tagNovels and NovellasMontana Summer Ch. 05

Montana Summer Ch. 05


All the characters in this story are fictional; any resemblance to anyone alive, or dead is simply just uncanny. All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

With breakfast over, Ryan sat on the large rock and just took in the beauty of the morning. He almost felt like he had been reborn. The world had taken on a new look for him. Some people might even describe what he felt as an epiphany.

He felt more alive up here than he had ever felt before in his life. The smell of the pine wafting on the cool morning breeze, the sounds of the water running in the creek below, punctuated at times by the sounds of birds. The site of a trout rising in the cool morning air, the way the water sparkled in the sunlight. It all blended together to give him a fresh look at life.

He looked around at the people in the camp, they were so different than most of the people that he had met before in his life. These people liked him simply for who he was. What he had, what clothes he wore, what car he drove, what kind of sneakers he had, none of it mattered one whit to these people. People here were judged on what was on the inside of a person, and nothing else.

Lindsey, like Ryan, was lost in her thoughts. She couldn't believe at what had happened to her on this camping trip. She had arrived up here a perfect virgin. Now she felt like she was turning into a regular little slut. She couldn't believe how much she had enjoyed sex. Now she couldn't get enough of it. Earlier this morning she had sucked Ryan off, telling him she wanted to practice. The truth was she had heard Jessi, and Becky talking about how large his cock was, and she had wanted to see it for herself. Before this trip the thought of performing oral sex had almost turned her stomach, but now she loved the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth, and most surprising to her, she loved the taste of man cum. Dreamily she looked over at Ryan and wondered if there were a way she would be able to fuck him some time. She would love to feel his large cock buried deep within her.

Stan watched Lindsey, and wondered what was going on in her head. He was amazed at the transformation in Lindsey over the past couple of days. He didn't know what caused it, nor did he care. Before this weekend he had felt her up, usually through her shirt, and she had never touched his erection. Early in the weekend Stan had felt a tinge of jealousy towards Ryan. He suspected that he was getting action from both his sister, and Jessi. He had almost passed out from shock when he was fishing and Lindsey came up to him and undid his jeans and pulled his hard cock out and began to jack him off. What surprised him even more was when she opened her shirt up and stroked him until he came all over her tits. Stan shook his head to himself, what a weekend!

After the dishes were cleaned up, everyone started the process of breaking camp. Ryan found it to be an almost melancholy chore. He wished he could just stay here forever. The sleeping bags were all rolled up, and stowed in the trucks. The tents were struck and carefully folded and repacked into their storage bags. The area was swept for any trash that remained. By the time they were done there was no evidence left that they had been there.

Uncle Bill looked over the area, satisfied that all was in order, "Jessi, you and your mom take my truck back, I want to take Ryan up to the old homestead before we head back to the ranch."

Ryan climbed into the other truck, and Uncle Bill headed up the road towards the mountains. After about a half mile on the road Uncle Bill veered off the road, onto to what looked like an abandoned road. Road was probably a very optimistic term, trail may have been a better description. Unused trail would have probably been the most accurate term to use, branches slapped at the truck as it wound its way along. All of sudden the trail opened into a large clearing, a log cabin at the far end.

"This is it," Uncle Bill beamed.

"It looks like it's in pretty good shape," said Ryan as he surveyed the old cabin.

Uncle Bill nodded, "Yes it is in good shape, your dad and I rebuilt it one summer when he came home from college, and I've kept it up ever since."

Retrieving a ring of keys from his pocket Uncle Bill unlocked the door and opened it up and motioned for Ryan to enter.

"Wow," Ryan said as he looked around the two-room cabin, "It's not very big is it."

"Nope, sure isn't. But you have to remember they built this by hand, and you would have to cut wood by hand in the winter to keep it warm, so back then, smaller was probably better," Uncle Bill pointed up at the small loft, "That's where my grandfather would have slept. This is actually the second cabin they built. The first one was just one room, probably around ten by twenty. I think my grandfather said that after they built this cabin they used the original cabin for chickens until it burned down."

A large wood burning stove still stood in the kitchen, an old table and a couple of chairs still sat by the window. Ryan walked into the other room, and tried to picture what it would have looked like when it was occupied.

