tagLoving WivesMonogamy - Relighting The Fires

Monogamy - Relighting The Fires


Lori giggled drunkenly as she pressed against her husband Charlie's back and fondled his crotch, searching for his penis. She knew it was there somewhere. She had seen his hardness in his pants earlier that evening when he had danced with their sister-in-law Symone. Repeatedly! Charlie snorted laughter and gave a few thrusts against her hand as he unlocked and opened the door.

He abruptly stepped inside the house, tearing himself from her grip with a wicked laugh. Lori stumbled, then tripped over the threshold and dropped to the ground. Just before she hit the floor inside the house, strong feminine hands grasped her around the chest, just below her breasts, and held her suspended there.

"Easy, there, cowgirl!" Symone's voice said from behind Lori. Symone helped her to her feet. "If you keep falling down like that these men might think you're drunk and take advantage of you!"

"Thank God they are my brother and my husband, then!" Lori said, covering Symone's hands with hers, steadying herself. The room was sure spinning. Lori didn't think she'd had that much to drink, but, well, it had been a long time since she'd cut loose like this.

"Hmmm, you're right," Symone said, sliding her hands up to cup Lori's breasts. She gave them a quick squeeze and said, "Looks like I will have to take advantage of you then!" Lori squealed, feeling herself blushing beet red. She spun out of Symone's hands, almost falling down again.

"Whoa," Lori's brother, Ronny, said, "I'd pay to see that!" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Wait, since I'm your husband and Lori's brother, do I have to pay to see that or can I just spectate for free?"

They all moved into the house now, and Charlie closed and locked the door. Charlie and Symone laughed. Lori put on her best look of mock-indignation and pushed against her tall, strong brother's chest. He towered over her, grinning and holding her shoulders, so she didn't push herself over backward.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you!" Lori said with mock severity. "Well, too bad. You two will just have to wait out here while Symone and I 'take care of business.'" She spun around, skirt flaring around her.

She took Symone's hand and started leading her toward the master bedroom. "Come on, Symone, let's retire to the boudoir and remove these pantyhose so we can be, uh, comfortable!" Lori said. "You boys make us something to drink while we get busy. Are busy! I meant 'are busy!'" Symone laughed with her. Lori shook a finger at the men and said, "If you two are nice, maybe we'll dance with you when we return!" She dragged Symone hurriedly away from the men, and they rushed into the bedroom with a burst of laughter.

Lori shut the door, then leaned back against it, her head tilted back and eyes closed. She breathed deeply in and out a few times, trying to calm her beating heart.

"Whew, I'm pretty tipsy!" Lori said, slowly bumping her butt rhythmically against the door. She looked at Symone, seeing the glinting laughter in her eyes. "Well, maybe more than tipsy!"

"You go, girl," Symone said. "I think you've needed to blow off some steam, lately, anyway." Lori laughed and stepped further into the room.

"You don't know the half of it," Lori said and dropped down onto the bed, watching Symone remove her hose.

Symone reached under her skirt and said, "All kidding aside, let's really get these pantyhose off while we can." She raised her skirt up and hooked her thumbs into her hose, wiggling her butt back and forth to push them down.

As Symone wiggled and pushed the hose past her pelvis, Lori could see her thong underwear buried between her shaved lips. That hussy! Lori thought, blushing and looking away. She tittered in embarrassed excitement.

Lori admired Symone's openness and free-spirited ways. Lori, herself, could never dress in a thong. The thought of something rubbing against her all day, down there, drove her crazy. And blatantly putting her woman-bits on display like that! Oh, boy! Her face heated furiously at the thought. She peaked again at the tiny garment, noticing that Symone had shaved everywhere except for a thin strip of short red hair that extended up from her cleft about two inches.

"You still wear a thong?" Lori asked as she stood and turned side-on to Symone. She watched her sister-in-law from the corner of her eye as Symone finished pushing/rolling down the hose and stepped out of them.

"Of course, don't you?" Symone said, looking at Lori with a devilish grin.

"No, I've never been able to feel comfortable with the thought of walking around with something rubbing me down there all the time," Lori said. Lori reached under her skirt and started lowering her hose without raising the skirt more than necessary.

"Well, I sure do!" Symone said. "Especially when I'm wearing a sexy dress like this one. It drives Ronny crazy!"

"Not to mention every other man you dance with," Lori said, finally stepping out of her hose.

