Mom Takes Her Turn with Son


Mom giggled and stretched out on the couch placing her feet on top of the pillow that was in my lap. She took the bowl of popcorn and resumed eating while I sat and stared at the pair of lovely feet sitting in my lap. I closely looked them over making snapshots to go in my memory bank. Her little toes were topped with a sexy French tip making them look like delicious ice cream cones. Soon my daydreaming was stopped as I felt a sweet sensation of pressure against my hard-on. Mom was pressing her feet into the pillow, where they discovered my hardness. She made no mention of this and I couldn't see her reaction because she was lying on her side and watching television. My enjoyment soon rose as she started to slide her feet back and forth over my erection. Over and over she moved from the tip down to the base. Mom then surprised me by pushing the pillow off my lap with her feet.

Her feet then returned causing my mom to make the first comment. "There, now that feels better doesn't it?"

I didn't respond, but I sure loved the fact that her lovely feet were stroking my hard-on. Mom then spoke again without looking at me.

"You must be really hurting. Go ahead and release it so that it can get some air."

I quickly listened and opened up my shorts, letting my hard-on point to the ceiling. Her pretty feet soon returned but this time one foot went to my erection and the other went to tickle my sack. After a minute of the newfound playing, I was nearing the end. This is when I finally decided to speak. "If you don't stop soon, I'm gonna shoot."

Mom didn't respond and kept rubbing her foot along my shaft. I then realized that she wanted me to shoot from the manipulations of her foot. She sensed the building eruption and made her move. Mom turned over and scooted closer to me. Then she bent over while placing each foot against my shaft. Her mouth then covered my hard-on taking in the head. The site of my mother taking my cock into her mouth was just too much. I shot the most joyous load of my life into her mouth. The orgasm rocked me as I shot over and over into her mouth. Mom took all of it and didn't spill a drop. She continued bobbing on me after my convulsions stopped. I watched with complete joy as she took all of me into her mouth. Again and again she went down on me while moaning softly. When she was finished, she opened her mouth and the remnants of my load spilled out coating my cock. Mom then clamped her feet together and ran them up and down my cock a few times. She released my cock and brought one foot up to her mouth saying,

"Mary was right. Your cum tastes delicious."

I was once again floored by the happenings of the day. The next door neighbor had talked about our little get-together. That though was surpassed by the fact that my mother enjoyed the taste of my cum. I was thankful but completely floored. First, I see the neighbor kissing my mom's feet. Then my mom rubs my cock with her feet and swallows my load. She then seals the deal by telling me that she loves the taste of my cum.

I watched with delight as mom licked my cum off her foot. Soon the other foot is at her mouth. Her tongue traces out slides up and down over her sole and collects the last drop off her foot. Her eyes the whole time don't leave mine. The smile on her face was unmistakable. She was enjoying this as much as I was. She held out her tongue, showing me the treasure she had collected. Seconds later, away it went into her mouth and down her throat.

She smiled at me and said, "Now that you're healed, you can take your time massaging my feet without any discomfort."

With that said, she moved down the couch and laid down on her stomach. Her feet soon found their way back into my lap and they toyed with my now limp cock. I took my cue and held one foot in my hands. I knew one thing as I stared at her pretty foot, I was going to do my very best to pay her back for what she had just done for me.

I began by rubbing her heel. I slowly inspected the whole bottom of her delicate foot from the subtle wrinkles to the tips of her dainty toes. I soon knew that I'd be kissing and tasting the foot of the woman I wanted so badly. I knew now that I had cart blanche to do whatever I dreamed about with her foot. I inched my thumbs into the sole and mom made her first soft moans. I was surprised that the skin on her foot was so soft and supple. I licked my lips in anticipation as I changed the pressure of my massage. As I was just about up to her toes, I brought her foot up to my face for closer inspection. Her toes looked simply delicious. They were symmetrical in order of size, topped with a French tip pedicure. I gently blew on each one of her toes and mom slightly jerked her foot to the surprise. I waited for a verbal response, but none was coming. I then held her ankle with one hand and used the other to caress each toe. I took my time in stretching, flexing and rubbing each toe between my thumb and forefinger. The extra time I took taking care of her toes finally had her speaking aloud.

