

"Oh God," she said leaning back down on her pillow, "I love the taste of your cum and your beautiful cock."

"My turn" David said.

He gets on top of her. Laying between her legs as they kiss. Then he kisses down her chest. He takes off her nightgown and tosses it by her door. Then goes back to her heaving breasts, sucking on them. She moans and closes her eyes.

He starts to kiss down her stomach, kissing her naval button. Then takes off her panties, smells them and tosses them by her nightgown. She lets out a loud moan as she felt his tongue lap at her pusdy. She slowly places her legs on both of his shoulders. Giving him a better access to her. She gasps as one of his fingers go into her swollen ass. Feeling it slide in and out of her, as he tongues her clitoris. She held his head against her pussy as she squirmed.

"Oh fuck!" she whispered, "baby you make me feel so good!"

She began hyperventilating as she came. He didn't stop. A second orgasm came out of her. Then a third. She laid there totally mind blown from her intense three orgasms. She sighs contently.

"Want to try something new" he said getting back next to her.

"What's that?" she said excitedly.

"Straddle me and place it in your ass." he demanded.

She got on his chest and grabbed his hard cock. Then slowly inserts it into her ass. She gasps and sits up. Closing her eyes as inch by inch of his cock slides into her now stretched ass. Sighing contently as she reached his base.

"Now fuck me!" he slaps her ass.

She starts grinding on it. Moaning as he continued slapping her ass. Then started humping against his cock, pumping it in and out. Her bed steadily squeaking with her movements and his thrusts. He places his hands under her ass cheeks. Both now getting lost in fucking.

"Does it feel better?" he asked.

"Oh much better than last night. Now we got a new position." she said after a long moan.

Sweat pours down their bodies as their tempo increases.

"I want to be behind you now" he said.

"Okay" she got off him with little effort.

She got on all fours and he kneeled behind her. Then reinserts his cock back in her gapping ass.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass again" he stated awhile later.

"Fucking give it to me!" she said encouraging him.

Then she felt it. She felt his cock twitch and felt warmness shoot inside of her. They both collapse in a heap on her bed. She on her stomach and him on her back. He continued to slowly thrust his cum into her. Both panting and glistening in the moonlight casting upon her window. Illuminating her room in a semi bright glow.

He slips out of her and rolls on his side. She hears him breathing heavy. She rolls on her back with much effort and feels his cum slowly seep out of her. She smiles dreamily and falls asleep.

David left the next day. Your mom didn't come out of her room the whole day. But as you fell asleep last night, the same sounds came again. You covered your ears and tried to fall back asleep.

When your mom dropped you off at school the next day, you found out ( David was boasting to his friends loudly) that your mom allowed David to fuck her ass whenever he wanted. That she was no longer a backdoor virgin and his plan to fuck her pussy THIS summer.

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