"Like Charlie, you mean," Symone said with a laugh. Symone pulled her clinging undergarment out from between her labia and sighed with evident relief. "When I get horny, like now, it gets kind of irritating after a while. Usually, I take it off when that happens and give it to Ronny." Symone laughed. "He always knows what to do to make me feel better!" The women gusted laughter together.

"Well, don't let me stop you," Lori said wiggling her eyebrows with a lecherous expression on her face. "Make yourself at home. You might as well be comfortable!"

"I will if you will," Symone said like a child daring another to do something naughty. "We could give them to our husbands as an incentive!" She stepped closer and lifted Lori's skirt. "Oh, bikini briefs! Here, let me help you!" With that, Symone quickly hooked her fingers in the sides of Lori's panties and squatted, bringing the panties down with her. Before Lori could react, Symone's head darted forward and placed a quick, very loud smooch on Lori's short-haired pubic mound.

Lori squealed and, blushing again, pushing Symone away from her. Symone fell backward on her butt, legs splayed open, and laughed out loud.

"Hey! No touching the merchandise!" Lori said, flipping her skirt down over her naked crotch. She took Symone's hands and helped her stand. They clung to each other for a moment, holding each other up and giggling madly. Symone tried to sneak a hand under Lori's skirt and touch the side of her leg, but Lori grabbed her hand and held it between them.

"Ahem! Here," Lori said with mock seriousness, lifting the hem of Symone's skirt with her other hand, "hold this." Symone cautiously took the hem from Lori and Lori teasingly raised Symone's hand and the skirt high enough to see Symone's slight belly.

Not giving Symone time to think or react, Lori dropped to her knees and tried to return the joke on Symone, but the tight undergarment got rolled over somehow and stuck midway down Symone's thighs. Symone squealed and laughed as she tried to step back from Lori. Lori released the thong with a snap, grabbed Symone's butt in both hands and held her rigidly still while blowing a raucous raspberry on Symone's lower belly. The sound reverberated in the room loudly.

Symone shrieked laughter and pushed back on Lori's head. Lori quickly grabbed hold of the thong and lowered it to the floor. She scrambled back, then stood on her feet, swaying. Whew, she was tipsy!

"Well, now that we are appropriately dressed," Symone said with mock calmness, "we should go see if we can get in some dancing before our aged husbands fall asleep on us!"

"And drinks," Lori said, retrieving their underwear from the floor and handing the thong to Symone. "I haven't had nearly enough to drink for the fun we've been having!"

"Wait!" Symone said, stopping Lori. "If we are going to be wanton wives tonight," she said, turning her back to Lori, "we have to get our bra's off as well. Can you help?" Lori snorted laughter.

"No matter how much you beg," Lori said as she unzipped Symone's dress and unhooked her bra, "I'm not removing your bra for you, or blowing raspberries on your boobs!" Symone lowered the top of her dress, removed her bra, then pulled her the dress back up.

"Well, duh!" Symone said as Lori zipped her dress up again. "We have to save something for the show later!" They both burst out laughing.

After Symone returned the favor to Lori, they linked their arms together and left the bedroom, underwear held high and singing merrily, in search of their husbands.

* * *

As the women departed to the bedroom, the men chuckled and watched their asses switching up and down under their knee-length skirts as they hurried away. Despite being fifty years old, both women had well-kept figures. The men, friends and brothers-in-law, grinned at each other then went to the den.

Charlie went to the bar and started making their drinks. He saw Ronny go to the music system to start the dance music. The two men had been best friends for decades, and Ronny was intimately familiar with everything at Charlie and Lori's house.

As Ronny settled on the loveseat, Charlie handed him his drink and returned to the bar to mix drinks for the ladies.

"Hmmm..." Charlie said, "should I put some kick in their drinks?" Keeping the two women well lubricated would pay dividends later when he got Lori alone in bed. If he got her inhibitions lowered enough, Charlie thought both mutually-satisfying oral sex and love-making could be on the table for tonight.

"I don't know," Ronny replied, "they seem pretty stonkered as it is. If we get them too drunk, we'll be shit out of luck for fun later."

"Yeah," Charlie said, "you're right. I'll give them enough to keep them flying. We adjust next drink if needed.

You guys staying the night? The guest bedroom is made up and ready for you."

"I hadn't planned on it, but, you know, I think we will. I'll run it by Symone. It's nice to just relax and enjoy a drink, some dancing, and fun with you guys. It's been too long."

