tagErotic HorrorMonster Tales Ch. 01

Monster Tales Ch. 01


*The first story in my Monster Tales series, erotica with a horror flavour.

Although not as scary as they can be, but I plan to rewrite and deepen the stories in the series later since they're at least a year old and need it. ;-)

(and I'd like to try my hand at horror since no book has been able to scare me so far)



As with so many personal accounts, this tale of mine may sound fantastic, but it's all true.

I did change all the names though, otherwise we'd be getting nothing but weird stares and whispering behind our backs from now on. The usual level of gossiping for a town in the country is enough.

Average, that was me when I grew up. I had no outstanding abilities, no striking features, finished school without an idea of what to become in the future, hadn't even had a serious boyfriend. During the summer after graduation I had a couple of temporary jobs filling in for other people, and I was just wondering one evening if my future was growing old working in retail or waiting tables, highlighted by a couple of marriages and divorces, when my mother came to me with a note.

'I just got off the phone with Jane.' she said, meaning Jane Finnegan, an elder lady she knew from a charity she sometimes volunteers at. 'She talked to a friend of hers today who said a writer living near their town was looking for someone to assist him in his work and around the house. Then she remembered I told her how you were looking around for something and suggested you. Her friend asked him if he would meet you if you were interested and he said okay. Here's the address if you're interested, he's at home this week so you could drop in at any day.'

I read the note she handed to me. Barry Richman. Not a name I recognised, but the town he lived near, let's call it Black Hill, was not too far away. I've passed it once when I did deliveries for an electronics shop in town for a couple of weeks.

'All right.' I said. 'Might just be fun. And if it falls through, I'll spend the afternoon reading at the river with my feet in it.'

'Since you like to read, maybe you're just the person he looks for.' my mother said and left me reading the driving instructions.

Chapter 01

I drove the next morning to Black Hill, arriving around ten at a house on the slope of a grassy hill, the forest edge several hundred meters behind it. It was one of those larger Victorian style houses, seemingly a requisite feature of the typical country image. I didn't mind though, I still think it has a certain charm.

I parked the car next to his, some model from late seventies or early eighties. I have no clue about cars, just that it seemed that old.

I took a minute to look at the scenery, the wide open space until the road at the bottom of the hill, where the forest started at the other side. It was still quite warm at this time of year, but out here there was enough wind to keep it comfortable.

I walked up the couple wooden steps in front and rang the doorbell. I heard nothing and saw no movement through the glass next to the door for a while and rang again. When all was still quiet I walked down the steps and went around the house.

Rounding the corner at the back I saw there was a greenhouse attached to the back of the house. Through the glass I saw someone sitting in a lounge chair, reading. The side door was open and I knocked carefully against it.

The person I saw was a young man, I guessed just a little over thirty, could be counted into good looking, and probably Barry. He put his book on the table and walked toward me.

'Excuse me, my name's Erin Mitchell.' I said, and remember, I said I changed names so no use looking me up. 'I got your name and address through friends who said you were looking for help.'

'Yes,' he said with a warm smile as we shook hands. 'you're the one who was asked if you could have it if you're interested in the job? I'm Barry.' He gestured at the chairs and table. 'Come in. Want some coffee or tea?'

'I'll have what you're having.' I said, taking a seat.

'Coffee it'll be then.' he said and pulled out a mug from a small cabinet underneath the table. 'No trouble finding this place?'

'No. The directions were clear.' I said.

He filled the mug, placed it in front of me and moved the cup with sugar closer. 'If you want, and there's milk if you'd like that too.'

I poured a little sugar in my mug. 'Thanks, sugar is enough.' I said and sat back into the chair.

'So,' he said and topped off his mug. 'you heard I need someone to assist me in my work as a writer, and do work around the house, right?'

I nodded.

'What I'd need you to do is keep a track on my agenda, set up appointments when needed, run errands like sending off manuscripts and articles to editors and translators, keep track of my business mail, things like that. Anything that would keep me concentrating on writing is appreciated.' he said, tapping on a notebook on the table. 'And the other part of the job is being the housekeeper. Which is somewhat obviously since that would distract me a lot from writing as well. So I hope you're able to cook at least a little bit.' he chuckled.

