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Mom's Here To Help!


Author's Note: Welcome to my latest story, submitted on Mother's Day by the way. This one is kind of quick and fun and maybe even a little 'porny' but I feel the concept is a hot one. If you enjoy this one, you have my wife to thank. It was her trashy little mind that came up with this for a spontaneous nighttime taboo role play. Enjoy. LC68


"Yeah look at that," Steve whispered while staring at the hot blonde on her knees sucking cock on his lap top. "Look at that little slut go."

The little slut was sucking like the porn star she was, easily taking the guy's huge cock deep into her mouth and moaning, gagging, drooling and spitting all over it. As fast as she sucked, Steve stroked, working his cock with his lotion lubricated right hand.

Unfortunately his cock wasn't half as excited as the guy in the video and he was fighting not to concentrate on it, but just watch the video and think about the girl, not his barely semi hard cock. She stopped sucking and standing up, bent over a table.

The guy slapped his huge hard cock on her ass a few times, then grabbing her hips proceeded to fuck her silly. She was moaning and squealing and the camera jumped around, showing off her wide eyes and open mouth as she yelped, then her big beautiful tits swaying and her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as her pussy was being pounded by his hard dick.

His hard dick; because Steve's was currently at half mast and not getting any bigger. Unable to help it he looked down at his only partially inspired cock and moaned, "Come on, what the fuck!"

He stroked faster then gasped, "Oh, fuck!"

He was going to cum. He tried to stop, but was at the point of no return and even with his hand no longer moving a drop of cum appeared at the tip of his cock and oozed out.

Groaning more in frustration than pleasure, Steve stroked his cock and watched as his cum pumped down his just now hardening shaft. By the time he'd squeezed out the last few drops he was fully hard, but as soon as he stopped jerking it just as quickly began to soften.

"Fuck!" He exclaimed, "Not again!"

For the last week any time he jacked off he either came while still only semi hard or had just finally gotten fully erect before immediately coming. Disgusted he released his useless, flaccid cock and shut off the porn.

Grabbing some tissues from the box on his desk, he wiped his cum and lotion covered dick and tossing gross tissues into the trash, pulled his shorts up over his now totally flaccid cock. What the hell was wrong with him?

Whatever it was, he better figure it out and soon because it wasn't just happening while jerking off, it was happening when he was with Ashley and she wasn't going to be okay with it much longer.

Sitting back in his chair and staring at the spreading wet stain on his boxers and annoyed at hos small his cock felt between his legs, Steve hoped this would go away as fast as it had shown up, but he was starting to wonder if it would.

It had happened for the first time three weeks ago. Ashley's parents weren't home and they'd been fooling around in her room. Ashley was a damn hottie, long reddish brown hair, green eyes, long legs; big tits, a smooth little pink slit and she loved to fuck whenever they had the chance.

He was laying naked on her bed and she had just done a fun little strip tease for him and as always his cock was rock hard at the sight of her tight body and those amazing tits. She had come up onto the bed, knelt between his legs and begun blowing him.

He'd laid there thinking life couldn't get any better, a gorgeous girl sucking his cock and the entire afternoon for him to return the favor, licking her sweet pussy, then fucking her as often as they could manage in the next few hours and that was usually two or three times.

She'd sucked him for a few minutes, moaning and whimpering around his cock and shaking her perfect little ass back and forth. Ashley had then slid up on top of him. She leaned over, letting him suck her hard pink nipples, then kissing him.

He'd put his arms around her and they'd kissed deeply, their tongue's in each other's mouths. She was sliding her wet pussy along the length of his cock and that's when he noticed he didn't feel as hard as he had before.

Ashley had then slid her pussy up to the tip of his cock and eased down, to slide him inside her. She loved being on top-and he loved her there-so it was a move she'd done many times in the months they'd been fooling around.

But this time instead of entering her hot tight pussy, his cock had slid along her wet skin. She tried again and his cock didn't even feel like it was bending. Ashley had sat up and reaching behind her, grabbed his cock and stroked it.

Steve was alarmed when he felt how soft he was and tried to focus on her hand and her tits, her pussy, trying to get it hard again. Ashley had been good about it, smiling and saying it was just his way of getting more of her mouth.

