tagIncest/TabooMom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 08

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 08


Chapter 8 - "Do You Have a Favorite Incestuously Erotic Story About Me?"

"Do I have a favorite story about you? Yes, I do," he said without even having to think. "Only, I'm embarrassed to admit it," said Jason removing his hand from his mother's knee, while so wanting to tell her about the brand new story that he had just imagined.

"Go on, tell me, Jason. I'm curious to know, especially after I confessed which one of your stories is my favorite. Tell me which story is your favorite. We're both mature enough and close enough that we can discuss anything and everything, even sex. Don't be embarrassed. We've already openly discussed so much already," she said patting his knee. "Instead of thinking of us as mother and son, think more about us as a man and a woman, Elizabeth and Jason."

When she said, 'instead of thinking of us as a mother and son, think more about us as a man and a woman,' Jason wanted to push his mother down on the bed and mount her, while kissing her. Imagining stripping off her clothes, just once he'd love to know what it would feel like to fuck his mother.

"Well, to be honest, Elizabeth..." said Jason standing on the pretense of stretching.

Nonchalantly, he walked in front of his mother to see if he could see her panties in an up skirt view. Surprisingly, her skirt was short enough, raised up high enough, and her knees were parted open enough that he had a clear view of his mother's inner, shapely, creamy thighs and her bright, white panty. Even when her knees were tightly pressed together, she was a woman with the type of body that, when she sat in a short skirt, there was a triangular opening above her thigh that exposed her panty. Countless times he spied his mother's panties, when she sat wearing a short skirt, Whenever she was sitting in the living room or outside entertaining, he watched the eyes of the other men go directly to her crotch, knowing they were enjoying the same view of his mother's panties that he so enjoyed seeing and that he was enjoying now.

He always wondered if she knew she was flashing her panties. How could she not know? How could she be so oblivious to men's leering looks and stares? How exciting would that be, if she had been flashing them on purpose? How exciting that would be, if she had been flashing him on purpose?

Not wanting her to catch him looking, he stood far enough back that he could see all of her body, along with her big breasts and pretty face, at a glance, and not just her panty. Forcing himself to look away, he made eye contact with his mother, before losing his mind in the impression her pussy mound made in her panty and the impressions her nipples made in her blouse. Only, too late, with his mind running away with his imagination of seeing her naked, she caught him staring at both her panties and nipples. Now keenly aware of her son's antics, she scolded him for looking.

"Jason, you horny Devil," she said closing her knees, pulling down her short skirt, crossing her legs, folding her arms across her breasts, and turning a bright red. "Were you just looking at my panty and the impressions my nipples are making through my blouse and bra? Was Mommy inadvertently flashing you bits and pieces of her body?"

"Sorry, Mom. I couldn't help myself from looking. It's a habit," he said turning red. "When I saw your nipples make their appearance, especially after you read all of my stories, I became sexually aroused. Then, when I saw that your panties were exposed, too, I'm only human," he said with an unapologetic shrug.

"It's okay. I understand, Jason. You're at that age, where your hormones are controlling your brain," she said with a warm smile.

"Just as you said, you're a woman first and my mother second, well, I'm a man first and your son second," said Jason sitting next to his mother again, but not close enough to bunch up and raised her skirt again. "Looking at you is how I get the fodder and the inspiration for a new story," he said, while thinking about his new story and about his mother giving him and his three horny, friends forced blowjobs, while they fondled her big tits and fingered her hard nipples.

"Can you really see the impressions my nipples make through my bra and blouse," she said unfolding her arms to pull her blouse tight, while looking down at herself. If her nipples weren't obvious before, they were definitely more obvious now. "Oh my, you can. I'm so very embarrassed," she said, only this time, as if she was teasing him, without turning red this time.

"Sorry, Mom. I can't help but look, when you're showing. You're so beautiful," he said forcing himself to look away from the impressions of her nipples.

If he was sitting there with another woman, other than his mother, this is when he would have leaned in to kiss her. In the way she was returning his look, if she was sitting there with anyone but her son, no doubt, this is when she would have returned his kiss, he imagined thinking and hoping.

"Focus Jason, focus," she said folding her arms across her breasts again, when he was staring down her blouse. "We were discussing which story is your favorite," she said with a sexy laugh.

No doubt, a sucker for the compliments and the attention that he was paying her, he had no idea how easy it was to seduce his mother. Now he understood how those three men she dated on that dating sight got so lucky so soon. Apparently, all they had to do was to compliment her and they'd have her in bed naked.

"Oh, gees, sorry Mom. Favorite story? I don't know. There are so many," said Jason suddenly not only feeling uncomfortable that he was caught staring between his mother's legs at her panties but also that he was caught again, this time staring down her blouse at her cleavage and bra.

Already so sexually aroused by their topic of discussion and by his mother inadvertently flashing him her panties and the impressions of her nipples, his mind reeled with passages he had written in his stories about having sex with her. How could he possibly pick just one story about having sex with his mother, when all of his stories about having sex with his mother were his favorite stories? Instead of being relegated to write incestuous stories about having sex with his mother, he'd give anything to have sex with his mother. Only, just as he knew all his stories were fiction, he knew he'd never have sex with his mother. Forget about having sex with her, he knew he'd never even see her naked.

"It's alright, Jason. You can tell me," she said patting her son's thigh, before lightly rubbing it, and then leaving her hand there, in the way that he had left his hand, when patting her knee. With her hand just a mere few inches from the bulge his cock suddenly made in his jeans, he wished his mother would move her hand higher and touch him deeper. He wished his mother would touch and fondle his cock through his jeans, so that he could touch and fondle her breasts through her blouse and bra. Cock for tit, as his invitation to touch and feel her, he so wished his mother would touch and feel him first.

"Actually, if I had to pick a favorite story, Mother," he said looking at her bright, green eyes, "it's always my latest story. The fact that I'm not able to finish this story is so frustrating. I don't know why, but this new story is as elusive as it is so very exciting to me to write. What gets in my way is..."

"Yes? What gets in your way of you finishing your Nude Day story, Jason?" A mother's touch, encouraging him to speak, she gently rubbed his thigh in the way that he imagined her stroking his cock.

"What gets in the way of me finishing my Nude Day story," he said looking down at her breast, before looking back up at her eyes, "is wondering what you look like naked. I'm having a difficult time imagining the image of you without your clothes."

"I see," said Elizabeth looking from her son to look down at the floor, while biting her lip. "Honestly, Jason," she said pausing for a long moment. "I'm sorry, but I can't help you with that. That's just a bridge we can't cross," she said almost in a whisper, while slowly shaking her head from side to side. "It would be immorally wrong for you, my son, to see me, your mother, naked. It's one thing for me to inadvertently flash you my panties and for you to see the impressions that my nipples make through my blouse and bra, but I'm be so very embarrassed to be so nakedly exposed to you without my clothes."

Even though his Mom was saying no to removing her clothes, her body language was saying yes. Just by the way she constantly touched her hair and how she fluttered her eyelashes and bit her lip, whenever he complimented her or when she revealed something so very personal to him, he could tell that she was thinking about posing naked for him. Needing to think of a plan, needing to come up with a way how she'd comfortably remove her clothes without her thinking that it was incest and that they were crossing the incestuous line, it was up to him to convince her why she should remove her clothes.

If he could come up with a convincing enough argument, chances were good that he could get her naked. Maybe, along with a few compliments and his confessed need for some motherly comfort and affection, all it would take is a bit of alcohol and a valid reason why she should allow him to see her naked. Not knowing what else to say to get her naked, all he could do was to say what he felt. With that in mind, what he said was this...

To be continued...

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