Starring Chuck Dicker and introducing staid but stacked Sandra Dicker in: "Momma"

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur with additional ideas

contributed by Dr. Mojo

Edited by Victor C. Nathan


One bright and sunny summer afternoon at the Dicker household..........

"Ohhh, man, my wee wee just won't go down!" Chuck Dicker complained, looking down at the seven-inch erection straining against his khaki pants as he patted his protruding groin. "Fuck, I think I need some help with this shit, and Harriet has cheerleader practice all day, that is if she isn't fucking Henry or some other wee wee bigger than mine. Nah, I don't think she would do that shit to me. Momma!" Chuck called out for his G-cupped big-boobied mother Sandra who was at home at the moment. Chuck's father, the philandering Richard was out of town for the weekend and probably chasing tits and ass to boot. The young Dicker strode down the hallway, a frustrated look on his visage as he pawed childishly at the lump in his trousers.

"What is it, Chuckie?" the 40-year-old Sandra answered her eighteen-year-old son in a pleasant girlish voice from her bedroom. His mother currently wore a light grey cable-knit sweater that contained a high V-neck which didn't show much in the way of cleavage. It was a conservative sweater, but it was very tight and made her oversized boobs stick way out, squeezing hard against the stretching fabric. She sported a very large brassiere beneath it. Sandra wore a string of pearls around her neck and her lower body was covered by a pair of light khaki slacks that accented her round and fulsome ass as she bent to dust the drawers on the front of her dresser. Her gorgeous brunette hair hung nearly to her shoulders and was styled as conservatively as her sartorial selections. June Cleaver would have been fucking proud.

"Momma, the front of my pants are getting so uncomfortable!" Chuck yelled back, opening the door to her room where the busty Sandra was now busily dusting the night table. "Ohhhhh, my wee wee is up again and it won't go down! It smarts, Momma!"

"Chuckie, what do you want Momma to do about, it sweetie?" Sandra asked, momentarily putting down the dust cloth and readjusting her boobies inside the cups of her bra. The fabric of her grey sweater was thin and stretched enough to show a hint of the texture that adorned the bra underneath, which today was a full-coverage white lace number, with a thick padded underwire cup covered at the bottom by a simple but still sexy floral lace pattern that gave way to a few inches of sheer fabric on the upper slope of the garment just above the nipple. The straps, while tapered, were still nearly twice as thick as most bras. The substantial weight of the Dicker matriarch's mammaries necessitated some sturdy clothes engineering to give her adequate support. Sandra was too conservative to have the kind of obscene, stripper-level lingerie collection that the Humper women packed away in their dressers, but she still liked to buy chest supports that had a classic touch of girly daintiness that made her feel sexy even as she did housework. "I'm really pretty busy as you can see, Chuck. I need to get my chores done before I have to go shopping later."

"But Momma," Chuck whined, rubbing the crotch of his pants vigorously with the heel of his hand as he stared hornily at her sweaterly plumpers. "It won't fucking go down and there's no one else available to help me!"

"Charles H. Dicker," his mother said sternly, giving her son 'the look.' "Don't you be using that kind of language around me, young man. It may be alright in the Humper household, but it's not alright here. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, sorry, Momma. I hear you," Chuck responded, starting to feel a little desperate, her titties looking so hot inside her sweater and her snazzy underwire bra accenting them so perfectly that all he wanted to do was play with her plump protrusions like a giddy schoolboy pervert. "But I really need you to do something about my hard-on. Really, really bad, Momma."

"Chuck, I understand that you feel an urgency about getting your sexual needs met," Sandra Dicker said softly as she grabbed her large honkers and lifted them up with the palms of both hands before adjusting her extra thick straps. "But my back is killing me from hefting these big breasts of mine around all morning and I have chores to do. I can't just drop everything because you have needs."

"But Momma, I'm so fucking horny I can hardly stand it," Chuck said, beginning to whine like a small child as he now wantonly stroked the crude lump inflating the front of his pants while gaping at her melon-like protrusions. "Please, Momma? Please? I'll even help with some of the chores if you take care of it. Please?"

"Chuck, I asked you not to use such filthy language around me," Sandra said sternly, releasing hold of her motherly knockers and her boulder-holder. "I know that the Humpers use all kinds of nasty words and all kinds of silly baby talk, but I won't have it in my house. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Momma," Chuck said contritely, his eyes lowering to the floor ashamedly, the first time he had taken his gaze from her honkers. "But could you take care of my erection? Please? Pretty please? I'm begging here, Momma. I really need it taken care of."

