tagIncest/TabooMom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 05

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 05


Chapter Five - Call Me Elizabeth

"For the sake of salvaging our mother and son relationship and growing it into a more mature one, I'm just curious," she said with a sexually satisfied smile, as if he had just given her a verbal orgasm with his compliment, that no man would ever turn her down for sex. "Would it help to grow our relationship by removing the stigma of awkwardness and by eliminating some of our mother and son barriers, if we addressed one another differently?

"What do you mean, Mother?"

"Perhaps, if you called me Elizabeth, instead of Mom, Mother, and Mommy that may be a first step. I mean, you're a 22-year-old man now, Jason. Even though I love and find such motherly comfort in your endearments, you don't always have to call me Mom, Mother, or Mommy. From now on, call me Elizabeth," she said raising her chin and flipping back her lush, long hair, as if she was a woman he had just met.

"Maybe," said Jason. "Yeah, calling you Elizabeth instead of calling you Mom, Mommy, and Mother may help eliminate the barrier that we always have between us. Anyway, Mom, I mean, Elizabeth, regarding our mother and son relationship, as you will always be my mother, whether I call you Mom or Elizabeth, conversely just because some stranger is my biological father, that doesn't make him my Dad."

"Oh, assuredly and without doubt, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Only, where did that come from, Jason?" She looked at him with confusion. They had discussed all of this before and she had told him that, obviously, his father wanting nothing to do with raising him.

"Obviously, Mom, even though we discussed and I understood, it still bothers me that my father never contacted me. After wrestling with the hurt for so long, the man who impregnated you is just a stranger to me, as he is to you, now. I've given up hope of ever meeting him. Actually, after never having even met him, after all these years have passed, he's just some random man you had sex with the one time and--"

"Actually, he wasn't some random man, Jason. I had sex with him more than just one time," she said with a blush, while fingering her hair.

"Oh? I didn't know that. I just assumed that I was nothing more than a onetime accident."

In the way that she said that he wasn't some random man made him realize that maybe he was a man she already knew and had known for years. Already twisted with his incestuous thoughts over his mother, maybe the man who impregnated her was a family friend, a married man, or relative, but who?

"You're no accident, Jason. God put you here for a reason," she said giving him a loving look.

"Thank you, Mom. Sorry, I mean, Elizabeth," he said with a smile. "Since were on the subject, can you tell me something, anything more about him?"

"It was such a long time ago, Jason. Living in a rural area, there were more farm animals than there were people. He was just a man from my neighborhood and I loved him. Moreover, it wasn't just having sex with him the one time, as you assumed. We had a love relationship and not just a sexual relationship. Only, my relationship with him was more love and his relationship with me was more sex," she said with sadness.

"I see. I'm sorry to have brought this up again, Mother," said Jason.

Both mother and son paused, before Elizabeth broke their silence by speaking again.

"We had sex numerous times, dozens of times, over a period of weeks and months. Truth be told, in the rough and disrespectful way that he treated me, as if he was angry at himself and at me for him seducing me, I was his slut bitch. Nonetheless his lack of caring, I was always hungry for his big, hard, hairy--"

"Mother! Really. That's quite enough. I really don't need to hear anymore."

Now, with her explanation of how he came to be conceived, he took her at her word that his father was just some neighborhood man. Nevertheless, he still wondered how delicious that would be, if his mother had already been seduced by her father and by incest. Looking so much like his grandfather, he couldn't help but suspect that his grandfather was his Dad and his grandfather had been his mother's lover.

His grandmother had died, when his mother was young and Elizabeth had stepped into the role of caretaker for her father. Being that they lived alone in a rural area, he wondered what else she did for her father, other than the laundry, the cooking, and the cleaning. Maybe they slept in the same bed. Maybe giving him sex was her expected duty to do. Surely, her having sex with her father would explain why she ran away from home, shortly after he was born. With her no longer having anything more to do with her father, may give a clue that he was the one who impregnated her.

"Sorry, Jason. With all of this sexy and sexual talk, I got carried away. It's just so hot in your room that I don't even know what I'm saying," she said defending her personal, sexual disclosure, while fanning herself by fluffing out her blouse with both hands and inadvertently exposing more of her bra clad breasts to her son.

"Okay, okay, Elizabeth. I get the picture," he said figuratively, but wanting to say literally, when he saw more of her bra. "Anyway, after nearly twenty-three years later, whoever my father is, I'd think he'd contact you or me. I'd think he'd be curious to know about me and/or about you. He doesn't even know if you aborted the baby or had a son or a daughter. does he?"

"He knows that I had a boy," she said with sadness.

"He doesn't even know if you gave up the baby for adoption. He doesn't even know if I even exist."

"He knows that I kept the baby and that you exist, Jason. "

"He could be dead for all I know."

"I'm sorry, Jason. Always having my Dad in my life, always so very close to my Daddy, with one half of your identity a mystery, I can't imagine how incomplete you must feel having never known your Dad."

Afraid to ask her, but not wanting her to think him so perverted that he'd think that she had an incestuous affair with her father in the way that he wanted to have with his mother, suddenly Jason wondered just how close to her Daddy she was. Always too familiar with his mother, kissing her on the lips and patting her on the ass, he was always leering at her. When in her bikini, he remembered his grandfather taking longer than necessary to put suntan lotion on his mother's back and legs. Something that happened so very long ago, he remembered his grandfather standing in her bedroom doorway, while she changed into her swimsuit. Surprised that he remembered any of that and all of that, being that he was so young, it made sense to him now that they may have had an incestuous, sexual relationship. In made sense that his grandfather may be his father.

Now, he couldn't help but wonder if he was his grandfather's child. Wouldn't that be weird, if his grandfather was his father. Certainly, without doubt, that would explain his need to write incestuous stories. Now, he wondered, with his attraction to his mother, with him writing erotic literature, and with her reading all of his incestuous stories, if it was all because he and she had her father's perverted genes. Suddenly, he felt doomed to repeat his incestuous family history by wanting to have sex with his mother. Suddenly, wanting to break the incestuous cycle he no longer wanted to have sex with his mother. Yet, all he needed to change his mind and to renew his lust for his mother was just to look at her.

"Don't be sorry, Mom. None of that was your fault. You were young and in love. You didn't know he was a cowardly asshole, who couldn't face up to his responsibility," said Jason taking his mother's hand and kissing it, before leaning over to her to give her a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"Thank you, Jason, for comforting me and for understanding," she said returning his hug.

To be continued...

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