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Moonlight Minx


"Poor guy. I feel sorry for Ephraim," Mike said, Ephraim's old boss.

"Poor Ephraim. What about me? I have to put up with him," Jennifer replied. "He can be a real devil!"

"Ephraim loves you, he respects you, he goes to great lengths to see you and has never said anything bad about you," said Mike.

"I know, Mike. I realized how much Ephraim loved me this weekend. He'd do anything for me," Jennifer confided. "He's the only one I have ever shared nicknames with or a special song," thinking Ephraim was the only one I ever lived with, too.

"So, Ephraim is a bit emotional. No one is perfect. I make a thousand mistakes," confided Mike, an older and wiser gentleman who knew Ephraim for years, too.

"Well, I'm perfect," Jennifer giggled. "I told Ephraim I'd finally marry him. But, he needs to put all his ducks in a row before that happens."

"Ephraim's a good man. He's honest, hard-working, intelligent and...," Mike went on.

"By the way, how's the sex?"

"That's none of your business and another sensitive subject," thought Jennifer deeply while saying so out loud.


Jennifer and Ephraim knew each other for over ten years now. They weren't getting any younger. Ephraim had left for a couple years going back to his homeland in Mexico, not wanting to return again to the American culture. But, now it was necessary.

Ephraim couldn't find enough work in Mexico. He used up his savings. He missed my love. He missed the United States although it was economically necessary to return.

Jennifer was thinking that their love surpassed years in between, residing in different towns and even countries. They had a special bond, an unusual bond, a bond between only a man and a woman could have; lovers, surpassing cultural differences, language barriers and family influences.

Jennifer's family grew to love Ephraim as she did. She knew from the beginning Ephraim was a good man and she went with her instincts.

Ephraim was a better man than she had thought in the beginning of the relationship. He was sincere, compassionate, empathetic and giving, unlike a lot of American men.

Jennifer was right. It was time to marry Ephraim. She did love him, more than she ever realized. She always would love him, till death.


From the moment Ephraim and Jennifer met, sex was immediate and insatiable. Ephraim had such a strong sex drive in the beginning of their relationship. He was virile and in his late thirties to boot. He'd complain if they only had sex four to five times a night.

Jennifer was plainly exhausted with all the sex. Eventually, sex became a chore.

Ephraim was hot-blooded. That's all there was to it. Jennifer was getting the attention and sex she needed, happily complying with his wants and desires in the beginning.

Then the sex got rather boring, as in the case of a lot of couples. Foreplay died or lack of foreplay existing. But their love grew to a deeper level in spite of sexual conflicts.

Well, reminising - there was that time they did it in front of the living room window in daylight with people outside. There was the time; Ephraim fucked her leaning on the back of the car in front of someone's house after they went out drinking. There was the time Jennifer's mother walked in on them.

Those were the good old days. Days to remember. Days to cherish. Days to relish. They were younger then. There were more important issues now.


In the years in between when Jennifer and Ephraim weren't living together, led separate lives, or lived in different countries, the sparse reunions were always erotic and spicy till they started quarelling again and then sex went out the window. There was the familiarity and the love and the lust they shared for each other. There were also the emotional attachments that only a man and woman could understand between each other. There was the intimacy, a special intimacy, the intimacy they only shared.

How many couples still embraced each other all night long, angry or not? How many couples lying in the spooning position, can be farted on and a word is not shared? How many couples fall into the daily routine and caring about each other after years of lapse as if not a day had passed?

There was a fun and loving bond between this couple. Would Jennifer and Ephraim ever really come together? Jennifer wasn't sure herself. Time would tell.

When Jennifer went to pick up Ephraim at the airport last weekend, she was livid before she even got there. Ephraim's flight had arrived two hours earlier. She had to park in a foreign country in a crowded parking structure while Ephraim was waiting inside and not in front as he had told her.

'Men,' Jennifer sighed. "You can't live with 'em and you can't shoot them." She accepted these frailties in Ephraim as she did the language barriers.

Now, there was the nervousness they were both feeling apprehensively wondering what was about to embark between them next.


As Jennifer entered the airport, Ephraim stood up immediately. He was always her magnet. He could spot her at a traffic signal, a block away, in the supermarket, wherever and whenever.

