tagIncest/TabooMom Helps Me Find True Love

Mom Helps Me Find True Love


A mother-daughter, brother-sister love story in 11 short chapters. 18-year-old daughter is inaugurated into a family tradition of incest, very willingly, for she's already fucked (and fallen in love with) her older brother at her 18th birthday party and turns out to be a natural in bed with mom. We end with what I hope is a very erotic, romantic, realistic, long threesome. Narrative and storytelling takes precedence over intensity in places, but hopefully, patience is rewarded, especially at the end. Enjoy. I love and value feedback.


1. Janine gets "the talk"

"Ohhh... Mom. Oh GOD." Janine threw her head back, gasped and groaned. Her mother, Jackie, hungrily devoured her daughter's left tit, massaging the right nipple as she did so. Janine's fingernails dug into her mother's bare back, and her sopping pussy humped her leg.

Her mother grabbed the back of Janine's head and moved up to kiss her mouth. "We should--" kiss-- "go--" slurp-- "into the bedroom." Punctuated by a hard, sexy, sloppy tongue kiss. Janine's mind reeled. She humped harder, caressing her mom's back and the back of her head. Their make out session continued as best the women could manage as they stepped over discarded clothes and made their way upstairs to Jackie's bedroom. The women bounced off the walls of the stairway as they walked up, mouths connected and hands roaming.

In the bedroom, grabbing her mom's shoulders, Janine fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Jackie down on top of her. Bare breasts pressed together, the women kissed and felt. "Mom," Janine breathed. "This is all so... unbelievable." Then a sigh into her mother's mouth.

Jackie cupped her daughter's face in her hands, looking her in the eye. "Believe it, baby," she said. "I'm going to show you." Her hand felt its way down her daughter's naked body and Janine shuddered and cooed in response.

It had started innocently enough, Jackie initiating a discussion about sex. "Mom, I'm 18," Janine said dismissively. "Oh, believe me, I know," Jackie had said, weirdly, Janine had thought. Jackie then told her daughter what she was finally old enough to know: Her family, Jackie's side of it, anyway (Janine's dad had left years ago), had a lot of incestuous sex. Of course, any incestuous sex was a lot, to Janine, but really. A lot.

This revelation, as much as it threatened to short circuit Janine's brain, made a lot of strange things make sense all of a sudden. Jackie, Janine and her older brother Brian would visit Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary as a family occasionally, but there were several times Jackie would go "visit Uncle Dan" by herself. Where's Aunt Mary? Janine or Brian would ask. Out of town, Jackie would answer offhandedly.

When Janine and Brian were young, Grandma and Grandpa would come over, and occasionally -- more than occasionally, now that Janine thought about it -- Grandma would watch the two of them downstairs while Jackie and Grandpa seemed to disappear upstairs for an hour or more at a time. Or, Grandpa would be downstairs and Grandma up. Once, to keep Brian from running upstairs to tell on Janine, Grandma had bolted up and announced they were going for ice cream. After herding the excited kids into the car, Grandma drove around for fully 20 minutes, searching in vain for a place that served ice cream. They settled for McDonalds.

These memories had flooded back to Janine as her mother carefully but confidently explained how most of society thought this whole arrangement was wrong, and no family member ever participated or even knew about it until they turned 18, and then only if they chose. "Mom, I'm 18," Janine heard herself saying moments ago, and she shivered.

Then she thought of her brother Brian, three years older. Since he'd started going to college three years ago and moved into a campus dorm room (the university was only 20 minutes from home), he and her mother had been "meeting for dinner" someplace quite often. A couple times Janine had come home, heard bumps and thumps upstairs and seen either her mom or brother come down, followed minutes later by the other... my God, she thought.

"My GOD," she exclaimed, writhing below her naked mother on her bed. Jackie had run a finger up her sopping wet slit as she kissed and sucked on her neck. Sliding down Janine's body, Jackie gave her tits more loving attention as her finger lolled over her daughter's clit. Janine was wracked by spasms of pleasure.

Janine felt as though she should do something to reciprocate the incredible sensations her mother was giving her, but also remembered her mom would "show her." And she was owed an explanation. Janine spread her legs wider beneath her mother and her pussy rose in the direction of her mother's face, making its way down her body. Her fingers tangled in her mother's hair.

