tagIncest/TabooMom's Penis Treatment Pt. 01

Mom's Penis Treatment Pt. 01


A special thanks goes to Literotica member, "Smoothed" for help editing and excellent creative input.

This is a completely fictional story that depicts a sexual relationship between a mother and her adult son. If this does not appeal to you, please do not read.

I enjoy stories where a sexual relationship develops between a character who requires medical treatment and a family member who administers the treatment. This is one variation on that theme.


Nick had always been attracted to his mom, Connie. As far back as he can remember, he would notice little things about her body and her general appearance that gave him erections and enticed him to masturbate. In fact, the first time he masturbated was after he saw her in a new bathing suit. Her long, light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and curvaceous body always got Nick's attention.

He loved how she would go braless whenever she was home for the day, which was most of the time. He would try to sneak peeks at her breasts as she went about her household chores. Her perfectly shaped C-cup breasts had large, long nipples that always seemed to show through the fabric of the thin, cotton shirts she was so fond of wearing.

Nick also loved to watch her sexy hips sway as she walked. She enjoyed moving her hips as she danced around the house when she did her housework. Nick always enjoyed watching this. A round, plump butt, wide hips, skinny waist, beautiful, snow-white skin; there was nothing about his mom that didn't turn him on.

Nick attributed his high sex drive to the influence his mother had upon him. He began playing with himself very early on in his life as he watched his mother display her hot body all over their home. His dad seemed to like it too, as Nick would frequently notice that they would disappear into their bedroom for an hour at a time during the weekend when his dad was home.

The noises his mom made during these sessions made it obvious that his dad was making her very happy. He developed the habit of listening at the door for the sounds of panting, moaning, and other sexy noises while he stroked his cock. But all that was before his dad was caught with his secretary and their marriage became more or less one of convenience.

At 19 years old, and without a girlfriend, Nick was masturbating three to five times per day on an active day and at least twice on an "off" day. Now that his summer break had just started from college, he was jacking off about five times per day while at home. Most of the time, the subject of his fantasies was his mom.

Recently, Nick had taken to using olive oil to masturbate with. He needed some sort of lubricant because his cock was on the larger side, at least that's what his ex-girlfriends told him. He had personally measured a little over seven inches in length, but his girlfriends were most impressed by the circumference of his dick, which was an astounding seven inches as well. Looking at himself in the mirror, he looked like he had a big, fat, white piece of meat hanging between his legs. He liked how he looked naked. Olive oil worked at least as good as baby oil as a lubricant and he liked the smell better too.

Due to his girth, he required a good deal of lubricant, with a high viscosity, that would allow for his hand to move as smoothly and as effortlessly as possible over his thick manhood. He had, on occasion, developed some chaffing, and cuts on his penis from lack of lubricant. Nick supposed he was pretty rough with himself whenever he masturbated, and he often had difficulty keeping his cock free from abrasions. He just got so excited thinking about his mom that he often became compelled to cum as fast as possible, which led to friction issues on his skin if he did not lubricate properly.

Over this past week while he was home from school, Nick had been having an exceptionally difficult time. His mom had been wearing shorts that really clung to her ass and light-colored tank top shirts that revealed her nipples so clearly that Nick could see the coloring and shape of her areolas underneath. With his sexy mom wearing these revealing clothes, he was constantly making excuses to spend time with her. Helping with dishes, laundry, picking up the house, Nick was making himself very useful! These chores would usually end with him in his room with the door closed, jacking off. This only exacerbated the skin issue.

Unfortunately, after several days of this, his dick had become swollen and he developed a kind of dermatitis as a result of his heavy-handed stroking using the olive oil. His mom certainly didn't help matters with her clothing preferences being on the inappropriately revealing side. He felt compelled to jack off even as his cock was injured and sore.

Nick's penis finally became so bad, and his experience was so limited regarding skin conditions, that he finally needed to mention it to his mom. He needed professional help.

"Mom, can I talk to you about something very personal?" Nick felt awkward even bringing up the subject.

"Of course, Nicky, I'm your mother. There's nothing too personal. What's on your mind?" Connie stopped folding laundry and gave Nick her full attention.