Ephraim looked good. He was tan. He was dressed nicely, as usual when he wanted to look nice out of grubby work clothes. He looked stressed by his travels, his worries and his life without her. He loved her. He showed it in his eyes attentively attracted only to her eyes, not caring that she had traveled hours waiting to meet up with him. Appearance never mattered to Ephraim. There was a glow in the room. There was a glow in both their eyes, apprehensive, worried and scared.

"How are you, Ephraim?" Jennifer asked. Jennifer always spoke Ephraim's native language and he spoke to her in English. This bilingual language was unique to them and them only. Ephraim understood the words Jennifer could speak and visa versa. It worked. In all the years, there had NEVER been a second of silence between them (except when Jennifer threw Ephraim out of her bedroom, of course).

Jennifer laughed to herself about how she learned Ephraim's language.

He could make her so angry in the beginning years, she would vehemently grab a dictionary and translate a note pasted onto the bathroom mirror for him to wake up to that usually inferenced, 'Get out of my life. Get out of my house now and forever.' Of course, that strategy never worked.

Ephraim was the only man that could make Jennifer forgive him instantly until the next fight. He was the only man that could communicate with her non-verbally and the two always knew what the other one was thinking. It was love. A special love.

This is stupid but Jennifer was remembering when they first met. She had bought him a pair of Nikes and he kept calling them 'Exorcist shoes,' intentionally instead of exercise shoes.

Jennifer and Ephraim could both be silly and cute, angry and angrier, tearful and tearfully crying in each other's arms, sad and sadder, mad and madder ... the list went on.


"You got fat," Jennifer said rubbing Ephraim's tummy. She could see the stress in his eyes. "What about me?"

"You're fat, too," he responded.

"Really?" I asked.

"No, you're the same, 'Mamasita!'" said Ephraim. He used an endearing term that in Spanish described a beautiful, sexy and desirous woman.

"Did you have a good flight? How many beers?" Jennifer asked.

"Only two," and Jennifer knew that probably meant two times two equals four. "Let's go. I have a special place we're going I've chosen for us."

Ephraim gave her a sexy look. He was sexy, even at mid life. The years had aged him, and positively matured him.

She could see the ascertainment in his eyes.

Ephraim unknowingly would mimic her expressions she always playfully showed with eye expressions.

Know what that means, reader???

Ephraim gave Jennifer a polite and non-assuming kiss on the left cheek.

She grabbed his hand and led him to her car. "This airport parking lot is racking up the dollars," she implied. But, the real hurry was to get Ephraim naked and to get her self fucked and fucked well.

Jennifer drove into the hotel's parking lot. She had picked out an ocean view room with a king-sized bed. There were no assumptions to be made but she knew Ephraim probably hadn't been with another woman in over two years. She knew the sex would be good tonight.

From the stress of the day, Jennifer and Ephraim both needed a shot of tequila. Not Jennifer's favorite, but it went down smoothly followed by a beer at the hotel bar before they went to their room.

The manager approached them and said in Spanish to Ephraim, "It's more romantic downstairs." Its funny how in Mexico, the man is King, and the fact that I was American, I was accepted and embraced, not shunned or discriminated against like in the United States in past years.

Ephraim started to nod 'no,' and Jennifer interjected, "Yes, we'll take it." Unfortunately, she thought the manager had said in Spanish that they had a better room for them, away from the young horney and loud guys they saw earlier next door.

Ephraim and Jennifer went downstairs. "Por favor, hombre...?"

Without another word the handsome Mexican bartender put two chairs outside as Ephraim and Jennifer peered upon the sun setting in the beaches of Southern Mexico. The approaching moonlight was so romantic.

Jennifer felt like a horney minx tonight and she planned on being sexually satisfied. She had hoped Ephraim had gained a little new experience in the past two years of separation.

"Ephraim, are you okay?" asked Jennifer.

"Muy bueno, mi amor," he stated. 'Very fine, my love,' and I knew those words weren't coming out easily.

I knew Ephraim had problems. I knew his parents were ill. I knew he had worked his muscular ass off in the United States scraping away every penny for his family. I knew he was a good man, a prize, a sincere and genuine individual that we in the United States didn't seem to remember anymore or appreciate; like my immigrant Eastern European grandparents.

