tagIncest/TabooMom is Dominant, Mom is Submissive

Mom is Dominant, Mom is Submissive


Here's something a tad different from my usual stories. I've never really tackled a BSDM Incest story, so I'll be very interested in everyone's comments. I'm not sure whether this will continue, perhaps your input will sway me one way or the other. As always, this is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidence. All characters exist only within the confines of my imagination. Enjoy!


Growing up, I never really saw anything odd with my parents' relationship with each other. They always seemed happy and in love. I grew up as a single child in a happy, loving environment. That being said, I can't deny that Mom and Dad had their personality quirks. Lots of neighbors and friends would make little comments about how Mom wore the pants in our family. And there was a lot of truth to that, Mom certainly was in charge.

Mom is a beautiful woman. At age forty-eight, she still turns heads as she strides confidently down the sidewalk or through the local mall. My mom, Victoria is tall, five foot, ten inches, and has a lean, regal appearance. Mom always works out with a vengeance and there is very little fat on her bones. She has incredible legs that she shows off with short skirts and shorts. Her waist is narrow and she has medium sized, firm and perky, breasts. Her straight black hair is cut in a longish bob, the tips curling inward to frame her flawless face. Mom has brilliant green eyes that can burn right through a person like a laser beam. Best of all is her lush, full lips that just seem made to kiss.

Dad is less formidable looking. He stands the same height as Mom, has a runner's slender build. My dad, Tim, still jogs several times a week. He has the appearance of a nebbish bookkeeper which is what he is. He is not a confrontational or decisive person and has been happy over the years to lead Mom take the lead. He's been a good provider and despite his nickname Timothy the Timid (given to him by an asshole neighbor during a drunken Christmas party), he is I think, a strong person. I know I can always count on Dad.

As I have already said, Mom is basically in charge. She pretty much decides what goes on in our home, picking out vacations, deciding who does what chores and even picking out Dad's wardrobe, but she does listen to our input. Still, end the end, there is no doubt that "Victoria's in charge," as Dad likes to joke. It was never something that troubled me and it never seemed wrong. Mom and Dad were happy and so was I. In truth, I admired my mom's strong will and drive. I aspired to be as strong a person as my own mother.

Now when it came to sex, again, I never really gave it much thought. As long as I can remember and understood, I knew my parents had a healthy and steady love life. Many times I can recollect hearing their impassioned moans and cries emanating from their bedroom and sometimes from the master bathroom. They taught me early on that sex between two people that cared for each other was perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Mom hasn't ever made a commotion about me occasionally masturbating in her panties, telling me just to make sure I put them back in the clothes hamper afterwards when she has walked into my bedroom without knocking only to discover me naked on the bed, with a pair of her silky underwear wrapped around my cock! Mom's smile told me that she was pleased that she could still make a young man's cock hard. Oh yeah, I've fantasized a lot over the years about my Mom.

Things changed the night my camping trip got canceled. I had just graduated from high school. A couple of my buddies and I were going to go camping upstate in the mountains, but as we drove up there, Deke's old Ford blew the transmission. Deke's Dad came up after us and arranged for the repairs upstate and then drove us back home. We were disappointed, but figured we'd get another shot in a week or so.

It was almost midnight when Deke's dad dropped me off in front of the house. I dropped my backpack and gear on the front porch and let myself in. I heard some noise in the den and saw that the lights in there were on. Figuring my parents were still up and watching a movie, I bounded into the room, saying, "Well, the trip's been canceled. That old car of Deke's blew up..." My voice faded into nothingness as I stared at Mom and Dad, seeing them as I'd never seen them before.

Mom was slouched down on the couch, her legs spread wide and her mostly naked body shiny with sweat. She was wearing a black corset-like garment that I later learned was called a "Black Widow," that left her breasts exposed and ended just above her crotch. In my head the word "WOW!" kept being repeated as I got my first really good look at my mother's pussy. Mom was blessed with the thickest, curliest pelt of black hair I'd ever seen in real life or in the fuck books I kept under my mattress. Her hairy bush was split wide as her long and thick pussy lips were spread, revealing glistening pink flesh. In one hand she held something that looked like a short whip with several leather strands at the business end

The real shock was Dad kneeling between Mom's legs, his arms locked behind him in some sort of shackles. His back was red with marks that I realized had been made by the whip. Dad's body was wet with sweat too. Dad rose up at the sound of my voice and I felt a little dizzy as I realized that the dripping wetness that covered most of his face was Mom's pussy cream. I was shocked even more when I realized he was wearing a dog collar, a leash attached and draped near Mom's free hand.

