tagIncest/TabooMom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 16

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 16


Chapter 16 - We Can Stop Now, If You'd Rather Not Continue

"We can stop now," she said leaning away from him and sitting up, "if you'd rather not continue stripping off our-"

"Stop? No, no, I want to do this. I really need to do this, Mother, I mean, Elizabeth, really I do," he said gulping down another sip of wine, before continuing fondling his mother's breasts and fingering her nipple, while kissing her.

He hoped he hadn't ruined things between them by protesting too much. He hoped he hadn't made her feel too uncomfortable to continue to show him her naked body. The last thing he wanted to do was to awaken her from her sexual dream state to make her realize what she was doing with him was wrong. The last thing he wanted to do was to have her change her mind about stripping off her clothes. The last thing he wanted was for this sexual, incestuous fantasy to end.

"Are you sure, Jason?" She looked at him with those big, green eyes, those full red lips, and with a beautiful face that no man, even her son, could ever deny anything she wanted. She put a finger to her lips, no doubt, to make what she was about to say even more dramatic. "Because we can stop now. I don't have to strip naked, if--"

"No, Mother, please, I really need to see you naked," he said breaking off his kiss to get her assurance that she'd continue with her Nude Day striptease.

After coming all this way, after working so very hard to convince her to remove her clothes, after being so damn sexually excited over the anticipation of seeing her naked, he thought he'd cum in his pants. Now, with the suddenly disappointment that she may change her mind about stripping, after imagining her naked for so very long and so many times, he didn't know how he could make it through another day without seeing his mother naked.

Naked, naked, naked, he needed to see his mother naked. Naked, naked, naked, she couldn't stop now. Naked, naked, naked, he wanted to show her his naked body, too. Just once, just this one time, if only he could see his mother naked, with his sexual fantasy realized, his life would be complete. Hoping beyond hope that she'd continue with his sexual fantasy of her stripping off her clothes, his heart was in his mouth, until she spoke again.

"Shall we continue then?"

She put her hand in his lap and with her long, manicured fingers toying with the head of his cock, playing her part of the cougar, she leaned in for another kiss, while feeling and fondling his erection through his pants. With his hand feeling his mother's breasts and, now that he knows her nipples are her erogenous zone, his fingers pulled, turned, and twisted his mother's nipples through her blouse and bra. With her hand fondling his cock through his pants, tracing the magnificent size of him with her fingers and squeezing the hardened length of him, she continued to finger the head of his cock. Losing themselves in their French kisses and in touching one another's bodies through their clothes, there was no turning back now. They were both lost to their incestuous lust for one another.

Offering no resistance, Elizabeth even allowed her son to unbutton her blouse, feel her breast, and finger her nipples through her bra, something Jason never imagined he'd be doing. With her looking down and watching him unbuttoning her bra, she watched him tease her nipple out through her bra with his fingers. Obviously, she was just as sexually excited as he was. Obviously, she wanted him to touch her, as much as he wanted to touch her.

Just the sight of her full bra was exciting, but to feel her breasts and nipples through her bra was outrageously erotic. The more he fingered her nipples through her bra, the more excited they both became and the more she returned his passion. Her nipples were so big and so hard. He couldn't wait to see them. He couldn't wait to suck them. Yet, with his mother's body perceived as his personal playground of pure pleasure, it wasn't until he reached beneath her short skirt and cupped her pussy through her panty that she stopped him from continuing further.

"Just what do you think you're doing, young man?" Slurring her words, while laughing, she tried to keep a straight face and look at him with seriousness. "I'm not that kind of woman that you can feel my breasts and finger my nipples through my bra and then cup my pussy though my panty, without giving me something in return," she said with a long, thoughtful pause, while giving him an indignant look, before giving him a sexy look. "How dare you think that you can ravish my body, without allowing me the same pleasure."

"Something in return? What do you mean, Mom?" He knew exactly what she meant. A teasing game she enjoyed playing, ready to take the next step with her, he couldn't wait to see where this would go.

"I mean, if you're going to grope me, then I want to grope you, too. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Stand up," she ordered giggling, while reaching her hand up to unbuckle and unbutton his pants.

Forget about having just crossed the incestuous line, the sound of his zipper was the incestuous line being torn to shreds. Jason held his breath, when his mother pulled down his zipper and flailed open his pants to expose his shirttails and underwear. This was it. Not a sexual fantasy and not a dream, this was really happening in real time. This was what he had been waiting for and masturbating over for years. His mother was finally going to see his cock.

