Mom's So Hot!


The room was filled with the sounds of our moaning, our heads boring at one another, our mouths wetly sliding against each another. Finally, we had to break for air.

“Oh, GOD” I gasped as our lips broke apart and our bodies momentarily parted.

Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through my brain as I felt my mother's hand find my hot, jutting dick!

“OOHHHHMMMMMMM!!” she groaned as I quickly covered her hot, sucking mouth with my lips again.

My heart was pounding so hard It felt it would burst out of my chest any second. Still we kissed, deeply and voraciously. Whining with desire, I fought against cumming as my inflated, pulsing dick humped against her caressing hand.

I felt my Mom's hot, soft hand squeeze my pulsating, jerking cock, causing me to feel light headed as I fought the urge to shoot my wad into her hand. My dick felt ten feet long and as big around as a telephone pole as the anticipation overcame me. I realized at that moment what was so different, so erotic about being with her this time. I was in love with her! Not like I love her as her son, but IN LOVE WITH HER, as her lover, her mate, her partner in life! This realization caused me a surge in passion as I gripped her tightly, mashing my mouth tighter against hers and jabbing my tongue deeply down her throat. My Mom's hand ran wildly through my hair as she returned my kiss forcefully. Her other hand, which had been gripping my aching cock, moved up and grasped the snap on my shorts, pulling them apart and shoving them down my legs. I felt another surge of lust as my heated, throbbing cock came into contact with her soft, searching hand as we finally had to break for air again.

“Oh GOD!” I heard my Mom groan as her hand continued to explore the thick, swollen hardness of my penis.

“It's huge tonight!!” she whispered, running her hand up and down the length of my manhood.

Excitement ran through me as my mother touched and fondled the very tool she had a part in creating. Clutching me in her hot, griping hand, she seemed to be measuring its size.

“UUHHmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” she groaned as I once again covered her slick, pouting mouth with my lips, kissing her ravenously.

I couldn't wait another moment, I had to have her now. As we continued kissing deeply I reached up and pulled both straps of her teddy down across her shoulders and then pulled back just enough to cause it to sweep down her chest and around her hips, falling in a heap at her feet. I crushed her back to me, trembling at the feeling of her totally naked body pressed tightly against mine. I was overwhelmed by the flooding of emotions towards her. God I loved her so much it hurt!!

She broke our kiss, gasping for air and pushing her body away from mine.

“Now Tom, please don't make me wait any longer!” she groaned and scooted onto the bed, lying down on her back, spreading her legs wantonly!

Another shot of adrenaline poured through my body as my cock lurched and throbbed at the sight of her lying there. Wider and wider, her soft firm thighs opened, revealing her wet, gapping slit as she looked at me with a painfully lustful look!

She reached out for me and I quickly crawled onto the bed. My knees moved up between my Mom's outstretched legs as I hovered above her. I felt her hand grasp my throbbing cock and roughly pull it towards her, aiming it down to her weeping, hot gash! I felt the painfully sensitive head of my cock touch the soft, hot wetness of her twat as I locked my elbows in place, supporting my weight from above.

“Oh God!!” I wheezed, using all my willpower to keep from slamming my cock into her.

Delighting in the wicked sensation of my Mom's cunt slowly enveloping my cock, I threw my head back and we both moaned, “OOHHhhhhhh!!”, as I continued to slide my manhood deeper and deeper into the hot, clutching depths of my mothers cunt.

Mom reached up and grabbed my ass, coaxing me to fill her hungry, clutching canal with my cock as she sucked me deeper and deeper into the churning heat of her flaming chasm. I slithered farther and farther into her wet, drooling pit, as her hole devoured my aching cock inch by inch.

“Oh my God!!!” she groaned. “It feels so good!!!!”

I bent down to kiss her, feeling her lift her legs and wrap them around my waist. Holding myself poised above her, I felt her gently dig her heals into my ass, goading me on, pushing me down into her. Grunting I tightened the muscles in my ass and pushed down feeling the rest of my cock slither inside of her until my entire dick was buried inside my mothers cunt and my hairy belly ground up against hers.

“OH God honey, your so big tonight!” she mumbled as I lifted my lips from hers.

“Oh God Mom!!” I groaned as I held myself thrust down inside her steaming, sucking hole.

“OH, My Baby!!!” she whispered, pressing her belly up against mine and wiggling her hips suggestively.

“God, This Feels Like Heaven!!” I gushed, thrilled to be back inside her, as I felt her milking my cock with her cunt.

“OH Tom, Screw Me Baby” she blubbered as she gave my cock a hard squeeze. “Screw Your Mom With Your Big Dick!!”

