tagNonHumanMood Slime Ch. 27

Mood Slime Ch. 27


Kevin was sitting in his dorm room with the bottle he got for free at the sex toy shop. Kevin was kind of a nerdy guy who loved comic books, Super heroes, and science fiction. He was very socially awkward so he often spent time alone. Luckily he did not share a room with anyone so he had the place to himself.

He turned on his computer looking for something he could watch or read to try out his new lube. He opened the bottle and poured a little out in to a small glass bowl so he wasn't trying to squeeze it out when the time came. He looked at a few sexy videos for something he would enjoy. As he turned one on he thought he heard a fizzing noise. Looking down at the bowl it didn't notice anything so he turned the video back on.

After a few minutes he heard the fizzing again and looked at the bowl to see a few bubbles popping up. "That's weird?" He said as he began to examine the pink goo. "Maybe it's reacts to air or heat making it fizz?"

As he examined it more he started to notice a pattern, it only bubbled when the porn on his computer began to play. A few times the woman in the video would say dirty things like "Ooh baby" or something, every time she did a few bubbles popped up.

"What the hell is this stuff?" Kevin said as he began to run some experiments. He put on some rubber gloves and took a little between his fingers. It felt very warm and smooth but he was becoming hesitant about putting something on his genitals when he wasn't sure what it was. He tried talking sexy to it himself to see if it would get a reaction. "Um... oh baby?" He said as he watched another bubble form. "Ooh you like that?" And another bubble form and popped. "What the hell? How can this stuff possibly work like that?" He said dumbfounded by what he was seeing.

After a while he took one of his gloved off and touched a little bit of the slime and rubbed it between his fingers. "Well it doesn't seem to be harmful to skin at all, but just to be safe!" He said as he grabbed a condom out of the drawer and put his rubber glove back on.

He turned the porn video on his computer back on and took a small glob in his hand and began to massage his cock underneath the protective condom. His hand slid with ease around his cock as he began to feel a slight tingling sensation as the slime fizzed around his member. Kevin almost didn't even notice the video any more as the feeling was becoming more and more intense. "Holy shit!" He said as he continued to work his cock. Whatever this stuff was it felt amazing and after a few moments he finally shot a load in to the condom.

"Holy fuck that was great!" He said trying to catch his breath. Looking down he tried to remove the condom without making too much of a mess but he had filled the thing almost to the breaking point. Kevin thought to himself "I don't think I've ever cum that much in my life?" As he threw it in the trash along with the glove.

Kevin poured the remaining slime back in to the container it came in sealing it, he was sure he would use it again. He looked at the clock and noticed it was only the early evening but he was suddenly very tired. He laid down in his bed and turned his TV on. After a little while he began to slowly dose off.


About an hour later Kevin laid there asleep. He was having a very erotic dream, as he laid in bed he saw a few of the girls in his class who he always thought were hot laying on the bed with him stroking his cock sending shivers through his body. He moaned in his bed as his dick was hard as a rock pitching a tent in his jeans. Over on his desk the small container of slime was wiggling a little, and would jump every now and then.

Kevin suddenly awoke, sweat pouring down his face as he recalled the amazing dream he was having. He looked over at the bottle of slime and saw it shake a little. He got up and walked over watching the bottle as it tipped over and began to roll towards the edge of his desk. Before it fell he caught it and looked it over. He suddenly got the feeling to open it, like there was a voice in his head telling him to open the bottle and use the slime.

"What the hell is this stuff?" He said again starting to get confused about what was going on. He sat down at his desk chair and placed the bottle back down on the desk. He started looking online to see if he could find anything about this product. He searched the label and didn't see anything unusual, mainly just ingredients and where to buy it. He started typing in characteristics of the slime and how it reacts to certain things and didn't find much, until he found an article about something labeled "Mood slime!" As he read it was something about a paranormal events that happened back around New Years of 1989 when slime starting leaking out of the ground all over Manhattan causing paranormal activity. It was described as a pink slimy substance that seemed to make people angry, summon ghosts, and animate objects.

Kevin read the article and started to wonder, "is this mood slime?" Who decided maybe he should call the Ghostbusters when suddenly the arms of his chair began to wiggle, the plastic arms had suddenly become almost like Jelly and began to wrap around his arms holding him down in the chair.

"What the fuck?" He said as the chair came to life and capture him. The arms of the chaired wrapped around his wrist keeping him unable to move. Kevin struggled until he saw the bottle of slime begin to wiggle and vibrate again, it looked like something was trying to get out. The cap began to twist on its own until it felt off and slime began to bubble out of the top and form a puddle around it on the desk. As Kevin continue to struggle he saw something else that worried him. Looking down he saw his belt buckle start to pop open, followed by his button and zipper, his pants had seemed to come to life and we're opening up to reveal his underwear. He was still struggling when the chair began to slide itself closer to the slime which was now dripping over the edge. Kevin watched as the slime bottle tipped over letting to contents poor in to the top pencil drawer of the desk. The pencil drawer then began to slide out above his lap. The slime had bubbled over the edge of the drawer and hung there slowly starting to drip above his crotch. Suddenly his underwear began so slide down his legs leaving his cock out in the open fully erect. Kevin tried to move but couldn't as he watched the slime slowly began to drip down from the desk drawer right above his dick. It seemed to be happening in slow motion as he watched in horror the slime drip down getting closer and closer to his throbbing member before it finally made contact.

At first nothing seemed to happen but after a moment he saw his dick begin to move. His foreskin and started to slide up and down a little like it was sucking the slime in to itself. More slime began to bubble out of the drawer as his dick started sucking up every drop of it like it had come to life. Kevin arched back as the feeling of the slime possessing and filling up his cock gave him very odd but pleasurable sensation! His cock was tingling all over and he could feel the warm slime moving around inside him, filling up around his balls tickling them from the inside.

The process went on for a few minutes but the sensation was almost too much to bare, he felt an intense orgasm starting to build as the slime possessed his cock, he was on the edge and want to cum so badly but couldn't. The feeling became so intense that soon he blacked out.

A few hours later Kevin awoke laying in his bed. He panicked for a moment looking around the room when he saw his pants and underwear were still around his ankles, he also noticed the bottle on his desk was empty and his cock was still fully erect. "What the hell happened? What the hell happened to my dick?" He said still confused about everything that had transpired. After everything that had happened he still had a crazy urge to jerk off.

He looked down at his rock hard dick and grabbed it beginning to stroke himself off. The feeling was amazing for a moment until he heard something odd, it sounded like a woman giggling. "What the fuck?" He said looking around the room. After a moment he began stroking himself again and heard the giggle again! Kevin jumped out of bed and looked around. "Who the hell is giggling!" He said out loud trying to find the source.

"Down here stud!" He heard a woman's voice say.

Kevin jumped as he heard the voice still looking around, "down where?" He responded before a he looked and saw something that almost made him scream.

His dick was pointing up at him and the foreskin began to move like a mouth, "right here big boy!"

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