"Amen," Charlie said, hoisting his glass in salute. Charlie finished mixing the other drinks. He handed Symone's drink to Ronny and settled onto the other loveseat, reminiscing.

In truth, Charlie couldn't remember exactly when they had last gone out drinking and dancing with Ronny and Symone. It had probably been when their children had been little tots. Those had been great times. Not exactly wild and crazy things, but fun and exciting.

Charlie had been feeling more and more lately that there was some essential fun, some excitement, missing from their lives. He had discussed it with Lori, and they had decided to do more things together, be more daring and adventurous. Lori had a pretty limited view of fun and excitement, though, and she hadn't stretched herself beyond that yet. Charlie sighed. Truth to be told, neither had he.

Going out together tonight had been an attempt to recapture some of those great times. To see if he and Lori could fire up their marriage and get some of the old hot passion back in their sex life.

"Maybe Lori will feel relaxed enough to make love with the lights on, this time," Ronny joked. Charlie chuckled.

"I hope so," Charlie said. "As you may have noticed, your sister is still hotter than hell. Married for twenty-eight years and I could still stand to look at her naked body all night long if she wasn't so shy." He sipped at his rum and coke. "I was kind of hoping for a sloppy wet blowjob tonight, to be honest." Ronny laughed.

"What?" Chalie said, grinning. "I guess you don't have that problem with little miss hot-pants, huh?"

"Nope!" Ronny said with satisfaction. "Ever since she got her tubes tied ten years ago, we've been on fire with expanding our sexual horizons, so to speak. I have to say, I can't remember a boring week since then. These days a blowjob is almost as common as getting a kiss goodnight and they're still never dull!"

Charlie considered that. Rumor had it that Ronny and Symone were swingers, or they had an open marriage or some such. Ronny had never said anything about it other than some vague hints, so Charlie had never asked. To Charlie, it seemed like none of his business. If Ronny (or Symone) wanted him to know, they would have told him.

As they talked, they could hear bursts of laughter intermingled with girlish squeals coming from the master bedroom. Just as Charlie was going to ask about the 'expanding horizons' thing, the women came marching into the den with their arms linked together. They were waving their underwear proudly above their heads and singing some nonsense children's song. Even though Symone's boobs were bigger, Charlie saw that both pairs were swaying enticingly under the dresses as the women marched along. He grinned. They were relaxed.

Lori, spotting Charlie, rushed over to him, and plopped down on his lap, settling her crotch on his right leg and wiggling to get comfortable. As Lori sat, she raised the back of her skirt, to keep from sitting on it, he supposed, and he saw her bare ass underneath. Lori arranged her skirts so that nothing showed as he put his arms around her. She leaned back, presenting her face for a kiss. He kissed her, and she gave him some tongue and wiggled her butt on his leg. His cock, trapped between his leg and hers, twitched awake.

Their quick kiss of greeting turned into another, longer one. That morphed into a micro make-out session, and when it finally broke, Charlie saw that Ronny and Symone were snuggling in, breathing hard, after kissing as well. He grinned at Ronny, and they exchanged an air high-five. Lori giggled.

"Everybody comfortable?" she asked. She took a big swallow of her drink. Charlie slid his hands under her skirt from the back and started stroking her hips lightly.

"I would be," Symone said from Ronny's lap, "but there seems to be a hard lump under my butt that won't go away!" The others laughed as she wiggled around on Ronny's lap as if trying to get comfortable. She bounced up and down a couple of times just for good measure.

Ronny ran his hands down Symone's body then over her legs. He grabbed the hem of her skirt and flipped it up saying, "This one forgot her underwear, see?" He held it up, despite Symone's shrieking, giggling struggle to push it down, for three or four seconds. Her legs parted and closed several times as they wrestled over the skirt and Charlie got a good look at the long expanse of smooth tanned thighs capped by clean shaven lips and a short-cropped 'V' of dark red pubic hair.

"Oh no you don't," Lori said, anticipating Charlie's next act. She made a show of firmly gripping her skirts. "I'm not showing everyone my coochie!"

"But it such a pretty little pussy," Charlie said with overstated sincerity, tugging at her skirt.

"No big deal, Lori," Symone said, eyeing Lori slyly. She turned her face to Ronny and said, "She already showed it to me, and it looks much like everyone else's." She kissed him, giggled, then laughed at the expression on Lori's face.