"It's very embarrassing, but I think I would be even more embarrassed asking Dad, so I guess I'll ask you."

"Oh...Well, why don't you tell me and I'll let you know if it is something I can take care of or if your father will be better able to handle the problem?" His mom suggested.

That sounded about right to Nick. He continued.

"Well, the skin on my...penis...has become all red and swollen. There are cuts on it and it hurts." Nick was blushing a deep shade of red as he said this.

"Oh! Um...okay. Hmm...how did that happen, Nicky?" His mom was clearly unprepared for the content of this discussion.

Nick did not realize how embarrassing this conversation would actually be when he thought about sharing his painful condition with his mom. He could feel sweat beading on his forehead.

"Okay, I'm just going to say it. I use a certain lotion on my penis to keep it from getting...dry, and I think my skin is having a reaction to it."

"Oh, yes. I can understand that. We have very sensitive skin in our family, Nick. There are some lotions that have perfumes and dyes in them that cause me to break out too. Just stop using that particular lotion and I'm sure it will clear up." She smiled confidently and pat him on the knee.

She was about to leave the room when Nick protested.

"It has gotten too bad for that, Mom. It really hurts!" Nick was in pain even as he sat discussing his condition with his mom.

"Will...it...help if I take a look at it? Or would you prefer your father?" Nick's mom hadn't seen her son's penis in probably eleven, twelve years. She was curious about it, but mostly to see how bad his condition actually was.

"I don't know if I can wait for Dad to get home. I guess I'd better show you so I can get help right now."

With that he reluctantly stood up in front of his mom who was seated in a chair at the kitchen table and pulled both his shorts and boxers down to his ankles.

Nick's mom let out a soft gasp at the sight of her son's penis as it hung just a couple of feet away from her face. First of all, she noticed that it was remarkably fat, thick, chunky. Thicker than any penis she had ever seen (including her, albeit limited, experience with porn) So fat that she wanted to reach out and grab it.

She felt an unexpected wetness in her crotch, and immediately found herself comparing her son's penis to that of his father's, which was about as long, but nowhere near as thick. She closed her eyes tightly for a moment in an effort to wash the comparison from her mind. Time to be a mom. Other than the size, it looked bad. It was swollen, some of the skin looked scabbed over, and there were folds of skin that seemed infected. Parts were red and angry looking. It looked painful. He was right. It was bad.

"Um...well, it does look swollen and the skin is definitely in need of some medicine. It looks pretty bad, Nicky."

Nick stood looking at his dick, which should have been rock hard, exposed for his mom like it was, but was instead was just hanging there looking like some chewed up dog toy.

His mom went to the kitchen and looked for a number in her phone. She dialed, waited, and then began talking to what sounded like a doctor's office. In no time the mother and son were off to the dermatologist.


"Nick Sumner?" The nurse poked her head from around the door of the waiting room at Doctor Freeling's office.

Nick got up nervously to follow the nurse.

"Can you come with me, Mom?"

"Sure! Are you certain you want me in there?" She was thrilled her son needed her at that moment.

"Yes, if you don't mind." He replied.

The nurse smiled and held the door open for Nick and his mother.

After several minutes, the doctor entered the room and introduced himself.

"So, Nick, looks like you've got a skin problem in the groin area?"

Connie chimed in. "Yes, doctor, it looks like he has what I had a couple of years ago when I tried a new soap and I broke out in a rash. I think it was...contact dermatitis?"

"Could be. Nick, why don't you stand up and pull your pants down, let me take a look."

Nick dropped his shorts and underwear.

The doctor held the penis in his glove-covered hand. He pushed the skin back and then dropped it. Nick was terrified that he would get an erection while the doctor was touching his dick and was relieved when he didn't.

"It looks awful!" His mom added.

"Yes, it's in pretty bad shape. Nick, have you been using any sort of new soap or different brand of lotion on your penis? I need to know the source of the irritation."

Nick hung his head down in shame.

"Olive oil." He muttered.

There was a brief, awkward silence. "I'm sorry, son I didn't hear you." The doctor moved closer to Nick.

"OLIVE OIL." Nick said a little louder than necessary this time.

The doctor smiled, Nick's mom frowned.