Jennifer was only second generation American compared to most Americans being at least third generation. She was the only one she knew on the West Coast like her self. She knew and understood the closeness of an immigrant family. She knew the love, the challenges, the with outs and the fact that money never mattered ... and there was always food on the table, five day weddings in the Ukrainian community, etc., no matter how poor people were.

Unlike in Mexico.

Americans forget their past heritage in the year 2006, it seemed.

A sad phenomenon because of big city life. Americans don't know what it is like to go without food or a hot shower, to say the least. You have a crack in your rental apartment and become anal about it. How about 100 cracks and living with it?

Imagine that and now you are Mexican with a government that doesn't loan money or protect its people's health or well-being. But the house you own in Mexico is yours for life after it's paid off like in most third world countries.

That would be nice in the United States. To own the family home for life; knowing it is being passed down generation to generation, not for profit but for security and family ties.


After a few shots of Tequila, a few beers and dinner in the local town, Ephraim hurried for a taxi. "What's your hurry?" I asked.

"I'm tired," Ephraim stated.

I was exhausted, too. The driving had done me in. The anticipation had done me in further. It was so nice seeing Ephraim. I hadn't seen him in over two years ... which seemed like yesterday. I wasn't expecting the outcome of the weekend, as it transpired.

Jennifer crawled into the shower and went to bed.

Ephraim followed.

They were both exhausted. Sex was not on the agenda as Jennifer had hoped.

Love was on the agenda; love was reunited that night.

Did they express those feelings to each other? No, not now, although they reminisced about turning old together and living a life together in the beginning years of courtship.

Jennifer crawled into bed and Ephraim followed.

"Good night, honey," said Jennifer.

"Buenos noches, amor," finished Ephraim.


A minute later, Ephraim was fondling Jennifer's asshole. With his other hand, he was fondling her large tits putting his fingers in her mouth and arousing her quickly.

"Oh, Ephraim, I didn't think you loved me anymore."

There was a silence. A silence of unspoken words. A silence of years gone past. A silence of reuniting and love. A silence and understanding that didn't need any words said to each other.

As Ephraim lubed his self up to enter Jennifer's anal cavity, she said, "Ephraim, no. We've never done this before."

"Do you want me to take another shower instead for 'mamalita," he asked, which meant oral sex.

"No, let me ..." I gave Ephraim a thorough hand job I knew he needed.

He had tried anal sex the first night they were together and it hurt like hell.

Jennifer never wanted to try it again...but was interested and intrigued, but ... not tonight."

"Honey, go down on me, please; I need your sensual tongue in my pussy," Jennifer pleaded.

As he plunged into my pussy, I came like a slut. God, I remember that tongue. I remember that person. I remember that kind of orgasm. Jennifer was a happy woman that night.

Was she finished? Hell, no!

As Jennifer put Ephraim's uncircumsized cock into her mouth, pulling down the extra skin, she ate him like a horse. He came and exploded across the room as she withdrew her mouth from his cock.

It WAS a hotel after all so who cared what mess they made?

"You vixen minx," he said affectionately in Spanish.

Jennifer knew and felt that Ephraim probably hadn't been with another woman in over two years. She knew he probably hadn't been with another woman since he had met her. They were both Catholic. A bonding guilt of sorts. A bonding love of sorts. A love that would probably last forever at this point.

Fantasy had taught Ephraim a few things - lust, horniness for the right woman, reading about sex, how to please the American gal, and how to please the mid-life couple.

Jennifer could tell the difference in his lovemaking.

Ephraim spent a lot of time downstairs in her pussy. She came a few times more.

So did Ephraim. She surprised him with a finger up his ass as he was cumming when she was on top of him.

"You're more virile now than when I met you," I seductively phrased.

Ephraim was speechless.

I was more speechless. I was so hungry for him. I was so horney for him. Gosh, I missed him. Satisfying me beyond my belief, I thought in my head. I shouldn't have done that.

Ephraim started rubbing his cock up my voluptuous breasts next using his lubricant and pressing my tits together as he became larger than what I ever remembered.

