tagIncest/TabooMom's Curves Ch. 02

Mom's Curves Ch. 02


If you haven't read chapter one yet I suggest you do so. All persons are over 18 years of age.


I woke to a quiet house, so that must mean my mother and her sister, Aunt Susan, we're out for the day. Good, they're probably out shopping like they said they would be. I hope Aunt Susan is successful in getting Mom to be more adventurous in her clothing choices, I like my sluts to dress accordingly.

Yesterday I set the ground work, with Aunt Susan's help, for having my mother be my personal fucktoy. She even went as far as telling me all her holes were mine.

After we got her to suck my cock and swallowed my cum, she promised to obey me always and call me Daddy. She spent the rest of the evening catching up with her sister, so I went over to a friend's house.

Usually when I'm training a new submissive slut, I take every hole on the first night, you know set precedence but her being my mom and her sister staying with us for a few weeks... I figured, it's not like she's going anywhere, we live under the same roof.

I always found my mother to be extremely sexy and she's been the subject of many of my spank sessions. But it wasn't until yesterday, when I caught my Aunt Susan finger fucking mom's pussy while eating her out, that I saw a way to make some of my fantasy's come true.

Now my Aunt Susan was another story, she was only here for two weeks and I still haven't fucked her yet. She's made it clear she's interested but she's been busy with project "Sexy Mom". Which is why they both got up early so they could go clothes shopping. Aunt Susan was the right woman for the job, she was sex personified. She didn't just have a great body, she had a sexy confidence combined with a slutty dress code that would not allow any man, or women for that matter, to ignore her.

I can imagine the clothes she's getting my mother to try on. I would love to be a fly on the wall of the dressing room when them two are in there trying on tight slutty skirts and micro dresses. I just hope they at least make a stop at Victoria Secret.

At the mall

"There's no way that's going to fit, my ass will be sticking halfway out!" Connie exclaimed.

Susan was holding up what was supposed to be skirt but looked more like a wide belt. "How do you know it won't fit until you try it on? Now take this and the other things we picked out and let's go to the fitting rooms so we can see how it looks!" Susan said as she ushered Connie toward the dressing rooms.

Connie reluctantly did as she was told, something that was becoming her new reality ever since her younger sister arrived. The curvy submissive mom found herself getting wet every time she thought about the previous day when her sister totally dominated her and fucked her with a big dildo while she was forced to wear an anal plug, the very same anal plug she had stuffed in her tight ass right now. Connie would get even more turned on when she remembered all the squirting orgasms she enjoyed at the hands of said younger sister.

The only real regret she had about yesterday was that she ended up submitting to her 18 year old son and sucking his cock. No, in all honesty she begged him to let her suck his cock and then promised to be his submissive fucktoy, his three hole cumslut, his...pet. Yet even as she regretted what she allowed, she craved his thick fat juicy cock. She craved his seemingly never ending supply of cum. But mostly she craved his control of her, that he made her agree to his insane rule of only fucking who he said she could fuck.

Connie found herself getting worked up again as she stepped into the fitting room with Susan. She could feel her panties sticking to her cunt lips. There was no doubt about it she was horny and then it happened. She felt vibrations pulse deep in her asshole that caught her by surprise.

"Fuuckk...shit! Nooo, not in public! Please Susan turn it off. Nnggaahh!!" Connie pleaded with her younger sister who was holding up the remote control to the butt plug that was threatening to make her cum in the very pubic fitting room.

"You had a far away look in your eyes, a very lusty far away look. Was you by chance thinking of Brian's big fat incestuous cock? Before you lie to me remember there are four higher settings on this thing and you can barely handle the first one. So...?"

Connie's first instinct was to lie and hope her sister would just let it go at that but now she understood any attempt at deception would lead to her utter humiliation in the very busy store.

"Yes...yes I was thinking about my son. I can't believe what happened, how things may be forever changed between us, that I will never have his respect ever again. It was a mistake...Nnggaahh." Connie was cut off by an even more intense vibrating in her anal canal.

"Don't act like you didn't love every minute of it you slut. In fact, I bet your tight little milf pussy is dripping right now wishing he was here to fill any one of your holes!" Susan said as she slowly slid her hand up the inside of Connie's leg, only stopping when she reached the very wet gusset of her silk panties. "Damn you are soaked! Now turn around before I let you know what the third level vibration feels like."

