Mom's Camping Trip


"Do you think I'd like that, John?"

"I'll do whatever I need to! I'll stick my tongue up your ass! I'll lick your pussy all day!"

"Just one more thing, John: what do they call people like you?"

For one awful moment, I couldnt' think of an answer. Then: "I'm a motherfucker!"

She smiled and reached out and grasped my cock firmly. "Very good."

She started stroking slowly, and at first it seemed like I felt nothing. Then I felt something like an electric charge start at my feet--as if I'd stepped on a live wire--shoot up my legs and into my pelvis, then come charging up my cock. I saw my semen splatter against my mother's belly as I came as hard as I ever have.

Eventually, she released me and I bent over, hands on knees, gasping. Whatever weird little game my mother was playing, it had entered a new phase.

Eventually, I stood up, and she still stood there with my cum on her belly. "Let's go for a walk!" she said brightly, and turned around and set off across the meadow, my semen still trickling down her front. As astonished as I was when I realized that she wanted me to watch her having her pussy waxed, I followed her magnificent swinging hips and ass into the woods.


We hiked for a while, and after I'd recovered a little I found myself seemingly as horny as ever as I watched my mother striding ahead of me, fully nude above the ankles. She obviously knew where she was going, and we went quite a ways, going off onto several side trails, and I started to worry that we might run across other hikers. I supposed that we could pretend to be lost from some sort of nudist colony, and we could pretend to be a couple rather than a mother and son, but what if it were someone that we knew? What would they make of the streaks of semen that still decorated my mother's stomach? I could even smell it.

Finally, she stopped and held a finger to her lips, and I felt a spike of adrenaline as I guessed that we were in sight of people. She turned back around and slowly crept forward, then stopped again and kneeled down. I started to come up next to her and she motioned behind her and whispered "Back!" I crouched behind her and she whispered again, "Get down!" I kneeled behind her.

The trail that we were on was a branch of the main one, and although it seemed to lead into a clearing ahead of us, the entrance to the clearing was overgrown with light brush. Between the overgrowth and the fact that the clearing was filled with light and we were in shadow, I felt certain that we would not be visible from the clearing, as long as I heeded my mother and kept down behind her. She bent forward and rested her hands on the ground, and I looked over her shoulder. There were two people in the clearing, and unlike us they were fully clothed, but they were talking to each other and hadn't seemed to notice us. The man was slim, dark-haired with distinguished-looking touches of grey at the temples, and not bad looking. The woman with him looked a little like him, but with long brown hair; she seemed to be about half his age. They were sitting on a blanket with the remains of a picnic around them and were drinking glasses of wine.

At first I felt a thrill at spying on this couple, who didn't know that a naked man and woman were watching them close by, but after a little while I started to get bored. I wanted to go back to our own clearing and play some sex games with my mother, and I gently touched her on the shoulder, but she held up her hand. I was wondering if her knees were starting to bother her when the man and woman reached for each other and kissed. They broke apart for a few seconds, she stroked his cheek, and then they started kissing more passionately, As they started necking, I felt myself becoming aroused, and became aware that I was kneeling behind my mother, who was naked and on all fours, and that my hardening cock was pointed straight at her pussy and asshole.

The man reached under the woman's skirt, and my mother leaned forward a little bit, as if to get a better view, and her genitalia were even more exposed to my view. I reached out and gently gripped her hips with both hands, as if to lean forward myself, and she didn't object or seem to mind in any way. I leaned forward a bit more, slowly, carefully, not wanting to do anything that would alert the couple in the clearing, but also trusting that my mother wanted to remain hidden as well, until the very tip of my cock touched my mother's pussy.

I felt that sort of spark again, and I think that my mother did too, because I could feel her gasp, but she did so silently, and did not try to draw away or push me away. I could feel the warmth of her core as if my cock were a thermometer. I very slowly moved my hips forward and felt my cockhead slide forward along her wet slit, between her lips, and then slowly drew my hips back. I did this a few times, then my mother closed her thighs around my cock. I was held firmly between her thighs, and could feel her wet pussy along the top of my cock. She held still for a few seconds, then started moving her hips back and forth. That made her thighs slide together and against my cock. I enjoyed this for a little while, as we both watched the man with his hand busy inside the woman's panties, and then she raised her hips up and shucked her panties off, displaying her dark-thatched cunt before her lover started fingering her again. Mom's thighs loosened and I decided to make my big move.

I pulled back a little, then grasped my cock at the base and directed it between the lips of Mom's cunt again. I rubbed the head up and down between the lips, like a short tongue, and felt Mom move her pelvis in counterpoint. I then moved the head to the entrance of her vagina and rested it there. I wanted to savor the moment, but without warning Mom moved her hips back and impaled herself on my cock.