When he was about to cum, he put his cock in my mouth and fucking my mouth so hard as I sucked him, he came so hard, and I had to swallow his cum.

Oh, the shrimp tacos," I laughed clandestinely.

He wasn't' finished with me yet.

How much more could I take, I wondered?

Ephraim started fucking my pussy hard.

How could he stay erect, I wondered, still, non-stop ... this machismo man of mine?

His cock grew larger than life sized.

He fucked me hard and deeper than he ever had before, fondling my tits and twisting my nipples.

Time does help sex, I thought to myself while he satisfying my lustful thoughts and needs. Time does help fantasies.

But, I was kidding myself - this was love, real lovemaking, and the kind few really ever know.

As Ephraim fucked my pussy relentlessly, I came hard, really hard. After that, he hadn't cum yet thankfully but pulled away sticking his finger back into my pussy and then playing with my clit and I came again.

'Oh, my gosh,' is this the man I remembered, I asked myself over and over again? Or, is this a dream - a dream of fortification, of lust, of desperate lovers who never consummated their real relationship.

As Ephraim is finger fucking my pussy, I feel a dabble in my ass opening. "Oh, My goodness," I exclaim.

The dabbling goes deeper and I'm wondering what this sensational feeling is? This is a nerve-ending ecstasy I am feeling and feeling hard and wondrously?

Ephraim penetrates me deeper. He's panting hard and loud. I am screaming and gasping with sensuous relief as the young guys outside say, "Go Dude, you rate, and so does your sweetheart!"

As we laugh, Ephraim begins to cum and says to me, "Baby, release. I've waited for this for over two years."

No words said, we both came in unison like two horney, young virgin pups.


"I love you," said Ephraim.

"You do?" Jennifer reconfirmed. "Still, after all these years?"

"Yes, I always have, but you're such a 'Moonlight Minx,' he jestered.

"No more, Ephraim. I'm ready now," Jennifer responded.

"Well, if you promise to continue to be my minx, then will you vow to marry me?"

"I will," responded Jennifer tearfully. "I've always loved you and I want to be buried with you. You have been the only love of my life. And, I can hate you, I can love you, I can lust you all at the same time. I desire you more than ever now," replied Jennifer. She kissed him delicately and said, "I love you, too, Papasito! You handsome, sexy man you!"

"Well, I think we have a few years left for all that...." Ephraim responded.

"I hope we'll live till we're 100," I said. "when the world doesn't' discriminate anymore longer but accepts universal love as truth and reality."

"What was that again?" asked Ephraim.

"Forget about it honey. You have answered all my questions. I LOVE you. I love you more than you can ever imagine."

"Mi todo vive, Jen, yo amor su. Yo desperado en amor con su. Pero es tiempo orito. Su comphede mi? Y Yo comphede su."

"Yes," I replied. I didn't understand exactly what he said, but, I understood that before, now and forever WE would love each other, as lonely as it may had been, as lonely as it may be now, the future would understand us like the immigrants from Ellis Island and Europe and bond us like my grandparents.

"I will love you till my death, Mi Amor, my love!" I responded.

"Tambien, Jennifer," and the bastard fucked me one more time on the beach later with strangers watching.

"You always liked that, didn't you - exhibitionism? Come on, I have a few more places for us to fuck."

So, we fucked and fucked like there was not tomorrow.


Some people fall in love with their first interest and never flounder. Some people look their whole lives for that special mate. Some people settle just for security. Some people love each other but have a horrible life together, but stay married. Some people have a horrible sex life and blame each other every second tormenting each other for life.

So what is a good sex life anyways? Is a good sex life each day of each year? Or, does it wane and fair with life's woes and worries? Is it the physical satisfaction or is it more the emotional ties of love that really matter and are shared between man and woman only.

Is love just love? I love with sex? Is sex, just sex? I would like your feedback. Really, I would.


Some people have everlasting love.

Ephraim and Jennifer have been married now for thirty years. Jennifer is becoming a bit forgetful but Ephraim continued to take care of her. They have shared the misery of Arthritis for years, since before they married, but their love has endured pain, cultural discrimination and their love has surpassed time.

Multi-cultural relationships are so common now in 2036.

What was the problem 30 years ago anyways?

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