Mom, Dad and I all looked at each other for several seconds in absolute shock. What the fuck had I walked into? For the first time, I wondered just what Mom and Dad had been up to in their bedroom all these years! I was stunned that my mother and father were into anything kinky!

Then Mom smiled at me. "Welcome home, Thomas. I'm glad you're okay." Mom's voice was husky and breathless. I realized she must have been on the verge of orgasm or maybe coming down from an orgasm. Mom then turned to frown at Dad who was backing up. "Did I tell you to stop?"

Dad's eyes grew wide as he glanced over at me. "Victoria, we can't do this in front of our son."

Mom snickered and shook her head. "Thomas is eighteen years old. That makes him a man. It's high time he knew how things were. I think he can handle the truth now. Now get back to work, slave."

Mom turned back to me and gesturing over at Dad's easy chair, said, "Have a seat, darling."

"Mom? I -- um, I can leave, its okay." I stammered.

"No, Thomas, I want you to stay. I think you might enjoy this," Mom said cheerfully, as if she was suggesting we all watch a television program together. Then she turned to Dad who was still edging away, and in a cold tone I'd never heard before, said, "Timothy, if your tongue isn't buried deep in my cunt in the next five seconds, hell will freeze over before you ever touch me again." With a twitch of her wrist, she flicked the whip across Dad's back for emphasis, leaving light red marks like the others already streaking his back.

By now, Dad's face was bright red with embarrassment and shame. He quickly glanced at me and then with head bowed, nodded and said, "Yes, Mistress Victoria." I watched in total astonishment as my father pressed his face eagerly against my mother's pussy. Some part of my blown mind wondered idly how it felt to have Mom's thick pubic hair rubbing against your cheeks as you rammed your tongue deep into her wet twat.

"Sit down, Thomas. Your father is excellent at cunnilingus. You might learn something useful," Mom said in a teasing voice that was strained with the pleasure she was no doubt experiencing. Mom stretched, raising her arms above her head and arching her body, throwing her pelvis up against Dad's face, allowing him to get his tongue deeper inside her juicy cunt. Her breasts were exposed to best advantage and I enjoyed the view of her pert tits and her big round nipples thickened I suppose from my nursing on them as a baby.

Mom let out a long drawn out moan as Dad's head bobbed furiously. Mom glanced over at me, a lusty expression on her face. We said nothing for several minutes, Mom and I, we just watched each other. Even as Dad's efforts brought her to orgasm, her body quivering and stiffening up as the fuck sweat poured off her body, Mom said nothing to me, just smiling and grinning and gasping for air as her chest heaved.

Finally, her body relaxed somewhat, although she gasped, "Don't stop, slave, don't you dare stop, emphasizing her command with another lash of her whip. Dad mumbled something along the lines of, "Yes, Mistress," although it was muffled by pussy flesh. His body trembled with exertion, his muscles tense with long term effort.

Mom's breathing took on a more regular tone and she looked at me again. "Are you enjoying the show, son?" I nodded unable to speak. Mom looked pleased. "Your father and I met at a sex party, Thomas, a Bondage sex party to be exact. We knew from the first that we were meant for each other. Your father was a submissive even then and the first time I ever commanded him to eat my pussy, I knew I was meant to be his master. We've enjoyed this lifestyle ever since. All the years before you were born, we were into a lot of sexy, nasty things. Bondage, S&M, orgy parties. We were very active in the swing scene of this town. You'd be shocked at what goes on, son." She raised a suggestive eyebrow at me. "Or maybe you wouldn't. You are our son after all. You might just enjoy it."

Mom groaned a little, "Yes, that's it, Timothy. I like your tongue there. Please your mistress and she might just let you cum tonight." She shifted her hips a little and then continued. I could hear Dad's sloppy slurping as he ate Mom's pussy.

"Of course, we gave a lot of that up after you were born. Your father and I pretty much kept things in the bedroommmmMMMM," Mom shivered and slid her butt a little further out. "My ass, slave, get under me and lick my asshole right now!" Mom commanded my father.

Dad moved quickly, replying "Yes, Mistress Victoria," as Mom's juices literally dripped from his chin. He scooted under his wife, now on his back and nuzzled his face against her cheeks. It had to be uncomfortable for several reasons. His arms were still shackled behind his back and now I could see Dad's erection, standing stiff and waving in the air. His cock was swollen and purple and clamped with what I assumed was a cock ring. I'd heard about them, but had never seen one.