I had to laugh a little. 'I'm no gourmet, but I cook at home often enough.'

He sipped his coffee. 'Then there's one more thing, if possible I'd like you to live here as part of the pay. There's a couple of large rooms upstairs so one can be yours. Think you could accept this offer?'

I hadn't expected to start as a live in assistant and housekeeper and had to rethink what that would mean.

'It's not a major requirement, but it would make things easier for me, and I expect for you since some meetings and parties with publishers can run late. And I'd like you to join me when I need to travel as well.' he said.

"We have no special circumstances at home, so there's no need to be there." I thought. "And if I'd get a steady job I'd leave to live on my own anyway. It would also cut down on travel time a lot. It's just that it's almost like living together with a significant other."

'If you have any doubt, don't be afraid to say so.' he said. 'I do feel somewhat nervous asking it, also for having someone else around the house for the first time.'

I could see the concern in his face. It almost made him look like a teenager asking his crush out on a date and it made me chuckle. 'Sorry, I was thinking about how it would be a first for me and didn't think about it being a first for you as well.' I said.

He laughed, leaned back in his chair and said. 'I think there will be more firsts for me since I've lived alone until now.'

'Alone?' I asked.

'Yeah,' he said. 'I was raised by my grandparents after losing my parents at a young age. When they died, of old age so nothing bad, I lived at their house for a while before moving here.'

'Ah.' I said and felt comfortable enough to take the plunge into the deep. 'I think I can accept your offer. I've done several odd jobs in the last couple of years outside school so I think I can become an assistant and housekeeper.'

'Great!' he said, stood up and shook my hand. 'We'll run a trial period for a couple of months so there's no pressure. You can stay or go home when you feel like it if you need time to get used to the situation.'

'Thanks.' I said. 'I expect I'd like to visit home in the weekends, maybe stay over for the night once in a while.'

'No problem. Weekends are usually quiet.' he said. 'So, shall I show you around the house?'

'Please do.' I said and we walked into the back room when I asked him about his writing. 'I like to read a bit of everything, but I didn't recognise your name.' I said.

'Well, I only write under pseudonyms.' he said. 'For example, you might know The Staircase?'

I looked surprised at him hearing that title. 'The novel about romances during the lifetime of a mansion in the south?' I asked.

He nodded.

'Really you?' I asked because I could hardly believe it.

'Yes.' he said and I could see a smile of embarrassment on his face.

'I love that book!' I said, then realised my reaction and coughed. 'But then you'd hear that all the time since it's very popular.'

He chuckled. 'Most of the time. But I'm glad you like it.' he said.

'Damn. I had no idea you were that famous.' I said.

'Well, I'd like to keep it that way for most people. I'm not that good with being a celebrity so I only make appearances under my smaller pen names.' he said.

'I think I understand.' I said and we continued the tour of the house.

It had a large kitchen and his study at one side, the other side combined the front and the back room into a large living room. He explained he had the structure strengthened to take out several inner walls to create more space. Upstairs were his spacious bedroom, another study full of books, and the room I could use for myself. It was large enough to create a sleeping space at the back, which also had its own bathroom, and a living space in front. The windows were large so there was lots of natural light coming in.

'I already love it.' I said.

'I'm glad.' he said, smiling as he looked outside.


The first days went by in a flash. I bought a new bed, table and chairs with a contribution from Barry. He said he didn't want the cheapest stuff in the house, but I think he just wanted to make me feel more at ease with the first time living away from home. I have to admit it was very sweet of him.

He instructed me on the things I needed to do, introduced me to his business contacts and let me know of his habits around the house to prevent annoying mistakes as much as possible. I was glad he wasn't a picky eater, but I had to get used to his random schedule of living.

He works mostly at night, saying that is when his inspiration is at its best and he's usually working in the company of a bottle of wine and his favourite music. Luckily I'm a bit of a late person myself so I don't mind fixing him something to eat or helping him out late in the evening.

Then the first weird thing happened.

Chapter 02

I just went to bed, having left him with some snacks and a new bottle of wine, when I smelled something like a dog. I sniffed the air, trying to confirm it, but I lost it. I shrugged it off and tried to get some sleep when a little later I thought I heard very faint breathing. I sat up at once, looking around the dark room and almost freaked out when I thought I saw a pair of eyes looking at me from a corner. I slammed the button of the lamp next to the bed only to find an otherwise empty room.

