tagIncest/TabooMom Can't Refuse

Mom Can't Refuse


Karen Albers was restless as she stood at the kitchen sink looking out at the dreary winter weather. She thoughtlessly rinsed off a plate and put it in the dishwasher. Her mind was occupied with more important matters. Would the decorations be up in time? Would she have enough food? How long will he stay? Will he want to...

The yapping bark of her dog cut short Karen's thoughts.

"Molly! Quit it! They can hear you down the street," Karen shouted.

She slammed shut the dishwasher and moved to the oven, putting away a couple of baking pans that were on top. She thought of him again, but this time she was less worried about her preparations and more interested in why she loved him. She visualized his body with the muscular arms and chest. She remembered the feel of her hands on his abs and sleek waist and strong legs.

"Damn it, Karen," she scolded herself. "He's so much younger. What makes you think he'd do it again."

Then Karen was back at the sink, looking out the window, but only seeing his rock hard cock and his beautiful, throbbing erection in her hand. Her lips parted involuntarily as she thought about taking him in her mouth again and feeling the warmth on her tongue.

Molly barked again and she ignored it.

One of Karen's hands slid inside her jogging pants. She was already wet when her fingers slid over her pussy and between her legs. She spread her legs and leaned over the sink slightly, pushing her ass out in anticipation of the finger about to slide inside her body.

She sighed as it penetrated her and she thought back to when she first felt his cock enter her. Karen used her moist finger to rub her clit, softly at first and then harder with each surge of pleasure that ran through her stomach. She clung to the edge of the counter and felt her hips rhythmically push forward each time she plunged her finger back inside her cunt.

Over and over she repeated the process, her moans growing louder by the minute. Karen thought she heard the dog behind her and she paid no attention. She only thought about him. Her Steven. Her lover.

Karen's head tilted back as she prepared to cum. Suddenly, a hand was on her chest. Two hands; clutching at her tits.

She shrieked and turned her head, feeling a body against her ass.


Karen began to pull out her hand, but Steven, a 21 year old athlete, applied strong pressure on her forearm and kept it inside her pants.

"Don't stop," he told her.

He moved his hands underneath her t-shirt and slid up her body until contacting the undersides of her tits.

"Were you thinking of me, Mom?"

She nodded. "You scared the shit out of me."

"Do you always masturbate in the kitchen?"

Steven's hands had his mother's tits completely engulfed, kneading them roughly and pulling on the erect nipples.

"S...sometimes," Karen stammered.

"Finish. I want to hear you cum," he said into her ear.

Each time he touched her nipples Karen felt her pussy tingle. Her finger hesitantly returned to its place and began massaging her clit once again. Steven had her shirt pushed up so that her breasts were exposed and Karen wondered how long the shirt would remain on. Steven's hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass and Karen fought the urge to reach back and grab it.

It took a minute or two, but once again she was on the verge of cumming. By then the shirt was off, causing only a momentary delay in her masturbation as it slid up over her arms. Karen concentrated on her pussy and clit as Steven pulled down her pants. Once she was naked and he was pressed against her once more with his hands manipulating her tits, she was ready.

"Oh God, Steven. I'm going to...oh my God! Yes! Yessss!"

"Cum for me, Mom."

Karen's body shuddered as the first orgasm began. Two fingers slid inside her this time and Steven heard a series of gasps when he left one hand on her tit and put the other on her clit. He squeezed his mother's nipple and clutched at her tit while rubbing her clit as fast as he could. Karen's breathing was fast and uneven as her body reacted to each new sensation.

Steven enjoyed the feeling of her naked body in his arms as he reached around her. He kissed her neck and anxiously waited for when he could have one of her tits in his mouth. Meanwhile, his cock grew harder and harder, pressing against his jeans as he rubbed it against her ass.

Karen was sure a second orgasm started immediately after the first. The multitude of fingers in and around her pussy and on her tits was enough to keep her cumming for a long time.

"Yes, Steven. Right there. Harder!" she urged him.

She finally gave in to the temptation and reached back for his crotch. Instantly, she felt the outline of his cock. She rubbed it furiously as her orgasm began to subside. Then another hand was on hers and she heard a zipper open. Within seconds, the undeniable feeling of her son's cock was on her hand. She gripped it tightly and felt it twitch with pleasure.