"Olive oil?!" The doctor repeated and wrote something in the folder he had opened up in his hands.

"Nick, my boy, you put olive oil on salads, not on your penis!" The doctor shook his head and smiled, then laughed. Nick could have died from embarrassment.

"Honey, why do you use olive oil?" asked his mom.

"It's a long story. Does it really matter? Geeze." Nick replied defensively.

Nick's mom was truly puzzled, but decided to spare her son the shame of further questioning in front of the doctor.

The doctor wrote Nick a prescription, explained how to clean the affected area, and how to bandage it between cleaning and the application of the prescription. Nick's mom asked a few questions about the treatment and the two left.

In the car, Nick's mom had a few questions for her son.

"Nick, I still don't understand how your penis became so infected and inflamed and the rest of your body is fine. I also heard the doctor mention abrasions. How did that happen?"

Nick's mom had not put the pieces of the puzzle that was his condition together yet. Nick was reminded that she tended to be a bit naïve.

"It's embarrassing, Mom. I used different lotions down there to...you know...relieve myself."

Nick was dying.

"Oh! Oh. Okay, okay. I understand. I'm so sorry!" It was now his mom's turn to blush.

"See why this is so difficult?" Nick offered.

"Yes, I get it. Well, let's get this prescription filled and get home to take care of your discomfort." Connie shook her head at her obtuseness. 'I should have known.' She thought.

Nick and his mother picked up the prescription and also purchased ointment, pills, surgical gloves, gauze, medical tape, and some baking soda.

Nick's mom stopped in the "Family Planning" section of the drug store where spermicides and condoms were kept. He saw that she picked up a few small bottles of something and moved to the check-out counter.

Once home, his mom put everything on the counter, except the small bottles she picked up in the condom section.

"Now, you have to clean out all the nooks, cracks, and creases on your penis with warm water and baking soda. Then let it dry and apply the ointment."

Nick's mom filled his bathtub with warm water and added the required amount of baking soda.

"Remember when I used to give you baths?" She turned and gave him an innocent smile.

"Sort of. I mean, that was a long time ago, Mom." Nick sat on the toilet watching his mom and her fucking perfect body stir the bathwater to dissolve the baking soda. Her ass was moving from side-to-side, she was oozing sexuality...and here he was with a lame dick.

When the water was a little less than halfway full, she turned it off.

"Okay Nicky. Get in!" Connie was in Clara Barton mode. Playing nurse and taking care of her baby. It didn't even occur to her that he may feel uncomfortable getting naked in front of her.

Nick couldn't believe the situation had escalated to this point, but he actually felt helpless and hurt and his dick did not feel stimulated despite the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strip in front of his mom.

"Thanks, Mom."

Nick disrobed while his mom busied herself with the washcloths and the cream he would later need to treat his penis.

Connie caught herself stealing glimpses of his impressive manhood as he stepped into the tub. It not only felt good to help her son, it excited her to be able to help him too!

Nick felt immediate relief as his penis became submerged under the warm water solution. His mom had a wash cloth in her hand, which he thought she would hand to him.

She instead squatted next to the tub and reached into the water with the cloth covering her hand. She grabbed his penis delicately and rolled the flaccid appendage in her palm pressing and rubbing the wash cloth into it.

'Wow! This is a very different feeling.' His mom thought to herself. 'His penis is incredibly thick and meaty; like a large muscle.'

The tugging and dabbing actions served to remove the dead and unhealthy skin from his penis. Nick was in awe of the situation. It looked and felt surreal. He absolutely loved how his mom was helping him with his infection. It itched quite a bit, so it felt better when she used the wash cloth on it. He could tell it was helping his condition tremendously.

"Wow, Mom! That really helps! Thank you!" It stung a good deal, like an open scrape, but it was good to finally be able to do something about it.

Connie looked over at her son and smiled. 'Only a mother knows how to properly take care of her son,' she thought.

After she thoroughly cleaned his penis, she had Nick stand up and then used a hand towel to gently dry his sore dick. Nick was finally getting some feeling back in it. His mom was now pulling and wiping it dry; really doing a number on it in an effort to dry it completely.

