tagIncest/TabooMom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 10

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - So What Are You Asking Me To Do?

"I don't really know, Mother," he said knowing that they both knew precisely what he was asking her to do and, no doubt, what she was thinking about doing.

They looked at one another without speaking. An uncomfortable moment of silence, he knew this was the time that he could either turn her completely off or convince her to strip off her clothes.

"Are you asking me to strip naked?" She looked at him looking down at the floor. When he didn't answer, no doubt, couldn't answer her blunt question, she asked him again. "Are you asking to see me without my clothes? Are you asking me to see me naked, Jason, so that you can write your story?"

There it was. She asked him, when he couldn't ask her. All he had to do was to say yes. All he had to do was to look up at her looking at him and nod his head. Yet, afraid that if he just blurted yes to her questions, she'd say no. He needed to think. He needed to act more needy and more uncomfortably embarrassed. He needed her to believe that she was in control and that she was the one wanting to strip naked and not the other way around.

"You read all of my erotic stories, Mother," he said looking up at her and making eye contact. "You now understand that my stories are just stories, even though my stories are incestuous in nature and about you. You're privy to all of my sexual secrets of masturbation over the thoughts of having sex with you and even though I masturbate over you having sex with me, mother, my masturbation has more to do with my hormones than with my story," he said looking at her looking at him.

"I know that," she said. "I was your age, once," she said with the warmth of a motherly smile.

"With me just writing stories about you before," he said gulping down his sexual excitement, as if drinking his last sip of beer, before summoning the courage to ask a woman to dance, "now I'm asking you to strip naked," he said. And with you thinking about having sex with me, where does it end, he wanted to add, but didn't. "All of this has escalated so unexpectedly fast that I'm not sure what I'm asking of you, Mother, other than to see you naked. No doubt, the sexy, nude sight of you will help me write a better story."

"Don't fret, Jason," said Elizabeth moving her hand from his mid thigh to his upper thigh, only a few mere inches away from his bulge, to pat him with her sympathy.

With both of them on the same page, with her knowing her son so well, no doubt, she knew what he was thinking and what he was thinking was the what she was thinking, too.

"I'm sorry, Mom, if I gave you the wrong impression, but--"

He so wanted to move her hand to his bulge, but didn't dare. Just once, he'd love to feel his mother's hand on his cock through his pants, as much as he'd love to feel her breasts through her blouse and bra. Not wanting to ruin things by forcing himself on his mother too soon, happy that she's already come such a long way already, he was content to gently and gradually nudge her along with the Devil down the road of incest.

"No apology necessary. It was all my fault," she said biting her lip again. "Forgive me for presuming your intention, that you wanted me to get naked for sex, but are you asking to see me naked, just for the sake of your artistic endeavors or do you have a different and incestuous agenda in mind?" She looked at him looking at her. "I already told you, Jason, incest is a line that I just can't cross. I don't want to go there..." she said stopping.

He looked at her with curiosity. Was she going to say, I don't want to go there again? Was he right in suspecting that her father was her lover and that his grandfather was his father, too? Fucked up. That's so fucked up. No wonder why he's so fucked up, too. Driven to do it by genetic coding, no wonder why he writes these stories of incest about his mother. No wonder why he's already been able to get his mother to consider stripping off her clothes. No wonder why he sensed that she had thoughts about having sex with him. Now or never, he took a big breath and a long step off the cliff that he'd surely fall in his embarrassment, should she shocked him by saying no.

"Yes, mother, I'm asking you to strip naked for the artistic sake to help me write a better Nude Day story," said Jason now believing that his impromptu plan was working and his mother was thinking about stripping naked. Wanting her to undress, needing to see her naked, he wanted to assure her that she'd be safe with him. "No, I don't have a different and incestuous agenda in mind," he said lying. "I'd just like to see you without your clothes."

