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Moonlit Fuck


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Ever wondered what it would be like to fuck in the moonlight? Think about the chance of being caught outside in front of anyone who should happen to come across your naked path? Well, during a recent training session ordered by my Master, I was instructed to strip to all but a robe, a pair of socks and tennis shoes. My Master then sent me outside after 10:00 pm to walk through the neighboring woods in 40 degree weather in order to perform two near-cums with his proxies (an 8" dildo and a glass butt plug). I enjoyed the beautiful moon, while listening to the night creatures scurry all around.

As usual, following my Master's orders and letting my mind escape into whatever sexual fantasy he presents me with takes me to a place where "anything goes". I had a definite fear of being seen by passing car headlights. I knew I could possibly be heard as I used my voice recorder to describe my actions for Sir when most people were in their warm homes for the night. As I was getting close to an orgasm, I worried that I would be detected by neighbors or night-time joggers. The fear of discovery was with me the whole time.

Once I had completed my assignment of two near-cums, I let myself go, enjoying the public fuck while my ass and nipples were close to freezing. My near-cums had me at the brink of orgasm -- my Master had stipulated that I must assume my nightly worship position after I was successful with this night's assignment. So, this girl was on her knees, ass up high with both holes exposed for Master's viewing ... breasts crushed into the leaf-covered ground -- broadcasting to my Master that I had completed his assignment as directed. Doing everything my Sir ordered -- to his complete satisfaction -- meant that I would receive my much anticipated reward!! A long-awaited full orgasm!

Watch over my shoulder as the goose bumps appear on my cold, naked body and the passing cars cause me to catch my breath as several possible night owls pass by and I reach that ultimate goal ... a night-time fuck session in the cold moonlit woods.

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