tagIncest/TabooMom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 17

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 17


Chapter 17 - Mommy Needs to Cum

"Oh," she cooed, as soon as he touched her, fingered her pussy, and rubbed her clit. She was so wet. Then, when he continued playing with her pussy and fucked her deeper with his long, stiff finger, she gasped, "Oh, my God," and closed her eyes.

"What? Sorry, Mom," he said withdrawing his finger. "Did I hurt you?"

"Hurt me? No, don't be silly," she laughed, while taking his hand, holding it, and pushing his finger deep back inside of her. "You're pleasuring me, baby. You're giving Mommy just want she wants and just what she needs. It's been a long time, since someone touched me there, like that, and in that way," she said looking in his eyes, before leaning in to him to kiss him and to whisper in his ear. "I love you, Jason."

"I love you, too, Mom," he said.

Her lips were still pursed so close to his ear that he felt she was about to tell him a secret and was surprised, when she did.

"Fuck me, Jason. Fuck your mother. Fuck me with your long, stiff fingers. Mommy needs to cum. Make Mommy cum, Jason. Make Mommy your sexy bitch," she whispered, before inserting her tongue in his ear and swirling it around and making him sexually crazy, while blowing her warm breath in his ear.

As if her tongue was the secret switch that turned him on, Jason probed his mother deeper, while she stroked him faster, as they kissed and kissed. He was finger fucking her now, really finger fucking her. Just as he couldn't believe that he was French kissing his mother, he couldn't believe that he was finger fucking his mother. Using one finger to keep her wet and another finger to keep her excited, every time he rubbed and pressed on her clit, she moaned her pleasure, while stroking his cock faster. She was so slippery wet anyway, that he almost didn't need a second finger.

A fantasy come true, even though he thought about it, dreamed about it, and wrote endlessly about it, he never thought he'd be having sex with his mother, when all he wanted her to do was to strip naked. How in the Hell did that lead to this? Never thinking that she'd agree to ever strip naked in the first place, forget about having sex with him, he never thought he'd be kissing her, French kissing her, while she held his erect cock in her hand and stroked him. Yet, here he was, with her tits hanging out of her bra and totally exposed and pleasuring his mother's pussy with his fingers. Even though the kissing and the sex was exciting, he couldn't wait, until she was standing before him naked.

Every time he inserted his finger deeper, as if his finger was his cock, she gasped with sexual excitement. He loved it, when she cooperated by leaning her pelvis forward, as if she was humping his finger and trying to take his finger in deeper. Even when he wrote his stories, even when he imagined what his mother would look like naked and what she'd be like, when having sex with her, he never imagined it would be like this. He never imagined she'd be such a sexually willing partner. He never imagined that she'd want him, as much as he wanted her. A dream come true, he was overloaded with sexual excitement for his mother's hot body.

In the way she sat like a lady, talked to him in the way that a mother talked to her son, he never thought she'd agree to any of this. In the way she's so religious and devoted to God, the genuine article, a real holier than thou, church woman, once without her clothes and her Bible, he never thought his mother would be so sexual. Little did he know. What did he know? Being that she was older, albeit only 39-years-old, and didn't have a man in her life, he figured sex was over for her. He was so naive to think that, yet, with her being his mother, a son never thinks that his mother is as horny and as sexual as he is and, boy, was she ever.

Except for all the accidental up skirt views of her panties and the up nightgown flashes of her pussy, except for all the down blouse flashes of her bra, and the down nightgown views of her tits, other than very brief glimpses, he never saw any part of his mother's body before, especially in the way that he was enjoying staring at her nearly naked body now. In the way that she's so hungry for his cock, he couldn't help but wonder if all her flashes were not accidental but purposeful. He tried to remember back to all the times that, whether accidental or purposeful, that she flashed him her panties, pussy, bra, and tits.

Wouldn't it be something, if his mother had been teasing him all this time? Wouldn't it be something, if his mother knew that he wrote erotic, incestuous stories about her and had been reading all he wrote, all along? Wouldn't it be something, if she had seduced him in the way that he thought he was seducing her? Wouldn't it be something, if she wanted him, as much as he wanted her. Obviously, in the way that she was squirming all over the couch and moaning, he now knew that she wanted him, as much as he wanted her.

In the way she was acting now, so sexual and so delighted by his lips and fingers, he wished he had tried something like this with her before, but who knew? Who knew? For sure, he didn't know that his mother was like this. Even though he had thought about it, he never thought for one second that his church going, Bible thumping, uptight, so judgmental of a mother would ever be interested in him, as her lover. Yet, maybe with the time not right then, definitely, for whatever reason, the time was right now.