"I want to fuck you again, Mom. Just like before," Steven said quietly.

Karen didn't speak. She simply moved the cock into place at the entrance to her dripping wet cunt. All the nights she had spent dreaming of him couldn't match the moment. All the times she came thinking of his cock in her couldn't match the reality.

She felt the head enter her, followed by an incredible stretching of her pussy as he slowly pushed the rest of his erection into her.

"Ahhhhh, Steven," she murmured under her breath.

He pulled nearly all the way out and then more forcefully drove forward. Karen groaned.

"Tell me what you want, Mom."

"I want you, Steven."

"Tell me," he demanded.

He was fucking her more rapidly. His jeans were coarse against her ass with each thrust. Karen didn't answer.

"Tell me!"

"God, Steven," Karen said timidly. "I want you to fuck me."


"Fuck me, Steven. Fuck me harder!"

There was urgency in her voice now and Steven returned the favor in his actions. He pulled his mother closer to him and slammed his cock into her with reckless abandon. The sound of Karen's juices surrounding Steven's cock filled the kitchen, combined with their moans and groans of delight.

Their first and only encounter had been fast and furious. Karen wished for more but Steven's pent up desire for his mother made it impossible. Soon, he was ready to cum.

Without further words, only a guttural sound from Steven, his orgasm began with a long, warm blast of cum into Karen's cunt. Another quickly followed. And then each thrust produced a smaller and smaller spurt of cum as Steven continued to fuck his mother. They could barely stand by the time Steven shoved his cock into her for the last time and held her close, feeling the muscles of her cunt tighten around his shaft.

"Merry Christmas. I'm home," Steven said.

"I noticed," Karen replied.


Karen Albers was an exceptionally good-looking forty five year old woman. Short blonde hair framed a delicate face featuring blue eyes and sensuous lips. Jogging kept her body as trim as possible, but middle age curves were appearing, much to the delight of any man who saw her.

Her only child was born twenty-two years earlier and Steven had always held a place close to her heart. He was too much like his father for his own good. Only a few inches taller than Karen, he was handsome and playful.

Mother and son were always close. It was only in the past year that their mutual desire for each other was acted upon. Steven had been home from college for the summer. Karen, who worked part time at a non-profit agency, got to see him a lot. Her husband, an executive in the insurance industry, travelled extensively and Karen and Steven found themselves alone most of the time.

Having lived in a fraternity house for more than two years, Steven was used to wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts around the house. Karen, living by herself most of the time, seldom gave a second thought to how informally she dressed at home. The result was inevitable considering the feelings Karen and Steven had for each other and the amount of time they spent thinking about each other.

Karen was the first to comment on her son's attire. She did it in the tone of a mother, but her body reacted like one of his many girlfriends. Then Steven gained the confidence to comment back and the mini-war began to see who would cave in first to more modest attire. To their surprise and delight, the opposite occurred.

It was early one morning when Steven walked past his parents' bedroom, only to bump into his mother as she came out. She wore a football jersey that scarcely covered her ass.

After apologies and a long stare from Steven, Karen said, "I guess I'll have to remember to finish dressing with you here."

"Why? I like that," Steven said, motioning to her jersey. "Anything under it?"

"Steven! Stop it."

"I'm serious," he said. "Go like that all morning. I like it."

Karen, of course, didn't have a great desire to argue with him and wore the jersey and small panties the remainder of the morning. She felt a shiver every time she walked through the same room as him. A couple times she was certain he had a view of her ass as she reached for something. She also was certain the front of Steven's shorts contained an ever-growing bulge. The sight of it excited her, but she never seriously thought she would advance beyond the imagination stage of seeing his cock.

By noon Karen had managed to make her panties damp more than once and Steven considered locking himself into his room to relieve himself. Their shared frame of mind was kept secret until a second chance encounter in the hallway started a chain of events that would change them forever.

This time, it was Karen who met an unsuspecting Steven.

"I don't suppose you were cleaning that room," she said.

Steven shook his head. "Nope. Not without your help."

"I'm done helping you anymore," she replied, peeking into the bedroom. "How bad is it?"

She stepped around him to get a better view and they brushed against each other.

