tagIncest/TabooMom Takes Her Turn with Son

Mom Takes Her Turn with Son


This is part two of "The neighbor seduction". I listed that one in the wrong category after I cut the story short and posted it for listing. The story starts as the son comes home after having sex with the next door neighbor.


I made my way home just shocked at what had just happened. My next door neighbor Mary had just licked my cum off her feet and then gave me a blowjob. I believe my mother had also witnessed the whole thing from her bedroom window upstairs. I was now going to spend the next ten days alone with her as dad was off on a fishing trip. Dinnertime was going to be awkward to say the least.

I made my way into the house and went to my room. I sat and daydreamed about what just occurred while I watched the television. My neighbor just gave me my first blowjob and my first taste of a pair of pretty feet. I was certain that my mom had seen the whole thing. Was she angered or possibly turned on by what she witnessed? I figured I might as well act like nothing happened. Who knows, maybe this turned mom on and I might get to sample her sexy feet too. After all, it was her that I desired.

I once again started to harden as I thought about what happened and the prospect of possibly getting together with my mom. If I came up with a plan, I had only ten days to get it to work since my dad would be back from his trip. My thoughts were soon stopped as a soft knock came from the bedroom door.

"Dinner's ready Danny. Hurry up before your food gets cold." Mom said softly.

I made my way downstairs and joined mom for dinner. I was a little taken back as I looked at her taking a pot off the stove. Mom was wearing a sundress with heeled sandals. That was normal as she wore skirts and dresses for most of the year. I think my father really likes to her dress that way, I surely know I do. The thing that stood out to me was that she had gone out and gotten a haircut. Mom has lovely long blonde locks that I've adored for years. Her hair hung gracefully down below her shoulders. Now, her hair was cut just above her shoulders. From my limited experience with women, I picked up that one thing they like is a compliment on how their hair looks after they go out and get it cut. Mom turned around, bringing the food to the dinner table. I opened my mouth in surprise, as she looked me in the eyes trying to read what I was thinking. I tried my best to speak in glowing terms, almost being too honest.

"Wow, look what you've done with your hair. It looks really sexy."

The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I just told my mom that she looked sexy. I've thought that for some time, but how could I say that to my mother who reminds me of my days of watching June Cleaver?

She took the compliment in stride saying, "Thank you for noticing, Danny. I'm glad you like my new hairdo."

As I helped her with the rest of the food, I noticed she had a slight grin on her face. I guess my off the wall compliment made her day. We sat down for dinner and talked about what we might do while dad was away. Of course, dad left a list of things for me to do with my free time. I waited some time before bringing up the new "doo" subject again.

"Why the new hairdo mom?" I asked.

"I just wanted to try something different. Besides, it's summer and having a shorter hairstyle is more comfortable. I've been thinking about this for a while and I thought that I'd like to see your reaction to the new style before springing it upon your father. Thanks for making me feel good about my decision." She replied.

I left the subject alone after that and we continued with dinner. When we finished dinner, I helped to clean the table and put away the leftovers. I decided to earn a few brownie points by washing the dishes. If I was lucky, my mom would join me with the dishes and I'd be able to sneak a peak at her sexy legs and feet. I was a few minutes in when mom didn't want me to do them alone, so she joined in and dried the dishes.

While washing the dishes, I did notice something new she also did today. Mom had gone to the nail salon and treated herself to a pedicure. I started to get excited as she had treated her toes to a French tip pedicure. I waited until I was done with the dishes before saying, "I see that the hair salon wasn't your only stop of the day. You also made a trip to the nail salon and treated yourself to a sexy pedicure".

I then sarcastically said, "Dad goes away and you decide to go out and pamper yourself."

At hearing my comment, mom swiped the towel at me hitting me. "I only did my hair because he was gone. My pedicure appointment just happened to fall on the same day, buddy boy." She answered.

