tagIncest/TabooMom's Estranged Son Ch. 02

Mom's Estranged Son Ch. 02


This is the 2nd installment of a story involving incest between a mother and her estranged son. A lot of the build-up and back story occurs in the first chapter while this chapter focuses more on their forbidden sex acts. As usual, all the parties are 18+.

Please share your feedback and rate this story. My pussy gets wet when I hear from others, especially women, and I always welcome a cock (and it's point of view).


Becky's mind was a blur while she dressed after her shower. Only moments ago she invited her son into the shower then massaged his cock until it sprayed her with thick white trails of forbidden pleasure. Her motherly instincts were battling with her womanly desires over the situation until eventually she convinced her conscience that it was acceptable for a mother to bathe her son.

But now Becky wasn't sure how the shower would change her relationship with her son. She knew they would need to talk about the shower and was certain it would be awkward. However, Jason would be boarding a plane later in the day heading back home to visit his father for an extended weekend. Since he was leaving directly from campus she wouldn't see him for several days which would give Becky time to sort things out.

The long weekend without Jason also gave Becky the opportunity to catch up on housework and really give the apartment a thorough cleaning. When stripping the linens from Jason's bed to add to the laundry, she noticed something fall to the ground. Picking up the item to examine it, Becky immediately recognized her missing panties. The pair was one of her favorites, sheer white with lacy margins and had gone missing nearly a month ago. After some thought she guessed her son had taken her worn panties from the hamper and was keeping them under his pillow. She didn't know why, but she was certain he was using them for some erotic stimulus. The thought of her son, masturbating while thinking of her made Becky wet with arousal.

She sat on his bed and faced back toward the door. Jason had left his computer on and it was running a slide show of the pictures he'd taken of her, breasts fully exposed, posed hands touching her intimate regions. Her pussy was tingling imagining Jason jerking off to these images. Lying back on the bed, Becky stroked and fingered herself to an amazing orgasm.

The weekend crawled by slowly, instead of calming her forbidden desires for her son, the separation increased them. Finally she was at the airport, her handsome boy climbing into her car.

"Hungry?" Becky asked.

"Starving," replied her son.

Jason stared across the car at his mother on the drive to the restaurant. She was stunning. Her jet black hair flowed over her shoulders, wisps lying across the top of her breasts. Becky was wearing a light colored sun-dress. The dress clung tightly to her large breasts, but was much more flowing towards its bottom. Jason suspected that when standing the dress fell just below the knee, but sitting next to him it exposed most of her trim thighs. From his position, he noticed he could see the edge of the darker circle surrounding his mom's nipple, just concealed by the dress. His eyes wandered between her cleavage and inner thighs, not knowing which he wanted more.

His mom could feel her son's lustful stares and casually adjusted the top of her dress in a manner which gave her son an occasional glimpse of her hardened nipple. She needed him to want her as much as she wanted him. Becky smiled when she saw the outline of her son's hard cock below Jason's jeans.

At the restaurant, they mostly drank, only sharing an appetizer between them. With the aid of this liquid courage, Becky finally managed to address the white elephant topic between them.

"About what happened before you left," she started.

Her son feared what would come next. His body language quickly pulled back in anticipation for the blow.

"I'm sorry, you're just so sexy," he sputtered.

"It's ok, it was my fault," continued his mother. "I lost control. We can't let it go any further."

"But..." Jason started to protest.

"No buts!" retorted her mother sternly. "Some things are natural between a mother and her son, we just can't let it go any further."

Jason wondered what she meant. "Mom's kiss their sons," he noted, "and they breastfeed."

Neither Jason nor his mom could believe what he said. After an awkward silence Becky simply said, "sometimes, but touching is not allowed" then excused herself to go to the bathroom. The mother inside felt good about setting some boundaries, but there was a horny MILF inside who would continue to challenge society's rules.

Returning from the powder room a few minutes later, Becky put a small gift bag on the table in front of her son.

"Open it," Becky instructed.

Jason pulled apart the edges of the bag and peered inside. He recognized his mom's white panties at once. In addition to the bubbling embarrassment, Jason's cock stiffened.

"I found these cleaning your room over the weekend," she teased.

