tagTransgender & CrossdressersMom's in Town Ch. 25

Mom's in Town Ch. 25


"What was hot?" Christine asked as she came out of the bathroom wearing the hotels luxurious robe.

The two gurls embarrassed and blushing at their private conversation being overheard, turned, from where they were sitting on the sofa, to face Christine.

"Don't be shy. We are all gurls here. I may be your mother Brianna but you know I want to know all the details. Was it about Juan?" she said as moved to the chair facing the sofa. "Is this my wine? I hope so, I do need it."

'It's actually my wine but I am feeling a bit buzzed. You have it. I think I'm a bit tipsy and that is why I was telling Jennifer about Juan on the tour. He wanted to fuck me, but I said no. But, I did give him blow job in the basement linen room."

"Probably best he didn't fuck you darling. That huge mushroom head of his might have been too much for your ass unless you have been very active back there."

"I really wanted him to fuck me but I am saving my cherry for someone." she said openly as she turned and smiled at Jennifer.

"Oh... I think I get it. You want the first time to be with someone special?" Christine smiled at her daughter, then looked carefully at Jennifer. "Should I leave? I am sure John the investment guy from the bar would not mind a late night visitor."

"No mom, stay."

"Are you sure? I don't want to inhibit you. I'll skootch over here, put the TV and try to watch something."

Christine moved, but subtly glimpsed Jennifer lean in and kiss Brianna. Brianna, super excited by the first real kiss from her lover, threw her arms around Jennifer's neck and drew her closer. The two began to explore each other with tender touches as they fell to a prone position on the couch.

Jennifer began to caress Bri's tiny breasts through the white cowl neck top. She traced the light lacey bra searching for the nubs of her small nipples. Finding the nubs she let her index fingers play with them, then reached up under the top and with Bri's help got it off over her head. Jennifer leaned in and kissed each nipple through the see through gauze of the bra. Bri began to squirm and encourage her lover to do more. Jennifer used her left hand to undo the single button and pull down the short zipper of the leggings. Her right hand followed the curve of her waist, across her stomach and found it way inside the leggings. She gently touched the swollen cock inside the pink boy shorts that were visible. Signaling she wanted more, Bri pulsed her hips toward the hand and Jennifer, pulled the waistband of the leggings down and with some difficulty worked them down Bri's legs. Bri kicked off the leggings and lay back on the sofa in just her bra, panties and a pearl necklace.

Jennifer sat back on her heels and admired the body that was being offered.

"Beautiful. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes. But remember it's my first time. I'm a bit scared but I am so horny."

Jennifer took off her top, revealing her DKNY half-bra cupping a pair of B sized tits. She pulled up her mini skirt to her waist. Christine saw she was kneeling on the sofa, her semi-sheer thigh-highs with their lace top, her black thong against her smooth young white skin. The two young gurls were in the early stages of sexual development but in the prime of their lives. Jennifer's young toned ass, split by the black thong looked delicious to Christine who was sneaking regular peeks.

Jennifer looked at Bri who, staring at the lover, was about to mounted. She had wished for this day, she had waited for this day, and it was all about to happen.

"There are condoms and lube in the side table where the Bible and Koran usually are kept. Let me get them for you." Christine offered.

"Sorry. Could not help myself watching you two. You are both so beautiful. I guess once a mother always a mother." she continued as she stood up, returned to the sofa to stand next to Jennifer, and watched her smear the lube around her daughter's ass. Jennifer stood up, pulled off her thong, stoked her cock a few times to get it as fat as possible and began to open the condom. She stood confidently with her half bra and thigh-highs next to Christine and saw the mother looking at her erection.

"You have a wonderful body and a beautiful cock Jennifer. Do you take hormones to help with the transition?"

"Thank you. I am very grateful for it. The hormones have helped with my breast size and the more rounded contours of my body. So far, my cock has not gotten smaller but still remained the size that it was."

"Yes it has. You are nicely endowed. It most certainly has kept its size."

"Can I help?" Christine asked and Jennifer thought for a moment she was going to sink to her knees and fluff her. However, not waiting for a reply, she took her fingers and circled her daughter's brown pink rose bud, working the lube carefully into the opening.

She felt Brianna spasm at the touch and noticed her daughter's erection and gently ran her slippery fingers over the swollen pair of balls and then carefully along the stiff shaft. She is ready she thought.

Jennifer leaned forward forcing Christine out of the way. She kissed Bri's cockhead, tasted the lube, and put her hands under the young tranny gurl's thighs.

"Up we go. Legs back over your head."

With the agility and flexibility of youth, Bri hoisted her legs up, revealing a glistening virgin ass. She slipped her hands down her hips to her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. She felt for the first time skin on skin, cock on ass, as Jennifer laid her bare cock into the fold. A few gentle strokes stimulated Bri to the next level of excitement.