"Oh honey, you're making my feet feel soooo good, mmmmmmmm.."

I was so thrilled that my massage was pleasing my mom as much as it was I. The problem that I now faced, was my hard-on was back and I was stiffer than ever before. This did not go un-noticed as mom's other foot was resting in my lap waiting its turn. Upon finding the new growth, her foot began tracing up and down its length.

"Mmmmmmmmm, my little baby seems to be really turned on by my feet. I guess my feet will have some more work to do after you finish massaging them."

I finished with her toes and looked them over. I knew that I was going to taste them; I just pondered how I would do it. I made my decision by taking hold of the tub of cool whip. Once again, I brought her toes up to my mouth and gently blew on them. This caused a verbal response from my mom.

"My toes need some more lovin' honey. Stop teasing them."

I took her cue and dipped her toes into the cool whip. Mom then turned her head in surprise and a smile immediately formed on her face. I held them in the air causing her to say, "Mmmmmmm, I see that you've decided to make my little toes your dessert."

I flicked out my tongue and licked the bottom of each toe, collecting a sweet mouthful of goodness. Mom turned back to watching the tv and giggled softly. I then started the tenuous task of cleaning each and every toe. Mom gave her approval by constantly moaning. She also decided to spread her legs, which now gave me a look up her dress. As I sucked her big toe clean, I took further advantage and moved her leg a little more. My eyes grew wide with the view I now had. Mom was rubbing her pussy through the dress and she wasn't wearing any panties. I now slowed down my toe cleaning in order to watch the new show in front of me. As her hips moved in rhythm she started to talk to me.

"That's it baby, suck my toes. Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, your tongue is making me sooo hot baby."

"Make love to my feet, mmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhh, don't stop.....don't stop."

Her body then tensed a bit as she came, moaning the whole time. When she came down, her body went limp. Mom said nothing to me, so I lowered her foot down to my cock to join the other. Seconds later, she responded by placing each foot against my cock. My own mother was now giving me a footjob. The feel of her delicate feet against my cock was sweet. As I watched her feet work, I realized I didn't want to come on her feet again, I wanted to tap the gold mine since this chance may never come by again.

I stopped the footjob and took the other foot and began massaging it. Mom made no protest of what I did and went back to watching the tube. My thought was if I continued the massage of her other foot, maybe she would play with herself again and leave the door open for me to have sex with her. If I made an attempt now, I could jeopardize any chance of future occurrences.

I didn't massage this foot as long as the first. When I finished with the toes, I moved her foot to my mouth and kissed her heel. My tongue explored the heel missing not an inch. It then moved up to a shapely ankle tracing it gently before moving back to the heel. I then traced little circles over her arch and up to her toes. This caused the desired effect I was looking for. Mom adjusted her dress, pulling it up. Her hand now had an un-obstructed path to her pussy. I licked up her foot and then down. I paused to watch her fingers slide up and down her slit. I then went for her toes. I pushed my tongue between each of the openings of her toes. I went from the big toe down and then back. I watched as one finger and then two slid into her honey hole.

Mom then started to speak again, "Oh baby. That's it, suck my little toes."

I waited until mom took her fingers out to make my move. Her glistening fingers came out and I released my hold of her foot and moved behind her. I lifted her hips in the air and she responded in unison. I took hold of my hard-on and directed it to her coated honey pot. I wasted not a second and plunged my cock into her. Mom gasped and started to speak as my cock drove into her.

"No, we shouldnnnnnnnntttttt dooooo thiiissssss. Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmm. Your..... cock soooooo.... hard, ooooohhhhhhhh."

I was in complete heaven. I was fucking my hot mom and her quick protest was weak. There was no way I was going to stop pounding her. If there are problems afterward, I'll just have to deal with them.

I watched my cock go in and out and smiled as it was covered in her juice. The vision looked like the p.o.v. shots I'd seen many a time in the porn videos I'd seen. I quickly came back to reality and slowed down my speed. I had to cherish this moment and if I kept up this pace, I'd cum too quickly. I stopped my movement with my cock buried in her wet pussy. As I started to caress her ass, mom took the initiative and started to grind against me.