Mom then threw the towel at me and made her way into the family room. I was now turned on with the sudden boldness of my remarks toward her. I had complimented her upon most visits to the spa, but I had never told her that a pedicure she got was sexy. I sat in the kitchen thinking before joining mom in the family room. Did the word "sexy" register with her? She seemed to brush it off at the time. I just attributed my comment to the fact that I was still bothered by my afternoon fun with the neighbor.

I made my way into the room and mom was sitting on the couch. Her legs were stretched out and her feet were resting on the coffee table in front of her. I was taken back a bit in seeing that she still had her heeled sandals on while resting them on the table. I thought back to my childhood recalling this constant phrase, "Get your shoes off the table. You don't live in a barn!" I thought about saying something as I looked at her legs resting so peacefully. My eyes traced along her legs from the bottom of her sun dress down to her pretty little feet held prisoner by her sandals. My sex drive got the best of me when I decided to chide her about the table rules.

"Hey, how many times do I have to tell you to keep your shoes off of the coffee table?" I asked.

Mom turned to me with somewhat of a surprised look on her face. The looked immediately turned into a smile as she realized I was kidding her about something she constantly had reminded me of for years. I continued looking at her with my arms crossed and a stern look on my face hiding the laughter underneath. She left her shoes on the table ignoring my attempt at being funny. All she did was stick her tongue out at me and went back to watching the television. I decide not to pursue the situation and sat down in my chair.

The show she was watching was boring but I was entertaining myself by staring at her legs. About fifteen minutes or so passed before mom turned towards me and asked,

"Would you be a sweetheart and give me one of your pillows so I can rest my feet on it?"

I decided not to be a smart ass and I took a pillow and walked over to her instead of tossing it at her. As I stood next to her, she raised her feet in the air. I leaned over and placed the pillow beneath her feet being sure to get a close-up view of her fresh pedicure before I went back to my chair. Mom dropped her feet and I turned to return to my seat.

She immediately stopped me, saying, "Whoa there, mister. Since I'm not allowed to have my shoes on the table, go ahead and take my sandals off."

I turned around and looked at her with a puzzled look on my face. I had never so much as touched her delicate feet before and now she was asking me to take her sandals off. I stood there frozen with excitement for what seemed like minutes, though I'm sure it was only a matter of seconds. Mom then motioned me to kneel down and I obliged without a word. I moved in and took hold of a strap and opened it releasing the imprisoned foot. I was now getting hard as I touched the delicate ankle and foot of the one I dreamed almost daily about. My hazy dream was soon interrupted by my mother's voice.

"While we were doing the dishes, you mentioned that the pedicure I got this morning looked sexy. Did you really mean that?" she asked.

I froze and stared at her pretty feet in front of me. She did catch the words I said and I was now being called out on it. Do I admit the truth or try to lie? I knew she'd see through a lie, so I came clean without totally telling her that I'd like to jump her bones right at this moment.

"I think your toes look pretty after you go to the salon and get a pedicure."

She thanked my honest answer by saying, "That's soo sweet. I love to go out and get my feet pampered. At least one of the males in this house notices."

I removed her sandal and went for the second one. My trembling hands opened the strap and slid the sandal off her foot. She must have sensed my uneasiness and I heard her giggle softly. Mom added to my troubles by wiggling her toes. My eyes remained on her moving toes until I took her sandals and placed them on the floor. I stood and returned to my spot without showing my growing hard-on.

It was hard to calm down since I had a great view of her little feet. The soap she was watching was boring except for the women on it. They all were attractive, even the older ladies. Mom was into the soap, so she didn't bother talking or glancing over to me. I was then able to stare at her legs without getting caught. It was near the end of the show when things got a little uneasy in the room. One of the older ladies, I'd say she was in her fifties was sitting on a sofa with a younger guy. I have no idea if the dude was a boyfriend or husband of somebody she knew. The one thing I did know was that he was considerably younger than she was. The lady kicked off her shoes and rested her nylon clad feet into his waiting hands. The guy started massaging them and the lady mentioned how Jessie would be jealous if she saw them together. The guy said nothing as he continued the massage. I watched with intent until I glimpsed my mom out of the corner of my eye. Mom was staring at her own feet while she was moving her toes. Was she wishing that she were getting the massage the lady on tv was getting? I kept watching the tube as she quickly glanced in my direction before going back to the tv. The fire was glowing in the background as the guy lifted her foot to his mouth and placed several kisses on her toes. I'm not positive, but I thought I heard my mom moan upon seeing this. The soap then faded away to the burning fire and went to commercial. I was surprised and relieved that when the show resumed; they never went back to the couple before it was over.

