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Moore, Moore, Moore!


Driving a limousine in Los Angeles over the past few years has brought me into contact with a lot of well known personalities. Now and then, the contact is more intimate than you might imagine. Now, don't misunderstand me. Not every celebrity I meet takes me to bed. Usually it's a job like any other. But tell me, what stories would you rather hear? Me, I'd rather make known the tales of the tails I've known.

One enjoyable memory involves actress Demi Moore. The chauffeur normally assigned to drive her was on vacation and I had been given the job. I was required to be available during the entire week, rather than just on call and as was typical for such an assignment, I was utilizing one of the company sedans rather than a stretch limousine. Using such a car meant there was no barrier between driver and passenger, which makes talking easier.

Throughout the week, we became increasingly at ease with each other and ended up talking quite a lot. The subjects were usually very general, things such as Southern California and the entertainment industry. By Tuesday afternoon, we had already logged over a hundred miles and her heavy schedule kept things at a hectic pace all week.

On Friday, the last day I would be driving for her, she had a mid-day meeting to attend out in Palm Springs, about a two hour drive each way. The plan was to leave her home at 9:00 A.M. and return home that same afternoon. When I arrived at her house, things were in a chaotic state. Ms. Moore was trying to get herself ready while at the same time riding herd on her children. She apologized when she opened the door, explaining in a rush that her housekeeper had been delayed.

I offered to distract the tykes while she finished getting ready, an offer that was quickly and gratefully accepted. I spent a few minutes telling them stories of the supposed "UFO" landings near my childhood home of Rosewell, New Mexico, stories they listened to with fascination. Soon enough, the housekeeper arrived, Ms. Moore was ready and we were on our way.

Once we were on the freeway and making good time, Ms. Moore commented that she had heard me telling the kids my stories. She too was from Rosewell and we both agreed we were equally glad to have left the area behind us. This seemed to lower some barrier between us and her conversation became increasingly frank. She spoke about her pending (at the time) divorce from her husband, Bruce Willis and it seemed to make her melancholy, especially regarding the effect the separation had had on herself.

Apparently the children spent most of their time with Ms. Moore and this limited her time outside the house. She didn't sound regretful about the situation; merely disappointed at how lonely her life had become. I found myself feeling sorry for her and tried to be as sympathetic and attentive as possible. We made good time on both legs of the trip and by late afternoon we were back in the Los Angeles area.

Once we reached her home in Brentwood, she asked me to have the car ready in a half an hour, at which time I drove her to drop the kids off with her husband for the weekend. After we made the drop-off, she asked me to take her back home. As was the case earlier in the day, she was very quiet and seemed to be pretty depressed.

I wondered what I could say to help her feel better, but sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. I therefore left her to her thoughts and took her home without incident. Because I had been working out of her house, I had a few personal items to retrieve from the house and accompanied her back inside. I gathered up an extra uniform shirt, a small kit bag and a few books I had brought along to keep myself from getting bored. Once I was ready to go, I walked towards the kitchen area where Ms. Moore had been heading last time I saw her.

She was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, gazing forlornly out the window. I was still unsure if I should offer any words of sympathy but she looked so alone I asked for some coffee as well, simply for the sake of saying something. She jumped up and quickly filled a cup for me, guiding me to the table to sit down with her.

We made small talk for ten minutes or so and I noticed her spirits picking up. I was kind of puzzled by that, because we really were talking about inconsequential matters. However, I had no idea of what was on her mind. After I finished my drink, I stood to go. Ms. Moore told me to wait just a moment, that she wanted to give me a special thank you for my help that week and then she disappeared from the room.

I heard her footsteps going upstairs and then waited for almost another ten minutes. I was just wondering if I should go check on her when I heard the stereo blaring from several rooms away. I wandered out towards the main entrance and stopped in the doorway of a large living room, stunned by the sight before me.

To my amazement, Ms. Moore was dressed in a pin striped suit exactly like the one she removed in the movie "Striptease", complete with hat and high heels. She was doing a slow bump and grind type dance, obviously using the skills she had developed for that same movie. Her movements continued until the song ended just a few minutes later and when she turned towards me, I realized she had known I was watching. She grinned as she walked towards me and asked in a seductive tone what I thought.