She slid back down and sucked him again. Steve became more flustered when despite her best efforts with her mouth, he was not getting fully hard. Ashley removed his soft cock from her mouth and said "Relax, baby, I know he wants me."

She'd started sucking him faster and to his relief he felt his cock beginning to stiffen, but as quickly as it did he'd gasped in surprise at the sudden feeling he was going to cum and tried to tell her to stop.

Ashley stopped moving her head, but his cock went off in her mouth anyway. She was a good girl once more and sucked on him, taking all of his unexpected load, then simply shrugged, "Guess you needed that."

He'd quickly went about making it up to her, trading places with her and licking her pussy, while fingering her. He got her off and as always Ashley came damn hard, squealing louder than ever seeing her folks weren't home and they weren't trying to be quiet.

Any other time he'd gone down on her he'd been hard as hell, how couldn't he be being between her soft creamy thighs and tonguing her hot pussy while she played with her tits for him? Usually just the sound of her coming could have him ready.

But this time? He was close to hard, but it still didn't feel right. He slid up between her legs and tired to push his cock inside her. He got it in, but as he started pumping he could feel it bending awkwardly inside her.

He took it out and rubbed it along her slit. Ashley put her feet on his chest and even spread herself open, stroking her clit to turn him on. He tried again and when he once more could only give her a few weak pumps whit his semi hard cock, he'd gotten upset and stopped.

Ashley was patient and they lay there awhile then she tried blowing him again. She got him hard and got on her knees for him. In just the short time it took him to get to his knees behind her his cock was softening.

In a panic he shoved it inside her and humped her like a damn rabbit, quick little strokes trying to cover the fact his cock was barely hard. To make it worse the same thing happened as when she sucked him, he had barely achieved a full hard on and he went off inside her in less than a minute.

He lucked out in the sense Ashley was okay with it, not saying anything beyond he was probably nervous over finals and his GPA that would cost him his scholarship if he didn't keep it up. Well so far his GPA was all he was keeping up because his last three attempts with Ashley had been getting worse and worse.

Each time they fooled around he wasn't hard at all, even going down on her did nothing for him down there. She had to stroke and suck him and it either ended with him cumming pathetically in her mouth or barely able to fuck her for thirty seconds.

The last time she had understandably begun to lose patience She wasn't outright mad, but he'd caught her rolling her eyes after he came inside her after about a dozen pumps last time and sighing and looking annoyed when she had to work his cock like a porn star just to get him close to hard.

She had told him it was all in his head after the first time and he agreed. Steve was only twenty and in damned good shape. This was in his head and he needed to get it out of there. But now it was all he could think about.

Every time he thought of sex with her his cock would respond as always, but when he got to where he was with her nothing happened and no matter how hard he tired he couldn't stop thinking about it. Now it was even when he was jerking off!

After the last time Ashley had told him she didn't want to try anymore until he felt he was ready, said it made her feel bad he couldn't get excited with her and cheap when he went off in her mouth like that. She told him to go talk to a campus councilor which was free, but Steve stubbornly refused to go tell some guy, or worse a woman, he couldn't get it up.

But it was getting him. Steve was getting more and more nervous as time went on and in addition to it being about not getting it up, he was getting frustrated from not having any sex that didn't involve his hand and even that sucked, it wasn't fun to come when you weren't even hard.

Mostly though, Steve was worried it might cost him Ashley. She was his age and shouldn't have to deal with a guy with a limp dick. They'd been together close to a year and he liked her for a lot more than her looks, she was smart, sweet and adored him. Plus she was a good loyal girl and that was rare these days. Even his mom loved her.

Speaking of mom, even she had noticed he wasn't himself and kept asking him what was wrong. Since dad had left a couple of years ago, mom and he had grown much closer and they talked about everything.

Mom had told him he could always talk to her, even if it was a 'guy thing' because she would do the best she could to give advice. No matter what the issues was her standard line was "I'm here to help".

She usually did have good advice and never hassled or made fun of him no matter what the topic of discussion. In fact many times it had seemed as if he were talking to a friend rather than his mom. But this?