Look at her, with her blouse flayed wide open and her big tits hanging out and with her skirt raised waist high and her panty exposed and skewed to the side, she's squirming and she's moaning. She's so ready to be fucked. If he put his lips up to her pussy right now, she'd grabbed two handfuls of his hair and pull him forward to lick her, while fingering her. If he put his cock by her mouth right now and ran it the length of her lips, she'd take him inside her mouth, while stroking him and sucking him.

"Your hand feels so good on my cock, Mother, only, I'm getting a zipper burn," he said looking down at his exposed penis.

"Oh, sorry, honey," she said letting go of his cock to hook up her bra, before leaning down to kiss the side of his erect prick, where the redness appeared.

She actually kissed his cock. His mother, the star of his sexual fantasies and the main character of his erotic, incestuous stories, just kissed his cock. He couldn't believe that his mother just kissed his cock.

"Oh, my God, Mother, you just kissed my cock," said Jason in shock excitement, while putting his cock back in his underwear.

"I'd do a lot more than just kiss your cock, if you cock was as exposed as my tits have been, before I put them back in my bra," she said looking at the bulge his cock made in his underwear.

"Jesus, Mother," he said not realizing by all his references to God and Jesus that he was so religious, but his nearly naked mother had a way of evoking a born again religion in him with her incestuous sexuality.

She looked up at him with the deranged sexual look that he usually has on his face, when masturbating over the thoughts of her naked.

"Take off your pants, honey," she demanded, "and I'll remove my blouse, bra, skirt, and panty. It's all part of your story, anyway," she said slurring her words again. "You wanted to see me naked. Right?"

"Yes, Mother, that's right. It's all about my story. Me writing my story was all about seeing you naked," he said nervous that she was calling his bluff by not only stripping off her clothes but also by giving him sex.

Even though he wanted her to give him sex, even though he fantasized about her giving him sex, while writing about them having sex, now that she was about to give him sex, he was frightened by all the forbidden ramifications of having sex with his mother. She looked at him, before leaning down to take another sip of her wine. Then, she staggered to stand in readiness to remove her blouse, bra, skirt, and panty.

"C'mon, c'mon, you too. I'm standing here in my underwear with my ass, tits, and pussy nearly hanging out and exposed to my son, the least you can do is to show Mommy your cock," she said removing her blouse, unhooking and removing her bra, unbuttoning, unzipping, and allowing her skirt to fall to the floor, before removing her panty.

Finally, there she was. With nothing but her believe in God and her love for her son, she was naked. As if she was the first woman he had ever seen naked, he stared at her big, hanging breasts, her areolas, and her nipples, before staring down at her somewhat trimmed, albeit bushy pussy, before looking around her to see her round ass. She was naked alright. His mother was naked. Yet, no longer thinking about his story, he was more thinking about having sex with his mother's naked body. Giving him a shrug of her shoulders with her eyebrows raised and her palms facing up, she gave him a look, while waiting for him to strip.

"Okay," he said with a laugh.

Jason kicked off his shoes and removed his pants and underwear. Just as she was totally exposed to her son, he was finally totally exposed to his mother, too. Incestuous sexual excitement overwhelmed him. If it wasn't enough that his mother had stripped naked, if it wasn't enough that he was seeing his mother's nude body, her breasts, her pussy, and her ass, and if it wasn't enough that he was standing before her naked, too, he knew they were about to have sex. Christmas in July, Elizabeth's naked and willing body was the best Christmas gift that she could ever give him and that he could ever receive.

Way beyond crossing the line, already way past the point of no return, this was it. This was really it. Seeing his mother naked, this was what he so wanted. Seeing his mother naked, this what he so imagined happening during all of his masturbation sessions about her and in all of his erotic incestuous stories about her. Now that he finally got what he wished for, he was suddenly and inexplicably afraid.

His sexual fantasy come true, he was seeing his mother naked. His sexual fantasy come true, he was showing his erect cock to his mother and she was staring at his big prick. Sticking straight out, as if imitating a diving board, by the sight of his naked mother, his cock was the hardest it's ever been. His sexual fantasy finally realized, he was about to lick and fuck his mother, while she sucked and fucked him, too. Sexual fantasies don't get any better than this, but this was no sexual fantasy. This was real. This was really happening.

"How's that?" Encouraged by her immodest and immoral nakedness and fueled by his incestuous desire for her, he stood in front of his mother, while turning side to side to show her his erect cock.

"Better," she said reaching out to take him in her hand again, before leaning down to pull him to her mouth to kiss his cock. "Much better," she said.

He watched her, as she fell to her knees, a vision he had imagined hundreds of times. She gazed up at him with her big, green eyes, while showering his cock with kisses, before she flicked out her tongue to lick the head of his big prick. The image of his naked mother kneeling there before him with her hand around his cock and his prick poised by her mouth was like nothing he had ever imagined.

"Oh, Mother," he said quivering with the anticipation of her taking him past her red, full lips.