For a fleeting second, a flash of disappointment crossed his mother's face. He saw it and he couldn't believe he saw it. Such a brief glimmer of shocked disappointment, obviously, she was the one disappointed that, once she was naked, he wouldn't make a move on her. Only, instead, once she was naked, that is, if she'd ever agree to strip naked, for his perfect, perverse, incestuous plan to work, she had to make the first sexual move on him.

She had to be the one to want sex from him and not the other way around. She had to be the one to entice him. She had to be the aggressor. No doubt, while he was thinking about seeing her naked, obviously, she was thinking about him not only seeing her naked but also giving her sex. He had her where he wanted her to be now. Definitely, at the very least, she'd be stripping off her clothes for him. And then, she said exactly what he was thinking, presuming, and hoping she'd say.

"In anticipation of Nude Day," she said putting her hands on her knees and leaning forward, "if I stripped off my clothes in front of you and I'm not saying that I will, but if I did get naked, would seeing me nude enable you to write your Nude Day story and, perhaps, win some prize money?"

He could feel his cock harden with the imagined excitement of seeing his Mom without her clothes. As if watching a fast forwarding, pornographic movie flash through his mind, he imagined seeing her C cup breasts, her areolas, and her nipples. He wondered if she was bushy, shaved, or trimmed. He couldn't wait to see her ass. She has such a perfect ass and he's lusted over feeling her naked ass for as long as he could remember.

He needed to backpedal. He needed to show his mother than he's not the deranged pervert that she still believes he is. He needs to continue to insure her that what he writes are just erotic stories and not sexual fantasies of her with him sweating naked in bed. He needs to continue his innocence, so that she'll play out her fantasy of being the cougar.

"Actually, Mom, I wouldn't want you to do anything that you're not comfortable doing, but seeing you naked would, no doubt, help me flush out my story and allow me to write a more realistic one," he said pausing to carefully word what he was to say next. "Yet, I truly understand the ramifications of incest and I realize that incest is a line we should never cross. Only, I'm not sure if me seeing you naked is technically crossing the line, Mother, especially if seeing you naked is purely for artistic sake and to encourage my artistic endeavors," he said laying it on thick with broad strokes, before climbing aboard his soapbox.

"Much in the way of a nude photographic art exhibit, you do make a valid point, Jason," she said curling her hair again with her fingers.

Never has he ever seen his mother play with her hair as much. Never has he ever seen his mother so reticent and nervous. He wondered if he mistook her reticence and nervousness for sexual arousal. He wondered if his mother was sexually aroused. He wondered if her cunt was wet with the thoughts of him touching her, feeling her, fingering her, licking her, and seeing her naked, in the way that his cock was hard by all of those incestuous thoughts and more. His mother's cunt. Just the thought of his mother's cunt made him crazy with incestuous desire for her. His mother's cunt. If she agreed to strip naked, he'd be seeing his mother's cunt.

"Yet, because of the openness of society today, the incestuous line is blurred, especially when we mix art in the discussion of it," he said continuing in his verbal bullshit. "Truly, I don't expect you to pose naked before me, just so that I can see you naked. There's a much larger picture than that. Perhaps, however, you'll agree to pose naked for me to continue with my art of writing and for me to write an award winning Nude Day erotic story about you," said Jason.

Oh, brother. Even he was embarrassed by all that he said. Yet, if she was a willing victim, surely with the cloak of artistic expression draped across her shoulders and down her big, naked breasts, with nothing else to hide her nakedness from his horny eyes, perhaps, she'd agree to remove her clothes and show him her naked body. Willing to say anything at this point, just to see his mother naked, feeding his mother a crock of shit about incest and art, even he was so smoothly believable that, in the name of art, he wanted to remove his clothes.

He looked at her watching her for any sign of submission. Did she buy all of that? With her body language the only clue he had to what she was thinking, he watched her intently. She touched her hair and moved it away from her face. Her touching her hair was a good sign. A win/win for him, she wouldn't even have to believe all what he had just said, if she was just as interested enough in stripping naked in front of him, as he was interested in watching her strip naked.