"Oh, Chuck, you spoiled boy," Sandra tried to scowl as she touched her large breasts, but a sunny smile shined through her feigned aggravation. "I suppose I could take a little teeny break from chores, but not too long of a break, mind you."

"Oh, gee thanks, Momma!" Chuck burst out, feeling the need inside his cock and balls continue to grow, a desire as big as her boobies and just as uncontrollable. "It won't take that long and I promise to help you with all the laundry afterwards."

"Okay, sweetie," Sandra told him sweetly, her heaving bazoom balloons moving just a smidgen. "I'm going to hold you to that, but if we're going to do this, we might as well do it right. Help me get this sweater off."

"Sure, Momma," the young man eagerly acquiesced as they both reached for the bottom of the grey V-neck sweater and began to ease it up over her big boobs and beautiful head of brown chestnut hair. Sandra then neatly folded the cable-knit and placed it on the night table carefully so as not to stretch or wrinkle it too terribly. This was followed by her pearl necklace, one of the few in Chuck's world that was not made of semen. She laid it carefully beside her top. "Now Chuckie, if you could be a dear and help me get this big bra off too."

Around two minutes later..........

"Oh my goodness, Chuck, that feels really great!" Sandra Dicker cried out loud as her son knelt between her splayed knees and pushed his penis inside her until his bloated nutsack was brushing softly against her rounded buttocks, her G-sized tear-shaped danglers now free of her underwire as they hung above her nearly flat stomach. "Ohhhhhh, yesssssssssss!"

"Ha ha, Momma!" Chuck laughed, beginning to plunge in and out of her now slickly lubricated honeypot while pawing and kneading her oversized feminine chestly assets with gusto and much sexual need. "It's not too often that you really let your hair down and let go for some fun, so this is great."

"Oh, it's so great. It's so great I can hardly stand it. Oh! Oh! " Sandra screamed, reaching down with her left hand to stimulate her clitoris with her index finger, grinning as she closed her brown gimlet eyes, scrunching them to contort to the pleasure inside of her occupied slot. "Oh, Chuckie. Hilda Humper was right. This is making us so much closer, isn't it? I feel like we're really connecting on a new level, don't you?"

"Oh, I do, Momma, I do!" Chuck agreed loudly, his hands working Sandra's big G's in a circular motion upon her chest as he plunged his very hard stalk full throttle in and out of Momma's sweet vagina. "I mean, our relationship at home is better and we are a lot closer than we have ever been. Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, it's tight! Plus, what could be closer than a fucking pelvic connection?"

"Chuck, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, don't you dare use that dirty language! I don't want to hear it again! Ohhhhhh, yeeeeaaaahh!" Sandra breathed like a locomotive, albeit a stacked busty one as she tossed her pelvis into his, his cock swollen and piercing her silken pussy. "Don't use those cuss words when you are having sex with your Momma, Chuck! Ohhhh, sweetie, this is just what I needed after a day of chores! Ohhhhhh, woooooow, this is working the stress off so nicely!"

"Oh, it sure is," Chuck moaned, grabbing at her breasts roughly and fondling them, tweaking her nipples and occasionally lowering his face to capture one between his teeth to gently tug on as they worked at the art of lustful pelvis collisions. "This is the best stress reducer there is, bar none."

"Oh, sweetiechuckiebaby!" his staid and proper mommy cried out as he continued to plunge his swollen staff between her luscious thighs and into her swimming hole. "I think I'm about to finish. Are you getting close, dear?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" Chuck cried out, biting her hard enough on the nipple to elicit a yelp from her. "I can feel it rising up in the tube of my pecker."

"Chuckie, dear," the 40-year-old G-cupped gimcrack goddess of homemaking scolded him again as he probed her and felt her vaginal muscles grab and firmly milk his phallus. "Watch the language, dear. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"I think I'm about to join you!" Chuck screamed, clenching his teeth as he felt the first expulsion of hot and sticky jism leap from the head of his penis and rocket into the deepest folds, the nadir of her matriarchal tunnel.

"Mmmmmmmm, I just love this part, Chuck," his mother moaned, her breath ragged and labored against the side of his face as she gave his cheek a lick. "Your father usually just takes what he wants and never seems to care if I get to this point. He's a selfish man, your father. I decided a long time ago to just let Hilda Humper take care of his needs. Of course, she takes care of all the penises in town, including all of her relatives too. Ohhhhhhh! I am not trying to be too rough here, but to heck with your father. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, my sweet boooooooyyyyy!"