Uncle Bill led Ryan outside, to a place at the edge of the meadow where a trio of headstones stood. "This is where my great-grandfather, and great-grandmother are buried. My grandfather had a sister who died when she was only a few months old, and that is who the smaller stone is for."

"What happened to her?" Ryan asked.

Uncle Bill shook his head, "I don't know. It takes us what, twenty or thirty minutes to get to town. It would have taken them probably a full day, or more to get to town from up here. To get a doctor up here would have taken at least two full days. Anywhere you go around here, to where people are buried from this time, you see an awful lot of young children buried. It was a tough life up here back then. Things we take for granted now killed people back then. Antibiotics were unknown, doctors were scarce, and families depended a lot on the skills of the mother and her knowledge of home remedies when people got sick. A lot of times, it wasn't enough."

Ryan looked at the dates on his great-great grandmother's headstone and automatically calculated her age, "Thirty-nine, she wasn't very old when she died was she."

Uncle Bill nodded, "Nope, she died from influenza. More people died in the influenza epidemic of 1916-1917 that were killed in the war."

Ryan shook his head; he had been enamored with the beauty of the rugged country. He hadn't thought of how hard, and unforgiving life must have been up here for the first settlers.

He pointed to the headstone of his great-great grandfather, "You never said what his Indian name meant."

"I asked quite a few people, I guess some things are hard to translate from Lakota to English," said Uncle Bill, "But what I've learned is that it roughly translates to Little White Brother of the Wolf. I've been told that there were various clans of the Lakota, and the one he had run into were members of the Wolf clan. According to my Grandfather he remained close with the Lakota for his entire life."

Once back at the ranch the camping gear was unloaded and put away. There were still the everyday chores of the ranch to take care of. Horses had to be fed, and watered, stalls to be cleaned in the barn, equipment to be checked, and fueled for the next day's work. By the time all was complete the sun was setting, and Aunt Suzanne had the evening meal ready and waiting for them.

Ryan stepped down off of the tractor and walked over to the pickup parked at the edge of the hay meadow. He pulled the truck up next to the piece of equipment, and then climbed into the bed of the truck. He began pumping fuel by hand into the tractor, by the time he was done pumping he could feel the sweat running down his face.

There was a time that he found that annoying, but more and more he enjoyed it. It meant he was working. He found that he enjoyed the hard physical work on the ranch. He could see the results of his labors, tangible evidence that he had been there and worked. Today he was 'haying'. He was running a tractor pulling a swather, cutting swaths of hay twenty-four feet at a time, leaving it in neat rows behind him. Uncle Bill had said that they would let it sit for a couple of days, and then bale it.

He looked up at the sun, he had quit wearing his watch, and time didn't matter out here much. Work started early in the morning when the sun came up, and often would end in the evening when it was too dark to see. The camping trip had ended a few days ago, and it was back to the business of running a ranch. Uncle Bill was hoping for a second crop of hay before winter, and if the good weather continued there was a good chance for the second crop.

Ryan hadn't had any time alone with Jessi since they came back from the camping trip. Everyone was up before the sun, and not back until the sun was well down. Today Jessi, and Uncle Bill had saddled the horses and had headed up to the high pasture to check on the cattle. They were pastured in the high meadows where the grass was almost knee high this time of year.

He looked at what had been completed thus far, and what was left, and at the sun again and decided he had better quit daydreaming if he was going to get the field completed today.

"You like him, don't you?" Uncle Bill commented to Jessi as they rode along. It would have been quicker to drive, and to use four wheelers to accomplish what he had set out to do, but he enjoyed riding.

"Who?" Jessi asked innocently.

Uncle Bill cast her a dour look, and then smiled, "I may be getting on in years, sister, but I'm not senile, at least not yet. I'm talking about Ryan."

Jessi blushed, uncertain of what to say, "I don't know what you mean."

"Ha!" Uncle Bill guffawed, "I've seen the look on your face when he appears, you light up like the fireworks on the fourth of July."

Jessi nodded her head, "Yeah, he's okay."

"I like him too," Uncle Bill smiled.

They were counting cattle as they rode; Jessi was keeping a running tally on a small notepad as they rode in the upper pasture.

