tagIncest/TabooMom at the Bachelor Party

Mom at the Bachelor Party

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over eighteen.

My friend Tony got his girlfriend pregnant and has to marry her. At the last minute, some of his friends threw together a bachelor party at Tony's mom's house while she was out of town. Being a teenager himself, Tony still lives at home. Tony lives on my block, and his mom and my mom are friends, and so I hang out with Tony, even though he is a little older than me.

I had no trouble sneaking out of the house to go to the party, because my dad was out of town, my brother and sister were staying with my aunt, and my mom went to dinner with some friends from work. There were about twenty guys at Tony's. Some were friends of mine from school, and some were guys Tony's age, including a few I knew from the neighborhood. There was a keg and some bottles of booze open in the downstairs family room. I slowly sipped a cup of beer, drinking being new to me.

I'd heard of bachelor parties that had strippers and such, but none of us, even the older guys, knew where to find hookers or strippers out here in suburbia. One guy did bring a couple of VCRs of porn, and that's what was playing on the TV. So, we sat around drinking, smoking cheap cigars, and talking crude about the girls on the video. It was a fun, horny group of guys.

I was in the bathroom when I heard a familiar female voice from the family room. I opened the door a crack, and saw the tall brunette figure of my mom standing at the bottom of the stairs!

I stayed inside the bathroom with the light out, and listened to Mom talking to Tony. Someone had thought to turn off the VCR and turn on some music when they spotted Mom, but there was no hiding the booze. If Mom came looking for me, I was in deep shit.

"Hey, Tony," Mom said, "Sorry to crash your party, I was looking for your mom."

Tony said, "She's visiting my aunt for the weekend."

Mom just kind of looked around at the guys and the booze. She had a strange smile on her face. "Oh. I just stopped by to see what she was doing. I was out with some friends having drinks, and I thought your mom might want to have another drink with me."

As I watched Mom, I realized that she looked like she had been drinking quite a lot. That would explain the smile, and her louder-than-usual tone of voice. I was just glad that she wasn't here to get me, and hoped she'd leave quickly.

But instead of leaving immediately, Mom just stood and said "hi" to Jeff and Chad and the other guys that she knew, which was most of them. She asked what the occasion was, and Jeff said, "We're having a bachelor party for Tony."

"Oh. Oh!" Mom said, smiling. She looked at the booze bottles and keg, and said, "You look like you're well supplied. Mind if I have a drink?"

Chad said, "Uh, no. Help yourself." Mom walked over to the counter and poured herself a large glass of brandy, which surprised me, as I never see Mom drink much. Mom was sort of weaving a little as she made small talk with Tony and Jeff and Chad. While they were talking with her, Ray walked behind her, checked out her ass for a minute, and started chatting with Mom. His body language made it look like he was hitting on her. All of the guys seemed to be staring down at Moms tits. That didn't surprise me, considering how horny everyone was getting watching the porn. And it was far from the first time I had seen my friends looking at Mom's big tits. Mom's 5' 10", so her melons were always in our faces while we were growing up. Plus, Mom's pretty nice looking, and she looked particularly good tonight.

Mom's brunette hair just covered most of her ears, and her earrings dangled down from her lobes. She has a pretty face with very kissable lips, I think. Her large tits looked even bigger than usual in the tight clinging white blouse she was wearing. The thin material seemed to form to her skin and bra. Her black denim pants seemed painted on, too. Although her stomach isn't as flat as younger women, the way the seam of her crotch appeared to be getting sucked up into her pussy, puffing out the lips on either side, was real inviting.

Mom seemed to be enjoying the attention. And instead of trying to get rid of my mom, my friends seemed to be encouraging her to stay. Chad even took her glass and poured her another drink without her even asking.

As mom gulped her second drink down, she said, "Well, I should be going and let you get on with your fun. Do you have strippers coming over?"

"No," my friends replied.

"Aren't you supposed to have strippers at a bachelor party?"

Chad said, "We don't know any strippers."

Mom laughed and said, "That's too bad. I'd be your stripper, but you boys don't want to see a saggy old lady like me."

I'd never heard mom talk that way before. But then I'd never seen her drunk before.

My friends all grinned, and Jeff said, "Umm, don't be so sure of that."

Mom laughed and said, "Would you stick dollar bills in my waistband?"

"Yea," they all agreed.