Mom's pussy was so tight, so hot, and so wet that I was in shock from the swift penetration and I let out a little gasp. The man in the clearing looked up, and I quickly bent down so that I was leaning my upper body on my mom's back, my cock still buried in her cunt as far as it would go. Mom started to tighten and release her pussy rhythmically, as if trying to get more noises out of me, but the man wasn't looking in our direction, and soon his lover grabbed the front of his pants. I couldn't hear all of what she said, but the last two words were definitely "--fuck me", and she accompanied her words with unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. He pushed his pants and underwear down and, grasping his cock, she pulled him down to her. He mounted and penetrated her and they started moving against each other, uttering those wordless and unashamed sounds that people make when they're alone and making love.

Mom and I didn't have that luxury, but with the unsuspecting subjects of our voyeurism otherwise occupied, we could start moving again. I straightened up a little and started pumping my cock in and out of my mother, and she threw her hips back at me so that, if the couple in the clearing had been still and silent, they might have heard the gentle sound of my hips slapping against her ass and the squishy sound of my cock going in and out of my mother's very wet cunt. We could control our vocal sounds, and anyway we were both turned on by the grunts and groans of the man and his young lover. We started to pick up speed just as they did, and I was starting to feel the stirrings of another orgasm when the young woman cried out, "Oh, Daddy, fuck me!"

Mom and I both froze as they cried out their mutual orgasm. I could feel Mom tighten her cunt muscles again, as if she were suppressing my orgasm that way. I couldn't believe my ears. What were the odds of us seeing another incestuous couple while Mom and I were having sexual intercourse for the first time, especially seeing as how my college girlfriend was also having sex with her father and mother? We remained still for a while, Mom giving my cock an occasional squeeze with her cunt, until the young woman started sucking the cum and her own cunt juice off of her father's cock, bringing it back to full erection. Mo mother moved forward a little, off of my cock, and getting a handful of the lotion, started coating my cock with it again. I felt a little disappointed, since I'd been hoping to come in my mother, but I wasn't exactly complaining, especially since the first time had been so good. Then my mother squeezed out another dollop of lotion and started applying it to her asshole, and I realized what she really had in mind.

I bent over her and whispered, as softly as I could, "Mom? I thought that that stuff was 'for external use only'?"

She shrugged. "I lied," she said.

I stifled a laugh. I guess that that was obvious, given that my cock was covered in the stuff when I had started fucking her, but still. She grasped my cock and directed the head to her little puckered hole, and started backing up very slowly. If staying quiet before had been an effort, this time it was almost torture, as I saw my mother grit her teeth against the initial pain of penetration and I felt my cockhead pop into the tightest hole that it had ever been in, but somehow we managed, her anus relaxed, and we could start fucking again, with Mom stroking her clit as I pumped slowly in and out of her rectum. The young lady was straddling her father and riding him hard, and when she started crying out, "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy", it didn't startle us, but instead spurred us onward. I could feel my mother's anus clench around the base of my cock as the other incestuous couple's cries rang across the clearing, and I shot my seed deep within my mother.


My mother and I washed ourselves off in a stream on the way back to our campsite, but we didn't put our clothes on until we decamped two days later. We made love in a variety of ways over the next couple of days. The weather was warm enough that we skipped the tent entirely and lay on sleeping bags under a moonless, clear sky. We looked in the stars and talked about miscellaneous and sundry things until suddenly, apropos of nothing, my mother pulled me on top of her and wrapped her legs around me. She was already wet, and I was hard and inside of her in no time. It was just a straight missionary-position fuck, nothing fancy at all, but the unplanned "quickie" nature of it was its own turnon, and as my mother arched in orgasm under me, I swear, I could see the stars in her eyes.

We woke up the next morning and tumbled out of the sleeping bag. I needed to pee and went off to one side of the clearing, but Mom followed me. I looked at her apologetically and said, "I need to pee."

She smiled brightly and looked at my piss hard-on. "Me too," she said. She stood behind me and held my cock, laughing as she directed the stream all over the place. "I can feel it rushing along the bottom of your cock", she observed. Then it was her turn; I was curious because I'd never seen a woman pee. As she squatted, I said, "You know, you can stand up and do that--I read it somewhere on the internet." She stood up and now it was my turn to laugh as, after several false starts, she got a nice little arc going by spreading her legs and pullling the top of her cunt up.

