tagNovels and NovellasMontana Summer Ch. 04

Montana Summer Ch. 04


All the characters in this story are fictional; any resemblance to anyone alive, or dead is simply just uncanny. All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


Ryan sat down and watched Jessi and Becky helping Suzanne prepare for supper. Under Jessi's and Becky's t-shirts he could easily make out the outlines of their bras. 'That's a first for this weekend,' he thought. Of the three girls, only Lindsey had worn a bra all weekend, the other two had gone au natural since they had gotten up here.

Absentmindedly, he wondered what Lindsey's tits looked like, they looked similar in size to Becky. Several times he hand seen her nipples trying to poke through her bra and shirt, and from what he had seen he deduced that her nipples were larger than Jessi's and Becky's.

He felt his member beginning to swell in his shorts, try as he may, he couldn't get his mind off of sex. He had more sex in the past week than he had had in his whole life, well other than what he had experienced with his right hand.

Jessi called over to Ryan, "I need a hand here."

Ryan stood up, aware that there was a bulge in his shorts, Jessi spotted it immediately, grinned at him, and nudged Becky. Becky grinned and slowly licked her lips and then inserted her finger into mouth and sucked it like it was a small cock.

Jessi giggled as she watched Becky, and then picked up an ear of corn and simulated fucking it.

Ryan whispered, "Yeah you need a hand, now I could a helping hand myself."

The girls giggled again; quite proud of the effect they were having on him. Jessi, and Becky would have liked nothing better than to lend him a helping hand, or helping mouth.

Ryan lugged a huge pot over to the campfire, and then on orders from Suzanne, to build a fire and to keep it stoked.

"We need coals, and lots of them for the Dutch ovens," she explained.

After the fire was started he helped Jessi haul some water from the creek. She grinned at him once they were out of hearing range of the camp, "So, I heard you have some fun earlier."

Ryan blushed, and he knew that Becky had already told Jessi all about it. "Yup, sure did."

Jessi asked, "Did you like fucking her?"

A mischievous smile crossed Ryan's face. "Yup."

"I wish I could have seen it, I would like to see your big cock fucking her." Jessi's voice betrayed her desire.

Ryan's voice sighed, "Well I don't see much chance for us to do anything tonight."

A conspiratorial smile grew over Jessi's face. "I dunno, I have a plan."

Ryan's curiosity piqued. "What is it?"

"I'll tell you later, I have a couple of details to work out," Jessi replied. "I have to ask Stan if he wants to help, and now that he is getting something from Lindsey I'm quite sure he will be more than happy to help us."

About an hour later the fisherman came strutting back into camp proudly displaying their bountiful catch.

Bill grinned as he looked at his wife, "Here you go, I caught 'em, I cleaned 'em, now work your magic woman, and cook these up."

Suzanne wagged her finger at her husband, "You been drinking some hooch down there at the creek, or has the sun addled your mind? You don't call me woman! Cook your own damn fish." She started laughing, "Now hand me those fish, someone has to cook them right, and it's a woman."

Bill watched as Suzanne took the fish and headed to the campfire. "Now that's a good woman."

Amelia shook her cane at Bill. "Yes, she'd have to be a good woman to put up with the likes of you" She chuckled. "Don't you forget, I used to dust your diapers when you were knee high to a gopher, and I think I could still do it."

Everyone laughed heartily, there was still enough spunk left in Amelia to do it.

Becky's mom asked, "Where's Stan and Lindsey?"

"Stan wanted to try his rod up further." Becky's dad replied.

Jessi and Becky giggled; they knew which rod Stan and Lindsey were talking about, and where they were going to try it up further.

Suzanne looked at the long stringers of trout, "I think we've got more than enough fish for supper."

Becky's mom studied the fish and nodded."Becky, head up the creek and fetch your brother."

"Jessi you go with her," added Suzanne, she looked over at Ryan. "And I need you to cut some more wood to build those coals up."

Jessi and Becky headed off upstream in search of Stan and Lindsey, talking quietly as they walked.

"So what did you think when he put it in you?" asked Jessi.

"Like nothing I've ever felt before, I thought he was going to split me wide open," giggled Becky.

"Ohmigod yes," responded Jessi, "Last night, when I rubbing him against my clit, it sort of popped, and oh god, I wanted him to do me right there. I know I would have let him fuck me anytime if he had asked me, but to have him take my cherry right in front of you."