Mom giggled some more. She started dancing a little in place to the metal music that was playing. The guys stood back and watched her big tits bounce. "I've never done a striptease before. In college me and my girlfriends mooned some people once when we were drinking." Not surprisingly, I'd never heard her discuss that.

All of the guys were smiling and drooling at my mom as she danced. "You can moon us if you'd like" said Tony.

Mom put her drink down, turned around, shook her ass at the boys, and got a sincere round of applause and a few hoots from the horny bastards. All other conversation in the room stopped, and twenty guys were watching my mom. To my shock, she unsnapped and unzipped her slacks, and quickly pulled them down, along with her black panties, and stuck her bare ass out! She gave one quick shake to her naked white cheeks, looking back with a smile, and pulled her pants back up again, but not before I got a glimpse of her pubic hair between her legs. Mom gave an embarrassed grin and giggled as everyone cheered and howled.

I stood in the dark watching, shocked and embarrassed, but also getting aroused, because I've wanted to see my mom naked for a long time, and never have. Mooning a bunch of guys less than half her age was the sluttiest thing I've ever seen, but the sexiest.

Mom snapped her pants again and faced her crowd, saying, "OK, where are the bills?"

Tony and Ray and a few others took dollar bills out of their pockets, and stuffed them into Mom's waistband. Mom thrust her hips out to meet their hands, and let them slide into her tight pants.

Ray and Tony clapped and yelled, "More!" and others joined in.

Mom had a big grin on her face as she pulled her blouse out of her waistband, letting the dollar bills fall to the floor. She pulled up on the blouse to reveal her bare midriff. She teased the boys as she danced, letting them holler and whistle and encourage her. She pulled the blouse up higher, revealing her large white bra. She let go of her top, letting it rest above her bra. She put her hands in the air, and shook her tits.

The guys in front sat on the floor right in front of my mom. Others were sitting in chairs and a couch, and the rest were standing behind the chairs. Several guys held up dollar bills, and others yelled, "Take it off!" Mom waved them off at first, but when they continued, she crossed her hands, grabbed her top, and pulled it up over her head. She let it drop to the ground, and shook her tits as she danced. Her tits were hanging out of the top and sides of her bra. Her big cleavage bounced in and out of it.

Tony and Ray reached over and stuck bills in her waistband, letting their fingers glide over her bare midriff.

Mom leaned over and shook her cleavage in Ray and Chad's faces. Ray responded by holding up a bill to her chest. Mom arched her back more, and let Ray slide his dollar, and his hand, halfway down into her bra. She let several more guys do this, and each got to put their fingers on part of her bare tit flesh. I was hard in the dark, wishing I could be one of the guys touching her, but glad to be able to watch this.

Mom unsnapped her pants again, and slowly wiggled them down her hips, exposing the front of her black panties. She pulled her slacks off of her long thighs. As she leaned way over to pull them off of her feet, she lost her balance and stumbled a little. I thought her cleavage was going to spill completely out of her bra.

Mom didn't exactly look like a professional dancer, but it was real sexy watching a woman her age thrusting her hips in and out in her bra and panties. She was mimicking an old-fashioned burlesque stripper, putting her hands on her hips and grinding. The guys took more bills (actually, the same ones that fell out of her slacks), and stuck them into the front of her panties. They made a point to stick their hands real far inside her panties. Mom giggled and slowed down, letting them get their cheap feels. When Tony stuck his bill in, he pulled the panties down far enough that I got a glimpse of some pubic hair.

Mom turned around and shook her panty-clad ass at the guys. Her panties were conservatively cut, but had ridden up a little to reveal part of her white ass, and it jiggled as she danced. A couple of guys stuck bills in her panties again, getting feels of her ass, and pulling the panties down enough to expose the top of her crack.

Mom reached up and unhooked her bra. She turned around, holding the bra up with her arm. She slowly pulled each strap down with her right hand as she held her cups up with her left arm. Finally, she let the bra drop off of her chest and fall to the floor. Her huge white tits spilled out and bobbled freely. The pale globes had just a slight hang to them, but they looked great to the roaring teens. Each dancing mound was capped with very large areolas, which were very dark compared to her pale skin, and long thick nipples.