While Lori's hands were occupied with her skirts, Charlie slid one hand around her hip, trawled a finger between her nether lips and discovered she was extremely wet. She bolted upright, pressed both of her hands on his over her skirt, then clamped her thighs together. She saw Ronny and Symone looking at her crotch intently, and crimson flooded her face.

Charlie, holding her firmly in place, wiggled his finger against her lips as much as he could and started kissing her neck. She pulled away from him, laughing, and pushed at him with her hands. Her skirts now freed, Charlie leaned her back and flipped her skirts up with both hands. Leaning back caused her legs to swing up and open briefly. Charlie knew that her brown-haired, trimmed bush was on full display. His cock throbbed at the thought.

"Oh, my god!" she shouted forcing her skirt down once again. She started giggling like a teen in a make out session and buried her face in Charlie's chest, her exposed neck and cheeks crimson.

"How about your sister," Charlie asked Ronny with mock seriousness, "she forgot hers too, it seems." He leaned confidentially toward Ronny and stage-whispered, "I think they conspired to be naked under their clothes." He kept trying to raise her skirt again, but she held firm.

"Yes, I think you're right," Ronny said, rubbing Symone's shoulders. He had apparently lowered the zipper of her dress (or she came in with it that way, Charlie wasn't sure which), because he abruptly pushed her dress off her shoulders, exposing Symone's naked breasts. He cupped them in his hands and jiggled them a bit. "No bra's either!"

Lori's head whipped around, the two women looked at each other and burst out in gales of laughter. Symone covered Ronny's hands with hers, but instead of trying to remove them, she forced their hands to fondle, squeeze and rotate her breasts. Lori, not to be outdone, cupped her own breasts over her dress and emulated Symone's actions. She made exaggerated lusty moaning sounds and pumped her hips up and down against Charlie's fingers.

Charlie took advantage of the opportunity and slid a finger of both hands through Lori's super-wet slit. He put one finger just inside her hot, wet box and one on the hood of her clit and started making slow circles with both. Her hands flew down to hold her skirt, and she stared rigidly ahead, breathing heavily. Charlie was sure he'd never seen her quite this red before. Although her dress covered all the naughty bits, Charlie could see his hands moving underneath.

"They can see what you're doing," she whispered fiercely, her eyes closing.

"I know," he said softly, "Hot, isn't it?" He continued stroking her pussy, now throwing in a little thrust here and there.

"Please," she begged quietly, her embarrassment plain. Charlie wasn't convinced, though. If she wanted him to stop, she would have told him to, not asked. If it were too much, Lori would let him know.

"Nope," he whispered, still rubbing her under her skirt, teasing her. "I'm going to do this until you come for me." She sucked in a breath. Interesting. "I think I'll make you come right in front of your brother and his wife!" he whispered and flicked her clit once, twice, three times with one finger. Her eyes flew open, and he felt her hips stutter in their motion. She breathed out a quiet moan of passion.

"Oh, hey, that's no fair!" Symone said when she saw what they were doing. She stood up and quickly moved in front of Lori, her boobs swaying wildly outside the confines of her dress. Charlie felt his cock throb at the sight, and it turned to iron when a brief vision of tit-fucking those luscious tits swam through his head.

Symone knelt in front of Lori. She bent from the waist, putting her hands on Lori's knees to support herself and peeked under Lori's skirt. "Lemme see," she cooed, trying to lift the skirt. Lori struggled at first, then allowed Lori to raise it just enough to see underneath.

"Sweet," Symone breathed, licking her lips. Her hands returned to Lori's knees. "You're really wet, I can see it from here." She laughed. "Charlie's pant leg is getting wet!"

"I need to adjust myself," Charlie whispered to Lori.

"Huh?" Lori said, seeming to come out of a trance. "What?" She turned to look at him.

"I'm hard as a rock and pointing straight down," he said. "I need to change its position, can you lift up a little?"

Instead of lifting up some so he could reposition his throbbing hard cock, she took Symone's hand and put them on her skirt. "Hold my skirt down," Lori said, her voice thickened with lust. Symone nodded.

Lori, reaching under her skirts from the sides, raised her butt off him. He could feel her unzip his pants. After she reached in and extracted his cock, she stroked it against the outside of her pussy then settled back down on his lap. She pushed his hands away from her pussy, pressed his cock between her lips with her hand and started rocking her hips rhythmically.

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