"Well, technically, behind me, my back was turned the other direction," snickered Becky, "Hey how about the time you watched me go down on a guy for the first time, Donnie Preston."

Jessi giggled, "Yeah you looked terrified, and Donnie's tongue was hanging out, how long did he last in your mouth, about five seconds?"

Becky giggled, "About that, if he would have been in the rodeo, it would have been scored a no ride.They continued walking upstream until the stream took sharp right bend,

Jessi looked around, "They should be around here somewhere, should we yell, or sneak," her face had become mischievous.

Becky pretended to think for a moment, "Oh sneak, it's gotta be sneak."

When they reached the apex of the bend in the stream Jessi held up her hand, "I thought I heard something," she whispered just above the noise of the stream.

Cautiously they moved into the trees, after they had gotten a few feet in was they spotted their objective. Stan's rod was getting a workout all right, but not his fishing rod. His back was up against a tree, Lindsey was kneeling in front of him, her shirt was open, and her bra pulled up over her breasts. Her breasts weren't quite as large as Becky's, but her nipples were the size of silver dollars, or maybe a little larger. They jutted out proudly like little cocks in heat from her tit flesh.

Quietly Jessi and Becky moved a little closer and crouched down. Lindsey's hand was moving back and forth Stan's cock, jacking him slowly.

Lindsey asked Stan, "Does it hurt when it's hard like that."

"No, not really, but your hand feels so good on it," Stan replied.

Jessi felt her nipples harden while watching Lindsey jacking on Stan's cock, she wished she could feel Ryan's stiff member in her hand right now.

"Am I doing it right," asked Lindsey.

"Yes," replied Stan, "Maybe a little faster."

The girls watched as Lindsey's hand picked up speed on Stan's swollen cock. Jessi was impressed with the size of Stan's manhood; it was nice sized, not as long or as thick as Ryan's but still a nice size.

Becky also was noticing the size of Stan's erection, and was beginning to get turned on watching Lindsey jacking her brother's cock. She had inadvertently seen him naked over the years, but never with an erection. She thought it was nice size to suck on, but felt guilty about thinking about sucking her brother's stiff cock, but thought it was at least okay to watch him being pleasured. She wished she could get her hand in her pants and play with her clit while she watched.

Jessi had slid her hand into her shirt and was playing with her nipple; she could feel the fire in her pussy building.

Stan bent over a little and began to play with her breasts while her hand continued it's even back and forth movement on his steely shaft. She moaned a little when he played with her nipples.

"I like it when you play with my boobs," Lindsey's voice was husky, "It make my pussy all warm and tingly."

Stan said something the girls couldn't hear and then Lindsey replied, "Well if I had only known what it was really like sooner."

Becky looked over at Jessi who was busy playing with her tits and nipples, and then put her hand between her legs and began rubbing her crotch through her jeans. She was mesmerized by Lindsey's hand moving on her brother's cock.

"I'm so damned horny I think I'd fuck a bear," whispered Jessi.

Becky had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing out loud.

"Your tip is all wet," Lindsey said.

"Rub it on your nipple," Stan urged.

Lindsey took his cock and rubbed the wet precum all over her nipple, it glistened orange in the late afternoon sun. Her hand had begun to move a little faster, and Stan had begun moving his hips to meet her hand.

"Suck on my cock," Stan urged, and then added, "Please."

Lindsey looked at the shaft in her hand, the head was swollen, and reddish purple, "I don't know, I think it's kind of gross to put that thing into my mouth."

"C'mon Lindsey, at least give it a try," Stan almost begged.

The girls giggled, Lindsey was an oral virgin also, they had always suspected it, but this was proof.

'If she doesn't suck his cock, I might have to do it myself', Jess thought to herself, she could hardly wait until later tonight when she could get Ryan alone.

"I don't think it will fit into my mouth," Lindsey replied her hand moving back and forth quicker on his cock.

"Just give it a lick, and try," Stan urged.

Finally she gave in she gave the tip a lick, and then licked it again, finally she looked up at Stan, "Okay, I'll try, but don't you dare finish in my mouth."

Stan nodded as she began to take little by little into her mouth until she had taken about half of it in. Her head began to move back and forth while her hand continued jacking him.