I made no immediate answer, entranced as I was at how sexy she looked in what was essentially a man's suit. She took my forgotten belongings from me and tossed them aside before taking my hand and leading me to a nearby sofa.

"I've always wanted to do some dancing for someone I hardly know," she purred huskily. "You are the perfect candidate and I can't think of a better way to say thank you for your help this past week."

I was shocked at the proposal, but certainly not in any objectionable way. I had watched her dance on the screen more than once, using the fast forward and rewind buttons repeatedly. Now she wanted to give me a real-life show? "Shazam!" I thought to myself as she led me to a seat on a large sofa.

Demi walked over to the stereo, swaying her hips as she did so. She pushed a few buttons, then stood in the open area of the floor in front of me, separated from me by a small but sturdy looking coffee table. She turned her back towards me and gave a very seductive look over her shoulder as she waited for the music to begin.

Soon enough, the stereo began to blare Joe Cocker singing "You can leave your hat on". Demi began to dance, swinging her hips around suggestively and sticking her ass out towards me. Halfway through the song, the suit jacket slid down from her shoulders, exposing her bra covered chest to my thirsty eyes. She continued her dancing and just before the song ended, she pulled the suit pants off in one motion, utilizing the break away tabs sewn into the garment.

Now clad in high heels, bra and panties (and her hat!), Demi continued her routine into the next song. This time she stood atop the coffee table and faced me as the music played. To the rhythm of "Sexy Thing" by the 70's group "Hot Chocolate", she swayed sexily before me, rubbing her hands all over her body and cupping her tits in her hand as she thrust them towards me. Towards the end of the tune, she had one hand behind her head and the other inside her panties. It was obvious she was stroking her clit and pumping her finger in and out of her pussy, and as the song ended she showed me her fingers, slick with her cream, before she stuck them in her mouth and sucked them clean.

By now I was entranced with her performance and my cock was straining against the front of my trousers. The music continued and suddenly she was sitting in my lap, her legs on either side of mine as she gave me a lap dance equivalent to any given by a professional go-go dancer. Her crotch rubbed against my erection and she pulled my face into her cleavage as she dry humped me. Pulling back slightly, she reached behind herself to unsnap her bra and her beautiful tits spilled forth. She moved forward to press them into my face once more as she bounced up and down on my stiff rod.

Demi hopped back up on the coffee table when the song ended, and as she waited for the next tune to begin, she faced away from me, bent over at the waist and slowly peeled the g-string panties down her legs. Her tight ass was inches in front of me and I greedily drank in the sight. She slid her legs apart to give me a prime view of her asshole and pussy, a view that became even clearer when she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

During the next song, she squatted down, still facing away from me, and bobbed up and down as though riding a cock. I caught quick flashes of her fingers as they moved in and out of her pussy in time with her bobbing motion and realized I was breathing quickly, excited beyond belief at this lewd and sexy display. My hard-on yearned to be free and it took all my control not to pull it out and start jerking off. Only a small voice in my head stopped me, a voice that insisted the time would come for me to expose myself.

She lay back on the table now and extended her legs so her feet were on either side of my hips. Using her arms to lift her hips from the table, Demi shoved her crotch forward towards me and let the natural motion of her hips provide me with intermittent glimpses of her pussy. I could clearly see the moisture that gathered on her labia and upper thighs and I realized this was as exciting for her as it was for me. She briefly pushed her pelvis far enough forward to allow me a quick kiss on her cunt before she lowered her ass to the table once more.

Her act seemed to be winding down now and rather than dance, she pulled her legs up to her chest and let her hands move down to hold her pussy open. Her finger strummed her clit and I could hear her moans above the music. She began to pump two fingers into her cunt once more and I saw a stream of her juices run down to the crinkle of her asshole. As the song began to wind down, she sat up once more and knelt as if to give me another lap dance. This time, however, she stuck her fingers in my mouth and pumped them in and out as I sucked them clean.

