Mom's Tied Up Ch. 03


"You should be ashamed of yourself!" she thought, "That's your son! You are his mother! It's so wrong to think of this!" Patti frowned, and knew it was wrong, but she realized she wanted it so bad. That was the kind of cock she had wanted ever since she had married Dick. As Patti stared and Steve's covered cock, she felt her pussy start to get wet. She licked her lips as the two sides of the argument went at it in her head.

Slowly, Steve awoke. He didn't open his eyes at first. He just enjoyed the slow awakening feeling. When he opened his eyes, he saw his mother. She was awake and facing him, but she wasn't looking at his face. He closed his eyes until they were almost closed. He finally realized she was looking at his waist. He could feel that his cock was partially erect and his mom was checking him out! The idea that his mom was staring at his cock shocked him.

It was one thing when he came home and had found her drunk, bound and blindfolded, but here she was doing it voluntarily. As he watched, his mom licked her lips while staring at his cock. Watching her looking at his cock like that really turned him on and he could feel his cock filling with blood and getting harder and larger. Closing his eyes, he stirred in his "sleep", slightly readjusting his position. It had the intended effect of pushing the head of hic cock past the waistband of his loose fitting pajama pants.

Patti was startled when her son stirred. Her eyes went to his face, but his eyes were closed and he appeared to continue to sleep. Her face blushed as she feared her son might have caught her staring at his cock, but he seemed to still be fast asleep. When she looked back down at his groin, she gasped! His cock was now sticking out of the top of his pajamas!

She gazed at his hardening cock. She could see the circumcised head and several inches of the shaft. As she watched, another half inch of shaft poked out as Steve's erection continued to grow. Patti's hand slid down to cup one of her full breasts. They had a bit of sag, but they were still full with prominent nipples. Her nipples began to stiffen as she became aroused. She pinched her nipples while she stared at her son's lengthening cock.

Steve continued to watch his mom touch herself through mostly-closed eyes. He watched as she played with her breasts through her nightgown. "Fuck, she's so hot!" thought Steve. When she pinched her nipple, he wished it was him doing the pinching. When she had been tied to the sawhorse, he really hadn't had the kind of access to her breasts that he would have liked. He really wanted to fasten his lips on one of those nipples!

As Patti watched, a drop of pre-cum began to form on the head of Steve's cock. She could almost taste it! Patti looked at Steve's face again. She was sure he was sleeping. Moving slowly, Patti reached over and used the middle finger of her right hand to gently coat her fingertip and his cock with his now steadily flowing pre-cum.

Patti withdrew her finger and slid it under her panties. She could feel her pussy getting hot and also getting steadily wetter. She slid her finger between her lips and gently started to slowly masturbate. Gently, she moved her finger, wet with her own son's pre-cum, and stroked her clit. As she continued to work on her clit, her eyes watched the steady stream of pre-cum. A wet spot was starting to form on the sheet in front of Steve.

Patti closed her eyes and continued to work her finger on her clit. She moaned softly, and then stopped. She didn't want to wake her son. She felt so wicked masturbating herself next to her sleeping son. She knew it was wrong, but she had no intention of stopping now. Once Patti became aroused, her lust had always overridden everything else. She did resist the urge to reach over to her sleeping son, pull his hard cock out of his pajama pants and to masturbate him to an orgasm. Patti thought about it shooting onto her face and breasts.

Steve now had his eyes open, watching his mom masturbate next to him. He could feel his cock leaking like a faucet, dripping pre-cum. As her hand worked under her panties, he could smell her aroused pussy oozing her juices. It was like a sexy dream-come-true! Her finger worked steadily on her clit, her stiff nipples poking trough the thin material of her nightgown.

He listened as his mother breathed deeper and deeper as his mom masturbated right next to him. Her finger moved faster now, the pace becoming ever more urgent. She rolled onto her back and her left hand cupped her left tit, squeezing it firmly.

By now, Patti's mind was firmly focused on her fantasy. She was kneeling in front of her naked son, sucking his cock and gently massaged his balls. Her other hand worked her clit as she sucked him in her fantasy. She wanted to get off so badly!

As the pace of Patti's finger sped up on her clit, Steve had finally reached down quietly and pulled his cock free of his pajama pants. He couldn't ever remember being this turned on, or his cock being this hard. As his mom fingered herself with urgency, he reached down with his left hand and began to stroke his cock. Although he started slowly, he picked up his pace as his mother's finger had and he gripped his cock firmly. He reached up and coated his hand with his pre-cum and used it to lube his cock, then continued to fist it as he watched his mom.

In Patti's fantasy, she had one hand on Steve's hard ass, and his cock down her throat as she sucked deeply on it. Her other hand worked her clit as it was for real. In her mind, her head bobbed back and forth, her lips tight around his stiff rod, She was his slut, and he her master. This thought pushed her over the edge, and her orgasm hit her hard. She moaned with the release of her pent up lust, thinking of his cock spurting hot, white cum down her throat. It was a nice, long orgasm and it felt great!

When she opened her eyes, she looked down to her son's big cock and was shocked to see his hand masturbating it, hard and fast. She looked up to his face and was shocked again to see his eyes locked on hers. Her hand was still between her legs, cupping her pussy. Before she could withdraw her hand from between her legs, or speak a word, Steve groaned loudly and came! His cum shot out, as if from a squirt gun. The first jet landed on her nightgown, bunched above her waist. His second shot landed on the front of her panties. The third onto her exposed thigh. The remained landed onto the sheet between him and her. Finally, a single drop hung from his shrinking cock.

Patti had never been as shocked as she was right now. She quickly realized she had passed by some unseen line in the sand, and her life would never be the same. She blushed bright red. "Stevie! Oh, god! I didn't mean for this to happen!" she cried, then began to sob deeply.

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