"You have a beautiful cock, Jason. It's so big and so hard. I just love my little boy's prick. I can't wait to take you in my mouth to suck you," she said looking up at him and smiling. "Would you like that, Jason? Would you like Mommy to suck you? Would you like Mommy to blow you? Would you like to cum in Mommy's mouth?"

Even though he so wanted her to blow him, even though he knew her giving him a blowjob was about to happen, with all of her erotic questions about sucking him, blowing him, and cumming in her mouth, as if all a dream, she awakened him.

"Mom! Pardon me? Did you just ask me, if I'd like for you to suck me? Did you just ask me, if I'd like to cum in your mouth?"

With his mind reeling with the hundreds of incestuous fantasies that he had about his mother naked and giving him sex, not only couldn't he believe what he was seeing but also he couldn't believe what he heard her just ask. Did she really ask him that or was he just thinking that and fantasizing about her asking him that? A long time sexual fantasy come true to receive a blowjob from his mother, his mind was filled with his topless mother on her knees and blowing him, while looking up at him and stroking him. Then, when he looked down again, there she was.

"Yes, I did ask you, if you want me to suck you and I did ask you, if you'd like to cum in my mouth," she said with a sly, sexy laugh. "Actually, I can't wait to excite my baby boy so much that he'd cum for Mommy in her mouth," she said licking the entire length of his cock and cupping his balls, before swirling her tongue around the head of his big prick, while looking up at him. "I can't wait to taste your cum, Jason, and to swallow your cum," she said continually looking up at him with as much sexual lust for him, as he had for her.

"Oh, my God, Mom. That feels so good. Suck my cock, Mom. Suck me. Blow me, Mommy. I so need to cum in your mouth."

"It's been a long time, since Mommy had a cock in her hand, never mind in her mouth. It's been a long time, since Mommy has given anyone a blowjob," she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak, while stroking him faster and reinserting his cock in her mouth to suck him deeper, before removing him from her mouth to speak again. "I want to give my son the best, damn blowjob of his young life, so that he can write the best damn Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day story and win the Nude Day contest. But first, you must do something for me," she said slurring her words with another giggle, while reaching for her wine glass on the coffee table to take another sip of wine.

He figured, for her to be slurring her words, for her to be kneeling there naked, and for her to suck his cock that, definitely she was drunk. For her to be cussing, definitely, she was even drunker than he thought she was. For her to question him about sucking him, giving him a blowjob, and cumming in her mouth, she's had way too much to drink. Only, if getting his mother drunk was the only way for her to strip off her clothes and to suck and fuck him, then so be it.

"What, Mother, anything, anything? You just name it, just ask me," said Jason willing to do anything for his mother for her to blow him, for him to cum in her mouth, and for her to swallow him.

She wiggled her index finger, beckoning him to lean down to her. Bending at the waist, he moved his ear closer to his mother's mouth. He stared down at her kneeling before him with his big, hard prick in her small, soft hand. He watched her slowly stroke him, while gazing up at him. He looked down at her big breasts just waiting for him to touch them, feel them, and suck them. A long time coming, he couldn't wait to begin their forbidden sexual relationship.

"I want, no, I need for you to lick my pussy," she said slurring her words with a giggle, while whispering in his ear again, as if she didn't want anyone else to hear, even though they were alone. "I want you to lick me, while finger fucking me, and playing with my clit and fingering my nipples. I want to feel your face up against my warm, wet pussy and your tongue inside my cunt. I want you to make Mommy feel good. I want you to make Mommy cum," she said whispering and giggling her incestuous, sexual desire for her son with intoxication in his ear. "Would you mind licking Mommy pussy first, before Mommy sucks your cock? A long time, since I sucked someone's cock, Jason, it's been even longer, since anyone has licked my pussy. It's been a long time, since I've had an orgasm, Jason. Will you give Mommy an orgasm?"

Normally, whenever he's seen his mother on her knees, with Bible in hand, she's praying. Now, as if she's praying to him to give her all that she wants and needs, he was thrilled to fulfill her sexual desires with the thoughts that she'd be fulfilling his soon, too. He couldn't believe his mother said all of that to him. Making him crazy with all of her dirty talk, hearing her say all the things he's fantasized her saying and all the things that he's written about her saying in his stores was beyond erotic. It was surreal.

He could only imagine the pillow talk he'd have with her, if they were in bed, now, instead of poised on the living room carpet. No doubt, if she wasn't inebriated, she'd never talk dirty to him in that way, that's for sure. So uptight before, she'd never confess her sexual desires to him. Now, his very own cougar to physically use and sexually abuse, she was a wild woman willing to suck his cock, so long as he gave her an orgasm by licking her pussy. Always the ever obedient son, how could he say no to his mother? How could he refuse her request for an orgasm, when he was hoping to receive the same from her? Cunt for cock, it was only fair that he lick her and give her an orgasm, before she sucked him and made him cum in her mouth.

To be continued...

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