Connie wasted no time doing as she was told, partially in fear of said third level but mostly because if she had to admit it she needed to be controlled. It allowed her to indulge in these depraved acts without the guilt that came with it. As long as she had someone to blame, the mind blowing orgasms weren't her fault. They made her cum. So even without being told she placed her hands up on the wall in front of her and spread her legs.

"Good girl!" Susan said as she got on her knees behind Connie and reached with both hands up her sisters skirt, grabbed the waist band and peeled off her panties. Once the panties we're down Connie submissively stepped out of them. Susan gently palmed Connie's ass cheeks and with her thumbs split them until she could hear the wet pussy lips parting. There was so much girl cum that it started to drip down but the sexiest thing was the cum bubbles her over excited cunt was producing. The temptation was too much so Susan brought her eager mouth to bare on Connie's moist lips.

"Nnggaahh Susan your going to make me cum. Your tongue feels sooo good!" she declared as her sister's tongue licked it's way to her hard erect clit and back before it was thrusting in and out of her pussy hole collecting girl cum as it went. Connie was done being an innocent bystander and arched her lower back forcing her sex upon Susan's eager mouth.

"Fuck shit! What are you turning me into? Oh god I'm gonna cum so hard sis! Nnggaahh!"

Connie immediately shoved her fist in her own mouth to silence the orgasmic scream and squirted a geyser in and around Susan's mouth which she drank as fast as she could. Connie's knees gave way and the curvy mom collapsed on to the fitting room floor panting for air.

Susan smacked her big sister on the ass and said, "Get up slut, you've got clothes to try on. Don't forget we're going out tonight and getting laid."

Connie slowly rose to her feet, removed her skirt and put her panties back on. Once she had the first outfit on, a black silk sheer skirt that hugged her ass and stopped mid thigh and a pink halter top that cradled her massive tits.

Susan said, "I like it but it's not slutty enough. Here try this little number," and handed Connie a black and grey Lycra dress that had no back and halter front, again cradling her boobs. Only this dress was so short it only hung three inches below her ass cheeks and mound. When she moved it took every effort not to flash her panties.

"Susan I can't walk in this and I definitely can't sit in this, everyone will see my panties and ass cheeks.

"You say that like it's a bad thing. Look the whole point is to get men to notice you and most importantly want to fuck you. Once you have them in that frame of mind then you dictate the terms of their surrender. Now I need to see you walk in this thing." Susan said as she held the fitting room door open ushering Connie out.

"Now walk over to those racks and pick out a few more dresses and skirts." Susan watched Connie strut over and start picking out outfits. Susan noticed that every once in awhile Connie's panties would indeed be in view.

Feeling a bit exposed Connie pulled the bottom of the dress down only to have it ride up again.

Having found two more mini skirts and four sexy tops to match, Susan inspected her sisters choices and was glad to see she picked out some of the more slutty garments. Progress.

After making sure they fit, Connie's new slutty wardrobe was brought to the cashier for purchases.

As soon as they put all the shopping bags in the back seat of the car, Susan noticed a sex shop/adult book store on the edge of the parking lot adjacent to the mall.

"We have one more stop to make before heading home!" Susan said as she pulled Connie along to the adult store. Connie had never been in a store like this though she owned several dildos and vibrators having ordered them online. Once inside Connie looked around and noticed only two other customers, men, both of whom we're now staring at the sexy sisters like starving pit bulls. Connie looked over at Susan with apprehension but followed her younger sister around the shop.

They stopped at shelves that held an assortment of rubber cocks of all sizes. While Connie examined a 12" black dildo, Susan picked up a leather strap on harness and checked it's strength and durability.

"That's some cock you've got there, let me see it!" Susan took the offered phallus and started caressing it. "It's pretty big, you sure you can handle it?" Susan asked as she ran the silicone pole up between Connie's fat tits.

Connie nervously looked around too see if anyone was watching. She caught the eye of one of the two men in the shop. He looked to be about fifty years old, maybe 5'- 9" and around 200lbs not a terribly good looking man just average. Yet when Connie caught him looking, he didn't flinch or look away like most men would. Instead he stared at her defiantly with a knowing grin. Meanwhile Susan reached out for one of Connie's hard nipples and gave it sharp tug extending it outwards.