He gasped, when she grabbed his cock through his underwear with her manicured fingers. Even through his layer of thin cotton, the heat of his hand heightened his sexual arousal for her. Slowly, while looking at him with those big, green eyes so lovingly, in the way that only a mother can look at her son, she only broke her eye contact to peer down at his underwear clad cock. She felt the length of him with her hand, while teasing him with her fingers. Then, she took hold of his cock through his briefs, as if she was reaching her hand in the meat tray to take out a kielbasa to cook. When, she reached down inside his pants and cupped his balls through the thin cotton material of his underwear, he thought he'd prematurely ejaculate.

The sexual sensations that flowed through his body consumed him in his desire for her. In shocked excitement, unable to utter a single word, he watched his mother fondle his cock through his briefs. Then, when she tugged on his elastic band, she looked up at him, before peeking inside. Then, reaching her hand inside, she took hold of his naked cock and pulled him out, while holding him gently in her hand. A sexual fantasy come true, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. His mother was staring at his cock. His mother was holding his erect cock in her hand, while staring at his big prick. His mother was smiling jubilantly, as if she had just won the grand prize at the county fair.

"Oh, my God, Mother," he said looking down at his cock in his mother's hand. "What are you doing?"

"What? Is there something wrong, honey? Am I squeezing your penis too hard, dear? I'm not hurting you, am I, sweetheart?" She tightened her grip, while laugh at his embarrassment, and slowly stroking him.

"No, not at all," he said breathlessly.

"You have such a beautiful, big penis, dear," she said. As if it was a big boo-boo, she leaned down to kiss the head of his cock in the way she kissed his scratched arm and scrapped knees so many times.

"It just feels so damn good for you to touch me in that sexual way," he said staring down at her hand, while wishing that she'd follow her kiss through and take him in her mouth.

"Jason! What did I tell you about cussing? Damn is not allowed in my house," she said knocking him out of his sexual dream state. "People would think that I didn't raise you right in the way that you cuss, sometimes," she said looking up at him.

"Sorry, Mommy," he said reverting back to being her little boy, while thinking how ridiculous it was for her scold him for cussing, when she was sitting there nearly naked and holding his erect prick in her hand.

"I just love the feel and the weight and the size of your big prick, Jason," she said slowly stroking him to a bigger erection. "I never imagined my son's cock would feel so good in my hand."

"You're making me so hot for you, Mom."

"I'm glad that I can do that for you, baby," she said stroking her son a little faster. "You have such a beautiful cock, Jason. You really do and I like that your prick is so hard for Mommy," she said pulling him down beside her by his big prick.

As soon as Jason sat beside her on the couch, they started French kissing again. Only this time, with his mother giving him a slow, loving hand job, Jason unbuttoned the rest of the buttons of her blouse, before reaching behind her to unsnap her bra.

"It's a front snapper, honey," she said. "Would you like me to unsnap it for you?"

"Yes, Mom, please," he said, as if answering her in the affirmative for a double serving of melon.

She reached her hands forward to unsnap her bra and released her breasts to the pleasure of her son's horny hands. As soon as he saw them, he stopped kissing her to stare at her exposed breasts. A woman, ordinarily so modest, so religious, and so judgmental of others, he couldn't believe that she willingly and so easily, unsnapped her bra for the pleasure of her son. The first time seeing his mother's tits close up and in their entirety, he couldn't believe his eyes. She had a real rack. A beautiful pair of jugs and he couldn't wait to touch, feel, fondle, caress, and suck.

Desensitized by a barrage of X rated movies, R rated TV, and pornography videos on the Internet, even though they were, indeed, his mother's tits, his mother's actual, naked tits, he couldn't believe that he was seeing his mother's tits. Having wanted to see her breasts for so long, perhaps, it was the alcohol that made him doubt that he was seeing his mother's breasts. Yet, even though he was truly seeing his mother's tits, from this close up angle, without seeing her face in the same shot, her tits could be anyone's naked breasts. Continually, he stared from her breasts to her face to make him realize that he was seeing his mother's tits. Not being a mortician, a forensic criminologist, or even a plastic surgeon, who specializes in breast implants, he needed to lean back in his seat, and away from his mother, to get the full effect of the view of his mother's face, along with her naked breasts.