Everyone smelled the spermicide of the new condom as it was being unrolled onto the hard teenage shaft. No one said a word as the sexual tension built. Christine had not moved, she was mesmerized by the sight. The tip of the slippery condom rubbed briefly along her daughter's thigh and then bumped against the clenched opening.

"Here we go Bri. I've never broken in a virgin before but just breathe. I'll go slow."

"Please. Please fuck me. I want you to." Bri moaned as looked Jennifer directly in the eyes with an urgency of lust. She felt the fleshy glans lay against her sphincter. The hard shaft lay against her ass while the smooth head pushed against her balls. She grimaced as the penetrating shaft pulled back and forced the opening apart. She had not realized how wonderful it would feel. She had not realized the pleasure of having Jennifer inside her. It was painful but she let herself go and soon Jennifer was only a few inches inside her but the feeling of fullness and completeness was so overwhelming that she relaxed and Jennifer slid deeper.

"Oh Oh Oh OMG" she whimpered as her legs quivered as she felt the weight of Jennifer pressing into her.

"Brianna, darling. She's in. She's deep. She's almost all the way in. It is wonderful. You look beautiful." Christine offered as Jennifer gave a gentle thrust.

"Ouch Ouch Ouch. It's too much..." Brianna almost wailed.

Jennifer withdrew her aching cock and let Brianna's legs down.

"Can I make a suggestion? Have my daughter bend over the bed and then take her from behind. That has always been less painful for me." Christine offered as she herself felt a jolt of electricity in her labia.

"OK, let's try that Bri." Jennifer said as she stood up. Her rigid teenage erection, pointing straight up like a rocket, was aching for release. She reached out and took Bri's hand to help her up and together they moved across the room to the king sized bed. Christine followed behind as the two lovers moved quickly. She watched their near naked bodies with their firm white asses and felt her dampness increase and begin to leak from her vulva. Bri bent over and prostrated herself on the bed. Jennifer moved behind her, pushed her feet a little further apart and stepped between her legs.

"Pull your cheeks apart again Bri."

Christine was about to help but held herself in check. This was her daughter's special time. She saw Brianna, reach behind herself, tilt her bum up toward the ceiling and pull her smooth hairless cheeks apart. Jennifer stepped in and again Bri felt the slick tip of the condom caressing her rosebud. It was soon replaced with Jennifer's thumb which probed and then breached the sphincter.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo" came the soft cry from Brianna.

The soft sign was soon replace with a gasp and sucking of air, as Jennifer replaced her thumb with the head of her cock. The condom covered head was as big and as slick as a large avocado pit. She didn't move, letting the anal virgin get used to the feeling of being penetrated.

"You can let go now. Just rest yourself on your forearms. I'm going to grab your hips and when you tell me, I will push more in and when you are ready, I am going to fuck you silly."

"You OK?"

"Yeah. Your cock feels marvelous. This is much better. Anytime. Just go slow."

Christine watched as Jennifer pulled Bri's hips back toward her at the same time as she leaned in. Pushing herself ever so slowly into the stretched orifice, she worked her steel hard cock deeper and deeper. Bri felt the smooth flesh of Jen's thighs against the back of hers. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feel of the ultra-smooth thigh-high's and their lacy top rub against her. Her own cock had grown hard and the head was now bumping against the bed every time Jennifer drove into her. The pace began to quicken and the sound of the T-gurl balls slapping became louder.

"Do me Jen. Do me. I want to really feel you." Bri called out.

Jennifer responded by pulling hard on Bri's hips and repeatedly driving her cock deep. As her legs began to quiver, she felt her cum surging along her cock, seeking release. The tip of the condom filled with sperm as her cock spasmed and pulsated. Bri felt every discharge and surrendered herself to no longer being a virgin.

"OMG, OMG" Jennifer wailed as her orgasm coursed through her body. She held herself deep, then withdrew. She found Christine next to her with a tissue to accept the used, - limp but very full condom.

Christine had pulled the covers down and the crisp white sheets were soon covered with two T-gurl bodies. The young lovers were stretched out with Bri on her back. Wearing only her bra, a blush came over her face as she smiled up at Jen.

"Your turn darling." Jen said softly as she reached out to take Bri's cock in her hand. With only one or two strokes, Bri arched her back, thrust her hips up and shot a lot of hot thick gooey cum all over her stomach and chest. As the flow ebbed it ran down the throbbing shaft over Jen's fingers. They stayed that way for a few minutes then Jen moved to lay on top of Bri and let their softening cocks rub against each other.

"Thank you. It was all wonderful"

Christine discarded her robe, lay down on the open side of the king-sized bed. She pulled the luxurious covers up over the three of them and closed off the lights. She tried not to listen to the murmurings but smiled silently to herself as she curled up under the duvet. The other two were quiet but regularly throughout the night she was briefly awakened by activity and whispers. At various times, she was pretty sure she heard words like "come in my mouth and bareback" from both of the gurls.

About four a.m. she found herself, somehow, between the two young T-gurls.

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