He felt blood pump into it, and the familiar sensation of the beginning of an erection.

'Fuck!' I'm going to get hard right in her hand and she won't help me anymore. I'm going to scare her off! He thought.

As his penis filled with blood and began to grow, his mom gave him a very strange look. She looked Nick right in his eyes and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing while she finished drying him.

After he was dry, she put surgical gloves on and opened the tube of ointment.

"Now, I am going to use this ointment and spread a thin coating over your entire...penis. It's important to work it into the cracks and skin. Try to stay still."

With that command, she smoothed, rubbed, and massaged the entire length of his dick. From the top of his glans to the beginning of his scrotum. She drove her son fucking crazy applying the medication with so much touching.

His cock was as hard as he had ever known it to be, which opened the wounds and cracks that were the result of his advanced dermatitis. He was both in intense pleasure and pain. His mom's beautiful face and light brown hair were but inches away from his thick cock. All his life he wanted exactly just such a sight to play out before his eyes, but the pain caused by the very actions that gave birth to his erection kept him from enjoying the experience. She was still rubbing his rock-hard dick. 'Damn!' he thought. 'She is relentless!'

After what seemed an eternity, she finally took the gloves off and cut some strips of gauze. She gently wrapped the gauze around his cock and fastened it with a piece of medical tape.

"When you need to urinate, carefully unwrap it completely. I can help you with that. It is important to keep it very, very clean."

Nick had the feeling that his hard-on won't be leaving him for a very long time.


Connie had some chores to do before dinner and busied herself downstairs. When Nick's father, Allen, came home from work, Nick found it very interesting that his mom didn't tell him about his penis injury, the trip to the doctor, or the medication. Nick decided not to say anything just to see if his mom would eventually bring it up. She never did. Perhaps she didn't want his father to know.

After dinner, Allen walked over to his friend's house to watch the Dodger game. Nick had to take his first piss since his mom applied the wrap.

"Mom? Hey, Mom? I need to use the restroom. What should I do?"

Connie had finished taking a shower and wore a tight cotton T-shirt without a bra and a clean pair of shorts, the kind that showed off her curvy ass. He could smell lotion on her. This is the mom that had turned him on for so many years.

"Okay. I'll meet you in your bathroom." She turned and walked away.

Nick made his way upstairs to his bathroom and stood in front of the toilet. He didn't even think about touching his penis himself. He wanted to obey whatever treatment plan his mom had in store for him. He felt it was more exciting that way. She was taking a very hands-on approach to his treatment and he didn't want to do anything to mess that up.

Connie entered the bathroom with her surgical gloves on and had his medication, and other necessities in a shoe box.

She got on her knees before her son and untied the drawstring on the sweatpants he was wearing. She pulled these gently to the ground and eased his boxers down as well. Just this simple act may have led Nick to ejaculate in his normal state, but he was too sore for that. Still, he felt his bandaged cock stir with arousal.

She slowly and carefully unfastened the tape holding the bandage together and unwrapped his dick. Part of the wrapping had loosened quite a bit since she put it on when he was fully erect and now he was a good deal softer, though he was now stiffening as she tended to his bandages.

Once the wrap was off, she looked closely at his penis.

"Looks good. I think that baking soda bath really helped. We'll need to continue those."

She held his penis with her right hand and pulled him a little closer to the toilet while maintaining her grip at the base.

He was growing, becoming erect again.

"Okay, whenever you're ready!" She announced.

Nick was having a very difficult time trying to piss while his mom was holding his dick. He had to close his eyes to get started.

After several moments, Nick sighed in relief as his urine began to flow.

He really needed to go, but pissing while his cock was being held by his mom was turning him on. Nick began to release his full bladder into the toilet as his mom aimed his dick at the water in an effort to prevent too much spraying. It was a bizarre sight for Nick to behold. But he absolutely loved it.

His semi-erect state made it difficult to accurately aim at the toilet. His mom had to readjust a few times. After after a few moments, his stream began to weaken to a few drops.

"Are you done?" She asked.


His mom grabbed the base of his penis and used a milking action to work the excess urine out of his shaft. She then shook it in the direction of the toilet to remove any lingering piss that might still be in his dick.

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