tagIncest/TabooMom's Birthday Gift

Mom's Birthday Gift


Greg walked through the front door at his usual time. After a rough day of school, Greg would normally plop himself down on the living room sofa and watch some TV. This was not a usual day though. Today was his mother Mary’s birthday. Greg still had not found a gift for his mother, and time was running out. At least he had had enough sense to buy his mother a card though. Greg was in his final year of high school; and like all 18 year olds, he could not wait for it to be over. Greg was skinny for his age - only 5’9” tall. Greg was pretty shy around girls for years and rarely dated. His last girlfriend Jenn left him after dating for only 2 weeks.

As Greg walked upstairs he tried to make as little noise as possible. He wanted to finish writing in his mother’s card and maybe find something he had lying around to give her as a gift.

After writing in the card, Greg could not find anything that would be considered a birthday present, so he decided to change out of his school clothes into some shorts and a tee shirt. After a long sweaty walk to the store, Greg hated the hot weather, but was excited about summer and the end of the school year.

“Oh, didn’t hear you sweetheart,” said Mary as she barged into Greg’s room. Greg tried to hide the card behind his back while his mother leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“I will be downstairs in a minute,” Greg responded.

Mary then stepped back and replied, “Ok, be down in 5 minutes - dinner is almost done”.

Mary was turning 39 and still could turn heads. She was 5”8 tall, with a slim waist and round C cup breasts that looked perfect for her petite frame. Her long black hair was in a ponytail that went down to her gorgeous ass. She only had one child, so it was easy for her to keep her figure with the bike riding and aerobics that she did. She always kept to her diet, and was considered a MILF by Greg’s friends.

As Greg walked downstairs he felt bad about giving his mother a boring old card. Greg was very close with his mother all his life, and birthdays were a big deal to the both of them. Since his father was in the Army, and was currently overseas, his mother was all he had. Mary had been there for every aspect of Greg’s life while he had not seen his father in over 4 months.

“Mom, happy birthday,” Greg said softly, as he handed his card to his mother.

“Thank you so much hunny.” Mary then proceeded to hug and kiss her only son.

“I wanted to get you something nice, but I didn’t have the money,” Greg somberly said.

“Don’t worry about it baby, I am just happy you remembered it today anyway,” Mary said as she started to open the card. “Thank you so much sweetie, this means so much to me!”

After dinner, Mary sat on the sofa while Greg insisted upon cleaning the table and doing the dishes. It was the least he could do in light of not having a gift to give his mother.

“Hunny, when you’re done, come sit down with me and watch some TV,” Mary said while her eyes were glued to the TV.

“Ok mom, I wanted to do something special and help you out today.”

“You have done enough baby, sit down and relax.”

Greg walked over to the back of the couch and looked over his mom to see what she was watching. The nightly news always bored Greg, and sitting down to watch it would have put him to sleep. Greg then noticed his mom’s bare shoulders, and that she was not wearing a bra. Her low cut shirt was down around her upper arms and her bare shoulders were exposed. Greg placed his hands on his mother’s shoulders and proceeded to massage them.

“Ahh, that feels so good, don’t stop,” Mary said while she shifted her neck so that Greg could massage more of her neck. Greg massaged her shoulders, while his thumbs massaged the back of the neck. “You sure do know how to get on my good side,” she said as she leaned her head forward. As Greg massaged his mother’s neck, he looked over on the couch to see his mom’s bra, just lying there. He could see that his mom had been wearing a black lacy bra today. He never thought that his mom would wear such provocative clothes while his father was not home. Greg never saw his mother as a sexual person, and it shocked him to see it lying there, but he knew the a/c was broken and didn’t question the motives for her taking it off.

“Hunny that feels soooo good, baby, don’t you dare stop.” Mary could not contain her pleasure as her son rubbed her neck and shoulders, and the sounds his mother was making aroused him. His mother’s moans were getting louder, and more intense as he massaged her. Greg felt his dick start to stir in his shorts and was glad his mother was sitting down and not facing him. His cock was making a large bulge in his shorts that was very noticeable. Greg decided to stop his massage, as his cock was continuing to grow. Greg finished his massage by putting his hands under his mother’s armpits to tickle her. He hoped this playing around would end the now erotic massage he was giving.