Mom threw her shoulders back, thrust her chest out, and shook her tits as wildly as she could. They flopped and danced in all directions, sometimes in unison, and sometimes in opposite directions. She bounced up and down, and her flying tits almost hit her in the chin, then crashed back down nearly to her navel. She leaned forward and let them hang in the faces of the guys sitting on the floor. I stood in the dark bathroom rubbing my hard dick as I watched. Shit, were they big! Hell, just her areolas were bigger than my ex-girlfriend's whole tits, but not out of place on Mom's huge jugs.

With more dollar bills being held out, and guys hollering for more, mom grabbed her panty waistband, and slowly tugged them down. As she slid them down beyond her hips, then down her thighs, everyone cheered at the sight of Mom's thick, wide, brown triangle of pubic hair, sticking nearly two inches out from her flesh. Her tits hung straight down as she pulled her panties off of her feet, and nearly fell down again as she stepped out of them. She spread her legs, bent her knees, held her fists in the air, and ground and shook naked for my friends' benefit.

Mom turned around, put her hands on her knees, and shook her ass in their faces. Some of the guys were only a few feet away from her butt, and even from where I stood I could see her ass flesh jiggle and wobble and shake. It was a hot sight.


Jeff got up from his wooden chair, set the chair next to Mom at the front of the room, and, with the help of some other guys, coaxed Tony to sit in the chair facing the crowd. Jeff started hollering "Lap dance for the groom!" in Mom's general direction, and others echoed him.

Mom stood in front of Tony, with her back to the crowd, and danced. She bent over, and shook her tits right in his face. Tony stared at them with a big grin, while the others cheered.

Mom spread her legs, straddled Tony, and lowered herself down. She wrapped her thighs around Tony, sitting on his lap, and shook her tits inches from his face. She took his hands and placed them on her hips. She thrust her hips in and out, dry humping him. Tony thrust his crotch up, and seemed to be rubbing his slacks-covered cock on her pussy. He moved his hands around to Mom's ass cheeks, and when she offered no objections, he squeezed them hard, as her ass humped in and out. Mom inched forward and rubbed her right tit against Tony's left cheek. Tony then leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Mom's long nipple. The other guys whistled while Tony suckled her big tit and wide areola. He burrowed his face into her cleavage, then sucked on her right nipple. He moved his right hand off of her ass, and grabbed her left tit and fondled it.

From my angle, Mom looked like she was really enjoying herself. Her hands were all over Tony's shoulders and chest. God, I had no idea that Mom was such a horny slut! She seemed like a completely different woman than the one I live with.

Mom stood up and started working on Tony's pants. She forcefully unsnapped them, unzipped them, and yanked down on his pants and boxers. His hard cock sprung out, sticking almost straight up. Mom reached down and stroked the red unit a few times as Tony continued fondling her tits. Mom turned around, now facing the rest of us, with her back to Tony. She arched her back and shook her ass in his face for a minute, while the rest of us watched her smiling face and hanging tits. She lowered her torso down, and grabbed his dick between her legs. She slid his shaft along her pussy hair. Tony had his hands on Mom's hips as she sat on him and teased his cock with her pussy.

Mom was tickling Tony's cock head along her slit. Suddenly, Tony thrust up just as Mom slid down, and Tony's cock just disappeared inside of Mom's cunt! Mom had a surprised look on her face, like she wasn't expecting it. But she didn't stand up or take it out. She just settled in on Tony's lap and took the whole length in. With Mom's legs spread wide open, I could see her pink pussy, and Tony's red shaft sliding in and out. Mom's eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she rose and lowered her torso, like she forgot anyone else was there. Tony had his hands up over Mom's tits, squeezing the flesh through his fingers.

It got strangely silent as they fucked. I could hear mom whimpering as all of my friends intently watched them. Mom quickly started moaning and squealing, then fucked faster and faster. Her eyes were scrunched closed, while Tony had a grimace on his face. Mom let out a squeal, jiggled all over, and then fell back onto Tony. She blinked her eyes, looked at the other guys, and stood up, releasing Tony's gooey dick from her twat.


Immediately, Jeff, sitting in a chair just in front of Mom, whipped out a ten dollar bill and a hard cock and said, "Can I get that too, Mrs. Hewett?"

Mom smiled at him, silently took the money, and lowered herself down on Jeff's lap, facing him. She grabbed his cock, aimed it at his pussy, and fell onto the pole. Mom and Jeff both had big smiles, while the other guys pulled out money and shouted that they wanted some too.