"The usual," Steven answered. "Have I ever left it that way when I leave?"


Steven stood directly behind his mother, half in and half out of the bedroom. As was the case all morning, his hands desperately wanted to reach out for the bottom of her jersey and feel the soft skin underneath. Karen abruptly turned around, unaware that he was so close. They stood face to face and inches apart.

"Does it pass?" he asked innocently.

Karen's stomach churned as she looked up into her son's face. Her eyes dropped to his well-developed chest and broad shoulders. She wanted to...but, no. She couldn't.

"Yes, it passes. This time," she said.

Karen kissed Steven on the cheek.

But he blocked her escape with an outstretched arm. Their bodies touched. His hands were on her shoulders before she could react and his face came to hers. Their mouths touched. Instinctively, Karen parted her lips and they kissed. Steven pressed harder and Karen moaned. He held her tighter and the kiss became more emphatic. Their tongues met.

Karen attempted to pull away, but only symbolically. She managed to speak a muffled 'No' before willingly continuing the long, sensuous kiss. They wrapped each other in their arms with Steven's hands groping at the top of his mother's ass. He pulled up on the jersey and felt the silky panties. He clutched at them and squeezed her flesh.

Karen was satisfied with feeling the hardness of his cock against her stomach. She was pleased he reacted that way to her, but refrained from touching him. Each time Steven pulled up on her ass, she rubbed against him harder.

Just as the kiss was ending, Steven moved a hand up the front of Karen's jersey. She didn't know if she was happy the hand was outside the shirt or not. As it approached her tits, she imagined it on her bare skin.

Steven stopped at the first contact with the breast. Karen's head was turned aside on his chest.

"No. Please, Steven. Don't," she begged.

He complied and held her closer.

"OK," he said softly. "Not this time."

Karen sighed. "There won't be another time. We can't."

Steven backed away slightly, leaned down, and kissed her again passionately. His hand lightly brushed across her tit and he recognized the hardness of her nipple.

"We'll see," he said as he separated himself from her and slowly shut the bedroom door.

Karen was nearly in tears as she walked on trembling legs to her own room. Once the door was closed, she reached down and felt the soaking wet panties.

"Damn it."


It was mid-afternoon before they found themselves in the same room again. Steven had a t-shirt on over his shorts and Karen had changed into a light sweater and jeans. What little conversation they had did not concern the earlier incident. However, it was not far from the center of each of their thoughts.

Karen's half-hearted attempts to stop it and her feeble statement that there would not be 'another time' didn't go unnoticed...by either of them. The atmosphere remained filled with sexual tension as the day went on. Knowing they would be alone for another full day didn't help matters. Or did it?

Dinner was uneventful, albeit quieter than normal. Karen eventually joined Steven in the family room afterwards and found the courage to sit on the same couch as him. The conversation centered mainly on the show they watched, until Steven broke the ice.

"Are you mad?"

Karen winced. "I'm not mad, Steven. I'm, um, disappointed."

"In who?" Steven asked while looking over at her.

Karen shrugged and said, "Both of us."

Steven said, "I thought you kind of enjoyed it, myself. Maybe you could tell that I did."

His small smile caused her to, weakly, try to hide her grin. Karen's eyes mechanically fell to his lap, and then quickly shot back up.

"It was nice. We shouldn't do it again," she said with authority.

Steven stared at the TV without paying attention to it. After a moment, he turned to his mother and said, "If two people..."

"We're not just two people," Karen interjected. "You're my son."

Steven moved down the couch until they were within an arm's length of each other.

"And if my mother is beautiful and sexy and I..."

"No! Don't say it, Steven. Don't say it, please."

Her lips trembled and her voice quivered. She was both attracted to and repulsed by his proximity.

Steven continued, "And I find myself thinking about her all the time and it excites me..."


Karen began to get up, but Steven grabbed her arm too quickly. He pulled her down and over so that she sat awkwardly on the couch at his side. He put his mouth on hers and forced Karen onto her back. He was half on her as they kissed.

Like the first time, Karen's mind struggled with the choice of escaping or surrendering. Steven settled the argument with two actions: placing one leg between hers and placing a hand on her chest. His leg made it impossible for her to rise, and his hand reminded her of why she craved her son.