“He he, you little shit, that was so good,” Mary giggled out. Mary then proceeded to bring back her left arm to grab Greg and pull him over the sofa, so she could tickle him back. As Greg was pulled over the couch, he lost his sense of balance and landed in front of his mother lying on the floor facing her.

Greg landed with a thump, but the fall was not hard enough to hurt him. Greg’s skinny body made it easy for his mother to drag him over the sofa. Greg looked shocked as his mother stared straight at his eyes. Greg was flushed with embarrassment, as his cock was almost out of his shorts. To Greg’s surprise, his mother hadn’t noticed. Mary then started to tickle her son to get even with him for not finishing the massage. Greg’s only defense against his mother’s play fighting was to try to grab her hands, but all he got were her wrists. Greg held on to his mother’s wrists, as she tried to free herself. As Mary struggled to free her self she fell over and landed upon Greg’s body lying on the floor. Since she was sitting on the couch bending down the fall was a soft one.

Greg felt his mother’s body press up against his and felt her waist on his now fully erect cock. There was no way for him to hide the fact he was fully aroused and his mother was feeling its full force. Mary was still giggling when she fell upon her son in a playful manner. Mary stopped laughing and was shocked to find her son’s fully erect cock pushing against her waist.

“Hunny is that what I think it is?” Mary stammered as she looked at her son’s red face.

“Sorry Mom, I couldn’t help it,” sputtered Greg.

“It’s ok son, it’s normal for a boy your age to get aroused at weird times,” Mary responded, trying to ease her son’s embarrassment. “You have grown up so quickly, I remember when I was changing your diapers and it was just a small little thing.” Mary smiled as she felt her son’s member pushing against her sweaty body. As Greg was listening to his mother talk about his childhood, he couldn’t help but notice her nipples poking through her tee shirt. Her breasts were hanging right in front of his face, and the nipples were clearly visible through the white fabric.

“Please mom, let me up, this is really uncomfortable for me,” Greg grunted as he tried to free himself.

“What is it you’re embarrassed about - being held down, or me talking about changing your diapers and looking at your penis when you were a baby?” Mary asked as she stopped her son from getting up from the floor. Greg was trying to wiggle his way free from his mother’s body, but she now held his hands down. His mother’s body only forced his shorts to slid down his waist while he was trying to wiggle free. His pubic hair was now visible as he tried to free himself.

“It has nothing to do with any of that mom,” Greg responded, as his shorts were still falling down from his squirming.

“So, what’s the problem hunny - I have seen penises, and I have seen yours before too,” Mary shot back as she felt his throbbing cock change position as Greg tried to squirm free.

“That’s when I was a kid mom. I am not a kid anymore! Come on, let me up - this is really awkward.” Greg could not stop from looking at his mother’s breasts; they were now swaying as she continued to keep him pinned to the floor.

“Hunny I have seen adult penises before, so don’t get ashamed. I am happy that you’re growing up son,” Mary could not help from smiling. She realized her son had grown up, but was upset with the fact he was not a kid anymore. “You’re right Greg, I haven’t seen it since you were a kid, so let me see it now. I want to see how well you have grown up,” Mary said as she noticed how her swaying breasts were mesmerizing her son.

Mary then let go of Greg’s hands and lifted her body up off her son’s. As she stood Mary could see his pubic hair showing from his pulled down shorts. Mary then pulled down Greg’s shorts the rest of the way to free her sons throbbing cock. Greg’s cock jumped up once his shorts were fully removed. Greg was now looking at his mother’s face as it gleamed with joy.