She wiped herself off and then, after I'd gotten a pot of water going for coffee, she pulled me back down to the sleeping bag and started fondling me. I was hard in no time and this time she was on top, straddling me and carefully inserting my cock in her before rocking her hips and letting me suck on her tits the way that I'd sucked on Laura's mother's, back in school. Somewhere in the middle I had a thought, and pulling my mother close, I whispered in her ear, "What if those two from yesterday are watching us the way that we watched them?"

Mom giggled and said, "I don't think that they were outfitted for camping, John."

"But maybe they loved it so much that they came back today for more, and decided to go for a little walk afterward, and now they're watching us, and he's kneeling behind her with her skirt pushed up and her panties pulled down, and he's sticking his hard cock in his daughter's cunt!"

She started thrusting her hips again and moaned theatrically, "Oh baby, fuck your mother's cunt!"

I said back, just as loudly, "Oh mommy, your pussy feels so tight!"

We were both trying not to laugh out loud, at least at first, but soon we started to get off on the idea of fucking with a hidden audience, and soon I was bucking under my mother, yelling "Oh Mom" over and over while she sat up on me, her eyes squeezed shut while she shuddered in the grip of an intense climax. Later that day, we went to the other clearing, and even though it was abandoned we were still thrilled by the thought that someone else might come to visit it for a picnic. Soon my mom was on her knees, sucking my cock. She was an exceptional cocksucker and would look up once in a while with a coy look in her eyes as my cockshaft slid in and out of her lips. I came hard, and after I'd recovered, it was her turn to stand while I kneeled in front of her and licked and sucked her clit as I fingerfucked her. Mom hadn't minded the taste of her own cunt on my cock, and I can't say that I minded tasting my own cum in Mom's cunt; in fact, it excited me to remember Laura's dad licking my cum out of his wife's cunt, and I was excited enough to get hard again and screw Mom doggy-style, in the middle of the clearing. It took me a long time to come, since I'd come so often in the last two days, but that was OK with me; as far as I was concerned, I wouldn't have minded staying in my mother's cunt forever, and I don't think that she minded either.


I was silent during most of the trip back home. We were both pretty tired, from all the hiking and screwing and so forth, but I also had something on my mind. Finally, I spoke up. "Mom, can I ask you something?"

She smiled and said, "Go ahead", giving me a little squeeze on the thigh, as if she'd been expecting it. Some times I'm certain that my mother is so good at what she does because she's a mind-reader.

"Mom... don't take this the wrong way, but doesn't it seem a little unlikely that we'd run across another incestuous couple just as we were starting to do the same?"

She was silent for a long time, and I thought that I'd managed to offend her somehow, until she finally cleared her throat. "You know that I have a high standard of professional ethics, right?"

I didn't know where she was going with this. "Um, yeah?"

"So, if one of my clients told me that he was having a sexual relationship with his adult daughter, and mentioned that there was a special place that they both went, where no one was likely to see them, it still might be entirely coincidental if I happened to take my own son to a place that was very nearby, right?"

I thought for a minute, especially about how easily Mom had navigated the winding trails. "Yeah, sure."

"I mean, he is a former client and all..."

I shrugged. "What he--they--don't know won't hurt them."

She seemed relieved. "How did you feel about going nude all weekend?"

"It was great! We should go to a nude beach or resort sometime together!"

She grinned. "I've heard of such a place not too far from here. I heard about it from the ex-client, as a matter of fact. It's what you might call... a family place."

I raised my eyebrows. I thought about mother and I coming across the man and his daughter, all of us naked and maybe looking for something to do besides doubles at badminton.

"I was going to take you to one of those places for your third task, but you know, you don't really have to do that--it was a sucker bet, after all."

I looked at her and smiled. "Oh yes I do, Mom, oh yes I do!"

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/11/18

DEFINITELY VERY EROTIC. I GAVE YOU A 5 [(*****) 4.8/5 = 96%].

You masterfully described his mom as "statuesque" putting the emphasis on her ass & her thighs: for me it was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS because you described MY MOM.
I lusted after my mom. I was a voyeur son.more...

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by Anonymous05/13/18

"To be continued..."

Since twelve and a half years have passed, I guess that's not gonna happen.

Also, you never did say what the bet was. Even a MacGuffin needs some closure.

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by Anonymous05/13/18

for Johnny0432.........Grow up....

You put that post/complaint to every story with shaved cunts. It's the style and I like it. It's cleaner, smells better and is a visual turn on. If you are too shallow to accept that a woman mightmore...

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by Johnny043211/21/17

Bare pussy

WHAT a turn off. I WANT A WOMAN! not a pre pubescent little girl. when I see a woman I date with no hair that's our last date and it ends EARLY! makes me feel like a fucking pedophile. YUK!!!

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by RailroadTare09/04/17


schwing!! Pop.....ahhh Thanks

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