Becky was almost appalled with herself, here she was watching her brother getting his cock sucked, and it was turning her on. She could feel the dampness of her pussy coming through her jeans as she continued rubbing her crotch, oh how she wished she could frig her clit right now.

Lindsey was starting to get into it now, her mouth and hand were moving faster and faster over his cock, his hips were pumping in time with her, trying to drive his cock further into her mouth.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum!" Stan yelled out.

Lindsey quickly pulled his cock from her mouth, but not before a long white rope of cum shot into her mouth, she pulled down on his cock and jacked him furiously, taken spurt after spurt on her tits.

Becky had a mini orgasm as her brother climaxed, she had never seen him cum before, and she could feel her body shake while she rubbed herself. It was erotic watching him cum, the expression of pure bliss on his face as he released his load on to her tits. She felt a pang of guilt pass through her body, but then a twinge of guilty pleasure.

Jessi watched with envy as little rivulets of white cum slowly dribbled down Lindsey's tits. She squeezed her breasts tightly, pinching her erect nipples.

Stan looked like his knees were a little shaky as he grinned down at Lindsey, "Was that as awful as you thought it would be?"

Lindsey turned beet red, "Well, actually, no it wasn't," she paused for a moment, "I actually enjoyed it, and uhm, I didn't mind the taste, it wasn't like I had been told."

Stan looked at the sun, "We better get back to camp before someone comes looking for us."

"Yeah," Lindsey nodded in agreement. "Next time we fool around I want you to use your tongue on me," she pointed towards her crotch, "down there."

As he pulled his pants up Stan grinned, "I'd love to."

Lindsey stood up and wiped Stan's cum from her tits with some tissues, and then slid her bra back down, and buttoned her shirt.

Jessi and Becky had backed out of where they were and headed back down to the stream. "I'm so fucking horny right now, I almost wish you had a cock so you could fuck me," Jessi giggled.

Becky giggled and simulated a guy jacking off, "Oh baby suck my cock, and then I'll just pass out, I'm a real stud."

Jessi laughed, "Oh yeah, and how about, hey baby, I gotta new truck, wanna fuck?"

They waited a minute and then began to walk upstream and called out, "Stan! Lindsey!"

A few minutes later Stan and Lindsey appeared from the trees looking very, very, pleased with themselves, and a little guilty. Becky grinned at Lindsey, and almost blushed looking at her brother who just minutes ago was getting his cock sucked while she masturbated herself to orgasm.

The sun was glowing red in the west when the sound of a steel triangle rang out loudly. Ryan just about jumped out of his skin, he heard the sound on television, and in the movies, but had never heard the real thing. And at the same time Jessi, Becky, Lindsey, and Stan had appeared, and from the look on Jessi and Becky's face they had a tale to tell.

"Come and get it!" Aunt Suzanne yelled loudly.

Ryan didn't think he'd ever seen so much in one place at one before, there was fish, stew in a large Dutch oven, baked beans, ears of corn, potatoes, freshly baked biscuit, and bowls of different salads.

The meal was a noisy affair, people laughing, and conversing, it took Ryan two plates to try a little of everything. He thought to himself, 'People can take their haute cuisine and stuff it, this was real food.'

"Did you get enough to eat?" Aunt Suzanne asked Ryan.

Ryan grinned, "One more bite, and I may burst,"

Aunt Suzanne beamed, "I hoped you saved a little room, we've got peach cobbler for desert."

"Oh, I've heard dad talk about it before, I think I'll be able to squeeze in a bite or three," Ryan smiled.

That was like music to Aunt Suzanne's ears, nothing pleased her more than her than to be complimented on her cooking.

As the women cleaned up the dishes, the men started the bonfire going, Uncle Bill looked over his shoulder and almost in a whisper, "Ryan, go grab that crock, and set it on that flat rock," he pointed at a large flat rock at the edge of the fire pit.

It wasn't long before they had a nice sized bonfire blazing, they all sat around on benches made of old railway ties. They sat in three groups, the older men, Jessi, Ryan, Becky, Stan, and Lindsey, and the older women.

At first the men talked about how their ranches, complaining about the high cost of feed, fuel, insurance, equipment, and the low prices for their cattle. The women talked about what was on sale and where, the latest gossip from town, who was seen sneaking around, and with who.

After a while they starting telling the same stories that had told around the campfire for years. Some of the stories went back to when the first people settled in the area.