"What?" Jason tried to feign surprise.

"Don't deny it," his mother scolded. "They haven't been laundered for a while so I washed them."

Becky could see the disappointment in her son's eyes, she now knew what she'd suspected, that he enjoyed her scent.

"But," Jason's mother continued in a more seductive tone, "I've been wearing them all night."

A smile crept across Jason's face. He wanted to reach into the bag and pull them to his face like he'd done so many times before, but the restaurant was crowded. Jason did reach into the bag to feel their sheer and lace, and was rewarded with the feel of her still warm, wet excitement on the sexy material. Only then did it dawn on him that his mother was not wearing any panties.

"I'm pretty tired, we should get going," Jason lied.

"OK," replied his mother, "but you'll have to drive. All these drinks with not a lot of food have made me a bit tipsy."

In the car and back on the road, Jason's mom reclined the seat back to relax. Jason's eyes wandered between the road and her bronzed thighs. Casually, while carrying on a conversation, Jason let his hand rest on her inner thigh, just below the dress.

"Hands on the wheel stud," her mom teased.

Her son obeyed, but a couple minutes later it had again found her silky skin of her thigh.

"The wheel," reminded his mom.

A few minutes passed and Jason started to gently hike up the bottom of his mom's dress, ever closer to revealing her unclothed pussy. Becky could feel the fabric sliding bit by bit up her thighs until her skirt had been pulled up and piled on her stomach.

"Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road hornball," she said more forcefully this time. But she didn't bother to cover her exposed pussy. Quite the contrary she allowed her legs to relax and slightly open giving her son a better look.

Jason glanced back at his mother, her eyes were closed. He looked down between her legs to see her lips, glisten in the passing streetlights, still mostly closed around the opening to her wetness. A thin line of black hair started just above the top of her slit and trailed up towards her lower abdomen. He put his hand on his mother's thigh.

"Jason," his mother warned without opening her eyes.

Using as much control as he could muster, Jason slowly moved his hand ever closer to the spot between his mother's legs. His cock was so hard it was painful.

Becky felt her son's hand slowly but deliberately creeping up her inner thigh. "It's only my leg," she reasoned, but the growing burn in her pussy and knots in her stomach indicated she knew it was much more. She loathed herself for opening her legs, but she just couldn't help it.

"That's far enough," Becky insisted. "I mean it, nothing more."

She was proud of herself for drawing a line, but Jason's hand had moved all the way up her leg. The outside of his pinky now was lightly stroking along his swollen mother's pussy lips.

As his smallest finger gently stroked at the wet opening to his mother's pussy, Jason felt her burning heat and wanted to go further, but he fought the urge. Not because he objected to it, but because his mother had been so insistent and he didn't want to risk angering her and losing his progress. Still, his mother's breathing was obviously labored and her excitement was wet on the edge of his finger.

The rest of the way home Jason's light stroking was teasing his mom's wanting pussy nearly to the point of orgasm, but never getting her quite there. Becky found herself wishing she hadn't been so convincing when she told her son no further. Didn't he know how turned on she was, how much she wanted his finger inside her. It was a relief of sorts when they arrived at the apartment, the teasing nearly driving her insane.

Entering the apartment Jason asked his mother, "do I at least get my good night kiss?"

Becky looked up at her son as he leaned into her. His breath felt hot on her lips. Her warm full lips welcomed his and opened, her tongue venturing out first, tasting his sweet mouth. Their tongues danced, twisting, playfully battling for control. She felt his hands lift the back of her dress and squeeze her ass, pulling her hips toward him, grinding his mom's sex against his, separated only by a few layers of material.

"ooohhh," moaned his mother. She didn't want this moment to end, but if it didn't stop, she was certain lines would be crossed.

"That's enough Jason," she managed to say between heavy breathing. Then she pulled away and turned, heading quickly to her bedroom.

Jason called after her, "Wait, please. Can't we just..."

She ignored the words, closed her bedroom door behind her and collapsed on the floor. Jason hadn't touched her since the car but that didn't stop her pussy from quivering with an amazing orgasm brought on by their forbidden lust. When the erotic waves finally ceased, Becky crawled across the floor and into bed.