"Mmmmmmmm, mommy likes her little boy's hard cock buried in her pussy. Fuck me with that hard cock........make mommy cum."

I took her cue and picked up my rhythm. Mom was constantly purring as I fucked her over and over. A minute later, she was on the verge of cumming.

"Oh baby, oh baby. Fuck your mommy, she needs your beautiful hard cock. Ohhhhhhh, that's're making mommy cum....oh.......ohhhhh....mmmmmmmmmm."

I felt her pussy contractions against my cock and looked down to see her juices escaping. The sight of her cum on my cock was just too much. I pounded her fast as she spoke dirty to me.

"Cum for me baby. Fill your mommies pussy with your sweet love juice."

I did as told and filled her with all the seed I had saying, "Oh mom, oh mom, oooohhhhhh."

After I came, I continued to slowly fuck her, watching our mixed juices leak out of her pussy. I then leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Thank you mom. I've wanted your hot body for years."

Mom replied, "Don't thank me, thank Mary. She pushed me to try and see how far you would take things if I teased you. To tell you the truth, I'm glad that you took the bait. I haven't had a hard cock like yours in years. By the way, you still feel like you haven't softened yet. Pull that baby out, my tongue needs a Popsicle."

I pulled my semi erect cock out of my mom's wet pussy and offered it to her. She reached for the cool whip and put a dollop on the head of my cock. I watched with interest as mom took my cock into her mouth. Her warm tongue swirled the head and then went up and down. Mom then pulled off and motioned me to sit down. She hopped off the couch and knelt down in front of me. She then took some more cool whip and coated my cock.

"When I'm finished cleaning this beautiful cock, I'm going to ride it until I can't stand."

With that said, mom went to work. As her tongue ran up and down my cock, her eyes never broke contact with mine. The smile on her face and the unmistakable look of lust in her eyes was driving me wild. After minutes of torture, my cock was cleaned. Mom then went down on me bobbing again and again. I took this opportunity to run my hands through her hair and compliment her.

"Oh, you feel sooo good. I can't believe my sexy mom is actually blowing me."

Mom lifted her head and started jacking me off with her hands saying, "I've had lots of practice, honey.........and we'll have plenty of time to practice some more before your father comes home."

I smiled large knowing that this wasn't to be our first and only encounter. Mom then surprised me as she licked my sack and sucked my balls into her mouth. The feeling was remarkable as she rolled them in her mouth. I was at her mercy as her talented tongue coated my balls. I closed my eyes as she soon released them and went back to sucking my cock. A minute later she stopped her sucking to straddle me, lowering her hot box onto my hard-on. Once again, I felt the hot, wet, warmth of her pussy on my cock. I reached out and cupped her breasts as she began to ride. I gently caressed her breasts and then rolled her nipples between my fingers causing a response.

"Mmmmmmmmmm........that's it with my nipples."

After a minute of playing, I need more. I pulled her towards me until her breasts were within the range of my tongue. I circled a nipple with my tongue and gently took it into my mouth. Upon doing this, mom started to moan louder and she picked up the pace of her riding. I suckled the nipple and then started to gently bite it. Mom was bucking wildly and soon was cumming again.

"Oh baby, oh baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Mom fell against me as her body shuddered in orgasm. When her body recovered, she began kissing and praising me.

"Oh my, I haven't cum like that in years. I just love my little babies cock. I don't know how I'm going to take it not having your cock inside me while your father is here."

Those words made my head swell with pride. I also still had a swollen head buried in a warm place that needed some attention. Mom realized this and began riding me again. I was soon the one to be on the verge. Within a minute, I was shooting my second load into my mom. She collapsed on me and we kissed passionately.

"Thank you so much. You were simply awesome, mom."

She kissed me replying, "You weren't too bad yourself, their mister. I guess we'll have to have some more fun before your father comes home. Maybe if you're good, I may even talk to Mary and see if she'd like to join us."

You could not wipe the smile off my face...

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