The soap ended, but there seemed to be a sexual tension that hung in the room afterward. I believe she had observed me kissing the neighbor lady's feet this afternoon and I was wondering if she wanted me to kiss her feet now. I wasn't going to push the issue, but I was hoping that the soap was making her think it over. A couple minutes later, mom got up and picked up her sandals. She made her way over to my seat and kissed me on the top of my head saying, "Goodnight sweetie, I'm going upstairs to read before calling it a night."

I sat in my chair thinking what had gone on today. I had sex with the neighbor while my mom was watching and when I came home, mom showed off her cute feet to me. At least that's what I thought. My dad won't be back for over a week, who knows what may happen before then. I finished watching the movie. I didn't care to watch anything else so I went off to bed. I walked past my parents' room and the lights were off and the door was closed.

I woke up the next morning and made my way to breakfast. Mom was finishing up the pancakes and joined me at the table. We had the normal talk about what we would get done while my father was on his trip. I was a little disappointed at breakfast as she was draped in a robe. Her feet were also hidden in a pair of fuzzy slippers. I was hoping she'd bring up my compliments, but nothing happened. We finished breakfast and she went off to work and I went to my summer job. The day went by fast as I thought about seeing her for the weekend. When I was about to leave for the day, my boss informed me that he needed me to work extra time the following week because several guys were taking time off. I grudgingly accepted knowing that would cut my time alone with my mom. I also needed the money since college was soon around the corner.

Saturday was now here, so I slept in late putting off my weekly chore of cutting the grass. The summer heat soon made me think that my decision wasn't a smart one. I was cursing myself for that stupid decision until my neighbor came outside in her swimsuit. I stole constant glances in her direction as I worked. She was walking around the pool and there was no doubt in my mind that she waited until I was cutting the lawn before coming out. My mom was outside helping me with the lawn until the neighbor motioned for her to come over. They talked for a while and minutes later mom came back and went inside the house. A few minutes passed and she re-appeared wearing her swimsuit. She waved to me as she went to the neighbors to suntan. My mind then started to race with the thought of seeing these two lovely ladies sun tanning together. I finished with the lawn and went inside. My mind quickly went into dream land thinking that there was a good chance a lesbian encounter would be on the horizon. What else would a young man think when two hotties suntan together?

I went into my parents room and perched myself by the window. They were both lying on their backs and talking. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but several times they pointed to each other's feet. I was already excited watching them when things took a turn for the better. Mary rolled over onto her stomach and my mom took a bottle of lotion and started to apply it to her back. I moved back from the window in case she glanced over in my direction. Mom poured lotion on her back and rubbed it in. She then poured a trail on each leg. Mom looked a little hesitant in doing this, but she did it nonetheless. When she was finished, she made her way back to her lounger and laid down on her stomach. A few minutes later, Mary got up and took the bottle. My next door neighbor was now going to rub lotion on my sexy mom!

I moved closer to the window to watch. As she dribbled lotion on her back, I unzipped my shorts releasing my hard-on. She spread the lotion and took her time doing so. While she worked it in, I could see she was talking to my mom. After finishing her back, she moved to the legs. Instead of doing the whole leg, Mary first spread the lotion from her thigh down to her knee. After finishing the thigh, she repositioned herself at the end of the lounger. She bent mom's leg upward and oiled her calf. I enjoyed the show, but I really wanted to hear what she was saying since my mom had no objections as she was actually massaging her leg. Mary made her way up to her feet and didn't stop. Mom flinched when Mary started to rub her feet. She then stopped rubbing her feet and spoke to her again. Seconds later, she was once again rubbing her feet. She was now massaging mom's feet and there wasn't any objecting.