The following week was busy for both Jason who was catching up on class work, and Becky who had a major campaign going at work. Becky didn't allow him back in the shower with her, but she did let him watch her, which he did, whenever possible. She always put on a good show for him, soaping up a heavy lather, rubbing it into her breasts and letting the soapy bubbles wash down her skin. She wanted to see him beat off to her like this, but her his dismay, all he seemed to do was watch.

Friday night Jason asked his mom, "Do you want to go out tomorrow night?"

"Like on a date?" she replied.

"Kind of," her son offered, "There's an art show at the college museum, they'll have wine and crackers."

"That sounds fun," Becky answered, "What time are you picking me up?"

"We'll leave at 8," Jason answered feeling a slight jump in his pants at the idea of another good night kiss.


Late Saturday afternoon Becky was standing in front of the mirror wearing only her black. sheer, boy short panties trimmed with lace. Jason approached her from behind.

"If that's what you wear, the other guys may fight me to take you home," he teased.

"I'm afraid you might not let me out of here if I don't put some clothes on," Becky responded.

"Don't worry, I know the rules," said Jason pressing the front of his body into her back and wrapping his arms around him. "A hug is an appropriate mother -- son sign of affection isn't it?"

Becky didn't answer. She had drawn the line, albeit a wide one, and hugs certainly fell within the allowed boundaries. Jason's mom let his hands run wild over her stomach. With one strong hand on each hip he pulled her into him, grinding her panty covered ass on his crotch. Becky could feel his erection beneath his pants, it felt good pressed against her. She didn't stop his hands from wandering up and fondling her naked breasts, lifting their weight and rolling the hard nipples between his fingers. Becky reasoned that years back his lips had engulfed them several times each day, so this still seemed to fall within her broad lines. She did however stop her son's hand from slipping beneath her panties, no matter how much she wanted it, she knew that was over the line.

Jason spun his mother around and kissed her, she seemed to melt in his arms, but it was only for a second.

"You'll mess up my lipstick," scolded Becky.

A half hour later, they were in the car and in another 30 minutes they were walking up to the campus museum.

Becky had selected a short simple black dress, except for the neckline which plunged well below her breasts and open back which included thin black strings crossing back and forth over her tanned skin.

Together the mother and son drank wine and walked slowly through the museum, Becky hanging on Jason's arm, admiring the student submissions. The night went by quickly, full of soft sensual touching.

Becky was surprised when she looked up at the first piece of art in the most recent section of the museum. It was a black and white photo of a middle aged woman with large breasts nursing what appeared to be a young college student, a small trickle of milk dribbled from his lips. The next several art pieces were all erotic and all featured older women sexually with younger men. The irony didn't escape mother or son and actually served very stimulating to each of them.

Jason hoped that this art show would blur the lines between him and his mother even further. He knew the progression well having visited this section of the museum several times before, and couldn't wait to the end when the young stud finally plunged his cock into what he imagined was his mother.

"Pretty hot, huh," whispered Jason to his mother.

Becky didn't answer, but her wet pussy told her she felt the same. She finished a 5th glass of wine in front of the final photograph of the series. In it, the woman lay on her back her legs hanging over the side of a bed, the young man held his cock in one hand and had started to push its head into the mouth of her pussy. Becky couldn't help thinking that her son's cock was larger than the young man in the photograph. The room was a cloud and Becky wasn't sure if it was brought on by her erotic thoughts or simply too much alcohol.

They hadn't left the parking lot before Jason had freed his mother's breasts from the little black dress and was kneading the fleshy globs excitedly. His mother was audibly excited at his touch, moaning each time her son gently twisted one of her rock hard nipples. Several times on the drive home Jason reached between his mother's legs, but each time she pushed his hand away.

Back at the apartment, Jason had to help his mother up the stairs, the mix of wine and heels made walking on even flat surfaces somewhat challenging. Before the door even closed behind them Jason's mouth had found hers, tongues sliding against each other in a fit of sexual passion. Becky felt her son's hands on her body, then unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the ground. His hands focused on her breasts, with firm lustful fondling which sent sparks of erotic pleasure to her wet and wanting pussy.

