tagSci-Fi & FantasyMood Slime: Red Ch. 05

Mood Slime: Red Ch. 05


Tim was laying on his couch hanging out watching TV in his apartment with Christy his friend Kevin's older sister. He had known Christ since he was a kid from always being at Kevin's house and they had become close over the years. She was in New York for a job interview and was crashing at his place for a couple of days until it was done.

Christy was only a few years older than him and had always been kinda like one of the guys. She was very attractive but had a bit of an attitude and never passed up having a beer and watching football. They had known each other so long that the idea of just hanging out never seemed awkward despite the fact that he always did have a little crush on her but he never pushed the issue.

"Hey Tim you need another drink?" She said getting up and heading to the kitchen. He nodded a yes as she headed to grab 2 more beers.

As she took 2 bottles from the fridge she grabbed the bottle opener removing the 2 caps but one of them spilled on her a little so before she returned to the living room she rinsed her hand off real quick so not to get sticky not realizing there was something strange in the water. She walked back in to the room handing Tim a bottle. She was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt with her do it yourself highlighted hair in a pony tail. Tim looked her over real quick and for some reason even though she never seemed to put a lot of work in to her appearance something about her was just so sexy.

Christy drank her beer talking shit to the TV as they watched hockey. "What the hell are you doing? Get your head out of your asses!" She yelled as their team was losing miserably. "Lets find something else to watch before i throw my beer and break your TV."

Tim laughed at her a little before grabbing the remote and turning it to a movie channel.

He sat up on the couch as he put on an old action movie. Christy had not felt any effects of her transformation yet as she had only received a small amount. It wasn't until the movie had reached its sex scene that she started to feel a little strange. She got up and sat down on the couch next to Tim as they watched.

"Have you ever noticed how Hollywood sex scenes are sometimes better than porn sex?" She said.

"That depends, how do you mean?" Tim replied.

"Well in porn it always seems like they are trying to angle their genitals at the camera in awkward positions, and it becomes like they aren't even enjoying themselves. With the B movie porn even though there is no penetration it still seems more... sexy i guess!"

"I can see your point, I've found I'm more turned on by normal movie sex scenes than porn." Tim replied.

"Yup." She said leaning back in the couch as she continued to watch the 2 actors moan. She glanced over at Tim looking him over seeing him a little differently all of a sudden.

She started thinking about the last time she got laid and it was longer ago than she wanted to admit.

Tim glanced at her a few times as well as the movie had gotten him a little turned on himself but he wouldn't say anything.

"Tim this couch kinda sucks, you need to buy a new one, now lean back!" She said as she laid back against him getting comfortable.

Tim was a little shocked and a little uncomfortable as she was now laying back with her head on his chest watching the screen but he couldn't help by be a little excited about it. He was starting to worry hoping she wouldn't notice the hard on he was getting. He took another drink from his beer and went back to watching the TV.

Christy also took a few more sips also watching the movie and placing her beer on the floor. She was starting to feel a little odd but couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. A few minutes went by and she placed her hand on Tim's thigh to which he noticed but and was getting a little nervous. Her hand slid up his thigh until her hand was right on his crotch. Tim couldn't believe what was going on and almost said something but as her hand started to rub his rod it felt so good.

She lightly rubbed his member for a few minutes without really realizing what she was doing. "Oh god!" She said sitting up and off of him. "Holy shit I'm so sorry, I didn't even realize what I was doing!" She said feeling very embarrassed.

"Yeah I wasn't sure what you were doing either, but you know... thanks I guess." He said with a small laugh trying to break the tension.

Christy laughed a little too. "Ugh, I guess it's been a while for me, I'm so sorry Tim!"

Tim shrugged it off seeing how embarrassed she was. "Don't worry about it, it's been a while for me too."

"Well... if you want... we could?"

Tim didn't know if he really heard what he heard. "Wait what?"

"I mean, you've let me stay here these past few days, and... its crazy... but if you don't think it would be too weird we could just do it?"

"Woah Christy, I uh... wow, I mean, really?"

"Come on Tim we are both adults here, we can act adult about this right?"

"Yeah of course we can!"

"And don't worry we don't have to tell Kevin about it."

"Well yeah, i don't know about you but that's not a conversation I want to have with him."

"Ok then!"

"Alright then!"

They both sat there for a minute just kind of staring at each other not really sure how to start. It was starting to get a little awkward until Christy said "ah fuck it!" And leaned towards him kissing him and pushing him back down on the couch. He was a little shocked at first but started kissing her back and getting in to it.

