Mom at the Bachelor Party

byGeorge VI©

Mom started panting and moaning again, and I was getting ready to cum. Mom closed her eyes and scrunched her nose, moaning and squealing. She started grunting with a sound I'd never heard her make. I shot my jism into her as she writhed and jerked and grunted.

We both relaxed, and I slowly pulled out of Mom. The other boys cheered and patted me on the back. Soon most of them returned their attention to Mom, who had unsteadily stood up, but was already bent over the table and getting fucked from behind, and engulfed with hands and cocks.

The gangbang lasted maybe another two hours. Mom managed to get to everyone, but was exhausted when she finally finished. I helped her find her clothes, and we went home together.

We had a nice conversation about the night. She said that she had no intention of that happening when she went there. She was drinking with younger co-workers who were flirting with her and giving compliments on how good she looked tonight. She has been attracted to many of my friends, particularly Tony, she said, and when they started giving her attention that everything just happened.

She said, "Of course you won't tell Dad what I did."

I said, "If you don't tell him that I had sex with his wife." She said she enjoyed having sex with me, and would do it again if I wanted to. I said absolutely, and we slept naked together in Mom's bed that night.

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