I slipped over the edge as I remembered that I was fucking my mother a few feet away from my father in the other room! I was insane with desire as I jerked my cock back and drove it back inside her like a mad man. I didn't care if we woke the whole house as I viciously began to hammer my cock in and out of her!

“OH YES! OH YES! OHH GOD YES, BABY YES!!!!!!!!!!!” Mom cried out as she threw herself up against my every pounding thrust “SCREW YOUR MOM, HONEY, SCREW ME!!!!!!!”

I was a raging lunatic, crazed with desire and compulsion to please my Mom, my love!

I had never felt such a need to satisfy her, fulfill her wants, her needs. I realized all of the other times it was just raw sex. This was love and desire and my need to possess her as I furiously reamed her tight, clutching gash!

“OH GOD, MOM I LOVE YOU!!” I growled out as I fucked her.

“I LOVE YOU TOO!!!” she panted.

As I pounded my dick into her, I suddenly felt the strong, firm muscles in her legs tighten around my waist.

“OH YESSSS, OH CHRIST, YEESSSSS, I FEEL IT COMMMIINNNGGG!!!!” she wailed as her body began to shake and quiver!

The hot, clasping chasm of my mom's cunt suddenly collapsed down around my slithering cock. It seemed to be trying to draw my whole body into her as it pulled and sucked on my pulsating dick!

As my Mom thrashed about under me, I felt the great pool of boiling, churning seaman in my balls finally burst forth out and erupt. The burning spew of my thick, rich sperm-laden cum exploded down my shaft and shot into my Mom's cunt like an erupting geyser.

“AAAHHWWWWWWW FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!” I cried as my cock jerked and spewed out my hot, potent seaman into her, wave after wave of perverse, wicked delight washing over me.

I had never known such boundless pleasure!

“OHH MY GOD, HONEY, SO HOT, SOOOO HOTTTT!!!!” Mom whimpered as jerked and quivered beneath me, her seizing, milking pussy being filled to overflowing with my wildly spurting, exploding cock.

I couldn't stop! I just kept on thrusting myself down into the hot, slurping depths of her cunt as my dick gushed more and more of my hot man-sap into her! Again and again I fired my great cannon down into the waiting abyss of her womanhood as she ground her quivering, clutching twat down onto my spewing member. I was overwhelmed with an urge that suddenly came over me. I had an overpowering desire to plant my seed inside her and re-seed the garden that I had been sprouted from! To show her my love, no matter how sick and twisted it was. It was so deviant and wrong, but I wanted to make a child inside of her! Make my own mother pregnant with my own seed!

Like a severed artery, my swollen cock kept spewing my thick, creamy potency into her in an almost continuous stream. Within moments I had shot so much cum inside her, I could feel it's hot, thickness seeping out around my pulsating cock. Her burning, clenching cunt was filled to overflowing. The massive amount of cum I had injected into her was too much for the scalding, tightness of her vagina as it locked down around me. The thick, milky sap oozed out and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the bed, but still my dick jerked and spurted out more and more.

Finally, when I was wondering if something inside of me had broken and it would never stop, my cock gave one last, feeble lurch and stopped firing.

I had never felt such passion, such need, such love. It had forced me to drain myself completely. It felt like my big, dangling balls had been sucked dry by my mother's fiery hole. Lying on top of my mother, I was exhausted and unable to move.

“Oh Tom, honey, that was incredible.” mom gurgled as she kissed me tenderly.

“I've never felt anything so good.” I told her.

“OH, neither have I!” she groaned and hugged me to her even more tightly.

We lay intertwined as we caught our breath and basked in the warm afterglow of sex. I slowly rose above my Mom and looked at her deeply.

“What?” she asked softly

“I meant what I said, you know. I love you!” I said.

“And I love you.” she replied, smiling at me.

“No Mom, I mean I'm in love with you! I want us to be together always.” I proclaimed.

“Oh, really?” she asked “Your serious?”

“Yes, very!” I said. “I want to be the man in your life!”

“Oh god Tom! You have no idea how that makes me feel. I've been feeling the same way too these last few days. I've fallen in love with you, not as my son, but as a man! Oh, God forgive me, Tom, I Love YOU!!!” she cried, pulling my face down to hers, her open mouth sealing against mine in a deep, soulful kiss!

I clutched at her, returning her kiss, not with the hunger of before, but with strong, deep emotion. We lied there kissing slowly, basking in our newly declared love for each other.

Suddenly I was hard again and slowly began to slide my dick in and out of my mother's satiny sheath. This moment had aroused me tremendously.

“Oh TOM!” she sighed as I slowly fucked her.

“Oh, Mom, I Love You So!” I cried.

“My Lover!” she breathed, covering my mouth with her soft, swollen lips again while she thrust herself up at me, taking me inside of her deeply.

Our mouths slowly slid across one another, our tongues lightly caressing as we languished in a slow, luscious kiss!