Christy pulled off her shirt followed by her bra as Tim wrapped his arms around her waist. "Wow, where the hell have you been hiding all this?" Tim said checking her out. She smiled before kissing him again pulling his shirt off before opening up his pants. "Wait!" Shit I don't have any condoms!" He said stopping everything.

"Im on the pill, now shut up and fuck me!" She said pulling his pants off.

She stood up sliding off her sweat pants and her panties. He looked her over as she stood there naked and couldn't believe how sexy she really was. She always wore modest or baggy clothing never really showing her sexy side. He always kinda had the hots for her but didn't know just how fit she was.

She climbed back on top of him straddling his lap as he pulled himself up kissing her again. She grinded against his member a little before reaching down and guiding it inside her. She let out a small moan.

"Ok, now this isn't so weird right?" She said as she slowly started to move her hips.

"Actually if i can be honest, I've thought about this a few times."

"You dirty boy you!" She said with a small chuckle before kissing him again.

As she rhythmically moved her waist he put his hands on her ass help the process along. She pulled the tie out of her hair letting it fall to her shoulders. This was a moment he had imagined before but never thought it would actually happen as he would have never tried out of respect for his friend and he never thought she would be interested in him anyway. He planted his face in to her chest kissing her breast's and giving them a quick lick every now and then.

"Oh yeah! Oh Tim!" She whispered under her breath as she closed her eyes and started running her fingers through his hair. Her moans were getting louder and louder which he was happy to hear. He had never been told he was a bad lover by any girl he had been with but for some reason hearing Christy moan and say his name like that filled him with a little pride. He saw he biting her lip as she started to move a little quicker. She felt amazing on his cock and Tim let out a few little moans himself. He was happy that even though this was a spontaneous thing that there wasn't any awkward re-positioning for comfort. It just all seemed to work and it felt great.

Christy moaned louder and louder until she gave out a sort of squeak as she grabbed his held holding it tight against herself. He could feel her body shaking as she came and all the physical contact made it easy for Tim to finally let go and cum himself as he was trying to hold on until he knew she had gone.

"Wow!" She said catching her breath still straddled on him and giving him another kiss. "If i knew... it would be that good... I would have done you years ago!" She said with a smile.

She climbed off his lap and laid down on the couch next to him placing her hand on his chest while they both relaxed. He put his arm around her and ran his fingers through her hair a little.

"That feels nice!" She said.

"So... this happened!" He said trying to make conversation.

"Yup it did, but it was good!... right?"

"Oh it was amazing! But...

She lifted her head and looked at him for a second. "But what?"

"Well... I can't help but ask, now what?"


Tim's heart began to race as he wasn't sure what she was going to say. Was this just a one time fling or was it the start of something more. Time seemed to slow as he waited for her answer and it was almost maddening.

"Well my interview went well so I'll most likely be living in the city." She said while Tim still was a little nervous. "We've known each other for years and we've always had fun together, maybe we should try...?"


"Dating, what do we have to lose right?"

"Oh... OK then! Lets give it a shot!" He said as she laid her head back down on his chest.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes until she said "dude, your boner is still going strong! Was i not good enough?" She said with a little bit of sass.

"No you were amazing and I definitely blew my load."

"That's strange because so did but I'm still horny!" She said. "Maybe we need to do it again!" She said rolling over while her hand started to massage his balls.

"Maybe we do!" He said before he leaned in and kissed her again.

Neither one of them realized what was happening. The small amount of Succubi fluid she had come in to contact with when she rinsed her hand was slowly changing her body and had also effected him as well through her. It was only a matter of time now.

She gave his cock a few strokes making sure it was fully hard before she climbed back on him. Was was laying down on the couch this time as she began riding his cock again. They were both surprised at how horny they still were given they had just both had amazing orgasms moments ago but didn't care as they were enjoying themselves.

Christy was starting to feel a little strange but tried not to let it effect their moment. She was moaning much louder this time and bounced her pelvis up and down reeling trying to get his cock on the best angle for pleasure.

Tim was more than enjoying himself as every movement she made felt incredible. He pulled himself up wrapping his arms around her kissing here. They both fell off the couch with him landing on top of her with his cock never leaving her pussy.

"You ok?" He asked after they landed.

"Oh yeah! Don't stop!" She replied as he continued to thrust himself inside her. she wrapped her leg around him helping him thrust. It didn't take long before they were both moaning out loudly and came together with a loud yell of passion.