"Where ummmyessss -- was I? Oh yes. We pretty much keep our fun in the bedroom. You should see what we've done with the closets and all the naughty toys we keep there. The only time we come out to play is when you're sleeping over at a friend's or off on one of your camping trips. More tongue, slave," Mom said, slapping Dad's chest lightly with the whip.

"Any questions, son?" Mom smiled naughtily at me, her tongue running over her full lips. With Dad now beneath her, I was getting a perfect view of Mom's hairy and sopping wet pussy! I could feel my cock throbbing, a bar of steel aching to burst free from my jeans.

"Um...Dad really likes being um...?

"My slave?" gasped Mom as Dad worked his tongue a little deeper between Mom's ass cheeks. She gently ran the lashes of her whip across Dad's erection. "What do you think?" She laughed at my inability to answer her. "Yes, your father is a born submissive and quite the masochist to boot. Then Mom commanded, "Enough, slave!" and stood up. She looked like a wrathful goddess in her erotic outfit. "Stretch out, Timothy, your mistress desires to ride your puny cock!" She had picked up his leash and jerked him to his knees in one violent motion.

Dad moaned happily and knee-walked clear of the couch, coming to rest on his back in the middle of the floor, his cock waving in the air. "Thank you for the privilege, Mistress Victoria," he said in a subdued, but happy voice.

Mom straddled him and lowered herself into a squat, stopping just short of Dad's penis, her flowered cunt flesh almost kissing his cock. Mom looked up at me with that piercing green-eyed stare of hers that demanded truth. "Are you enjoying this, Thomas?"

Without hesitation, I replied, "Yes, Mom!"

"Is your cock hard, son?"

"Yes," I said in almost a whisper.

"Is it hard because of me?"

"Yes, Mom," I answered, my face burning as I suddenly began to blush.

Mom smiled, very pleased with my answers. "May I see your cock, son?"

I didn't answer, but simply stood up and undid my belt and shucked my pants and shorts off, letting them pool at my feet. My penis was proudly erect, almost slapping up against my stomach, it was so hard. Mom stared long and hard at my erection. I was secretly proud that it was obviously longer and bigger than my fathers. I really hoped Mom noticed that as well.

"That's lovely, Thomas. Isn't your son's cock gorgeous, Timothy?" Mom said, taking her free hand to tilt his head back to view my penis.

"Yes, Mistress Victoria. I am very proud," Dad gasped.

Mom again turned her attention to me. "Would you like to masturbate while you watch Mommy fuck her slave, your Daddy? Would you like to watch me fuck Daddy, son?"

"Oh, god, yes!" I blurted out. I almost came right there.

Mom looked happy with my response. "It would please your mother as well. Very well. Please enjoy the view, Thomas!" Mom lowered herself the rest of the way, taking Dad's cock in one swift motion. Mom's slender but muscular legs began to pump and down. Mom's eyes never left me as I sat back down and began to stroke off.

Part of me was convinced I was dreaming. I was jacking off in f ront of my mother as she watched me while she rode my father's cock. I couldn't take my eyes off Mom. She looked so incredibly sexy in her block corset outfit, sweat making her athletic body glisten. She rode Dad hard, bouncing up and down with abandon, making him grunt as she landed on top of his crotch, driving his cock deep inside her. Mom played with her nipples as well, pulling on the large, round rubbery tips and pinching them.

Dad groaned with pleasure and I suspect with pain. I wondered how long Mom had forced him to stay hard, denied the pleasure and relief of release. I'd never seen a cock look that angry before. Mom was already climbing towards orgasm, her pussy already sensitive from Dad eating her pussy. From the power of the scent of sweat and pussy that hung in the room, I guessed she'd had Dad pleasuring her for quite some time.

Overwhelmed by the mind blowing scene I found myself in, I was about to explode as well, I was struggling to hang on, not wanting this to end. Mom sensed my efforts and gasped out, "Thomas, do you need to cum?"

"Yes, Mom, I'm ummm getting close!"

"Will you do something for your mother, son?" Mom asked. "Will you do something nasty?"

Oh God! Just her asking me that question made me want to cum! "Oh yes, Mom! Anything you want," I almost sobbed.

"Stand up, darling. Come over to Mommy," she said, her own approaching orgasm evident in her voice.