Steven put his palm on her breast and, even through the sweater, recognized that she was braless. Her caressed her and tugged on the nipple, only to hear her distinctive moan. All signs of resistance seemed to leave her and Steven moved his hand inside the sweater.

At the same time he touched her breasts, he said, "Stop fighting it, Mom. Enjoy it just once."

Steven felt his cock harden while he put his fingers around her firm, round tits. They were not large and he took pleasure in being able to hold each one almost entirely in a single hand. He pressed his knee against her pussy and Karen squirmed underneath his body.

"Lift up your sweater," he said in a soft voice. "Let me taste you."

Karen mumbled something he couldn't make out amid her moans. She hesitated for several seconds, but Steven's continuous massaging of her tits ended all of her opposition. Karen reached for one side of her sweater and slowly lifted it so that a good portion of her stomach was exposed.

"Higher," Steven said.

Karen couldn't look her son in the eye as she pulled the sweater a little farther. She felt one breast being uncovered. Steven smiled down at his mother, who finally looked at his face. Another small movement of her hand and Karen uncovered her tit.

"Both of them," Steven demanded.

The sweater was lifted to the bottom of her neck and Steven had access to both beautiful breasts. He wasted no time in lowering his head and placing his lips on one nipple. He kissed it. Then the other. Then Karen gasped loudly as Steven put his lips around a nipple and began licking it and biting it lightly with his teeth.

Steven instantly felt the nipple harden. He eagerly put as much of the tit in his mouth as he could and began sucking on it noisily. Karen's entire body responded with short little quakes of excitement each time her son's tongue touched the most sensitive ends of her tits. He slid completely on top of her, putting his legs between hers and pressing down so that his rock hard cock brushed against her pussy. Steven continued sucking her tits, but smiled at the feeling of Karen pushing her body up against his.

Karen was barely able to think straight as Steven pushed the sweater up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. He attacked her tits for another thirty seconds before sliding down her body, licking all the way from her tits to her navel and to the top of her jeans.

The ability, or desire, to stop him had all but drained out of her. Steven unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zipper and Karen could put up only the slightest fight. He slid the pants down her legs and added them to the growing pile on the floor. Steven lowered his head once more and kissed his way up Karen's thighs, over her pussy and to the top of her panties. Then he slid them off.

Karen looked up at her son with large, questioning eyes. She was frightened and extremely horny. Surely he wouldn't go much farther. He'd gotten her naked and that's all he...

Steven's mouth was back on her tit. He sucked furiously at the nipple and then moved to the other tit. Karen couldn't control her moans despite the internal reprimand she gave herself. She spread her legs underneath him.

That sign was all Steven needed. He moved down her body. He stopped when his face was above her pussy. He licked all around the outer edge of her short, neatly trimmed hair. His tongue moved to the pink, moist slit that was his final destination.

Karen cried out in surprise and attempted to squirm away. Steven used both hands to hold her in place and slid his tongue up the wet path between the folds of skin that protected her clit. He purposely avoided the clit before moving back down and putting the tip of his tongue inside her cunt.

"No. Not there," she begged.

Steven thrust his tongue deeper.

"No! You can't...oh God."

Karen spread her legs farther apart. Steven put his hands on her ass and pulled her up. His tongue fucked her faster and deeper while her body rose and fell in his hands. Karen's groans grew louder.

When Steven pulled his tongue out, Karen relaxed for a second. Then her entire body stiffened as it felt his tongue on her clit. He immediately started to lick and put his lips around it. He sucked the hard clit until Karen's ass rose from the couch and her back arched to allow him even better access.

Several times he put his tongue back inside her cunt before returning to the clit. Each time she was wetter and his licking had greater effect.

"Steven, you have...to...stop," she said with an increasingly faltering voice. "Stop before...before...I...oh God please."

He had no intention of stopping. He felt her body on the verge of an orgasm. Her breathing gave away her craving for more. He sucked on her clit harder than ever.

Karen clutched at the hair on the back of Steven's head as the orgasm began. She cried out and drove her pussy against his mouth, pulling him down onto her even closer. His tongue and lips stabbed at the swollen clit and juices began to flow over his chin. Karen thrust her hips up as if fucking her son's face. She moved one hand up to her tit and massaged it roughly while she came.

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