"All that you said is very convincing true, Jason," she said beaming him a wide smile. "I'm now wondering, if I should have sent you to law school, instead of enrolled you in this creative writing program." She looked at him with a renewed insight. "I'm not such a prude that I'd be embarrassed for you to see my naked body, Jason," she said wrapping her hair around her manicured fingers again, while making full eye contact with him and wetting her full, red lips with her tongue. "After changing your diapers and giving you baths, I've seen you naked too many times to remember," she said with a twinkle in her eye, while nibbling on her lip again.

"So, what are you saying, Mother?"

As if he was a contestant on the Price Is Right and the model was just about to pull back the curtain, as if he was a contestant on Let's Make a Deal and picked door number 2 instead of door number 1 or door number 3, a drum roll played through his thoughts.

"Well, I guess what I'm saying is and I can't believe that I'm saying this but, if having me strip off my clothes and if seeing me naked will help you with your education and your artistic expression, by enabling you to write a better Nude Day story, I suppose that will be okay. So long as we keep our naked adventure professional, a secret to ourselves, and promise not to tell anyone, not a soul, I mean that, Jason," she said pointing a finger of warning at him.

"Of course, Mother, I promise not to tell anyone," said Jason, raising his right hand, as if he was swearing on the Bible, before giving her a hug, while still not believing that his mother just agreed to strip naked in front of him.

"I'd be so very embarrassed, mortified, if anyone knew that I undressed and posed naked in front of my son, so that you could write a dirty, Nude Day story about me," she said with a sick laugh. "It's one thing for a horny son to want to see his mother naked, but quite another for a mother to voluntarily show her naked body to her son. I could never face my friends and relatives again," she said, as if talking to herself, "with the realization of them knowing that I voluntarily and willingly stripped off my clothes in front of you. Oh, my God, I'd be so humiliated."

"I'm shocked, Mother, that you'd think I'd violate your trust by telling anyone that you posed naked for me. Just as I wouldn't tell a soul," said Jason, that is, while thinking, except for his cyber blogging friends, "I never expected you to agree to strip off your clothes, just so that I could write an incestuous story about you stripping naked for Nude Day. Thank you, Mother, for helping me with my art and with my education," he said with controlled sexual excitement.

"Oh, can the crap, Jason. I've already agreed to strip naked," she said with a little, nervous laugh. "I never thought I'd ever agree to strip naked in front of you. Only, being that you can only write what you know, I really don't see how you can possibly write such a realistic Nude Day story about me stripping naked for Nude Day, if you haven't seen me naked. It just doesn't make any sense how you could possibly write about my breasts, my ass, of my pussy, if you've never seen my breasts, my ass, and my pussy," she said making eye contact with him again, while still twirling her hair around her fingers.

He couldn't believe his mother just said the words, breasts, ass, and pussy. He couldn't believe she said those words twice in the same sentence. With each word that she uttered, he had an image of her big breasts, her round ass, and her dark brown pussy. Soon to find out, soon to see for himself, now, he wondered again, about what her areolas, nipples, and her round ass looked like. He wondered, again, if she was bald, trimmed, or bushy.

As if he had just won the lottery, he couldn't believe that he somehow persuaded his Mom, of all people, a real holly roller to strip naked in front o him. Maybe his mother is right. Maybe he should have attended law school and become a lawyer, instead of declaring himself as an English major and taking literature and creative writing to become a writer.

Only, now that he thought more about it, while hoping that she was, maybe she was the one using him. With all the accidental up skirts and down blouses she gave him over the years, with her parading around out back by the pool in her barely there bikini, maybe she wanted to strip naked all along but wanted it to be his idea in the way that he needed her stripping to be her idea. Maybe she wants him to see her naked, as much as she wants him to see her naked. No matter who's idea it was, whether it was her idea or his idea, he was about to see his mother naked, naked, naked, naked.

"Precisely my point, Mother, precisely my point," he said nodding his head in agreement, excited that she agreed to get naked in front of him. "Thank you again for indulging me, Mother."