"Too far," Becky moaned pulling up Jason's hand from wandering down to her soaked panties, then guiding his mouth to her stiffened nipple. Becky still could hold the line, only letting her son suck her breasts like when he was a baby. His young mouth engulfed her breast while his eyes looked up at her with lust and passion. This time obviously felt different, each time he sucked or teased her nipple with his tongue made her pussy more aware that it was being ignored.

Jason felt rejected when his mom stopped his hand from touching her warmth, plunging a finger inside her wet sex, but became sidetracked when she let him engulf her swollen nipple. Her nipples were amazing, hard as rocks in his mouth. Again Jason let a free hand slip down toward his mother's warmth.

"We can't," Becky moaned, "please stop."

But Jason wasn't stopping, even as his mother pulled at his hand with both of hers, it slipped inside her panties and easily pushed inside her.

"STOP!" Becky shouted and slapped her son hard enough across the face for him to pull back away from her.

She saw the pure lust and unrelenting desire in his eyes and knew that she'd pushed him too far and he wasn't going to stop on his own. As quickly as she could, Becky stumbled across the apartment for her bedroom, anxiously closing the door behind her.

Jason was there, catching the door before it latched, pushing into her bedroom.

"We can't," Becky pleaded, "I'm your mother."

"My mother died six years ago," Jason responded in an erotic rage, shoving her onto the bed.

Reaching down between his mothers legs, Jason ripped the thin sheer panties from his mother, revealing her forbidden sex. Becky continued to struggle against her hormone driven son, but so much as to provide the appearance of reluctance to hold on to her motherly title. Every part of her body longed for him to be inside her, filling her with his cock. The battle in her mind between mother and woman was nearly finished.

Jason pinned his mother's hands above her head, she seemed to be feigning resistance yet her eyes clearly told him she wanted this as much as he did.

Becky opened her legs wide and Jason looked down to see her sexual flower unfold, beconing him to penetrate. The young boy obliged, using his free hand to guide his cock to her wet pussy, sliding its purple head up and down along the length of its wetness.

Feeling her son shuddering with anticipation, Becky moaned in erotic delight.

Inch by inch, Jason drove his stiff cock inside his mother's pussy, which welcomed it with warm wet excitement. He hadn't even managed to penetrate her with his full length before his orgasm started building. Jason increased his rhythm and intensity, using all his strength to fight back his pending climax.

His mother was moaning with each penetrating drive of his shave and stopped any act of resistance, succumbing to their outlawed desire for one another.

Her moans and warm wetness were too much for a young, inexperienced Jason to handle and in less than one minute erupted inside her, filling her pussy with warm explosions of cum, groaning in forbidden pleasure.

Becky felt the orgasm sweep over her son's body, jerking it ferociously from side to side and filling her with the warm liquid of their lust.

Jason collapsed on top of his mother, cock still inside her. There was no question now. They had crossed the very taboo line between mother and son, but the fact it was forbidden had made it so enticing. There was no turning back now.

Her son had demonstrated his youth and inexperience, reaching his climax long before she had a chance to find her own pleasure. Now, she was hoping he would be able to show that same youth in his resiliency.

Becky pushed her son off her body, onto his back lying next to her on the bed then crawled between his legs. For a moment she studied her son's large snake, slowly losing its firm vitality. With almost no hesitation, Becky engulfed the waning cock of her boy, soft, yet still swollen in her mouth. The taste of their mixed lust excited her and in less than a minute, her son's cock was starting to harden with its own excitement.

After sucking the life back into Jason's cock, Becky mounted him and let her son slip between the walls of her wanting pussy. Up and down she rode, impaling her pussy on the stiff shaft, driving it to places never reached before.

Jason looked up at his mother, riding his cock with a passion he'd never even imagined in his wildest fantasies. Her heavy boobs bounced each time she thrust her wetness onto him. Jason's eyes studied the larger than grapefruit sized globes and his fingers reached for the dark hard nipples at their peaks. He could see her excitement building, feel it in the intensity and hear it in her breathing. His mother was biting her lower lip, concentrating on holding back her building climax. She looked so sexy. Jason's mom's dark hair was erotically messy, strands strewn across her deeply tanned and silky skin.

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