I did, kicking free of my pants and shorts. I kept stroking my cock, trying to not cum. I stood in front of Mom wondering what she might ask. I wondered if one of my many fantasies about her was about to come true. Maybe she'd suck my cock or ask me to cum in her face!

"Thomas, I want you to cum in your father's face. Aim for his mouth, baby!"

Dad and I both gasped. I didn't see that coming. I opened my mouth to say I couldn't just as Dad managed to get out, "Victoria, no! This isn't ri-AUGGGH!" He stopped to cry out in agony as Mom lashed his chest with the whip, striking him so hard it raised welts!

"How dare you question me, you fucking dog!" Mom roared. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, slave." Mom took Dad's chin and tilted it up. "Timothy, you will catch as much of your son's sperm with your mouth and tongue as you possibly can or I'll tear your balls off and feed them to you. Don't you dare swallow a drop of our son's precious seed."

Mom looked at me, her anger with Dad evident in her eyes, mixing with lust as she whispered, "Do it, son! Jack off in your father's face." She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my wrist. She guided my hand up and down on my throbbing cock and with a gasp, I began to cum!

My first ejaculation actually splashed Mom across her tits and her anger changed to amusement and she guided me into pointing my cock downward and my second spurt splattered across Dad's face, striking his cheek and nose and across his lips and tongue. I felt dizzy as I saw a huge glob land perfectly on his tongue.

"Yessss," Mom cooed. "More, son. Feed your spunk to your father!" Mom's hand tugged on my arm, urging me onward. I groaned as the pleasure exploded in my cock and I ejaculated streamer after streamer of thick semen, splattering my father's face. My knees grew weak and I thought at one point that I might tip over, but Mom tightened her grip on my arm and it seemed as if she passed me some of her formidable strength to sustain me.

Finally, I had milked the last drop of sperm from my still mostly hard cock. Mom pulled me to her and kissed my cheek. "Go back to your seat, son. That was lovely!" she said. "Enjoy the rest of the show!"

I staggered back and sat down while Mom slowly moved up and down and Dad's cock, studying his cum covered face. She ran her fingers across her breasts, scooping up the sperm I had splashed her with. Slowly, as my father watched her, Mom licked my semen off her fingers. "Mmmmmm, it's delicious, Timothy, isn't it?" Mom murmured smacking her lips.

Dad could only grunt a reply, keeping his tongue extended, now coated with my spunk. His face was even redder now from the effort.

"You did your job well, slave," Mom said. "I will award you now." Mom rose until only the head of Dad's cock was inside her, her labia clasping the crown. My cock throbbed and began to revive at that erotic image. Reaching down, Mom flicked a fingernail over a latch and the cock ring snapped open and fell away from my father's penis. As Dad moaned with relief and need, Mom promptly slid back down his cock and said, "Slave, you may give your mistress your pitiful seed!"

Mom then leaned down and took Dad's tongue in her mouth, sucking it clean of my sperm. When their nasty kiss ended, Dad sobbed aloud, "Oh thank you, Mistress Victoria," and bucked his hips upward and began to cum. Mom cried out in orgasm and ground her crotch downward, taking Dad's dick deeper. As Mom shivered and convulsed in orgasm, she sloppily licked my semen off Dad's face. For several minutes it seemed as if they couldn't stop orgasming. By the time they seemed to calm down, I was hard again.

Still gasping for breath, Mom got to her feet, swaying unsteadily. She came straight for me, looking like some carnal feline stalking new prey. Mom had her evil grin as she came at me. I was amazed at how sexy she seemed. Her nipples were like large, ripe grapes, ready to burst and semen glistened and ran down her thighs, so much cum had been pumped into her by my father. Thick wads of Dad's sperm hung in her hairy muff and great glops of the thick whitish seed oozed from her open pussy.

Mom leaned over me and kissed me on the lips, her tongue faintly dancing across my lips, allowing me to taste myself. "Quite a night, huh, son?" she said in a laughing voice. "Looks like someone really liked this," she added as she briefly stroked my again stiff cock."

"I love you, Mom!" I said. I really didn't know what to say at this point.

I think Mom sensed my shock. "I think this is enough for one night, Thomas. Go to bed, darling and we'll talk later." Mom kissed me again, this time thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I almost came right then as I instinctively let my tongue begin to dance with hers. As Mom ended the kiss, she whispered, "I'm so proud of you, son!"

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