"I think he likes it here," Uncle Bill continued.

Jessi had to grin, yeah he liked it here, what guy wouldn't like it here considering the amount of action he had seen in the short time he had been here.

"I'll see how he likes it near the end of summer. I'd like him to come back and join me. I'll have to talk to his father, after all the ranch is half his."

"Why didn't Uncle Roy stay and ranch with you?" Jessi asked.

Uncle Bill looked over from his horse and shook his head, "Well, we finished school together, and there was enough money to send one of us on to college, he wanted to go, and I didn't so he went. He didn't dislike ranching, but always thought there was more to life than praying for rain, chasing cattle, and wading through snow up to your armpits. After our grandparents died and left the ranch to the both of us he told me that he wouldn't do anything to break up the ranch, and that I had a free hand to do whatever I thought necessary. I've tried to send him money when we've had a good year, but he always sends it back to me, and tells me to put it back into the ranch."

They rode in silence for a while then Uncle Bill pointed towards the mountains, "I saw something this weekend that I hadn't seen in quite a while. I watched Ryan looking at the mountains, the look in his eyes looked just like my granddad. He loved these mountains with a passion. He always told me that each time he looked at them that it was like seeing them for the first time."

The sun was slipping down towards the mountains in the west by the time Ryan had finished He disengaged the PTO on the tractor, and disconnected the swather from the tractor to its full height. He stopped by the pickup and grabbed his lunch box. Uncle Bill had told him to bring the tractor in when he was done, and that they could pick up the truck in the morning.

It was late when he arrived back at the house. From the look of things Jessi, and Uncle Bill hadn't gotten back much before Ryan. They were still taking care of the horses when Ryan pulled the tractor and mower next to the barn.

"Well how did it go?" Uncle Bill asked.

"Good," Ryan shook his head, "It's all done."

Uncle Bill smiled, "Good job, now let's get some supper, hopefully ma kept it warm for us."

If you had asked Ryan what he ate for supper that night he wouldn't have been able to answer. He was bone tired, after he ate he said goodnight, and headed up to his little apartment, had a shower, and fell into bed.

About the same time Ryan, and Jessi had collapsed into their beds Becky had climbed into hers. Not for the same reason that Ryan, and Jessi had, they were exhausted, Becky was horny. She felt the need to masturbate, since coming back from the camping trip she had kept playing what she had seen that afternoon when Lindsey had taken Stan's erection into her mouth and sucked it until Stan had climaxed in her mouth.

Over and over in her mind she replayed the scene, except that in her fantasy it was her mouth on her brother's engorged organ.

She had realized one thing since coming back from camping, all she had to do was talk about Lindsey and the bulge in Stan's pants would swell slightly. Stan and Lindsey had gone out every night since they had returned; she could only imagine what they were doing. She wished it were she with Stan.

She wondered what it would feel like to have Stan touch her breasts; her hands would travel to her breasts and softly caress them. Becky would tease her nipples to erection, imagining Stan's hands gently squeezing her tits, and playing with her nipples.

She could see Lindsey's hand on his manhood, stroking it slowly, making it hard, she wished she could put her hand on his organ and tease it to full erection. Her hand traveled down to her shaved pussy, her finger looking for that special spot, and then beginning to rub it. She wondered if Stan would like her shaved cunt. She felt so dirty when she used that word in her mind.

"Stan, you are making my cunt wet," she whispered as she continued playing with her clit, "Would you like me to suck your big, hard cock? Do you want to fuck my hot cunt with your big stiff cock?"

Faster and faster she worked her clit as she fantasized about her brother putting his big, stiff cock at the entrance to her mouth. She could feel herself opening her mouth and slowly sliding her mouth over his cock-head. Her tongue would swirl around his steely shaft; she could almost taste his pre-cum in her mouth as she fingered her slippery slit.

As she climaxed she imagined his cock filling her mouth, his cock pulsing and shooting its hot load into her mouth.

She lay there afterwards, as always feeling slightly guilty about fantasizing about her brother.