Viola! It worked. Seeing her pretty face together with her big tits is what he needed to make him believe that he was actually seeing his mother's tits. Indeed, seeing the two together, her beautiful face and her big breasts, is what made him a believer. Now, not a dream. Not a sexually fantasy. Now he truly believed that he was seeing his mother's tits.

As if about to reach out to touch a treasure chest of gold and precious jewels that were locked away beneath her bra, as if he was reaching out to turn the key to start a Mustang 500 Cobra, he felt her naked tits in his hands and fingered her nipples, while she continued stroking his cock and as they continued to French kiss. Now, the more he played with her exposed nipples, the hotter she became. If this was Heaven, he could die now. No woman he's ever kissed, no woman he's ever touched and felt, no woman he's shown his cock to, has sexually excited him more than has his mother.

"Do you like Mommy's tits, Jason?" She broke off from his kiss to look down at her exposed breasts with him, before looking up at his eyes.

"Do I love you tits? I love your tits, Mom. You have beautiful breasts," he said staring at them, while feeling them, fondling them, and caressing her perfect tits in his big hands, while fingering, squeezing, pulling, twisting, and turning her erect nipples.

A game she enjoyed playing by asking him questions that had obvious answers, if his college tests were as easy, he'd be studying at Harvard, instead of at a state college.

"Do you like Mommy's nipples, Jason?"

"I love your nipples, Mom. They're so big and hard," he said looking down at her nipples that he held between his fingers, while pulling them, turning them, and twisting them. "I can't wait to suck them."

"I love the feel of your hard cock in my hand. It's been a long time, since Mommy has felt a cock in her hand and the fact that I'm feeling my son's cock in my hand makes the sexual sensation so much more thrilling," she said, as if she was Katy Perry, whispering his lust for him in his ear, as he fondled her tits. "Mommy has your cock in her hand, Jason," she said with a giggle. "Suck my nipples, Jason. Take mommy's tits in your mouth and suck them. Mommy needs to feel your mouth on her nipples."

He leaned down to suck her nipples, first one and then the other, while she squeezed his cock harder and stroked him faster. Then they started French kissing again, only this time, even more passionately. Now, inevitable, he knew that it would be only a matter of time, before they'd be licking, sucking, and fucking. Without a doubt, they'd be having hot sex soon.

This time, no, not this time, when he lifted her short skirt high enough to expose her white panty, she didn't stop him from looking at her, touching her, groping her, and feeling her panty clad pussy. Instead of stopping him, she spread her knees and thighs wider to allow him access to her moist cunt. He was suddenly nervous about touching his mother in her most sacred place, the holiest of holy places, a place where he had emerged from inside of her womb, as a baby at birth. In pretending that she was someone else, he replaced the thought of her as his mother with the thought of her as a sexual woman, Elizabeth and/or his real life, very own, Jennifer Lopez. In the way that he'd love to finger Jennifer Lopez's pussy and in the way that he'd love to lick Jennifer Lopez's pussy, before fucking Jennifer Lopez's pussy, he couldn't wait to finger, lick, and fuck his mother's pussy.

Tracing and gently rubbing her pussy slit through her panty with one hand, while feeling her breast and fingering her nipple with his other hand, he kissed and kissed her. Then, as he did before, he cupped her pussy again but, this time, he pushed a finger against her panty clad hole. Apparently, perhaps, as if it was his cock, she enjoyed the sensation of his finger pushing against her pussy opening, and she responded by fondling the head of his erect prick with her fingers. Then, pushing her panty aside with his index finger and navigating his mother's pussy through her untrimmed forest of dark brown, pubic hair, he slowly reached his finger inside of her to feel her warm wetness.

Ready to fuck him, she was already so wet. Ready for his fingers to fuck her, his fingers slid right in and probed the inside of his mother's cunt. He was finger fucking his mother's cunt now. He couldn't believe that he was finger fucking his mother, while rubbing her clit. He was touching his mom, where he always wanted to touch his mother and where no son should ever touch his mother. More than that, with her head back and her eyes closed, playing her role as the cougar in heat, obviously, she wanted him to touch her there.

"Oh," she cooed. As soon as he touched her, finger fucked her, and rubbed her clit. Then, when he continued playing with her pussy and fucked her deeper, she gasped and closed her eyes.

"What? Sorry, Mom. Did I hurt you?"

To be continued...

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