Ryan's favorite was story of his great-father. He had been only about nine or ten, and had gotten lost in the mountains behind the homestead. He spent the first night alone, hungry, and cold. He spent most of the next day trying to find his way home, without any luck. The sun was beginning to set when heard the sounds of horses, he ran towards the sound and found he had run smack dab into an Indian hunting party. To put this into perspective this wasn't many years after the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and this was the first time his great-grandfather had stood face to face with an Indian.

He was scared; he felt the weight of the small rifle in his hands, but immediately realized it would be of no use. One of the Indians said something and motioned to him to approach them. The Indian dismounted, he pointed to the young's boy's rifle, and he handed it to the Indian. The hunter looked at the small rifle, hefted it in hand, and showed it to the rest of the hunting party. Several of the Indian chuckled. The Indian handed it back to Ryan's Great-grandfather and said something, and handed him his rifle back, and then remounted his horse.

The Indian pointed to the back of his horse, and motioned to Ryan's Great-father to climb up on horse.

He was taken back to the Indians camp; it took them until the sun was just down. The arrival into the camp was met with a lot of curiosity. In front of the teepee that was in the center of the camp an older man with long grey braids stepped and looked at the boy with some curiosity. The old man pointed at boy's small gun, he wasn't sure what to do. The Indian that he had ridden prodded him to hand the gun to the old man, who then took it, and looked at it. The boy wasn't sure what to do next so he stepped forward, extended his hand and said, "I'm please to meet you sir, my name is William George McFayden Junior."

The old man looked puzzled and looked to the man standing next to him. He whispered something to the old man. A broad smile broke across his face,

The Indian then looked at William, and in decent English replied to William, "Chief Spotted Owl of the Lakota tells William George McFayden welcome to his camp."

William relayed his story of getting lost, and didn't know how to find his way home. The Indian that spoke English said, "We will take you home in the morning."

They fed William, and gave him a place in a teepee with two of the men that had brought him to camp.

Before they left the next morning the Indian who spoke English, Runs With Elk, took him to the Chief. Spotted Owl took a bear claw necklace from around his neck and put it around William's neck, and then spoke.

Runs With Elk translated, "William George McFayden, this means you are a friend of the Lakota, all of the Seven Nations will know you as a friend of the Sioux."

William wasn't sure what to do, his mother always told him that a gift received should be repaid with a gift, he looked directly into the eyes of the Chief and presented his small rifle and said, "This is my gift to you, it means that the Lakota, and all of Seven Nations are the friend of William George McFayden Junior."

Spotted Owl placed his hand on William's shoulder and spoke softly and kindly, and then retreated back into his teepee.

The rode quietly back finally Runs With Elk said, "That was a good thing you did with the Chief. He said you were a brave young man. You gave him a powerful gift; you will always be welcome in our camp. The Chief has given you a Lakota name."

William spent a couple hours learning how to pronounce the strange sounding name until Runs With Elk was satisfied, William asked, "What does it mean?"

Runs With Elk responded, "You will have to learn for yourself."

A few months later a couple of trappers stopped at the homestead, and were given supper. During supper they kept looking at the necklace around William's neck. Finally after supper was done and they all sat outside in the cool fall evening one of the trappers asked William were he got it.

After William told the story to them the one trapper whistled, "That's quite a story."

"They gave me an Indian name, would you like to hear it?" asked Will.

The trappers grinned, "Yup, sure would."

William carefully recited his Lakota name careful to make sure it was perfect.

The jaws dropped on both of the men as they stared at the boy, finally one spoke up, "Well that necklace, and that name, they have given you a great honor."

Ryan was quite impressed with the story. After the story was finished the men went to get their musical instruments.

Jessi winked at Ryan, "Let's get some hot chocolate going, and I know they will want some tea made for their Blueberry Tea."

Ryan nodded and followed, everyone was talking and laughing and having a great time. Jessi handed him a couple of large coffee pots and lead him down to the stream.

Now that they were out of sight she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him deeply. Ryan instantly ran his hands up her sides and kissed her back, their mouths ground tightly together, their tongues driving as deep as possible. His hands began to fondle the sides of her breasts, it felt funny, and it was the first he had felt they contained by a bra.

Jessi's hands dropped to around his butt and she began to grind against his cock that had swollen to full size almost immediately.

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