I rubbed my face telling myself it was just the effect of a new environment and getting used to it and tried to sleep again. For a moment I smelled that dog's scent again.

I forgot most of it the next morning and kept myself busy preparing his first meal, which he would take around noon when he woke up, and sorting out the mail for the day. The email was done quick enough, spam thrown away, less important items moved to one folder, important items to another for him to look at first. To get the physical mail I had to walk all down the driveway to the main road. I thought about using the car to go the kilometre to the mailbox and back, but I told myself I would not get that lazy. Unless the weather was really, really horrible.

I just came back to the house when he walked outside. 'Good morning.' I said since it was a little earlier than usual to see him.

'Morning.' he said, still looking a little sleepy. 'Anything interesting in the mail?'

I shook my head. 'Not really, just spam in the email and the usual flyers along with the newspaper.'

'You look natural this morning.' he said.

I just realised I hadn't brushed my hair this morning, feeling a bit sleepy this morning. 'Sorry.' I said, trying to fix my hair with my fingers. 'I forgot to brush my hair this morning for some reason.'

Then he smiled which made me feel comfortable and said. 'Don't worry, I like natural.'

I didn't know why, but it made me happy for a moment. I said breakfast would be ready in a moment if he wanted and he nodded, asking me to bring toast and jam to the greenhouse where he'd start writing today.

That night I smelled the faint scent of dog again, but nothing of the other events happened so I fell asleep peacefully, although I felt a little warmer than usual.


I spent the first weekend at home, wanting to sort out some of my stuff and box it to bring back with me. It was also to be back into a familiar location for a while, but when I went to bed the scent I had smelled at my new room kept coming back to me. I thought of the eyes I thought I'd seen in the dark for a moment and felt a shiver running down my spine. Shaking it off as a silly thing I wrapped myself up and fell asleep clutching my pillow.

Returning late in the sunday afternoon I found Barry in the living room, rock songs playing at some volume and drinking wine.

'Did you miss me this much?' I asked, feeling playful without any real reason.

He grinned at me. 'I'd love to say I did, but I feel like this more often.'

Somehow it made me feel disappointed, but then he said 'I do feel glad to see you again though.' and gave me a sense of being appreciated.

'Enough to help me take my stuff upstairs?' I asked, teasing a little, but he got up and eventually brought up everything while I unpacked.

'Thanks a lot.' I said when he brought the last of the boxes. 'Tell me what you'd like for dinner, and I'll try to make it.'

He hummed in thought, then said 'Medium rare grilled teak. I'm in the mood for sinking my fangs into some good meat.'

I looked at him, then chuckled. 'All right, I saw the local butcher has good steaks so I'll get some.'

I drove to town a little later to do the shopping and grilled the steaks for dinner in the kitchen.

He playfully growled while eating which made me laugh and afterwards we spent the evening drinking wine and watching movies.

I yawned and stretched after the second movie. 'Time to go to bed.' he said.

'Yeah, I hate to stop the fun though.' I said.

'We can continue later.' he said, giving my hand a squeeze. 'It's nice to share some movies with someone else.'

He stood up and helped me get up from the comfortable couch. 'Careful on your way up.' he said, because I wasn't very steady on my feet after all that wine.

'No worries.' I said. 'The stairs feel comfortable.'

He laughed and supported my first few steps on my way to my room. I undressed and slipped under the covers naked, not bothering to keep my panties on and wearing the usual night shirt.

Halfway falling asleep I smelled the scent again, felt I was being watched again from the shadows and looked around, my vision blurry. There was nothing I could see and the tiredness made me fall back on my pillow and sleep.


Barry was in full writer mode from the moment he got up and I didn't disturb him with anything. It was one of those things he told me about himself. When something distracted him during those times he'd get a bout of anger, and he didn't like that side of him. Not to mention losing his momentum.

I did the jobs I had to do and spent the rest of the time reading outside since it was such nice weather. I had taken his phone with me to take care of the couple of calls for him.