Staring down at the wet stain seeping through his thin shorts, Steve sighed, maybe he would talk to her. At this point it couldn't be any more embarrassing than trying to have sex with his girlfriend with a limp dick, right?

He glanced at the time and saw it was only nine am. He had no morning classes today and neither did Ashley, but he had lied to her and said he had something to do because he was afraid to spend time with her because she would be looking to fool around.

The fact he was dodging a cute girl who wanted to fuck him told him he had truly hit rock bottom. Tonight when she got home from work, Steve would bite the bullet and try to bring himself to talk to his mother about his sexual inadequacy.

It wouldn't be an easy conversation, but like she always said, she was here to help.


"Come on, please." Steve begged his cock as if it could hear him as he stroked it to a hot milf story.

The older woman was stroking the guys cock telling him how big and hard it was and how good it felt in her hand. Steve had a thing for hand job videos because he loved Ashley to jerk him off, loved the way her soft hand felt around his hard dick just as the woman was saying in the movie.

But it was more like his soft cock in his hard hand right now. He was getting beyond frustrated, At this point he wasn't even horny, but he kept trying to play with himself, figuring maybe this time he would get hard, like a person's who's car wouldn't start and they kept turning the key hoping it would start.

He jumped at a knock on his door.

"Hey, Steve, can I come in?" Mom called out.

"Hold on!" he was surprised to see it was six o'clock and was glad mom had knocked instead of just walking in.

He pulled his shorts up carefully as he had been lounging around his room after taking a shower and wasn't wearing any underwear. He shut the porn off and turning spinning in his desk chair to face his door, he said, "Come in, mom."

His mother entered and with a smile, Steve whistled at her, "Wow, look at you, mom! You trying to get a raise at work?"

"Please." She laughed, "I'd settle for a raise anywhere these days." She gave him a wink and he felt himself relax.

Although his mother would never say anything really inappropriate to him, she treated him like an adult and would make jokes about sex including her current lack of a boyfriend. Not sure why she would be alone, Steve's mom was a good looking woman.

Her black hair was currently pinned up, but when down flowed to the middle of her back. She had big brown eyes and an adorable girl next door smile and look to her. In fact to Steve, she was more cute than hot, at least her face was.

From the neck down he'd had more than a few friends tell him his mother was pretty hot. Steve certainly didn't look at her like that, but could see it. Mom was slender with nice long legs and it would be hard not to notice she had a fairly impressive chest.

Currently she was showing off her assets in a short one piece sleeveless red dress that tied around her neck. It was showed off a fair amount of cleavage and Steve noticed, there was something he didn't notice, bra straps. Maybe the dress had some padding built in because her chest seemed more prominent than usual.

Whoa, it was time to get his sex mojo back because he was just taking note of his mother's breasts.

"Why dressed up?" He asked, "Or should I say down?"

"Went for a drink with the girls after work." She shrugged, "We're all single, but no bites for the bait I was dangling." She looked down at her dress, "I didn't wear this to work, I wouldn't have the guts."

"You look good, mom."

"Well hey, at least one man thinks so!" She walked over and kissed his cheek before pulling over the small chair next to his desk sat down across from him. "So when I called at lunch you said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Mom, I have a...uh, problem."

"I know." She nodded, "Its plain as day you have something on your mind, honey. I've been waiting for you to come to me with it."

"It's kind of awkward though."

"Honey, what do I always tell you?"

"Mom's here to help." He told her.

"But I can't help until I know, so let's hear it."

"It's a guy thing."

"Okay, well I have two brothers and was married to your dad for twenty years, I'm no stranger to men, Steven."

Right, but it's." He sighed, "It's a sex thing."

"I know you're shocked, but I've had sex, honey." She rolled her eyes, "Maybe not recently, but I still remember it and quite fondly."

"TMI." He told her.

"No, no TMI, we're talking as adults, like we always do. So is there a problem with you and Ashley? Something not right between the two of you?"

"You could say that."

"Then let me help, I really like that girl; I think she's a keeper."

"She is." He agreed.

"So...problem is?"

"Wow, okay." He took a deep breath, "Mom, lately I've been having a hard time, uh, being hard."