"Oh, Momma, Momma, Momma Miiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa!" Chuck belted out like an Italian opera singer as he continued to splash her delicate insides with copious amounts of semen while simultaneously suckling on her left breast like a starving man at a buffet. "Man, this is some good stuff!"

Finally sated, Chuck pulled away from his mother, his penis falling from her body with an audible wet popping noise as he cuddled up beside her with his head on her right breast while he playfully fondled her left.

"That was very sweet, Chuckie," his mother spoke soothingly as Chuck gnawed gingerly on her pillowy hooter hilltop like it was a piece of chewing gum and she ran her fingers admiringly up and down the shrinking shaft between his legs. "Suck, sweet boy. Suck Momma. Mmmmmmm, that is nice. But now we need to get up and get the sheets on this bed changed and get the chores done. I see where some of your semen splashed on the mattress cover and my vaginal juices are making a big pool, and Chuckie, I am lying in the wet spot, dear. Up you get!"

The naked pair of them labored as they changed the stained and disheveled bed, their exposed parts, boobies and wee wees and Sandra's big ass swinging around as they did so. The job was soon complete and Sandra and her son dressed, but Chuck did manage a few lascivious gropes of her twin peaks as they did so.

"Now somebody's got laundry to do, don't they?" Sandra said, winking at him, her highly supportive bra and grey cable-knit sweater back on and her boobs covered for the moment. Yet the lovely Sandra was naked from the waist down, her shaved dent of a cunny exposed as she stood before her son. "I'm not putting my old ones back on cause you got Momma so soaking wet in the crotch, Chuckie bear." Sandra handed her son her white lace panties that contained the same lush floral pattern that adorned her sturdy double reinforced massive G-cupped underwire brassiere. Her lovely underwear was darkened at the pubic area with her sweet natural lubrications. "Now you can put all my underwear in the washer when you go downstairs, Chuckie, can't you? There might even be a little reward for that beautiful penis of yours later if you do."

"Yes, ma'am!" Chuck agreed, touching her bobbling cantaloupe cans and squeezing them before heading for the door. "Now that sounds good to me, and my dick thinks it sounds greeeeaaaaaattt!"

"Okay, Tony the Tiger, get that laundry started then!" Sandra told him with a snicker, placing a hand under each of her jugs and juggling them up and down for him. "And Chuck, don't be sniffing my panties again, okay?"

"Awwwwww, Momma!" Chuck replied with a pout, watching with fascination as her orbs pitched all around inside her massive bra. "Gee whiz! Okay, I won't!"

Several hours later..........

"Laundry's all done, Momma!" Chuck shouted proudly as he came downstairs to where his mother was cleaning the kitchen. "I got it out of the dryer, folded it all and put it all away too."

"Why sweetheart, I'm so proud of you," his mother responded, wiping her wet and detergent covered hands on a nearby towel. "Did you put all my bras away too? I can't believe how many of them I have to wash every week, Chuck. You have got to stop ejaculating into them, sweetie. The other day I was getting dressed and I couldn't even find a clean one to wear. Every single one of them had your dried and caked ejaculate in both cups. My sports bra was the only one that you hadn't stuck your penis into."

"Sorry, Momma," Chuck replied sheepishly, blushing blood red, but grinning in spite of his naughty act. "But those things turn me on so much that I just can't help myself. Plus, I couldn't find your sports bra. I was looking for it yesterday when I had a chubby of a hard-on. Ha ha! And anyway, you just told me not to sniff your panties. You didn't say I couldn't squirt a load into one of those big cups on your boulder-holders."

"Yes, I know, Chuck, but if you keep ejaculating like that in my brassieres, it just makes more work for me, and today, for you. Okay, dear?" Sandra explained, adjusting the straps of the enormous bra she was currently wearing beneath her sweater, her lady humps on the move again.

"Yes, ma'am, whatever you want," Chuck came back with a compliant tone, hoping, praying, but not yet daring to speak aloud of the reward he hoped to receive from his G-cupped hottie of a parent. "I don't mind helping you out though. You are such a great and such a beautiful mother, after all."

"Oh, you little suck-up," Sandra giggled in a way that was out of character for the sexy 40-year-old who carried two magnificent lumps of loveliness atop her chest. "Why Chuckie, you are about the best son a momma could ask for, aren't you? And you are cute too."