Tim fell to the floor next to her as they both struggled to catch their breath. Christy still felt strange and got up heading to the bathroom. Tim stayed on the floor still reeling from the sex but looked down and saw his cock was still rock hard. "What the hell?" He said to himself.

Christy turned on the light and looked in the mirror. Everything seemed fine but she just didn't feel right. She actually wanted to go back out there and fuck him again. "What the hell is wrong with me?" She said before she noticed something strange in her reflection. Her eyes widened as she opened her mouth and saw 2 fangs that she knew weren't there before. Her breast's suddenly seemed a little more plump and shapely as well. "Something isn't right here!" She said rubbing her eyes trying to make sure she wasn't seeing things. "Tim!" She yelled out.

Tim pulled himself off the floor and rushed down the hall poking his head in to the bathroom. "Hey, look my dick still won't soften, everything alright in here?"

She turned and looked at him showing off her teeth. "Oh cool, did you get those at the shop down the street?" Referring to the fangs she had.

"No i didn't!" She said trying to explain to him what was going on. "Something is wrong here!" She said as her finger nails suddenly seemed to grow slightly.

Tim watched it and wasn't quite sure what he was seeing. "Christy? Are you ok?"

"I don't know! I don't know what's going on!" She said starting to panic. She ran the water and splashed some in her face trying to calm herself down but that just introduced more of the juices in to her systems speeding up the process even more.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Tim walked in to the bathroom to look closer. She began to shake a little which disturbed him. He put her hand on her shoulder.

"Christy? CHRISTY?" He asked.

She shot her head in his direction opening her eyes which were now bright red making Tim jump back a little in shock.

"Oh shit! Christy! What the hell?"

She smiled at him and started licking her lips as she walked towards him until his back hit the wall leaving him no where to go.

"Christy! Whats going on? Are you ok?" He said putting his hand on her cheek. She moaned and rubbed her cheek against his hand enjoying the touch and almost purring with her eyes closed. His worry subsided a little but he still didn't know what was happening to her. His cock was started to pulse a little. He was starting to wonder what was happening to him as well. They had sex twice already and his cock was ready to go like he hadn't cum in weeks. He was starting to wonder if it was connected to what was happening to her. Suddenly her hand was on his cock again stroking it. He shuddered at the sensation but tried to fight the urge to have sex again. "Christy! Christy listen to me!" He said as she opened her eyes again staring at him with those fiery red eyes again and a lustful grin. "We can't do this, we have to figure out whats wrong here. Please! Are you in there?"

It took a moment but she suddenly seemed to be acknowledging him as her smile faded and she seemed confused. "Tim? What the hell is going on?"

He led her to the guest room and helped her lay down telling her to get some rest while he made a phone call. He closed the door and ran back the living room putting his clothes back on before he called the Ghostbusters.

After the call he went back to check on her. She was writhing in the bed with her hand between her legs. He walked over and tried to talk to her.

"Christy you have to calm down! I called the Ghostbusters, maybe they can help, but you have to relax." He said placing her hands on her chest. It was difficult for him as well as he still had a raging boner in his pants that would not subside. Which each passing moment it was getting harder and harder to resist her.

Her hand suddenly started rubbing the bulge in his pants again. "Let me help you!" She said in a sultry sexy voice as her hand slid inside and started tickling his cock again.

It was maddening how much he wanted her right then and there. He knew he shouldn't and he should be more worried about what was happening to her and him. Soon logic seemed to fade away as his cock was already out of his pants and she was pulling him in to bed with her. He slid his aching cock back inside her giving in to his lust as she wrapped her legs around him and he lost himself in her embrace.


Doll had finally regained consciousness after being out for almost a day. He had come home to find her in the living room naked and covered in slime. He didn't want to take her to the firehouse as most of them still didn't know who she really was. He had cleaned her up and she had been resting in their bed until she finally awoke.

She had told him about what had happened and how she had been split in to 2 separate beings and the other one was far more reckless and maybe even a little evil.

He got a page from work asking him to check out a possible demonic possession near his apartment.

"I gotta go! Possible demonic possession."

Doll suddenly got a feeling it was something more than that. Her senses were starting to return and she could feel a lot of sexual energy around the city.

"I should come with you!" Doll said.

"You still need to rest!"

"Maybe but if she did this I might be able to help you!" Brian was hesitant but decided to let her come along.

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