Connie was panting heavily and felt a moistening between her legs. She felt so powerless around her younger sister. So willing to submit and hand over control. It was the same way with her son Brian yesterday when she was begging him to let her have his fat cock...his beautiful fat cock!

"Nnggaahh I'm cumming!"

"Well that was quick! I must be getting good at pressing your buttons." Susan said as she held Connie from collapsing on to the floor

The sisters went to the counter to pay for the two items. As the girl behind the counter rang up their purchase, the gentleman that was watching Connie get off approached and offered, "Ladies it would please me so much if you would allow me to pay for these items for you."

Susan eyed him up and down and when he held her stare and gave a slight smile Susan became intrigued and asked, "Do you make a habit out off paying for people's purchases in sex shops?"

"Only when they are two beautiful women that just put on the sexiest display I have seen in all my 54 years. How rude of me my name is William." He said as he handed the cashier his credit card and then extended his hand out to Susan first, as she was obviously the dominant one of the two.

"Hello, I'm Susan and this is my slut Connie. Connie thank the nice man for paying for our toys!" Susan said excepting his offered hand.

"Thank you sir." Connie said without looking up and making eye contact.

Susan continued "I feel like we somehow owe you. And I think I know just how to pay you back and help me in the training of my new slut at the same time."

Turning to the cashier Susan asked, "Miss does this place have video viewing booths?"

The twenty something year old girl having seen it all working here didn't bat an eye, handed Susan the bag and pointed at a beaded curtain.

Susan led the way to the booths as Connie and William followed. The hallway behind the curtain was darker then the shop itself and once their eyesight adjusted they continued down the hall, which was all but deserted. Susan made a bee line for a vacant booth with vacancies on both sides.

"Connie and I will take this one and you go in the next one this way you won't know which mouth or pussy is pleasuring you."

Slightly disappointed he wouldn't be in the same booth but not wanting to ruin the moment, William agreed and went next door. Susan quickly closed her door and locked it. As she was putting money in the arcade, Connie questioned the situation.

"I'm not sure I can do this Susan, he's a stranger. Can't we just go home and try out the new toys?"

"You mean the new toys William paid for? Besides aren't you tired of getting off by yourself? What you need is new dick. But first you owe me!" she said as she lifted her dress hem and pulled down her panties. Connie hesitated so Susan grabbed a handful of her hair and push Connie's face into her moist muff.

After a few hesitant licks Connie began eating with gusto. It was as she was sucking on her clit that Susan noticed a very long and impossibly thick, uncut veiny cock squeeze through the four inch hole in the booth's wall.

"Holy mother of God. Connie turn around and look what you was about to turn down."

Connie reluctantly stopped licking and looked to see what her sister was talking about. What she saw didn't seem real nobody had a cock like that. It was as long, around ten inches, but twice as thick as the fat cock the black pornstar on the video monitor was in the process of shoving down a skinny white girls throat. Connie reached out, caressed it then tried to wrap her fingers around it. There was a gap of about two inches between her thumb and middle finger. A large dollop of precum worked it's way out of the slit at the massive cock's head and started it's long drip down towards the floor.

Fearing it's inevitable loss, Connie licked the precious drip up to it's origin and then swirled her tongue around the plum sized head before taking it and two inches into her cock hungry mouth. A moan could be heard on both sides of the wall.

Susan knelt down and assisted by licking the side of the long shaft. She could feel every blood filled vein that worked around the shaft like small fingers. Who would have guessed that this unassuming man would be hung like the proverbial horse?

Needing to have more, Susan pulled the huge cock away from her older sister and stuffed it in her mouth and swallowed what she could. While she was working on getting the other half down her throat, Connie leaned back, put her hand down her panties and found her sloppy pussy. Connie's eyes went back and forth between the porn on the TV screen and her sister's live sex scene.

William was nowhere near cumming but his cock reached epic hardness and size. There was only a quarter inch on each side of his cock sticking through that 4 inch whole.

Susan's jaw was starting to hurt so she made an executive decision. "Connie, bring that hungry pussy over here. We're going to resize it. Turn around and bend over."