"OK," Mom said loudly, "I'll try to get to all of you if I can." Jeff grabbed her ass and tits as Mom squeezed her thighs around him. Mom humped him quickly, leaning forward and making out with him. She arched her back, and Jeff buried his face in her tits and sucked. Chad and Ray already had their dicks out and were standing on either side of Jeff, vying to be next. Mom looked over at them, grabbed their cocks, and stroked them.

I couldn't see much now as my best friends crowded around my fucking Mom. Then Tony came into the bathroom to clean up, and saw me in the dark.

"I thought you left," he whispered. I just shrugged and stepped out of the bathroom and stood in the back of the room.

It didn't take long at all for Jeff to cum, and Mom got up and sat on Chad's lap backwards. She fucked my friend while stroking two more cocks. I moved up to get a better look. Ray stood in front of her with his cock in her face. Mom leaned forward, and wrapped her lips around his cock, causing more cheers from the guys. I could see Mom's lips stretched around Ray's cock as she had Chad's cock in her pussy, and two more cocks in her hands. A couple of other guys were reaching in and playing with her tits.

At this point I could have snuck out the door, but I wanted to stay. I still had some mixed emotions about my mother acting this way with my friends, as well as cheating on my dad, but I had always been proud of the way she looked, and had fantasized about her myself. I wanted to watch, and wondered what she would do if I stepped forward and confronted her.

When Chad came, Mom got Ray to lay on the carpet on his back, and she straddled him, sliding his cock up into her pussy. With her legs spread wide around Chad, the others crowded around her, their hard cocks out. She stroked two more, and then took Louie's dick into her mouth as he stood in front of her.

I moved forward and pulled out my dick. Some of the other guys looked at me quizzically, but said nothing. Louie came in Mom's mouth in a matter of seconds, getting cum all over Mom's lips and chin. Barry took his cock out of Mom's left hand and stuck it in her face. Seeing her left hand free, I moved in and placed my hard cock in it. Mom grabbed it, then looked over at me. She registered surprise on her face, and released my cock.

She smiled an embarrassed, intoxicated smile and said, "Hi, Joe."

I simply said, "Hi, Mom," and placed my cock back in her hand. She took a good hold and started to stroke it, and returned to blowing Barry. I watched my mom's long fingers, with her gold wedding band still on, slide over my cock. I reached over and started playing with Mom's big left tit. I lifted the heavy melon, massaged, squeezed, and jiggled it, and pinched her nipples. It felt every bit as good as I had imagined. Other guys' hands were all over her body, as she fucked, sucked and stroked us.

When Barry came in her mouth, I stood in front of Mom's face, thrusting my cock at her lips. She looked up at me, smiled, and then placed her lips over my cock. I could feel her tongue encircling my head like it was an ice cream cone, before she settled in to sucking in as much of the shaft as she could. She bobbed down on it, and sucked back firmly, making a slurping sound. It was the best feeling I'd had at that point in my life, and I let out an audible moan. I put my right hand on the back of Mom's head, and ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked me.

Ray finally came in Mom's pussy, and Mom stood up in order to let Ray up. She looked around at us and asked, "Who's next?"

A bunch of us, including me, stepped forward. Mom gave me an unsure look. Behind me I heard Jeff say, "Joe's next!"

"Yea, do Joe next!" echoed Tony and Chad.

Mom looked down at my saliva-covered hard-on standing straight out. She looked over at an empty part of the big table that held the booze bottles. She sat her butt on the edge of the table. She took my hand, led me between her legs, and laid back. I aimed my throbbing member at her wet slit, and slowly slid it in. Most of the other guys knew they were witnessing a son fuck his mom, and gave us space as I started thrusting into her. It was the greatest feeling in the world, feeling my virgin cock engulfed by Mom's warm, slippery pussy. Mom's big jugs were hanging just slightly to the sides, but mainly stood straight up on their own. They jiggled and bobbled all over as I thrust hard into her, and I pumped harder just to see them shake more.

The others crowded around us. Some made comments like, "Yea, Joe, fuck your mom hard!" It turned into a drunken chant of twenty guys saying, "Fuck your mom, fuck your mom! Motherfucker, motherfucker!"

I slapped hard and rapidly into her as her thighs jiggled around me. My friends were crowded around the table watching me fuck my clenched-jawed mom.

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