“Baby, your penis is really big,” Mary shot out as she stared at his sprung member. “Baby, that is a large penis for a boy your size.” Mary could not get over the fact her son was sporting a perfect tool between his legs. Mary looked straight at the tip of the cock and noticed precum coming out of the tip. “Hunny you are really turned on,” said Mary as she gripped her son’s large member in her hand.

“I am sorry mom, but I was just looking at them - I did not mean to get you upset,” replied Greg as he shifted his eyes back to his mother’s breasts. Mary was still too engrossed with her son’s cock to pay attention to his wayward eyes.

“Let me kiss it like I use to when you were a boy and then you can put your shorts on and go upstairs.”

Greg finally looked at his mom’s face as she bent down to kiss his engorged member. Mary slowly put her lips to the tip of her son’s cock and gave a small kiss. She could feel the precum on her lips as she pressed them against his swollen cock. She lifted her head up to see her son’s shocked face, while she licked the precum off her lips.

Mary then bent down again to kiss her son’s penis, but this time she just opened her mouth and took the whole cock in. Greg felt a warm wet feeling around his cock when his mother took it in her mouth. He then felt her tongue lick around the head of his cock, while watching her head move up and down.

“Ahh that feels so good,” Greg moaned loudly. He could hear the slurping sounds coming from his mother’s mouth while he moaned. Greg thought she was going to stop after a couple of minutes, but she continued to bob her head up and down around his cock.

Mary could feel the cock in her mouth get bigger as she sucked it harder and harder. Her mouth was filled with saliva as she slurped on her son’s dick and it was dripping out the sides of her mouth. Mary could feel herself getting wet and needed some desperate release. She knew he was going to cum soon, so she lifted her head, stopping her blowjob.

Greg watched as his mother lifted her head from his raging hard on and looked him in the eyes. She then lifted her tee shirt revealing her round breasts to his waiting eyes.

“I knew you wanted to see these,” Mary said, as she threw her shirt on the sofa.

She then stood up from the floor and removed the shorts she was wearing. To Greg’s surprise, she was not wearing any panties. Greg’s eyes were glued to the neatly trimmed pussy his mother had. The dark pubic hair was nicely shaved and her cunt lips were exposed.

Mary kneeled down again, but this time she placed her pussy right over her sons cock. Her wet hole easily accepted the raging cock. She felt herself being opened up by the large prick she was taking in. She watched in excitement as her body rhythmically humped hers son’s cock.

“MOM, what are you doing, this is so wrong!” Greg could not get over the fact his mother was fucking him. Greg did not even move his hips as he felt his cock slide in and out of his mother’s wet pussy.

“Don’t worry baby, do what comes natural to you,” said Mary as she ground her body against her son’s. She could feel the throbbing cock inside of her as she moved her hips against her son’s.

“Ahh that feels sooo good, please don’t stop mom,” moaned Greg as he started to push his hips upward forcing his dick deeper into his mother’s wet pussy. He could feel his mom’s pussy get tighter as she came all over his cock.

Mary was watching her son’s eyes as she bounced up and down on his prick. She was getting off so good. She could feel his cock getting larger and knew he was about to come soon.

As Greg was bucking his hips upward he felt a stir in his balls and knew he was about to shoot his cum. He grabbed a hold of his mom’s hips as his pushed his cock deep inside her wet pussy.

“DON’T COME INSIDE ME!” shouted Mary as she felt a warm rush of cum deep inside her. She could feel her son’s semen gush inside her womb. Mary could not stop her own orgasm as she felt her vagina get filled up with her son’s cum.

“Greg you should not have done that hunny,” Mary said as she lifted her body off her son. “You know your father had a vasectomy last year,” she said as she looked at her son’s body lying on the floor. She could still see cum coming out of the tip of his cock.

“Sorry mom I could not help it,” Greg said with a smile on his face.

“You do know hunny, I could get pregnant from this,” replied Mary as she lifted her leg up to put her hand on her cum soaked pussy.

“I know mom, but I could not help myself, it felt so good.”

Mary looked at her sons face and said with a smile, “Well maybe tomorrow I will swallow.”

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