"I can't Susan I promised Brian I would only fuck who he said I could fuck."

"But I never gave you permission to make that promise and I own that pussy until I go home and hand you over to him!" Susan explained.

Connie, fearing her sister's disapproval, backed up to the salami sticking though the wall, then reached between her legs and guided the massive log of meat to her dripping snatch. It wasn't until the third push that the peach sized helmet popped in her tight cunt.

"Oh fuck! That's a big cock. Uunngg...nnggaahh." Connie moaned. Little by little she eased back until she had four fat inches resizing her out of practice pussy. Two more inches and Connie started cumming hard.

"Oh ffffuck...shittt! I'm sooo full. My cunt is going to break. Oh god that's a fucking huge cock, FUCK! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" that's when the squirting began. Girl cum shot out of Connie like a busted garden hose.

Susan scooted over as to avoid the spray. She went to the bag, pulled out the big black dildo and harness. Connie was too busy to notice her sister sporting a 12 inch black python where her pussy would be, that was until Susan started tapping Connie's cheek with it.

"Come on slut, it high time you get spit roasted. Spit on it bitch or it's going in dry!" Susan said placing the large cock head at Connie's lips.

Connie had a better idea, she spun around and started sucking her own juices off the monster cock that was in her pussy.

Susan looked down at the stretched hole and began working the massive dildo into her sisters gapping cunt hole and fucked her using 6 inches of the 12 inch fake cock. "You like that slut? You like getting cock from both ends? I'm gonna fuck you so hard and make you cum all over my cock. I'm gonna make you my bitch. Yah, you want to be my bitch don't you?" Susan was enjoying dominating her big sister. All those lectures about getting serious, going to college and getting married. As if that was her only options. Susan was very wealthy. She made a killing as a pornstar. And now she produced her own films with three dozen adult film actors on the payroll. She literally fucked her way to the top. And now she was fucking her know it all sister senseless.

Connie was in heaven, this was her favorite fantasy when under the blanket with her box of dildos. Getting taken by two big cocks and the one in her mouth was beyond her wildest dreams.

She worshipped the meat log with all she had. Running her tongue up and down the veiny shaft, swirling her tongue around the fist like head even sticking her tongue in the pee hole which was also huge. She could only suck on the head and two inches but William must be enjoying himself, she could hear his moans through the wall. Susan wasn't lying about making her cum on her cock. Connie could feel an orgasm building in her gut and it was going to be almost as big as the one Williams huge cock gave her just ten minutes ago.

But Susan had other plans she removed Connie's butt plug and went cunt to ass with the big fake cock. Wearing the anal plug for so long paid off because the rubber cock slipped in halfway without any resistance. But with some effort Susan was able to bottom out fitting all 12 inches up her sisters ass.

"Nnggaahh you bitch fuck I can feel you in my stomach!" Exclaimed Connie as her orgasm erupted from her empty pussy spraying Susan's legs with her cum. While she was still in the through of orgasmic bliss, Connie got William's cock back in her mouth.

Susan, always ready to push the envelope, decided since she already went from Connie's pussy to her ass, it was now time to go from her ass to her mouth. So she grabbed her sister by the hips and turned her around. Susan guided William's huge cock back into Connie's stretched out cunt.

"Nnggaahh Mmmm!" Connie moaned. This time she was able to take more of the huge cock in her loosened cunt. William was getting close to cumming himself. But this damn wall was just not letting him truly get his so he had an idea. Taking a chance he would be turned away, William pulled his cock out of the warm moist pussy, walked out of his booth and over to the girls booth.

Connie wasn't sure why the meat pole pulled out of her cunt, not even when the sisters heard a knock at their door.

"Hey girls it's me, William, can I come in" he politely asked.

Susan didn't waste any time and opened the door immediately. "Come on in stud."

William saw the one called Connie on her knees sucking a huge dildo strap on that the one called Susan was wearing. "These girls are something else!" he though. William sat on the bench and motioned for Connie to come over and ride him. With her sisters assistance, she stood feet on either side of him and brought her sloppy pussy down to squat until his cock head was pushing her lips apart. Slowly she sank on to the massive meat pole, until she felt him in her stomach.

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