As we continued to kiss deeply Mom slowly raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

She moaned into my mouth as I slowly ground my hard, throbbing cock in and out of her wet, clutching cunt.

All concerns or worries about our future were pushed into the background as our thoughts and attention were focused on each other as we kissed and made slow, mind numbing love!

As I slowly sawed my twitching dick in and out of Moms drooling, heated snatch, she matched me stroke for stroke, raising her ass of the bed and shoving her twat up at my pulsating shaft. You could hear the bedsprings groan in rhythm to our strokes as we ground against each other in a methodical, sensuous tempo. Our hands caressed each other as we tried to prolong this incredible feeling of love that filled our senses.

Suddenly I felt Mom's cunt start to twitch, sending sparks along the underside of my dick. Her pussy began to suck more vigorously at my extended cock, letting me know Mom's oncoming orgasm was building steam.

She quickened her pace, and softly pressed her heels into my ass, urging me to do the same. As our tempo increased, mom began to moan into my mouth in the same rhythm as our thrusts, “UHMMMM! UHMMMM! UHMMM! UHMMM! UHMMMM!”

I felt her cunt begin to suck and clutch zealously at my cock, pulling at it as if demanding to be fed!

Mom broke of our kiss and threw her head back, franticly shoving her sloshing twat up at my cock again and again and again.


Suddenly she was writhing beneath me, bucking up at me, pulling at my hair as her pussy went into convulsions, madly clenching and milking around my dick. This set me off as I felt the cum rush up my shaft, about to burst from the end of my love hose.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I cried as my orgasm over came me and my dick fired my hot load deep into Mom's twat over and over again, spraying the walls of her searing cunt with my thick, creamy spunk.

We clung to each other, riding a wave of indescribable pleasure as my dick lurched and spewed deep inside her as her twat clutched and sucked the cream right out of my balls.

Eventually my dick shot it last little dribble and Mom's cunt gave one last, slight squeeze on my dick as our breathtaking orgasms subsided.

Mom's arms and legs slid off me as I collapsed on top of her, both to tired to even speak or think. We simply lied there waiting for our breathing to return to normal so we could speak. Finally I was able to roll off of her and lie beside her as she turned and looked at me.

“Oh God, Tom that was the best yet!” she said in a labored, breathless tone.

“You’re telling me.” I replied.

“I guess we should have confessed our love much sooner.” she smiled

“If this is the results, I agree.” I laughed.

I raised myself up a bit, looking down at Mom.

“God, I Love You Mom!” I gushed.

“OH, Tom I Love You!” she replied.

I slowly sank down to her, my open mouth covering those full, pouting lips of hers in another deep, soulful kiss. Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her close as we slowly slid our open mouths across each other's. We seemed to hold this position for hours as the kiss went on and on and on.

We eventually broke it off and came up for air. We noted the time and realized I needed to get back to my own bed. Before I got up we shared one more lush, open-mouthed kiss that lasted another two minutes, before I finally stumbled to my own room.

Chapter 10.

The next day I could barley walk, feeling the effects of my intense sessions with Mom. I made my way to the kitchen, passing Dad, on the couch, watching television on the way.

When I got to the kitchen, Rita and Mom were there chatting as Rita fed the baby.

“So there you are. I didn't think you'd ever get up.” Rita said, sarcastically.

“He looks all tuckered out.” my Mom added, giving me a wink.

“Well there's a lot to do today, so we need to get started as soon as you've had breakfast.” Rita chided and got up and left to put the baby down.

As soon as she left I got up and got myself some coffee, sitting back down next to Mom

“Morning darling.” Mom whispered lustfully.

‘Morning to you.” I replied

We both leaned forward until our parted lips touched and then sealed in a quick kiss.

“I'm afraid that's not going to get it done today.” Mom smirked, leaning forward again. I leaned toward her again, our parted lips meeting once more and then fusing together as we pressed them together in a lustful, illicit kiss. Our mouths parted, sinking together as our good morning buss quickly turned into an open mouthed, french kiss.

“EEUUHHMMM!” Mom moaned into my mouth as our heads bobbed and our lips caressed each other's.

We broke apart before we get caught.

“Have you thought about what we said last night?”

“Of course darling” Mom replied.

“Well how can we do it, you know, be together all the time?” I asked.

“I don't know yet.” Mom replied. “On the one hand I really don't want to hurt your father. But, on the other hand I want you in my bed every night.”

“Well, what do we do?” I asked.

“Let me think.” she said.

To be continued……….

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Having Father in the story ruins the fantasy. Why have conflicted thoughts ? Make her a widow or single mother. She then finds a Man in her son. Gets bred and becomes his wife.

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Please make an illustrated version for this great read...

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