As her mother slid even further down, she whispered, barely audibly, "God... beautiful." This excited and made Janine happy. Janine anticipated that incredible tongue lapping at her pussy, and she sucked in air through her teeth. To her frustration and delight though her mother instead planted soft kisses on the inside of her daughter's thighs, and her finger, slick with pussy juice, poked softly at Janine's sphincter. Sparks flew in Janine's head. She thought she might pass out.

2. The birthday party

She had passed out, a couple months before, after her 18th birthday party. Not her official 18th birthday party, that had been on her birthday, attended by mostly family, all of whom had seemed strangely... expectant, now that Janine thought about it. But no, the party she had passed out at had been her unofficial one, the following weekend, the one with her friends, at which there had been drinking and probably a few joints. Her mom had been... well, there were a lot more possibilities now, weren't there? But she said she'd been visiting her own aunt, a few hours away, for the weekend.

Her brother Brian woke her and told her he'd seen her friends off. Still buzzed but more at attention since she realized she'd passed out at her own party and had missed some time, she thanked him for herding everyone who was left out as she dragged herself to a standing position. She surveyed the "damage." She asked if Josh, the designated driver, had been sober, and was relieved when Brian said he was. "He helped get everyone moving," he said.

"I don't suppose you'll help me clean up, too," Janine had said, smiling sleepily.

"We can leave it till morning," Brian had said. "Mom won't be back till late. And yes, I'll help." Janine smiled again. It was nice of Brian to be so helpful.

She scowled. "You're not gonna tell mom, are you?" she asked through a pout.

That was when, if she remembered right, and she'd gone over it and over it in her mind to the point where she was pretty sure she did, Brian encircled her in his arms from behind and breathed a kiss into her ear. She had flushed and scowled again and tried to move away. Brian had held her close and begun kissing her neck. Despite herself, Janine cocked her head to expose more neck and sighed.

"Are you drunk, too?" she asked softly, accepting all this like it was a dream.

"A little," he whispered in her ear. He felt her tits through her shirt. Now she turned around in his arms to regard him, puzzled. He brushed her long hair from her face as she scowled still, and softly kissed her. She thought, up till the moment their lips met, she would shove him away and ask him what the hell he thought he was doing, but instead she pushed her tongue out between her and his lips and kissed him back, firmly, wetly.

Those first moments, the moments of seduction and decision, were the ones she remembered most clearly. The rest was a tangle of naked bodies, a sharp, brief pain when her brother penetrated her, his spunk -- at least a gallon, it seemed -- on her belly and tits, her brother's face in her crotch as she writhed, grunted and whined, and finally, coming in torrents with his hard dick in her ass, gripping the headboard of the bed till her fingers hurt, the bedsprings creaking violently. She remembered "happy birthday, Neenie" as she fell back asleep, naked in his arms.

She had had a couple months to process these memories and had decided it was a drunken, one-time birthday fuck that neither would have participated in (at least with one another) sober. They both seemed to make an effort the next day and afterward to act normal. In the time since, Brian had only been back home a few short times. Now that school was out -- she and her mother were having sex on the occasion of her high school graduation, a few days before -- he might be around more. She found herself more excited about that than anxious, now.

3. It all makes sense now

Her mother had worked a digit all the way into her asshole, up to the second knuckle, and began to frig her there as she continued to lick her thighs. Janine realized she might come without so much as her pussy being touched. "Mom... mommy, ohhh..." she croaked.

Then, as if activated -- turned on? -- by those words, her mother's mouth covered her incredibly slick cunt and lapped and sucked like a machine, her finger still playing with her ass. Her mother. Her mother! she thought, and that thought more than the physical sensations tumbled her over the edge. She shrieked and screamed her orgasm, her mother keeping her mouth firmly planted despite the bucking and writhing. She removed her finger and began to knead Janine's ass cheeks as she licked and sucked. Soon Janine was out of breath and could hardly make a sound, but the orgasm just wouldn't stop. "Mom! Mom!" she tried to cry. Her mother!

Her mother: There was one other thing a couple weeks ago that now, finally, made sense. There had been another party, this one Brian's with his friends. Mom was again away overnight. After Brian's friends had left, Janine had emerged from her room to find Brian splayed out on the couch, probably asleep (unlike her, he wouldn't pass out -- he had more practice drinking). She crept to him and nudged him a little to see if he would wake up. When that failed, she turned her attention to what was clearly a bulge in his pants.