I was just about to throw her to the ground and jump into the saddle when she slid down to kneel on the floor between my legs. Demi's hands fumbled at my belt and working together, we pulled my pants and underwear down enough to expose my raging cock.

Without any hesitation, she began to give me a mind bending blow job. Her lips and tongue flew over the head and shaft of my cock, leaving a trail of saliva wherever they roamed. Suddenly she took the head in her mouth and swallowed every inch of my throbbing prick. She began to bob her head up and down, taking me fully into her mouth with each stroke. In a few minutes, I felt my balls tighten and my cum shot into her mouth in several hard squirts.

She continued sucking me as I shot off and every drop went directly down her throat. The few drops that remained on my dick were quickly gobbled up before she let my shrinking hard-on slide from her mouth. I sat for a moment, letting my wind come back while she tugged my pants down until my legs were free. When she moved up to unbutton my shirt, I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth to mine, forcing my tongue between her lips.

Demi responded eagerly to the invasion, sucking my tongue into her mouth in a passionate kiss. She was again kneeling astride me and my cock was already stirring once again. Eager to return the favor, I pushed her to the side so she was lying along the length of the sofa and then I moved down to the floor. At the same time, she spread her legs wide, letting one foot fall to the floor while she raised the other to rest it upon the back of the couch. Obviously this left her legs wide open and presented a picture I will always carry in my mind.

I moved my head in close to her crotch, where the scent of her pussy hung in the air. I kissed and licked the inside of her thighs for a moment before pressing on to the main course. I licked her slick cunt lips from bottom to top and back down again, before I began to gently nibble the creamy folds of flesh. She moaned and her hips moved upwards, grinding her steamy crotch into my face.

My tongue slid in between her labia and I did my best to dive as deeply inside her as I could. My nose was resting against her clit and Demi began to bob her hips in time with my own thrusting tongue, causing an increase in the already substantial juice that dripped from her hole. As her panting and moaning became more frequent, I let my tongue wander up to her clit, which I sucked into my mouth. I held it firmly between my lips and lashed my tongue across it as she began to approach her orgasm. Suddenly that deep husky voice began to call my name and beg me to take her over the edge.

"Oh, Henry, oh my god! Oooohhhh, yesssssss! Ooohhh, that's so good! Make me cum, Henry! Make my pussy cummm! Don't stop, Henry, don't stop! Lick me, Henry, lick me good! Make me cummmmmm!"

As she reached her peak, the cries continued but she no longer spoke in words. She moaned, she groaned, she gasped, she whined and I thought maybe I heard her meow. Her hands came down to squeeze my face to her cunt and she shook with delight as she humped my face.

After several minutes, she let go of my head and began to laugh with delight as she lay there like a cat in total relaxation. I asked her what was funny and she apologized, telling me it was happiness and release, not intended to be insulting. It had been almost two months for her and she hadn't realized how tense and horny she had been.

I grinned and nodded to myself in agreement. It was obvious to me how much she had needed release and I wondered if we had finished or just begun. The answer came quickly. Demi sat up and stared directly at my cock, which had become erect again while I was eating her pussy. She gently pushed me back until I was sitting on the edge of the coffee table, then pressed firmly against my chest until I was laying on my back, my feet resting on the floor.

She climbed up onto the table and positioned herself with her crotch just above mine. Grasping my cock firmly in her hand, she maneuvered herself down and guided my cock into her very wet hole. She sank down until my entire length was inside her and smiled like a Cheshire cat.

For a moment, she simply let herself enjoy the feeling before she began to move. Bobbing slowly up and down, she let my cock slide almost completely out of her before plunging back down again. Demi braced her hands against my belly for support and began to move more quickly. The slick wetness of her cunt held me snugly inside her and she smiled down at me. She brought her right hand to her clit and began to frig herself in rhythm with her motion on my dick.

I was openly gawking at her, transfixed by her beauty and her sexuality. Her tits shook as she moved, and surgery or not, I must admit they were among the finest I had ever seen. Large and firm, they stood proudly on her chest, topped by large cherry red nipples. Her belly was well muscled and rippled as she moved. In just a few moments, she was moaning and writhing in passion, well on her way to another orgasm.