Mary then looked up toward me and I was sure she could see me. She stopped for a second and I could see a big smile on her face, confirming my thought. She then went back to work. Minutes later she sent me over the edge as Mary moved my mom's foot to her mouth and blew on her toes. Mom was into this and didn't stop her. I turned around to look for a shoe so I could somehow join in on the fun. I found a strappy sandal and made my way back to the window. Mary once again spoke to my mom and then stuck her tongue out and licked her toes. I was so turned on by this that I brought her sandal to my mouth and licked it. Mary then took mom's toes into her mouth and sucked them. I could take no more and I lowered her sandal next to my hard-on and came all over the heel. I spurted glob after glob, losing track of where it was all landing. When I had finished, panic came over me because the cum was running over the edge and onto the carpet. I quickly grabbed some tissues and hastily cleaned up my mess. When I has finished, I put the sandal back and returned to look out the window. Mom and Mary were both lying on their stomachs sun bathing. I watched a little while longer and made my way downstairs to watch the tv.

Mom came home a little while later and went upstairs to take a shower. She finished her shower and joined me in the family room. We watched the movie without talking. After the movie ended, she popped a pizza in the oven. We ate dinner while watching the local news and found a movie to watch together later on. Mom sat down on the sofa and kicked off her sandals. She was wearing one of my favorite outfits, a pink wrap dress. I loved this dress because it hugs her form and it ends half-way down her thighs exposing lots of leg. I enjoyed the view until she removed her feet from the table and moved them beneath her rear.

The movie was about half way done when I got up to make some popcorn. Mom loves to eat popcorn that's real buttery, so I added more when it was finished. When I returned to the movie, mom asked me to sit together with her so we could share the popcorn. We never sit together but I wasn't going to pass up a chance to see her up close. As I sat down, I got another benefit as mom once again stretched out and rested her bare feet on the coffee table. I now had a close-up view of her bare feet and sexy legs. I stared at her legs and feet with lust not knowing that each time mom reached for some popcorn, which was lying on my crotch, she could see me looking. She said nothing, but actions moved to the teasing level.

Mom started to wiggle her toes and after minutes of this, she slowly began to rub her feet together. This had me in a predicament, as I was now hard. I waited until Mom took some more popcorn before leaning over and grabbing a nearby pillow. I was trying not to make my hard-on visible but as I reached over my hand that was holding the bowl moved, leaving my bulge open for all to see. I grabbed the pillow and upon moving it over my hard-on noticed mom had turned her head and was looking at the bulge in my pants. I was busted but mom made no mention of it and continued watching the movie. She did continue the teasing without saying a word. Mom took her right foot and started rubbing it on her left leg. She started by rubbing it against her ankle. I was transfixed as her toes teasingly played with an ankle bracelet. That seductive move was soon embedded into my memory. When that teasing had finished, she began running her foot up her calf and then down. Each time up, she moved it an inch higher before going back down. Mom stopped doing this after her foot made its way up to her knee. This move also had an added benefit for me. Her dress rode up higher on her thigh and when she was done, she didn't move the dress. That put an end to the show but my hard-on wasn't going to go down anytime soon. The movie we or should I say mom was watching was about to end when she spoke to me.

"Would you be a sweetheart and give my tired feet a massage?"

I was taken back by her question. I had never given her feet a massage before. Before I could answer, she chimed in, "Pretty please......with sugar on top."

I stumbled for the words to say but soon replied sarcastically, "I'm not a sugar fan, if you switch it to cool whip, I'll think about it."

Mom smiled and without a comeback hopped off the couch and left the room. Seconds later she returned, holding a small container of cool whip and a pint of strawberries. I smiled knowing that some sort of fun and games were about to begin. Without saying a word, mom picked out a small strawberry and dipped it into the little tub of cool whip topping. Then she placed it up to my mouth and I let her place it inside.

I ate the covered berry and said, "I guess I can't turn you down now since you brought out the cool whip."

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