"Plus, I threw some of your blouses in the washer afterwards too," the boyish Dicker told her, looking longingly at her chest once again, but still biding his time before he pushed for the 'payment' for his services. "And I cleaned the bathroom and even scrubbed the tub and got that motherfucker as shiny as a pair of waxed up titties!"

"Charles, don't you start that talk again!" Sandra said in such a heated voice that Chuck was almost afraid he might have just blown his chance for some mommerly tittie or pussy or oral stimulus for his wee wee. "It really upsets me when you curse like that, using those dirty mf words like some piece of ghetto trash!"

"I'm sorry, Momma, really I am. It's just a bad habit I picked up from Harriet," he whined, making himself into a victim before he sprung the possibility of more sex. "It's like smoking or drinking or having sex in public. It's hard to break the habit, but I'm sorry. I'll try not to do it again."

"You know, Chuck," his mother started to say, sitting down at one of the kitchen chairs and adjusting her boobage yet again. "Sometimes I have a good mind to forbid you to ever see that Humper girl again. She and her whole family are just white trash who act like common tramps and speak like guttersnipes. I ran into Ms. Humper the other day at the grocery store and saw her performing oral sex on one of the stockers. She was dressed like she's still a teenager. Mutton dressed as lamb, as my mother used to say. She was spilling out of her blouse and her skirt was so short I could almost see her behind when she bent over. I quickly ducked into another aisle so she wouldn't see me and try to initiate a conversation. It's bad enough that your father can't stay away from those two. I don't know what you see in that girl, I really don't."

"Oh, but Momma," Chuck whined, absentmindedly poking his mother in her left tittie. "That girl is smokin' hot with one of the biggest sets of knockers I've ever seen on a girl her age. Plus, she can contort herself quite a bit too. You wouldn't really try to stop me from seeing her, would you?"

"No, sweetie, I wouldn't," Sandra told him wistfully, giving him an affectionate pat on the crotch. "I know you have been seeing her for a long time now and that you care about her. I just wish you wouldn't use that vile language that she's so fond of."

"I know, Momma. I'm sorry," Chuck responded contritely, giving his mother a quick pat on the boobs and a chaste kiss on her cheek. "I will try really hard not to use those words. As a matter of fact, any time you hear me use one, you can take a dollar away from my allowance. How's that?"

"Alright, Chuck, that's a deal. And if you can go a whole week without dropping the F bomb even once in my presence, I'll give you another reward, okay?"

"What reward is that?" Chuck asked hopefully, feeling his dick solidify a bit in his pants after his mother's touch and after touching her undulating twin soldiers.

"Well, Chuckie, let's just say that it's not a monetary reward and that the biggest payback from the reward takes place somewhere right below your belt, okay? And that this reward will make you tickle a lot," Sandra explained, smiling at her boy and smoothing her sweater down over her jubblies. "What do you think?"

"What do I think?" Chuck almost bellowed, gently poking her other boob in turn. "Gee whiz, Momma, I think that I'll never cuss again is what I think!"

"Oh, now that's my boy," Sandra beamed indulgently and winced in a happy way as her right tittie dimpled. "You're a good boy, Chuckie dear. I just don't like it when my good boy curses and swears and uses that dirty language."

"Um, Momma.....speaking of rewards," Chuck said softly, hope springing eternally on her chest and in his pants. "I finished all the laundry and put it away like you asked. I cleaned the bathroom and scrubbed the tub and all and well......."

"Yes, Chuck, I know you did, dear," Sandra responded cheerily, poking a finger down the front of her blouse to get at an itch between her humongous breasts that was driving her crazy. "And I believe I said 'thank you', didn't I?"

"Um, yes. You thanked me," Chuck responded in the affirmative, nearly salivating as he watched his buxom mother scratching at the huge canyon between her juggernaut jubblies. "But um, you did kind know.......promise me a reward?"

"Sweetie, I believe good deeds are their own reward," Sandra said with a chuckle, finally extracting her index finger from between her chestly charms.

"Yeah, but the good deeds don't exactly bring pleasure to that place right below my belt that you were talking about a minute ago," he continued, placing a hand atop his slowly expanding crotchline for emphasis, not daring to make another grab for her tits at the moment, not desiring to do anything that might totally turn Sandra off to the idea of a sexual sort of reward plan that she had insinuated at earlier in the afternoon. "In fact, other than squirting into that see-through bra of yours, I haven't had another spit since our last little rendezvous."

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