Watching to see if he would wake, she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Nothing. She pulled down the waistband of his underwear, and his hard on sprang free, a tiny dot of pre-cum on the tip. Since her first time with her brother she'd given another boy a blow job, and with that experience in mind she took her brother's dick in her hand and jacked it up and down a couple times. Still he didn't stir.

She knelt down and, screwing up her courage, ran the tip of her tongue over her brother's dick head, tasting his salty pre-cum. She licked down the underside, and predictably the already rock-hard boner strained to get a little harder. She was about to engulf her brother's cock in her mouth when his eyes opened and he rose up on his elbows. He seemed alarmed.

"What... Neenie?" he said, slurring a little. She took his boner tenderly in her hand as she said yes. He withdrew, gently moving her hand away. "Mom hasn't talked to you," he seemed to half ask -- or at least she understood it as a question at the time -- and half announce.

"About what?" she said, puzzled and embarrassed. What about her mother?

He just shook his head, stood up and redid his pants. He smiled and kissed her on top of her head and walked away into his bedroom. You could have knocked Janine over with a feather, after the wanton way they'd fucked at her party -- what was different now, all of a sudden? Friends gone home, no Mom, at least one of them drunk. But she decided Brian was just too wasted to know what he was doing or talking about. She masturbated herself to two orgasms alone in her room, imagining Brian ravishing her pussy and her ass, and then slept soundly.

She and her mother cuddled naked, exchanging soft kisses. Janine was relieved the more she thought about it to know that she wasn't some weirdo, at least in the context of her family, for fucking her brother (and then trying unsuccessfully to blow him). Her mind still reeled at the extent of this... understanding in her family. And she was blown away with the knowledge that she'd had sex with another woman -- let alone her own mother.

"This is a lot to take in," Jackie said, stroking her hair, as though reading her mind -- though it wouldn't have been difficult to tell what she must have been thinking about.

"It is," Janine agreed softly, inexplicably blushing. What an earth could she possibly be embarrassed about, in her position?

"I don't know if this is your first time or not," Jackie said, caressing her arm, "but I hope you enjoyed it. You certainly seemed do," she said, smiling playfully.

"It's sure my first time... you know, with a woman," Janine replied. Almost unbidden her finger went up and began playing with her mom's nipple. Jackie's eyes shut and she sighed, before recovering. "Did-- do you and Grandma... do this?"

Jackie smiled. "It's funny you should ask that," she said, playfully again. The hand stroking her daughter's arm moved to her leg. "This," she said, pausing and thinking how strange it was to call it just "this," "this was all straight, you know, male-female, forever. Grandma had my Aunt Becky she grew up with, but they never touched one another, and never their mother."

Now Jackie seemed to blush. "It was my mother and me who 'started' this little tradition," she said, indicating their tangled, naked bodies with her eyes. Janine's eyes were saucers. Sure, it was one thing if Grandma and mom participated in this whole... thing, but to instigate it?

4. Jackie and her mother

"Tell me about it," Janine said, feeling a thrill like a voyeur. Jackie did. One night when Jackie was 19, still living at home -- she had planned to move out and live in the university dorms, but she decided to stay home and commute, for reasons her friends just couldn't understand, shortly after she turned 18 -- she and her father had had some particularly athletic sex. (I swear, we were vertical at one point, Jackie said with a laugh. Janine blinked dumbly.) By then she was using birth control, so when her father or brother Dan came on her tits and belly, it wasn't out of necessity anymore, it was just for fun. More often they just filled her cunt with come and she douched it out afterward. Her father was working a night shift at that time, and this all occurred shortly before he had to leave for work.

Her mother had been waiting downstairs for the two of them to finish. She probably hadn't been idle -- Dan was home -- but after her dad left her mom came upstairs to go to bed. Jackie hadn't budged. Her dad had been in a hurry to get going to work, and she'd just stayed in his bed wrapped in the sheets, leaking his come. She'd been waiting.