"You can't get it up?" Mom asked bluntly.

"Yeah, thanks." He rolled his eyes. "I feel much better now."

"Oh, honey." Mom laughed, "That's nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to every guy at some point and any guy that says it never happened to them is lying."

"Really? It happened with dad?"

"Of course." She nodded, "In fact it was happening in our last month's together, and then I realized it was because he was too tired to get it up because he was banging other women."

"Sorry, mom."

"Sorry I brought it up, but yes honey, its happened with men I've been with."

"But I'm only nineteen!"

"It's not about age, it happened with my boyfriend back in college."

"It did?"

"Yup, he and I always had a lot of fun, then one night it didn't happen and it kept not happening and he would get more and more frustrated which of course means it won't happen."

"Exactly!" Steve felt a wave of relief flow through him, it was normal, well at least common. "Now all I think about is it happening or not happening."

"And its all in your head Steven. It's no joke, the big head controls the little one."

"I guess, I mean even when I jerk..." He caught himself and mom raised her eyebrows. "Never mind."

"And you're thinking about before you even start touching it." She didn't let him off the hook, "Trying too hard." She winked, "Pardon the pun."

"Funny." But he grinned at the joke, "So what do I do?"

"Well, its not just up to you, Ashley has to help. Has she been mad at you?"

"Not the first couple of times, but last time she was a little bummed, says it makes her feel bad and we can't try again until I think I'm better."

"That's not good." Mom frowned. "Did she try to you know, help when it happened?" She gave her son a sly smile, "We girls can be very persuasive."

"She did a few times."

"And nothing?"

"Well, it would uh, you know, get there, but as soon as it did it was over." Steve looked away from her, this was getting more awkward.

"See that's nerves honey." Mom explained, "You want to and you can't so when she's helping you, your mind is fighting it, but eventually let's face it, she's," She paused, "Working it and it reacts, but you're so uptight it's over right away."

"I don't feel stressed, well now I am about that."

"Honey, you've been studying hard for your finals and money's tight. You're worried you could lose your scholarship money and have to leave school. You've also been working more because your dead beat asshole father doesn't send any money to help with school. You have plenty to be uptight about."

"I suppose."

"And now you're really worried about this. The second you think will it? It won't."

"But how do I stop thinking about it?" He threw his hands up, "I don't know what to do and now I really feel pressure with Ashley."

"That could be a problem." She stroked her chin in thought. "Because when a guy I was with had it happen, I was the cure."

"But she tried to be the cure." He told her, "She really did try."

"I am sure she did, but she's young and the thing is to get you very relaxed which isn't easy for her because she's probably worried to, or probably like me when it was my boyfriend in college I thought it was me."

"So what's going to help?"

"The thing is honey; all you need to be okay is that one good time. It happening the way it used to just once will give you your confidence back."

"Well, no one's going to help me with that, Ashley doesn't want too and if I say 'can we try'..."

"It sets you up to fail." Mom nodded, "See what you need is to be totally relaxed and carefree. What I did finally was just tell him, and then when it was your dad, that it didn't matter."

"What do you mean?"

"I told them to lay back and relax and let me take care of it. I told them if they come in my hand or my mouth, its okay. I won't be mad; we're there to make each other feel good."

"I can't believe my mother is sitting here talking about come." Steve shook his head, "I am pathetic having this conversation."

"No, you're not, honey. Your dad's not around to talk to and I'm here to help my baby, no matter what he needs help with."

"This might be a little out of your control." Steve sighed.

"Maybe not." She told him, "I bet I can help."

"So you...you told them it didn't matter?"

"I did, I said my goal was to please them and once they got off they could play with me and get me off. I did that with my boyfriend and first time he went off like you did, barely hard and very quick, but I showed him how much I loved getting him off and then the next time...it happened because he knew no matter what I would be happy with him."

"But she doesn't want to." He grunted, "She's not going to play that game and I don't blame her."

"And that puts more pressure on you." Mom moved her legs and Steve looked down to see she was sliding her heels off. Her toes were painted in the same turquoise as her dress and Steve noticed that as always her long fingernails matched.

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