My cock was as hard as ever, although I was not likely to cum again so soon. Demi, however, needed desperately to get off once more. Her hand was a blur as she worked the hard button of her clit and I could feel an increase in the juices that flowed from her. Suddenly her body jerked backwards and she yelped that she was cumming.

"Oooohhhh, oooohhhh, oooohhhh!" she panted, "Oooohhhh, yessssss! Oooohhhh, that's so good! Oooohhhhh, I'm cummmmmmiiiiinnnngggg!"

Her face was dripping sweat now, and in places her hair was plastered to her neck. Her eyes were screwed shut and she shook as she came. Her cries gave way to heavy panting and she sat down on my dick so it was fully buried inside her. Meanwhile, she continued to stroke herself until she finally slumped forward on top of me.

I thought she would be too tired to continue, at least for the next few minutes, but she was close to insatiable. Her lips planted kisses along my neck and found their way to mine. Our tongues mashed against each other and my hands found themselves clutching her ass cheeks, squeezing them and pulling her closer to me.

For several minutes we lay just like that, kissing passionately, my erect cock still buried inside her. Her breathing gradually slowed to normal, but her fires kept burning. Demi slid off me, letting my dick fall from her with an audible plopping sound. She immediately bent over the back of the sofa in the doggy position. She wiggled her ass and smiled lasciviously over her shoulder at me.

Needing no further encouragement, I lined myself up and entered her once again. The sofa had a rather low back and her head and shoulders were bent down so that her back was almost flat. This left the cheeks of her ass slightly open, and her rosebud winked up at me as I began to fuck her in a steady rhythm.

My hands found their way to her hips, allowing me to control the pace and I began to alternate seven slow deep strokes followed by seven hard quick thrusts. My balls were slapping against her pussy and she was panting encouragement.

"That's it, Henry, that's it! Just like that, Henry. Fuck me, fuck me good! God, I'm so fucking horny. Do it, Henry, fuck me hard!"

My right hand slid up onto her ass, putting my thumb within easy reach of her asshole. I let the tip press against her dark crinkle, trying to gauge her reaction. She gave no indication that the attention was unwanted and I let myself become emboldened by this. I increased the pressure, causing her sphincter to open slightly and began to move my thumb gently in a small circle. Now Demi began to moan and encourage my exploration.

"Go on, Henry, play with my ass! Oh, yeah, that makes me so wet!"

Her cunt was proof of this last comment, as it was soaking wet, steadily releasing fluid every time I withdrew. I steadily pushed against her anus with my thumb, until abruptly it popped inside. She groaned deeply in response and kept her ass pushed back against the intrusion. I was still pumping into her with my cock and I knew it would be at least five or six minutes before I was close to cumming again. I was wondering if I dared try to replace my thumb with my cock when Demi erased any doubts I had.

She twisted so my cock and thumb fell from her holes, then pulled away so she could stand up and reach over to the discarded jacket from her strip tease. She tossed me a condom and as I unwrapped it, she got back in the doggy position and began to rub some kind of lubricant into her anal passage. To see a beautiful movie star preparing her ass for my cock was distracting to say the least, and I finally had to shut my eyes and roll the condom on that way. When I reopened them, Demi was back in position over the sofa, smiling wickedly at me as she told me what she wanted.

"C'mon, Henry! Do my ass! Put that prick inside my asshole. Fuck my ass, fuck it hard! Oh, God, Henry, please fuck my ass!"

I was eager to comply, never having done this before. I grasped my cock firmly and placed the latex covered tip at the entrance to her rosebud. She yelped in pain when I pushed forward and I immediately stopped, only to be told in no uncertain terms that I should keep going. I lined myself up once again and began to work my hardon into her butt. She groaned again as I did so but this time I kept the pressure steady, watching in fascination as the tiny hole began to blossom and accept the invader.

I was finally able to push past the tight ring and into the passage itself. It actually hurt me slightly to be pinched by her anal ring but I was too excited to concern myself with that now. I continued to force myself inside and Demi moaned encouragement every inch of the way.

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