When Ryan glanced at the clock, it was 5:00 AM, time to get up. Something was different this morning; he was still too groggy to put a finger on what it was. He pulled his jeans on, then his t-shirt, and socks. He sat down and pulled his work boots on, and then laced them up. When he walked down into the barn, it was immediately apparent at what was different; it was cloudy, and drizzling.

He stopped at the barn door and looked towards the mountains, they were wrapped in clouds and mist. From the look of the ground it must have rained most of the night. He walked into the kitchen of the house. Aunt Suzanne was busy at the stove cooking breakfast; Uncle Bill was absorbed in reading the local paper, even though it was almost a week old. Ryan walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down.

Uncle Bill looked up from the paper, "Damned weatherman, if he says there is an eighty percent chance of rain, we won't see a drop, ten percent, you had better get the hip waders out, it's gonna pour for day," he sighed softly, "Well, we needed the rain, I just wish it had waited a couple of days."

Before coming to Montana Ryan had rarely eaten breakfast, but now he found himself looking forward more and more to the first meal of the day. Around here it was probably the biggest meal of the day. More often than not it consisted of fried steaks, eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, and what ever else Aunt Suzanne could think of.

Ryan sipped his coffee and looked over at his uncle, "So, what's the plan for today?"

Uncle Bill looked up and took off his reading glasses, "Well, the pickups could stand to have the oil changed, the loader on the John Deere has a hydraulic leak that needs fixing, that tractor you brought in could stand some servicing, I think we will spend the day in the shop taking care of the equipment. After breakfast we will run up and pick up the truck you left at the hay meadow."

Ryan nodded and was about to speak when Jessi came downstairs. She was still in her pajamas and her breasts jiggled deliciously with each step she took. Ryan could feel himself swelling as he tried not to stare at her.

Jessi could feel his eyes glued to her, and she was glad. She knew what effect she was having on him, and she loved it. Just the thought of him being hard gave her a tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach. She grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down beside Ryan.

She smiled brightly, "Good morning everyone."

She reached beside her and gave Ryan's crotch a quick squeeze, she was pleased to find him rock hard already. Maybe today if all went well she might have some time to spend alone with him. Since coming back from camping she had masturbated herself to sleep every night, thinking of Ryan, and of ways to have fun with his big hard cock.

Ryan gave Jessi a quick glance and then looked quickly around the kitchen, Aunt Suzanne was busy with her cooking, and Uncle Bill had returned to studying his paper.

He looked back at Jessi who was grinning like a Cheshire cat, he was tempted to reach over and rub her crotch, but in the state he was in, he wasn't sure if he could just stop at that so in the end he just gave her a weak grin.

After breakfast Uncle Bill, and Ryan had gone off to retrieve the truck from the hay meadow. Uncle Bill showed Ryan where all the tools were in the shop, and where the oil, and filters were kept and left Ryan to take care of the trucks.

About mid-morning Uncle Bill announced that he had to head off to town to pick up some parts. Around lunchtime Ryan had finished with the trucks, and had done all he could do with the tractor when a familiar head peeked into the grease pit.

Jessi grinned, "Are you having fun down there playing with your tools?"

Ryan laughed and tossed a wadded up paper towel at her, "Oh yeah, loads of fun."

"Well I'd like to play with your tool," Jessi's look was mischievous.

Ryan's penis began to grow rapidly erect, his voice was husky, "You can play with that tool anytime you want."

"Have you been busy with your tool?" Jessi was getting turned just teasing Ryan.

Ryan shook his head, "No, I haven't."

Jessi was surprised, she really didn't believe him, "You're lying, you must have played with it at least once since we came back."

Ryan shook his head again, "Nope, when I get to bed, I've been asleep before my head hits the pillow.

She pretended to pout, "Oh, so you haven't thought about me at all?"

"No," Ryan replied, "I've thought about you a lot, but just haven't had the time to do anything about it."

"Does it get you hard when you think about me?" Jessi continued to tease him.

"Oh yeah," Ryan replied, "You try running a tractor with a boner for hours on end."

Jessi stepped down into the grease pit, and begin rubbing the front of his jeans, "Oh wow, you are so hard already."

Ryan softly moaned, oh how he wanted to fondle her luscious tits, but his hands were greasy, "Be careful, it won't take me much to cum right now."

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