That spring -- this was July -- Jackie had met a girl at college, a girl she was almost instantly drawn to sexually. While neither considered themselves lesbians, they had discovered they each shared a, let's say, liberal view of sex. They were also competitive. Somehow, their forbidden attraction, shared sexual morality and competitiveness led them to a little recurring game where they would try and get the other to come. In public, in as inappropriate a setting as possible.

For example, whoever was having her pussy worked, say, under the library table as they sat side by side "studying" had to keep a perfectly straight face, so as to not attract attention. According to the "rules," she also had to come, not try not to -- no cheating by biting their lips, thinking of ugly, smelly guys, or whatever. They both got very good at making the other come with minimal visible effort, as well as coming quietly. (You wouldn't believe how handy a skill that is once there are kids in the house, Jackie told her daughter.)

Not to mention how good they were getting when they were alone and could go all out. Strangely, it never seemed like "sex" to Jackie. She'd decided that that was because she considered what she did with her family "sex," while Lisa was in the end a stranger. For her part, Lisa seemed to enjoy the hell out of it, but it seemed more like a substitute for sex with guys -- this was during the height of the AIDS scare, and Lisa, who was used to promiscuous sex, wasn't getting as much.

Anyway, having discovered the pleasures of girl-girl sex, the next logical step in Jackie's mind involved, of course, her mother. Why shouldn't they? Her mother was having sex with her brother; she was, too, as well as with her dad. She could understand Dan and dad not wanting to pair up, but her college experience taught her the reasons not to have sex with a woman were fairly convincingly overwhelmed by the benefits.

At first her mother didn't want to hear a word of any such thing. "Mom," Jackie had said, "that's ridiculous. What are you afraid of, breaking a taboo? That's stupid."

Her 40-year-old mother (she was 63 now! Janine thought. Does she still go at it?) wouldn't take that bait. "That has nothing to do with it," she said. "I don't happen to find women attractive. That's all."

Jackie put on a pouty face. "You don't think I'm pretty?"

She did take that bait. "Jackie, honey, no," she hastily said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "That's not it. We're just... wired one way, and not the other. What am I supposed to use? Some toy?"

Jackie exploded her "wired" theory by telling her about her girlfriend Lisa. Her mother, though shocked, clearly began to pay attention. "And believe me, you don't need a toy," Jackie said. "I've never used one, or had one used on me. Well-- wait. Once. But not by necessity. And it was in my ass, not my pussy."

"Jacqueline!" her mother scolded. But not with a lot of conviction. In fact, the word was slightly breathless.

"Mom, with Lisa I've discovered sex is something beautiful and enjoyable between any two people who trust each other and have affection for one another. And there is something in it for you, Mom." She moved her face to her mother's ear, blew in it softly then kissed it gently. "Because using nothing but the fingers, tongue and toes God gave me, I've gotten really, really good at making a woman come."

Shaking, her mother turned to her and they kissed, tentatively at first, then more frantically, devouring one another. Soon they were both undressed, and Jackie made her mother come five different ways, all with an earnestness born of love and devotion. And, she realized, something of a pioneering spirit. They were bravely trying something new and both wanted to make sure it was worth it and memorable.

By the time she'd come five times, her mom was evidently "rewired," too, and she ate the come that was left from her husband's fucking her daughter out of Jackie's cunt. It was more than Jackie could have reasonably expected, when she'd had to be talked in to even touching her -- but she had saved it for a reason. Just in case.

5. "He made me, Mommy"

By the time Jackie was finished with her story, Janine was squirming and nearly panting. Cupping her mother's face in her hands, she kissed her warmly and sloppily. Their tongues emerged and licked one another, and their lips and cheeks. Jackie's hands found her daughter's ass cheeks again and she kneaded, sending new bolts of sensation through her daughter. "Mom," Janine gasped, arching her back. Jackie rolled over on top of Janine and went down on her tits, one after the other, covering them with saliva. She strummed her daughter's nipple with her tongue, causing her to buck.

Janine rolled them over so she was on top, as her mother continued to kiss and feel. Her mom's legs wrapped around her and pulled her ass down till their pussies met. Then she began to grind back and forth, humping up at the same time like she was receiving a big dick in her cunt. Each woman's sopping slit sent jolts of pleasurable friction through the other. Wickedly stirred by the new sensations, Janine humped and slid back, chanting "fuck... fuck... fuck" under her breath. She was fucking her mother.

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