"Only, and I'm sorry that I must say this to you, but I just want to make it clear that we stop there."

He was right. Just as he's had thoughts about having sex with her for years, like mother like son, she had sex on the brain, too. Playing her game now but with her showing her hand to lure him in, obviously, she wanted to fill his brain with having sex with her. By all that she said, by all that she eluded to, his intent was to see her naked and, no doubt, her intent was to have sex with him.

"Pardon? I don't know what you mean, Mother," he said playing dumb.

"What I mean and must so bluntly say is that I remove my clothes, you see me naked, I get dressed, and you write your story. Okay? They'll be no touching my ass and feeling my breasts," she said, while looking, as if she was swooning over the mere thoughts of her son touching her ass and feeling her breasts.

"Yes, Mother, of course. Just as a painter and sculptor is respectful of his models, I'd be respectful of you. What else were you thinking I'd do, Mother? Rape you?"

With her face flushed and her mouth falling open, she looked as if she'd pass out with the mere mention of the word rape. Maybe she wanted him to rape her, force himself upon her, and, obviously give her some fantasy sex.

"Sex," she said looking at him, as if just the mere mention of the word excited her. "We can't have sex," she said pointing a finger at him, in the way that a politician lies about promising not to vote for new taxes. "Even if your next story is about me having sex with you with me on my knees blowing you," she paused to allow the image of her on her knees, while sucking his cock, to simmer. As if the image of her blowing her son interrupted her train of thoughts, as if she was somewhere else, she finally continued. "Don't you dare think that, in the name of your art, artistic endeavors, and artistic expression, that I'll dare have sex with you and/or blow you. Do you understand me? I'd never suck your cock, Jason."

Already on pillow talk overload, his mother was on sexual steroids. Ass, tits, pussy, blowjobs, and sucking cock, his mother said all those words that he only imagined her saying in his sexual fantasies and that he only wrote in his incestuous stories about her. Damn, she's such a sexy bitch, when she's talking dirty.

"Yes, Mother, of course, I understand," he said suddenly filled with the image of his mother on her knees, with his hard, hairy cock cumming in her mouth, while she's looking up at him with her big, green eyes.

"Good. I'm glad that I made myself clear. I'm just getting naked and that's it," she said, this time with a flash of sexual excitement running across her eyes that confessed otherwise.

He imagined her stroking him to make him finish cumming in her mouth, but pulling him out prematurely, he imagined himself shooting a second load of cum all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts. With his cum everywhere, he imagined his mother covered in his cum, while lying naked on the living room floor.

"I'd never ask you to blow me or to suck my cock," he said saying the words with sexual excitement, while hoping that he wouldn't have to ask her. Now that he got her to agree to pose naked, he hoped she'd agree to voluntarily blow him, too.

"I can't believe I'm going to strip naked in front of my son for the sake of his artistic endeavor and artistic expression," she said, as if she was absent mindedly talking to herself and as if she reminding herself to do the laundry or to make dinner.

Both son and mother fell silent again, until Jason looked at his mother with renewed lust. So long as he promised not to tell anyone that she posed naked for him, he still couldn't believe that she just agreed to strip naked for him. Now, instead of her just stripping naked, showing him her body, and getting dressed, he thought about having sex with her. He thought about her giving him unbelievable sex. She just willingly agreed to show him her nude body, while saying that she wouldn't blow him. For her to voluntarily state that she wouldn't blow him, obviously, sucking his cock was on her mind.

With just a few well place compliments, a bit of cajoling, and a believable scenario, he couldn't believe getting his mother to agree to undress in front of him was this easy. Moreover, for her to be the one bringing up sex, no doubt, she was the one thinking about having sex with him. Now he wished he had left out his book of erotic, incestuous stories about her months earlier for her to find. Once she was naked, once she was with him without her clothes, he figured it would be so easy to convince her to have sex with him and to blow him.

To be continued...

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