When he joined me at the end of the afternoon, still in the loose pants and old t-shirt he came down in that morning, I could see he was satisfied with the result. 'That felt good.' he said. 'Thanks to you I could write without worrying about missing a call. Before, I'd always think I might have missed something important in the back of my head.'

'I can imagine.' I said. 'I get it a bit when I leave the house and forget my phone.'

He stretched and I noticed for the first time he had really tight arms. He had worn long sleeved shirts until now and there was no gym equipment of any kind in the house, so I never thought about it before. I told myself to keep an eye out on him doing any exercise. Perhaps he does push-ups at night.

'Hungry?' I asked, getting up from my chair.

'Now that you ask, very.' he said with a grin.

'I'll heat up dinner, be ready in a few minutes.' I said, leaving for the kitchen.

'I'm going to take a quick shower then.' he said and went upstairs.

When he came down to the kitchen later I smelled a familiar scent, that of dog what I had smelled in my room. He sat down at the table and I leaned close enough to him while putting the food down to get a good sniff of him.

I thought there was something of wet dog scent on his moist hair, but it wasn't the same, like I had thought. That other scent had to come from somewhere else then.

'Did you used to have a dog?' I asked.

He stopped filling his plate. 'No. How so?' he asked.

'It's like I smell a dog sometimes for a moment, even though there's nothing there and I can't trace it.' I said.

'Maybe it's caused by unfamiliar smells in the house or around here.' he said and started to eat, humming with satisfaction.

'Probably.' I said, thinking that would be logical and sat down to eat.

Chapter 03

I left him writing late in the evening again, and turned off the light after reading for a bit. I had barely closed my eyes when I smelled that dog scent again. I opened my eyes and this time I saw that pair of glowing eyes in the corner of the room again. I wanted to reach out for the light but my arm wouldn't move from my side. I was too scared. I felt my body heating up, my heart racing, while the scent became stronger and the eyes came closer. Then I started to see parts of its body in the faint light of my alarm clock. It was hairy, and I don't mean like skin with lots of hair, no, I mean like a real fur coat. It hunched as it got closer, revealing a head that I had only seen in movies and couldn't believe. "Werewolves don't exist!" I thought. "This is just a nightmare and I will wake up now!"

But no such thing happened. I really wished to wake up from this terrifying feeling but I couldn't move or wake myself up.

It leaned over me on one arm. I couldn't take my eyes from his, feeling really hot and sweating all over. His sharp teeth were bared in a grin, I could feel his breathing on my face, his ears twitching at the slightest sound.

I wanted to scream out for Barry. For him to save me. Then it pulled my sheet away from me, revealing my trembling body. I still couldn't move as it moved its muzzle slowly up and down my body, sniffing my chest, stomach, hips and legs. "Oh god don't let it eat me! Please don't eat me!" I pleaded inside my head. "Don't hurt me!"

Then it reached out to my throat with its sharp claws. "It's going to cut me to pieces!" I thought and cried. Then it grabbed the collar of my night shirt and tore it in two.

I felt its claws on my skin as it exposed me and looked me up and down before sniffing my stomach and breasts. My nipples hardened from the touch of its breath and I cursed myself for such a reaction. It grinned and licked my nipple once which made me squeal and feel a chill through my breast.

It moved down slowly, grabbed my panties and tore those open, making me tighten my whole gut in fear. I could feel its eyes moving all over my exposed body as it leaned back, then pushed my legs apart.

I couldn't resist. I wanted to squeeze my legs together but I just couldn't. It watched my most intimate place for a moment before sitting on its knees. It was then that I saw the hard dick he was sporting and what he had planned on doing with me.

I could smell the strong scent of his fur together with the musky scent of his dick. It scared me, but it made my body react as well. I felt myself getting aroused by it. I tried to fight it, feeling my breasts tingle and my nipples get rock hard, my pussy getting hot and moist.

He sniffed the air once, then went down on me and I felt his strong, rough tongue slide along my pussy. I bit back, but soon moans escaped my throat. His tongue gripped my clit when it slid between my pussy lips, tickling my uterus as it penetrated me and I let out a hard moan. He slid his tongue deeper inside me without any resistance. I had never been so wet so fast ever before, not even in the few wildest fantasies I had.

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